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I have about 6 months as a member of Surveyhead. At the time as $13.30 (half the amount to charge in PayPal). At first, I thought that the page was going to be big; It gave me a lot of surveys, and I have about $13.30 in one day. But from the first day I have one large surveys-removed all those who View ' was offered the Tat Ich see that many people who read this page has had a good experience with Surveyhead, but I'm not. In my opinion, there are many sites of surveys that are better than this. I would like to ' t waste my time at Surveyhead before. I have been using this site for some time and I have always found to get at least two surveys per day Yes always whistle sometimes you pay, if you pay me now ill hear and I had bad reviews on this site, never problems with it instead of grunting and moaning has, will be worth if not that finally someone haceuno of the few sites that do not what they sayIt would prevent that here is your loss, not a page of scam, please read these instructions. So after reading the reviews on this site, I joined this Panel, and so far it doesn't impress me. I spent a couple of hours all profile information completed, as other participants who have submitted observations, I am trying to participate in an inquiry and after 10 minutes they say questions: I'm sorry, but you are not eligible for this survey. I ' View tried literally to all investigations, they ' provided View and was not however participate in a survey. In general, it is a frustrating process. ' Ll check it for a couple of weeks, but if you don't get any results, so I'm going to follow ' stopped. Officially, I started doing research on May 08, 2012. So far, I have already asked account from $125. Professionals for SH is clear: multiple accounts and well rewarded.For the HS is also considerable disadvantages: takes a long time to check and so slow to the reward. Some studies. Geduld patience and patience, benefiting from SH. The head of the investigation, I joined some three months ago, there were many opportunities to participate in paid surveys. I confess that I do is not always valid, but then there are days when I am a little to the right. I'm completely new in the membership survey and only a member of the company 3. I have read that many negative comments about-Surveyhead, especially in slow payers are processes. I thought I could try and see. I am a member, surveys and unfortunately has found my account closed the investigation took more than 6 weeks are approved for compensation. I admit that I also asked $25 cash 4 weeks ago and so far I have not seen a payment in my PayPal. I've read a lot and certainly understand why it takes some time, so I am patient during this study are of high quality. I have sent 3 emails about the survey on technical difficulties and, once you have never received a response. However, I read a response from the above review Admins, who said that the company was struggling, be in senior management, understanding of course. Would be appropriate for the admin-Surveyhead-post a general message to all members, report. In this way Mitgliederna € ™ does not immediately fit into a negative report and don't be discouraged, as it can participate. I spoke with the other two members of Surveyhead recently by those who believe that it will be a success.At this stage, I do not give an honest opinion of the complete list of awards & motivation or member & room support, because I still have one. I'm hoping that Admin situations addressed to all started long ago and enjoy to reevaluate these categories. I'd like to explain that I have 3 stars for awards and incentives, because I believe that the effective search of offers are great, but if I'm really a benefit, he would be ecstatic a ranking better access to more. & Member support area is in my opinion, is that the members have obtained excellent area for members to follow, so that the Board is a very organized space, but until today, there is no answer in my mail is compatible with the history of his research. Once again it would be I think that upon returning to write an opinion most polarized by these two areas.Although I am only a member of 3 panels, I give a boost to Surveyhead. So that, in general, I am a member of Mead, who enjoys expressing his opinions. Keep thanks to high quality studies and continued success. Vielen for your comments. I hesitated about-Surveyhead Union, many comments on the ground had been mixed. Decided to come, after the positive comments of the bloggers were invited to see on this site ' of blog and I am glad that I did. He was a member in the first 13 days, I received $33,40, of which $11.65 emerged, and the rest is waiting for you.Almost every day, when I connect, meeting several surveys are available and few others, that might qualify. (I had a couple of days had nothing). I am trying to connect at different times of the day to see it, when it seems that further research, that were previously available at different times - that in the early morning hours are more available surveys.What really as home of I clearly say, polls are available, it would be how much is paid and how many minutes. Avoids making any study can be numbers, for example, $0.50 for 45 minutes of work, but trying to qualify for those who, to immediately pay $5.00 for 8 minutes.I like, I have a find of $25.00 (not included in my salary in total so far) who had trained other potential discussions groups and other types of surveys already in the polls and ' took. Unfortunately, the people more, but is good to know that there are, and I hope I'm going to ' a DON Besserung. ICH ' do not like the fact that you can withdraw from only for certain amounts ($ 25 is the first step to get PayPal) and don ' t as there seem to be a lot of time will be rewarded, as soon as you pick up. (This is the Web site is conditions for awhile). I also do not ' not like the fact that they offer, only rewarded some polls, that attract or lowercase input. Since then, however, I can't help if I ' not too picky.The only doubt I have so far your service to the customer who sent a week, to get a response, but he not apologized for the late response, at least for me, the feeling that are trying to answer, if you can.I think that this could be a survey panel in any case good for me and if I have the speed that I have started, will be greater than the value of the time. Back to all those who are undecided and take a chance! You n ' t have much to lose. Reviewed (May 22, 2011) Iâ € ™ ve finished part, in March 2011. Havenâ € ™ t receive many inquiries by email, but found several surveys on the SITEA € ™ s dashboard. investigations are pretty fast though and Havenâ € ™ t qualified for IA many very value of survey collected € ™ m Iâ € ™ ve found, also expected over time awards, usually 3-4 weeks of waiting.It is an update to my review on 22 may, 2011. the pleasure to his studies, but have done the survey validation number. I asked for a cash of $25 by the head of the research, and the next day, when I visited the page, I realized that some of the research had given that they were not valid can be. Questioned, email support and receive a generic callback (4 days). The general response was the rights of customers, is not compatible with other interviews to discard the data? It is said that ' non-nominal. Honestly answer the questions (which is what I thought it was the entire process of). It is the only site that I m Member ', which makes it.I'm curious to know how survey clients have this problem. ' ve me read some of the comments below with the same problem. Kim. I signed up this week because I have Surveyhead ' View heard very good comments. After the signing, was very surprised to see that she gave me a $5 bonus. There is no callback ' t see this on the registration screens, so it was a pleasant surprise. After completing all profile surveys (surprisingly payment-10 25 dollars), had already work deserves an additional amount of 15 minutes $3.20. Once I went back to the home screen, my page showed that 39 surveys available bearing had, benefit. Excited with this problem, immediately began their research instead of my usual sites took polls. 38 investigations, I ' View described by the respondents 1 (although paid $2.50) and I left some ' for ~ 8 minutes participates in the survey. ' I m at this point a little, but the dolphins ' ready, give a couple of weeks for the moment see if they improve my chances of qualification.For now, I m ' only give 3 stars because of happy surprises ' View noted above (register surveys paid to profile and bonds). I hope to increase my score for them, I hope that my pages regularly add polls. ,,.