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Time-delay/feedback loop? -I'm sorry, and with a slight tweek on the system, but not the effect perspective (and picture) used as a striking example, generated by the system in place, which was designed by the designer, also known under the name: development of the ability of a test on the computer computer is not able to information quickly to treat fairly? It was all proven reinforcement (see super position principle)-related diseases.Maybe the design of chaos with the aim of the publication is configured; and acquire natural release, prisoner, but inevitably know the skills and knowledge to emerge and leave the spark of life that flows through the universe: all that portion of the inherent Design.Es seems to me that the designer is the flow of arms in Turin. I have a passion for Science documentation; but the secret life of chaos is most prominent Khalili. Although muy so this Jim. We take more clearly has a talent for release can understand what mortal in simple words and glasses; Chaos and order, go hand in hand. You have not one or the other. Chaos brings order and order brings chaos sometimes. I think that we see the mechanics of God, if this is what we call. It is a universal law. Theory of chaos has a bad reputation, which is unpredictable, conjures up images of weather, economic blockades and bad science. But there is a fascinating and hidden in the chaos, that begin to understand scientists so far. Is this chaos theory answers a question, made mankind for thousands of years - came as you here?You can put in this documentary film Professor Jim Al-Khalili, a universe to discover one of the great mysteries of science-over, who started as a fine powder with intelligent life? How does the clutter? It is a devilishly, intuitive and for many people a deeply troubling idea.But Professor Al-Khalili shows the science behind much of the beauty and structure of the world natural and discovered that by far not the magic or more force, is in fact an integral part of the laws of physics. Surprised, it turns out that the mathematics of chaos can explain how and why the universe creates model and exquisite order. And the best thing is that you do not need a scientist to understand.The natural world is full of impressive examples of complexity simplicity of natural transformations. This film may never see people searched just like the world of trees, to see the clouds. Find out more about the secret life of the Chaos.Diese documentation is available. ,,.