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Worm Farm Durban

with distortion 'red' (Eisenia Fetida) *-a non-invasive worm in the northern hemisphere lives near the soil surface (unlike our native earthworms of the African South, which dig into the ground). Worm creates quickly jumps to the bottom of the kitchen organic waste box is Valiente te or 'The worm'. Resources and suppliers, then most of the information is based on the research of DNA in Africa. * current South of the University of the Northwest (2012): the only way to the farm of more than 10 in four provinces of South Africa is Eisenia Andrei. What does it contain? Organic materials such as vegetables, egg shells, bread crust, small pieces of paper, paper, sawdust, Kral manure and cuttings (in small quantities), leaves, etc., what comes out of the grass? Avoid animal protein, large amounts of acidic materials, the body, non-biodegradable wastes, and Inland.Wussten you that. ? The worm in the world - the South African giant earthworm, Microchaetus Sylvester lives in the province of Eastern Cape. The record length is claimed by 6.7 metres. : current DNA research has shown that the only way (10 farm in 4 provinces) in South Africa Eisenia Andrei. The worm (also known as the little worm) is also available. Worm the/wee contains most of the nutrients nitrogen and plant, ideal foods for plantation, as well as benches, plants, trees and grass. Our Red House farm makes compost from food waste easy and effective on nutrient-rich tea and the worm, which are wonderful for potted plants and garden of the advantage. Worm farms are odorless and produce compost and worm of tea throughout the year. You can find us on the market every Saturday morning Shongweni. Of course, make sure that the battery of the worm in a cool, shady place 8. After some time (not even me I have at this time) will be the time for castings. You can easily move one side of the box and put fresh bedding on the white page. Worms moves more on fresh bedding in the coming days. As indicated above, the precious castings, worm (which resembles fragile soils) feed plants or seedlings adds ground terreaux and mix. Take care of your WormsOk, you have a farm and runs now it is important to take care to. As pets, you know (also if you just Don t cuddle with them on the couch, I care about his well-being). Popularity is especially good to have a knowledge base of a cosine of favorite compost worms. Worms love to eat things like fruit and vegetable waste, tea bags and coffee, vase, crushed shell eggs and dust from the vacuum cleaner. I speak regularly leftover pasta and rice. There are also has things not so much potato (boiled, is good), citrus fruit, raw garlic or onion/Chile (is not, how do to kill, but it won t come to animals, requiring people who are hungry). And I'm a vegetarian, then t to all flesh, bone, fat or dairy products gift. Beyond only with handful of love and respect that all human beings live. Good luck!. 4. now, it is time to create a pleasant and welcoming environment for your new pet. Move sheets, newspapers and cardboard, to snatch a layer of about 20 cm deep-litter in the former. Fertilizer can also be used. Soak the garment until it is placed in the table 5. Handle two added worms. 6. in order to feed the worms, add food waste at the beginning of bedding regularly, but in small quantities. Error (I don't have clear) is common beginners overfeed the worms, adding more spam, it can handle. This will cause just don; t have what it takes time to eat for the mold, so try to keep (even if it is difficult, be it). Over time because they raise more parasites, you give power to eat more. Worms can eat for your body weight in a day, if you have a little patience. After awhile, it will look like this (just ate the rice). If you want, you can also a tap at the bottom, leaving the liquid. Also if do you not cock (I'm not so great for connections), but only occasionally took the lead and discard liquid from the lower compartment. This liquid (juice or worm) is actually a fertilizer very hard. If you wish, it can be diluted approximately 20:1 and they feed as a Folio (i.e. in the spraying of the leaves), or as a fertiliser liquid, especially for the productive trees. to breathe but pulling your skin and will drown if accidentally gets holes pre-drilled in the upper part and the liquid container (no, she will not fertilized worms and giant man eating). To avoid any sad death of this type, you can use a container of ice to the top or a brick in the bottom box. These form an island for worms and help to enter the upper field. I have two bricks in my bottom of Pan (an old regular, liquid sucking). Not all organic waste, you give, as the remains of food, fruit Peel, grated bread and vegetables, used tea bags? Worm farming is a fun and friendly these things rather than just its complete garbage recycling. A farm is basically a container of plastic, wood or other lightweight material, water resistant. Within this container is your compost worms, basic organic convert used effectively worm cast can be, for the supply of plants in pots or in the garden (in other words, worms eat shit dirty, great filling, nutrient and organic waste).The great thing about the worm farming, is that you can very easily do it yourself. And there is plenty of space. In fact, I live in a small unit and keep my farm in a corner of the balcony. No smell (promise!) and is easy to reach (this is important, if you have not perhaps too lazy to see it on a regular basis). You must, therefore, in essence two things, farm and, of course, start to. Download the WormsAs, as a slight loss of time to maybe feel it might be a farm without any s worm at home with them. Now you can, go and get some worms of the Earth that you need special Vermiculture. There are two types (AFAIK), speaking of worms or Tiger to. I have Tiger to and they are very friendly and hardworking. If you (like me) live in Australia can be in a position to at a discounted price from your local authority (possibly real estate from there to get, but cela brings obviously fun to build), then you can check a good idea with them. If no luck composting worm (and not so greedy builders, companies like), Bunnings sell. Or only see the yellow pages under the local farm. Well, I have an idea, how you your hands in verse, the idea of exploitation and construction creation Farm.Der ver farm1. The first thing to do is green grocer covers two boxes with foam (coverage is enough) in its premises. 2. drill holes in the bottom of the box (only a screwdriver to make the holes i) can drain the fluid. 3. place the box with holes on another machine (without lid) without holes as shown in the image below. 7. Finally, cover the bed of the screw without end with a piece of paper or Hessian (every day). This helps you maintain a constant temperature of the farm. Set top box foam cover and life to.When it begins to dry, add water in the field. A little juice, should be the consistency of sponge. Friendly recycling, as I am, I personally use an old plastic milk bottle where I have holes in the lid (once a small screwdriver, but this time) performed on a spray bottle (artificial rain for my worms) to create. In the summer months (when hot) is also a good idea, old plastic bottles filled with water in the freezer to set one morning and put on paper (or use as cover in worm farms) and the lid slightly open. The leave it there, in the context of the day, which melt the ice in the bottle, the reflection of the farm and cold to SIP slowly through the newspaper. See image below:. ,,.