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“ I have been experimenting with the daily work of recycled sludge as bedding/feed. Worms seem to be happy, but it seems too long to decompose Green foods. Lettuce are still crunchy after three weeks. You can speed up how fast breaks? ” ~ Justin Justin HoughtellingHi, good advice, led to a draft law of Nevada, is to freeze the leftovers in the freezer for a while and then let thaw before adding the mention in the bed of the worm, Bill … “ by the way, I have all my leftovers in the fridge for a couple of weeks and then defrost thoroughly before eating. This starts the breakdown of cellular structure and accelerates the composting. Worms do not have teeth, so finally their food must be good and evil before they can aspire ” … say …. “ when I'm “ ” parts fee out of the freezer, they are very soft and aguada. Also I put the liquid in plastic trash bags. This is my method am wet enough, without adding any other liquid. ” Thanks Bill here.Is one thing, you can also contact Justin. Alternatively if you try n ’ t want to, use the space in the freezer could destroy the large green theme (for example, lettuce leaves), before adding to cart. A simple processor will do the job, and some vegetables are what you need.Breaking the leaves in different small pieces of a bigger way enables a greater volume of exposed area and further accelerate the decomposition. You can also bury the material below the surface of the litter with the speed of the process at the top.Of course you could simply break the team before bed with a method that is easy to remove, but add as fast as the material, the smaller part, decompose and compost worms are used. ,,.