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Truth Behind Cancer

. It is clear that the diet with cancer is, and even if this is not the only one, we can handle that with Becki. Now, the Wolfe clinic not only happens in every age, clinical, and many people around the world agree that it a the best at that time. The first call is working where there is a flat tax of about £80. Then have your own consultant, by phone and E-mail with you in contact remains.It leads you through all that consists in the processing of foods and natural supplements.You can call or send them via email daily so often like you, want without additional cost. The only thing that pays off for the single farm payment is a supplement that can have.These people are bright and all details to send nutrition and treatment after the first call. However, the information is on your site, so that everyone can see it, if you want. Urgent please call, if you or someone you know has cancer!OK, you've got enough and then this call and solve a requete. 20 minutes with our consultants from Canada, advised by a protocol to speak. . It is basically a diet of raw with extra Gemüse.Die idea is that all cancer cells may give hungry after eating, you the proper diet, Supplement and strengthen the natural immune system. Within 48 hours after starting the diet, there is one obvious difference, God was this Arbeit.Ja really, it was. Like I said, I don't think Beckis pain due to cancer, was that this was only constipation due to unhealthy diet, her pain had developed drinks with a high content of fat, including hospital. And was on morphine idiots! I decided it outside and within a few weeks we were effective from morphine. Now she went it to the toilet every day without pain and Morphin.All only for a consistent implementation. .Ein last few weeks, all additions came from Canada and Chico was it much! As the treatment is basically food and supplements, said, it is much more complex than that.Extra charge on an hourly basis, as well as the delicate colon clean, all of the work for the main treatment consists of young and out for several days of hunger for cancer cells, then a product called DMSO and MSM, which are due to the cancer cells, were are already weakened by the lack of sugar from food can enter.Our consultant Canada MAUREEN FOUNTAIN, said that the arms of Beckis probably would body inside and a slight warming under unrest leave to detoxify your body. We have called the colon cleansing in the Royal was and is by far the best colon cleansing, I know, and my wife and I do it now.If a cancer patient has the big three remain all toxins inside the body and not the fatal result deleted.If a colon not only black to cleanse the first signs of toxins Poos and white to leave, she's even a smell! Beckis body was so low that I remember me, so that they do not fall and see black fate be grew up in the toilet crap we can do my Angel, what he said, we want more than black see. In fact, he worked and now to help with the supplement, to build their immune system things began to improve.We brought a bicycle little movement and legs and poor little weights to strengthen. Every day there are improvements you can tell me really, she was stronger, so we started with the last part of the treatment. Now your Poos were normal, everything was good up Saturday, 14th June 2008 arms and legs were swollen, due to what I thought it was a problem of the kidney by radiotherapy (it says that the hospital has occurred that then).He was then Ohnmacht.Wir had no choice but to call you a Krankenwagen.Als we at the hospital arrived told us that she had given up their sugar in the blood, and if you have a need for glucose to us wanted to come back.Of course it was given to the sugar in the blood, that was the point of treatment, but still received the glucose and came.She was a right old lenses, and now it's father's day was 15th Sunday,. We have brought back to know that the hospital had him probably passed.I remember stories with her on the couch and we thank you for the best girl in the world, be thanked for the happy times. My wife is the same as my mother and 16:15, Sunday, June 5, Becki died at his home with his mom, dad and grandmother. I remember walking around and died in my arms, crying in the room with my daughter and let me in ShoutingDont. My world is over, our daughter was dead.I know that without a doubt in my mind, this treatment works. Becki morphine should never, it was a stupid mistake in the Krankenhaus.Blaues eye, I know with certainty because we accidentally touch, I was there and what to see now I strongly believe, the children know, think ahead in life, and to this day that they protect happen against what would, that it better, that was not only the eyes looks as is with your loser. I saw my daughter every day to improve, as soon as we with this alternative treatment started and we started several weeks until my wife and I, our Becki here now know even I would be! It is my opinion, the Becki died of a body because of the treatment in the hospital. In other words, the death by chemotherapy caused organ toxicity. Of course, certificate about death Mestastaside says cancer in the Beckis death. Like F * G affordable! A new tumor had signals from all over, not in connection with cancer, pain, what so ever and apparently even when the morphine was not or pain that follows Reief died of cancer. All of Asunción for hospitals. This assumption is true, why not someone from the hospital your body for 5 months and absolutely an autopsy considered rejected.Keep your hands our useless body of the girls that I thought that he had already killed our daughter with lies and ignorance. So what you do are reading this now, I think. The hospital with all to lose, if found, or they are me, but a father who tries to do the right thing by his Tochter.Fragen, if you're diagnosed with cancer was conventional, treated with therapy, i.e. the big three, where the failure rate of 97%, people, the lies and say to eat things that they know that he has cancer, they, by people who are treated not interested, it buried what the symptoms of cancer are only caused and still no errors or begin to treat the cancer of the only one in the world that works, reverse nature of the body by strengthening the immune system with a good diet and natural supplement and help from real people who want to help with any financial advantage.Spoilt for choice, but at least the Wahrheit.Seit know to know the death of unbearable for me and my wife Becki life, with the blame what we now know, life was not easy, and that we have and take him for all kinds of complications, in particular a kind of nervous breakdown. I havnt worked and I can not the fact that the death of my daughters was quite unintentionally get rid of.Somehow I will convince a person not to comply with the conventional way, and then it is good, but not enough. Our daughter was too precious to be free for what I want my mission in life to the truth, as many as possible, In the not sure to get where I'm taking, but I know that it starts here with the reading of this.I write this November 7, 2009, his 2 years of research, to find the truth behind cancer and trying, this time the Web.Cada Web site to use, I have tried, to revive these days, the pain was too much, even now, that In the this write streaming in the past 12 months tearing. But already, it's not me, you read your help right now! They said hospital when he underwent an operation, they had the possibility of 30-40% without, he would die in three months of chemo and radio therapy. And so began a 9 months of chemotherapy, I spend surgery and chemotherapy at doses constantly with Antibiotika.Wir much time in the hospital Becki turned and the father is now to life in the hospital, broke my heart. Of course we saw Becki vomiting Diahreah poisonous, toxic and cause hallucinations and much more. But you know what, there is hardly a day that this girl has no we and everyone in the fun way. It may read strange, can laugh at what a family through the.Well, it's easy with a girl like Becki to see that I something I can't, explain that an understanding of life, that was never my wife or me, they raised only the spirit of a person, that they hit.September 2007 and after 8 months of hospital and damn, that we finally passed the worst. Allows only treatment home. Now In the was not a believer, but as we walked through the House Gates wept my eyes and thanked God couldn't believe come so far that we all were home at last. In the coming months, RI, wept, and laughed again.We have Halloween, bonfire night, and then the most important thing.Napkins passed and it turned out that Santa did good! Becki had seven large pockets to open gifts, you should've seen his face.Even if a child deserves a special mention.Christmas was the best Christmas. During the processing of Beckis, the Grandma (my mother) had been there with her at his side.They had a special link (I thank you Mama, you much) the right for us on Christmas day, as well as my brother seemed, we had the whole Tag.Weihnachten, was the time to look into the future to make ' Beckis birthday January 31 and glorious new year. A few days later, she even Becki Cloncked in the eyes and I woke up with a look at the black butter, Wow, that photo will look good in your birthday! Now, Becki began in mid-January 2008 to get head aches and general malaise.We were sure that it was only a stomach, as it seemed very healthy. Of course brought the us to the hospital. Once we saw our Conlsultant hi have a good Christmas, but on the contrary a very abrubt Oh my God is the disease, the back. It was like time had stopped.I could not the mouth to the open talk.With Becki sits on my lap, which was not only in language, smaller not as clear that questions are.We have Becki outside the room and my wife and I went to a serious conversation with one of our conseillers. 29 January 2008 we have said that our small Terminal, two days before his fourth Geburtstag.Ich remember all the birthday sing it with my wife, with tears in his eyes. It was by far the hardest that we had done more than all treatments as Beem Becki by related. How a father holds together and sings happy birthday to your son, knowing that contained Hospital her and sent her home to die.We were the last words of the hospitals are, I'm sorry, but there is nothing that it can do for you, dies he and what can not heal. If something you need it, let please this us.I don't know about you, but there is nothing in this fucking planet, we wanted something else and only see to do what you die! I know a lot of people, as long as it would be to accept the word of the hospital as gospel. I'm telling you now, if you want to check your GAME OVER.Becki had begun to have abdominal pain and constipation was too small.The hospital was informed to be by morphine, which we have.But by iv, through the takeover of the Mund.Auf this way he was not at home with us.The pain was worse and stronger than morphine. At this time in the hospital has said that no release of Becki morphine now.And as we all know, that he is suffering from cancer, for morphine is off.right.What, if you want to find an answer, but I don't know where you are looking for. We knew nothing about cancer as the majority of the people, we knew what they had learned through the hospital only. I did not know where they are going or who questions. I came to the conclusion that if the Internet at least I could nothing else, in the right direction. You have to always online and always the same Punkte.DIE lies told ER us in six hours of the breast by the medical profession. I thought what you find. As I said before I'm not a religious man, but something a few hours guided me through this, some still can not explain, but I have hundreds of alternative sites to the point where he had the square eyes! I have no idea what he was looking for, but one thing is certain, that we to tell the truth. IN the does not belong to those people something reads and believes that in fact the opposite. When something hit me right in the face, I still have my Zweifel.Was I do, is that it takes to convince a long time to me gentle said. We know that the Internet is a breeding ground for lies, but if the same facts on hundreds of pages with no financial gain, and then click the less worthy of examination on February 22, 2008 and Becki especially are missing. During this time we have started to give their homeopathic remedies.What caused your constipation, knew that it was not cancer.Well, I have on most of them hundreds of hours at the time which encountered the search after alternative Behandlungsmethoden.Ich the night, be marked against each other for thousands of events.Witness how can cure cancer and lies that are told according to scientists all over the world, it. She lost to people no doubt in official laboratories showed that many things will kill the cancer and then after their findings mysteriously disappears and all records. A case was primarily a study in the United States in the 1990s, Sloan-Kettering, to test the effects of the B17 or LAECTRILE against tumor cells. B17 lies in many things, like Apple seeds, but extremely Abundent is raw apricot seeds. Studio 100% without a doubt proved to kill the B17 or LAECTRILE, the cancer cells. These people who did this study were valued for their knowledge about cancer, know so maybe surprised, who immediately dismissed and records burned. I saw information collected by so far, how diet can affect cancer.I stumbled upon something that was the downfall of the jaw, a fact that can be verified by anyone in any lugar.EL, the cancer only feeds fermented sugar! But it may be that most of what we eat can be converted into glucose. And in addition, Becki, diets rich in fatty acids, which is recommended by the hospital, take the weight.Not tell us about it, if it does not just want.It turns out, that is very true for us and this song. Its a fact that all students learn early in Oncology over the course of wisdom, is based on the study of cancer, because this food talk by patients with cancer with fat and sugar, if you, that know their disease constantly energy! Damn, the stench of politics, but now I'm not interested in politics, that only our son to help me. ! Two names continue to increase, it was WOLFE and TY again clinical application.BOLLINGER M, out-of-the-box. I read a few reviews online out of the box by TY.Bollinger M, is a book that shows that it is where almost all of the facts about cancer and cancer industry wide coverage. It is unpleasant to read how I lied as FARA. But he explains many natural treatments that can have results within days, also in detail the Oui.Nous had no choice but to order now. I quote this book later, because it is a life saver!Well, now is the time, this matter of the clinic the books in order to investigate anything Wolfe.See that your alternative clinic in the treatment of chronic diseases, Canada. in the first minute, ive have read a few clicks of blogs and find. ,,.