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Keira Knightley “ ’ bad ” picture is Photoshop. He was to be part of a series of wicked beautiful girl. The ’ is on YouTube. It was a typical Nintendo weeks recently part of the expected peaceful country – post E3 excitement and unlucky summer drought. As we move towards the end of the year, a series of new games means the term for all major consoles, if it seems that Christmas is another great for gamers of all kinds. We expected no big news from Nintendo and more common stuff on upcoming games, until the end of the year, but as always with Nintendo, they will surprise and delight. Allows you to return to the biggest stories of the 3DS Woche.Neue: earlier this week, Nintendo announced that it would be a directly gate the 3DS Japanese. Fans hoped, some info, Smash Brothers and perhaps see a game or two without notice, but what was completely unexpected announcement of the new portable console – 2 new new 3DS XL and 3DS. With a series of updates on the precursor for both consoles at the Japan will be available at the end of the year, with the West after some time in 2015. This a wise choice seems knowing full well that the Japanese market is almost entirely determined from the devices, even if somewhat cynical Nintendo. As more information about the console, it is clear, that it's the most basic cosmetic embellishments. Increases the size of each, weight loss; There's a new circle-pad, the new buttons on the shoulders and the establishment of the new button design; There is an NFC reader allows the use of friend IBO; 3D hardware was renovated, retained to ensure ease of use and a wide variety of positions for the best full effect; CPU and RAM seem to be major improvements have been submitted, accounts vary in this far. new models now use the microSD memory card, with each bracket with a 4 GB card arrives. some new wireless and Internet Security nonsense. Great novelty, which provoked the anger of existing users is perhaps as much exclusive games only the new – with the connection, the Wii console is excellent ’ Xenoblade Chronicles, first. Do you get one? I see ’ wait a XL, so that one can take a lower price of the 3DS, but I'm not waiting until next year to one of these bad boys get the. With an extensive library, there already a better time to be in the portable Nintendo family. Cuttings of jobs: more depressing news, Nintendo Europe announced that it more than 300 jobs will be deleted. It is of course terrible for all employees, and we wish you all the best for the DLC's Kart Zukunft.Mario: Western gamers like us with envy ’ ‘ MK8 Mercedes DLC, Nintendo fell off another scandal with the announcement of the upcoming DLC Pack 2. At the end of this year and early next year, each 4-Pack offers four new characters, new vehicles, and especially 8 new title by a huge 16 –, the ’ is actually a whole new game! Nintendo later came the real game DLC and proved that you don't have an effective cynic (search EA) DLC. courses based on the passage from F-zero, animals and characters, such as the link was announced, and best of all, each packet is less than a pound. Fans of this Super Smash Kart and was also great door to the countless adjustable öffnen.Amiibo: Friend IBO began pre-orders and apparently very well, work on sites like Amazon. Although I ’ t has no interest to pay me, I can imagine that there is a large market for children, each with fans for the collection, I have try one for messages and the hardcore fans with the desire, on the shelves you want.Miyamoto speaks: the legendary designer Shigeru Miyamoto in good shape lately talk about a variety of topics. Only small pieces of their conversations have been already published, so make sure that you take on Board of ’'s month next magazine. Until now the basis was Miyamoto of Nintendo and his personal desire to the public player again from the informal market directly, which was slowly away from Nintendo and the games as a whole. Nintendo has always offered great quality set of – adventure imaginative, to transport the players outside the reality and into a new world of invention and emotions. Like players of things no randomly want to make a rule like, want reagent available bus or the EDT – are the type of players, in other words, the ’ t really want the kind of experience that is known for offering Nintendo. Fans have responded positively to the great man ’ words and if that means we reject no less, and then I am all for a better quality. Miyamoto covers a wide range of other concerns and is known as the interviewer always honest, modest and funny, so I ’ m sure there is more in the Vordergrund.Tapfer in second place: the first record in the highly anticipated sequel to Square Enix ’ broke this week, which has a visual style beautiful and a lot of different work and costumes to choose.Pokken fighter: a few weeks before, there are rumors that Nintendo has announced a new series of powerful Pokémon. Of course, everyone had a game entirely in 3D, HD Wii U, whereas, but this week the game which was known, Pokken tournament, a single arcade Beat-em-up. Last engine of Tekken, the game looked smooth, but it is likely that it won t ’ inspire many games Western announcement a Wii port and then a week – ’ t get into those too on 3DS announcement remix at the time of the transfer of Bayonetta 2 or NES – let us know your opinion about the news of this week ’ in the comments section. The waves ’ s ’ s you sweller. 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It will always be my friend. I told him that what ’ m no Saufer.ich read this story and the provision of a marriage. Run and hide ’ next few days m.?Easy to say, lying. I tried, but these fears do not fight. looking for the pot of gold? Will be good if ’ show for a long time? What is the value of life, which are become successful too stressful? If it is too worn and wrinkled, like David Brinkley I? I'm crazy? “ Where will be I dream? I am married to the devil?You can beam to create a wedding really invite hell. So don't say thank God. I swear that ’ does not say never.My lips are sealed. I'm the fifth! “ Rien à voir! Move it! I do not know!WTFAlthough problems between Xander and Anya are highly solicited and exaggerated in something much more legitimate concerns, we can the original ’ ll never say that fears and problems, but Tacitus and perhaps many imaginary. Translation ’ in the first line we discovered which confirmed – Xander is unsure, always been a loser at school and work, and it hurt, if you not ’ t have a successful career (especially as a fan of Anya ’ capitalist trends), the it will drop him. They say his first railway here – ‘ here is the man, I want to make ’ – in other words, he wants to be a success. Any attempt, the most logical is lost will manage the theme ‘ ’ packages, which is and has always been a little dizzy. Lived with these translations in some moments, it follows the absolute madness, the fourth wall implodes and nothing is good – ‘ letters say the links of the ’ isn't? ‘ I'm fifth ’ – what? ‘ Grains are not eyes ’ – no Ahnung.Die are only true ideas that we find Xander, but he is clearly confused – ‘ I think its level as I ’ to ‘ I love your hairy feet ’. ‘ is bad, low ’ is also very offensive, while ‘ you said, I'm not drunk ’ ’ displays information on upcoming episodes of SA. But the ’ is a mess of innuendo and bizarre media Falsedades cut. However, the ’ is a lot of fun. ,,.