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Beloved absolutely guarantee the property that the driver of the truck, people in their views of the safety of the truck not sleep would officials of Los Angeles to win taxpayer in rage or possibly a new camera. Then gave a set of break rules prohibit national action programmes and other restrictions imposed on how and where lunch could have the pilots. But these rules at a cost of $26 million, majority of more than 1000 drivers faced garbage are allowed to trucks, which incorrectly says in their lunch break 30 minutes to capture the attention of a few winks, reported the Los Angeles Times. Growth in the Town Hall closed meeting on Wednesday with gains at the end of a collective action of 8 years. Drivers would receive an average $15,000 in salary, according to Matthew Taylor, his lawyer. He pointed out that in fact had commissioned remain, but pay not for nine years of meals. < Br / > < br / > the dangers of rule created by NAP on the road with a city garbage platforms, Taylor said. This is a danger to the public if you have commercial truck drivers who are tired and can't afford, a NAP during their breaks, said. In addition to the ban on national programmes, hygiene prohibits Office drivers congregate in large groups or travel far away from the streets of his collection during the lunch break. These rules have abandoned last summer. < Br / > < br / > the developed city lawyers, the members of the Council should numbers as much as $40 million, warned that if the Court then fight on rules for drivers. A judge of the superior court and a jury composed of the regional court of appeal have connected already pilots. the city imposes obligations on time lunch: functions to stay awake and avoid demonstrations, «First-instance Judge John Shepard Wiley Jr. ruled in 2011» Drivers are subject to control of the city during their lunch. < Br / > < br / > some legislators expressed outrage against decisions, to work the rules had a legitimate purpose. I am appalled that a court say it take over, we [the workers] retroactively lunch really adopted by our employees and staff to pay, said Councilman Paul Krekorian, who added that the trade unions in the city in the work rules signed. Krekorian, head of the Committee on finance and budget of the Council would discuss closed session Wednesday about not the deliberations. But said that the three other officials familiar with the trial version, requested anonymity because they discussed a private legal matter, sometimes, the Board agreed to pursue the establishment of $26 million. These sources indicated that the negative votes by the members of the Council Joe Buscaino and Mitchell Englander were issued. Both have refused to comment. < Br / > < br / > officials of the city, said legislation to protect objected against the public image of the garbage collection service and improve security. The number of employees to limit, in a place to eat, gather could the city waste together in the same district or in the parking lot of the restaurant, a large number of large trucks are placed has received, said Enrique Zaldivar, who directs the Office of hygiene. The rule not to sleep, said Zaldivar, was imposed to ensure that the public not garbage truck driver asleep or in the vicinity of their vehicles. It is impossible for the public know whether a driver or during sleep, he said. We felt then, it was wise to sleep does not occur when the driver is in public view or during any time, be considered only in the context of the commitments. < Br / > < br / > dates of industrial disputes in the year 2006, when José Gravina driver of the garbage truck has a complaint, claiming that it systematically been denied meal breaks because after five hours of work. His lawyer said Gravina for a NAP in the lunch break was forbidden. When Gravina has status in 2011, the year of his retirement, class-action lawsuit. After the defeat in court, lawyers claim appealed city, lunch break apply regulations for employees of the public service in cities such as Los Angeles, the operation of the Charter adopted by the voters. A right of appeal, the Court of the conductor on one side says County fake public safety and vehicle problems. Councillor Mike Bonin called sets in ridiculous to say obscene, that the image of a uniformed employee of the city in the city of sleep would be an affront to the voters. The public called Krekorian Chair has come also the wrong conclusions several trucks parked outside a restaurant. It seems that she didn't in their tasks, he. Southern California public radio-Padres - hundreds cases of 2010-2012 probation file service tested and says that he has found dozens of questionable cases. Jerry powers probation Chief responded to point out that the vast majority of claims is legitimate, but it took to beat several steps to dubious injuries down since the arrival to power in 2011. Since then, the number of official parole by a third party, these powers sank disabled. Questionable accident and disability insurance, he said, were one of the first things that the Board of supervisors of the County of Los Angeles asked him to attack, when it came to probation. < Br / > < br / > principle of employment powers, 15 per cent of the population - 750 active people - published in accidents or transferred due to injuries in the workplace, he said. Powers makes my blood boil. He argues that the problem of fraud claims epidemic Department - although officials say they have seen no hard figures on the proportion of loans as illegitimate. Cynthia Maluto, who heads the return to work of probation said that I, saw where the employees a year, returned in cases for a day, and then back, and another year, an other assertion to make, [and] could go for two years. And in 20 years seniority, they have worked probably three months. < Br / > < br / > has to resolve this problem, the supervisory authority that authorities use a template poll in the Sheriff's Department in Los Angeles County has developed ordered. Firstly, he has strengthened the unit, investigated the complaints. He said that medical instructions after home Inquisitor team, questioning, the constraints and limitations, and frankly, if necessary, personal video recording, to do things that they say that you don't remember the forces. before this, if cruises, which could hurt employees come and go take, as he wanted, he said. We have a requirement which must be suspended between 08 and 17 now has a dedicated team to monitor the employees, not in the accident and disability claims to insurance benefits. The team made home visits to ensure that the staff there are as they should be. It has applications as questionable and can be mounted challenges based on their research. < Br / > < br / > Alex Rossi of the Director-General Office leaves the Earl of Los Angeles, said the number of requests after 2000, as a probation officer for 4850 - a statute has been increased to compensate for the risk of the work in public security with up to one year accidents with full, tax-free salary. < Br / > < br / > administrator Cline said authorities moved to proceed against workers who fake injuries are in dealing with a serious problem Ministry is more political,. Cline said many workers leave while the attention of the compensation system for workers who move slowly to maintain a long journey. I see these cases as I as others see it, he added. But the test Department management has limited success in Supresión Poderes said from his Office, decreased the number of employees by a third to about 750, close to 500. And he said that the number of cases the 4850 down 25%. < Br / > < br / > probation system authority Chief said that one of their biggest problems is personal measures under disability private game. multiple staff found the fake medical evidence, and to these insurance companies and tell them that they are injured and out of service for months at a time, he said. The problem, forces, he says, is that they are out of operation. To collect a salary, while companies collect a check of this insurance. And some of these employees have two, politiques. Cela separated, three or four work benefit can double or triple his salary according to authorities. We know that with insurance, this policy review, he said all those who have these guidelines and work. Forces that the cooperation has led to the arrest of two probation officers, were for the collection of supposedly controls for disability while still in working life are, he said. Overdose of Reuters News reported that recently a portable device for the treatment of pain, by people without medical training in case of emergency the United States regulators measure can be used to combat the rise of the death of the abuse of opiates such as heroin. The food and Drug Administration said mobile operational size available recreation can help with naloxone for more use of drugs, to save to increase drugs such as opioid overdose. Adoption, rescue workers or members of the same family have a treatment, the in easy-to-use is suspected of opioid overdose, including medicines for pain, such as oxycodone, morphine, codeine and hydrocodone, but also heroin. It's really trying, this very portable, said the FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg. < Br / > < br / > more than 16,000 people die each year from opiate overdose by prescription in the United States, according to the FDA and the manufacturer of the unit of privately held pharmaceutical Kaleo opiate mainly Inc related to which are overdose addicted to heroin and painkillers, but it can occur even in patients under legitimate prescription for the treatment of pain. < Br / > < br / > mobile device is as Evzio and automatically is a solid dose of naloxone, a drug already approved ingredients to treat patients of an overdose, which quickly restore breathing works. Naloxone now is usually through a nasal spray or a syringe, that are injected under the skin or into a muscle, and police and other rescuers was limited mainly to the health professionals in hospitals and first aid, as well as an increasing number. The version approved Thursday, is small enough to be in the bag be worn, the FDA said. Parents and guardians should always practice in the handling of the device and multiple doses may be required to resuscitate a person, the Agency said. See above, that this product, facilitating the earlier drug use life-saving use in an emergency, Bob Rappaport, head of the FDA, the reviews of these products. < Br / > < br / > tried other defenders, looking for the impact of health professionals fight welcomed a call to Conference with the FDA approval and some have even suggested that the doctors prescribe pain-relieving opioids original orders. But some also worried that the injector cause some people that can rule out the risk of consumption of opiates, because an antidote is more accessible. The FDA and other federal officials, not a substitute for medical treatment said Evzio and it was important that those who always have a overdose get quick medical attention. < Br / > < br / > was not immediately clear the nozzle or insurance, how much it costs including Medicare and Medicaid government programs could cover. The device requires a prescription and is available in pharmacies this summer the company said, adding that he had not established even a prize. Meghan Ralston of defending the interests of the drug policy Alliance, a concern in a statement about the cost and said people should use, regardless of the shape of the naloxone is practical and comfortable for them. He asked the producers to guarantee of access. < Br / > < br / > a growing number of communities have other treatments by naloxone and began training fire people to provide police and other members of the medical emergency services such as the antidote. Separately on Thursday, the Nueva York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, that they help to fight the status of each agent in the State with naloxone a wave of overdose heroin will be offered. The effort would be financed recovered drug dealer with $5 million. Schneiderman cited data by the police in Quincy, Massachusetts, under which officers use naloxone in 2010. Since that time, the Police Department used 221 times and drug overdose in invested 95% of cases. Last week, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, in a speech declared a health emergency caused by the abuse of opioids, says that his condition would make naloxone more widely available. Inter-agency working group under the leadership of the Department of insurance in California, consisting of working from more than 100 investigators and researchers, rein in the economy of California hold, led by large metropolitan areas of the State supply over 60 citations for various violations and six stop work orders an investigation. The researchers have also benefited, educate the owners of their responsibility to check contractors have a license and insurance before hiring. < Br / > < br / > the owner, hire contractors or suppliers that are inappropriate or insurance claims may increase risk of home, and if someone, hurt results for the poor quality of the damage to their homes on the property or work. Many owners have a clause of criminal activity, which means that the insurance not damage, which covers by bad working of the contractor without a license from the coverage of civil liability or, if an employee is injured and the contractor is not insured. < Br / > < br / > should the owner about from its obligation to ensure that the parties measured their title and activated injury insurance, said Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. It's not worth to risk your House or other property by a contractor without a license have set or has had no time to check your license and insurance. To help ensure that tracked the law passed your contractor or supplier, a small investment is minutes to protect your property. < Br / > < br / > in a private home in Los Angeles, local investigators found a subcontractor building without insurance are working on the site. According to the researchers was that had surprised homeowners to learn, responsible for reviewing contractors not only insurance compensation-General, done who was, but also for suppliers. Other breaches found includes almost 100 companies compensation for violations of security contact li insurance, would be cited by the labor safety and health, which well govern with an estimated $20,000 valid contractors license. Contractor found six license Commission of crimes, from advertising to security issues. The Employment Development Department had identified 15 possible administrative violations. < Br / > < br / > results economy California in a blow to the California economy, billions of dollars, said Commissioner Dave Jones insurance. These fraudulent activities hurts honest companies to play by the rules. Coordinated efforts are multi-tasking Agency are a sustained effort to the playing field to the illegal activities of the contractor shall put an end to, to cheat the system at the expense of law enforcement and consumer-friendly. . Jacob Richard Bonzer, 27 years, formerly of Lake Forest, California, this month in Chicago by the Police Department of Chicago and U.S. Marshals task force of 96 charges for crimes such as theft, forgery, and denial of benefits arrested. If found guilty, Bonzer a maximum sentence of 87 years in the State Penitentiary faces. Bonzer allegedly created more than 1,000 sources of fraudulent based on information that earned $285,000 in Commission payments do not raise him insurance allowed, said Commissioner Dave Jones insurance. < Br / > < br / > joint research between the California Insurance Department, the Office of the District Attorney in Orange County, the Brea Police Department revealed Bonzer perpetrated various rules for their own economic benefit. < Br / > < br / > researchers have discovered that in the year 2012, Bonzer of the so-called Group of insurance companies creates risk of fictitious GW of ConservationLLC, which was registered in Florida. Mutual GW is not entitled to write insurance Bonzer, if you sell Bonzer accidents and insurance companies through the intermediary of insurance services, located in Orange County, California. Bonzer collected over the allocation of $280,000 58 society of California believed that it purchased valid cover. Questioned by a client of the possibility of insurance in California GW, Bonzer presents a corrupt report as evidence. Ministry investigators also found that payments offset premiums were used Bonzer expenses, including the rental of the building of the luxury, travel, gastronomy and wines. < Br / > < br / > criminal activities of reputable companies Bonzer is valid accident-free owners of enterprises, employees and the State of the main financial risks. Several companies and RIP companies insurance are clear, Mr. Jones said. < Br / > < br / > Bonzer presents also fraudulent homeowner insurance questions, the wrong information about 128 participants, that there no real estate, which provided a sound policy for the owners of the spirits when trust exists between April and July 2010. Commissions advanced Bonzer received $46,000, that insurance companies collect bonus on the property has closed escrow. Because the plaintiffs were wrong, never receive payments of premiums the insurer and Bonzer was finally released. Bonzer researchers say their fraud by another agent, what happened earlier. It turned out that Bonzer have created a shadow of the Mortgage Bank, all societies of Bonzer residential sales briefly homeowners insurance required. Uses the same schema, which leads the insurer, to believe that they would receive payments of premiums at the end of the engagement. Many political decisions are, postponed back sent several times the closing of the store with a statement that was. In some cases the payments from the Commission Bonzer in doubles for the same property. Between August and November, there were about 790 requests for owners of insurance fraud, false statements containing Bonzer under another agent. So, he received payments from $239,000 Bonzer. < Br / > < br / > orchestrated Bonzer was developed over several mailboxes, virtual assistants, business units, offices, e-Mail, Web sites and regions bank accounts. The Department has reason to believe that there other victims. Who shops with Jacob Bonzer makes or think it might, that a victim is the supervisor insurance real Grunke (714) 712-7600 researchers contact? Jackie Sebastian, 60, San Jacinto, was arrested by the researchers at the Department of insurance. Sebastián, a staff of post mail processing, charges of insurance fraud theft crime and trying to introduce false statements of reimbursements for mileage 249 related to an alleged fraudulent accident. < Br / > < br / > some are Tricheriea under the mistaken belief that no little invokes the compensation system they fix Commissioner Dave Jones, he said. This small disappointment can be added quickly a large sum of money. Honest consumers to be punished for these crimes pay supplements to compensate for the loss of the fraud. < Br / > < br / > joint investigation revealed that Sebastián had filed a claim for only $65 273.43 transportation cost, mileage and medical appointments associated with. Sebastián presented a total of 249 applications and received reimbursement of mileage, involved according to researchers doctor ineligible in the Ministry or pharmacy $990-13. < Br / > < br / > if Sebastian sentenced up to five years in prison, a full refund and good. It was a joint investigation between the Department of insurance in California, the Office of the Inspector General and United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General of the United States Department of labor. on August 25, 2014, Marcus A. Bachhuber used Managing Director of the Philadelphia Veterans Affairs Medical Center, and the University of Pennsylvania and colleagues data by statewide death certificates for each of the 50 States between 1999 and 2010. In States with a law of medical marijuana, death by overdose of opiates such as heroin, morphine and oxycodone has dropped an average of 20% after one year, 25 percent in two years and increased by up to 33% of five years and six, which should according to the results of JAMA internal medicine now death due to overdose of opiates level national in 1999, 030 16651 considerevolmente4 in 2010segun of the Centers for control and the prevention (CDC). Three of the four of these deaths involved prescription pain relievers. Among the people died from overdose of prescription opiates, 60 percent a legitimate prescription for a doctor have reported also the CDC.He wrote about medical marijuana, where legal, thicker for the treatment of diseases with pain, making it a choice in addition to or instead of painkillers, Bachhuber and her co-authors is approved. But the extent of the risks and benefits of medical marijuana are still unknown. I think that combat of the medical provider medical marijuana to determine the conditions used for could be, who would benefit from this, how effective it is and side effects; Some doctors say that marijuana is not even proven, scientifically validated, said medical, Vicky b. Further studies on the risks and benefits of medical marijuana are needed to guide clinical practice.Mary j. Hayes of the University of Maine in rule wrote a commentary in the newspaper. Supervisors tend to be very strong feel that marijuana is said to follow the path he Reuters Health. The danger of smoke, the concern to know even people not yet able to been but carcinogenic, to show. It his, that the risk that the legal medical marijuana the drug for children, smoking make more accessible the wheel or other risks can damage, he said. But we already develop OxyContin and vicodin and boys on their hands, he said. If money laundering is marijuana to facilitate combating the problem of death of painkillers, will be very important, he said. Now, an opioid crisis as extremely important for the health is, will do something and Hayes States understand what happened, these efforts. Currently do to combat these deaths, of programmes for the monitoring of prescription were relatively ineffective, he said. Everything we do is that they have adopted no effect, except for those States, the marijuana laws, said Hayes. Those opiates overdose probably addictive and also be other psychological problems to tackle, he said. [[Marijuana, which is not without risk, probably less addictive and almost impossible to respect, for opiate overdose says Hayes.]]]>. The Los Angeles Times reported that one of the actors is a hamster dance in the ads of cars KIA infectious starred work was for allegedly show including at least a shot - collecting State disability benefits has been charged. Leroy Barnes, 27 years, Los Angeles as a dancer with relief that pop star services of the State, worked for Madonna, Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown at the perception of compensation, said Nancy Kincaid, a spokeswoman for the California Insurance Department. < Br / > < br / > Barnes said he was beaten and through a piece of the ceiling fell injured in the June 2010 in dance for a production company Theatralekincaid, he said. Benefits of accidents he collected $51,000 from September 2010 to September 2011, according to the Department of insurance investigators. Taking it further to work at the same time pretending to be disabled. < Br / > < br / > fraudulently received benefits for disability is not only illegal, meets right injured California PAS who are not able to work, said Commissioner Dave Jones insurance. < Br / > < br / > Barnes said his doctors, in the course of the year worked, he collected benefits, Kincaid. In addition to trade and securing of the dance machine of Barnes in a rap group called the Rej3ctz and for people with disabilities, also has played, Kincaid said. Barnes could not reach for comment Wednesday afternoon. < Br / > < br / > Barnes was arrested on March 20, 2014, when Los Angeles Police conducted a traffic control. The next day he was in the Los Angeles County jail on $50,000 bail dismissed. A woman from North Hollywood, was which in the January guilty known Monday to six years in prison sentenced on health and almost impose $10 million refund from Uncle Sam < br / > < br / > Susanna Artsruni, 46, Midvalley medical care of Van Nuys had almost $25 million in bills to Medicare, district judge Margaret was sentenced by US m. Morrow, according to the public prosecutor's Office. Artsruni who used also the name María and Rosa, worked on a number of medical clinics in Los Angeles. < Br / > < br / > healthcare was sentenced this year guilty fraud charge and a charge of money laundering after pleading. She was sentenced to 76 months in prison and $9 556 European Medicare numbers. < Br / > < br / > in his debt, he gave to billing Medicare for Artsruni and services that were not medically necessary, and sometimes never comes. The plan involved doctor assistants in three hospitals in Los Angeles, to sign the orders and decrees of unnecessary testing and service equipment. Recognized also the writing of checks more than 35 $000 from my bank account three company Midvalley have no link with the medical industry and had not provided apparently all reputable companies service companies. Controls, confessed he intended to launder money related to welfare fraud. At the moment, Artsruni link was free of charge in another case by fraud of health, whose Mandat, has not been ordered to work in a medical facility. < Br / > < br / > a second defendant in the case of Erasmus Kotey, physician's Assistant, known is guilty and should be sentenced according to the public prosecutor's Office on September 8. Three other charges were related to money laundering, was declared not guilty, a scheduled job early next year. An increase in the abuse of prescription drugs among older Americans accompanied by a significant increase in urine and blood in the nationwide tests. Part of the experiment, the such abuse identify testing of millions of dollars to suppliers produce. Medicare, the insurance system for people with disabilities and people aged between 65 and PLU, paying health of the Government. Illustrative example a review calculates the Medicare data, the last month of Reuters Health found three doctors Connecticut published almost 24,000 tests for the detection of only patients drugs Medicare 145-2012. Despite the extraordinary number numbers administrators of Medicare doctors a total $1.4 million. Each doctor has requested that the most expensive and comprehensive tests, as well as $94, a more than a simple $19 drugs. This was done to improve the accuracy of the results, one said. < Br / > < br / > these numbers are ridiculously high, said Dr. Stuart Gitlow, President of the American Society of addiction Medicine. There is no medical indication can I think that it would require this test frequency. But not at all on an equal footing. < Br / > < br / > Medicare Provider paid $457 million in 2012 on 16 million tests to detect everything from prescription drugs, heroin and cocaine, according to the analysis of by Reuters. in some parts of the country, all the doctors and his cousin is composed (Dipendenza) treatment a shingle. It is possible to control a wide range of tests instead of one, to measure, said Bill Mahon, former Executive Director of the Association amounted to national health. It is like a rooster money, he said. Urine and blood tests are possible areas for fraud and abuse, because drug testing guidelines are vague, leaving the frequency of the tests at the discretion of the supplier. < Br / > < br / > but often there is a legitimate need for these tests, to determine whether a drug addict had relapse or to ensure that pain relievers prescribed take patients instead of selling the drug. In 2011, the average number of older grew Americans abusing or addicted to painkillers around 132 000 336000, ten years previously, according to the substance abuse and mental health services administration. Isidro Santillán, 53, of Pacoima, was arrested in August and accused of stealing 13 and three service fees of commercial theft. Salameh allegedly stole more than $100,000 from the sale of insurance and obligations of licensed contractors and delivery not has the premium to the insurance companies. If prison must be sentenced Salameh 12 years in the State. < Br / > < br / > If stolen money by Santillán your insurance premium customers made available the financial risks of the main employer, so that without insurance, Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, she said. My team will be aggressive police to investigate and to bring before court on insurers or brokerage, fiduciary responsibility in the name of greed. < Br / > < br / > researchers claim Santillán, also known as art Sanchez, issued premium checks, not the signature of the buyer and then instead of these insurance premiums collected checks need for your ClientiEgli for your personal use. Sani not against the payment of the premium to buy for customers to leave their victims at risk for uninsured losses. < Br / > < br / > Santillán tried to deploy his theft to hide legitimate and fake certificates of premium insurance and financing arrangements. In some cases it would have made partial payments, but they were later political insurers cancelled due to lack of payment in full. < Br / > < br / > Insurance Department opened an investigation at the end of the year 2012, after receiving complaints about Santillán business practices on sales of commercial cars, liability and insurance for accidents in the workplace and duties. Some of their cancelled checks discovered decided to buy the victims who have exceeded the cost of the insurance. < Br / > < br / > Insurance Department for other victims in this case searches and supports who safe services to communicate with the Division of regional Enquetesbureau in Valencia (661) 253-7500 may have done business with SID Santillán, art Sanchez, central insurance services or Isidro Santillán. Doctor in the Los Angeles area has become available for a charge in the strong painkillers known under the brand names vicodin and Norco federal drug trafficking guilty. The DEA announced that they look like Dr. Andrew Sun, 78, known guilty, a charge of money laundering and distribution of hydrocodone are located. Sun, who has worked in medical clinics in East Los Angeles and San Gabriel, was named an indictment was returned by a federal grand jury about three months ago. < Br / > < br / > the Sun admits that he writes these medicines since beginning of 2011 to June 2012 and course usually without legitimate medical purpose off the professional practice. Sun has also admitted to a dozen patients the police were infiltrated power to issue orders actually, but also to hide more than $550,000 in cash received for the issuance of such orders. Also decided to seize the Sun the product that came from his illegal medical practice, accounts seized including approximately $342,000 in July 2012. < br / > < br / > the Sun could face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison for distribution of the count and 20 years for money laundering and cool. Sun has also agreed to, cooperate with the measures of the medical board to revoke the approval. < Br / > < br / > the Sun was the survey conducted by the drug enforcement administration, IRS criminal investigations, medical in California, California Department of health care and services the Monterey Park Police Department. California is known as one of the epicenters of the fraud, medical fraud and other crimes. And now, after a new < href = target = blank > report of 118 pages of the California Attorney General, Kamala Harris, California led all States the number of computer systems hacked or infected with malware, the number of victims of Internet crimes, which suffered from altitude of the pecuniary loss and the number of victims of identity theft. According to the report, that the State is also vulnerable to theft of intellectual property for his role as a leader in the development of new technologies and multimedia entertainment. The report should be as a warning to all California businesses, keep data on people such as files, claim scanning insurance and third-party administrators serve. < Br / > < br / > between 2009 and 2012, the intentional violation of computer networks and databases in the United States by 280% increases, with the participation of California, leader of the nation. Many of these injuries were transnational criminal organizations, including from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Israel, Egypt, China and Nigeria, connected operation. < Br / > < br / > the report notes that transnational criminals more the advantage of new communication technologies and the interdependence of globalization in California involved organizations. This poses new challenges within the meaning of the Act. But cross-border organized crime in California covering drugs, weapons and human trafficking. In the 21st century, the problem by transnational criminal organizations that threaten the security of computer networks and data, the integrity of online bank accounts, and the holder of the intellectual property rights. Because of its population and economy - fed know California is the main destination of the nation for this new generation of transnational criminal organizations - a large number of Eastern Europe, but also in Africa, and China-whose goal is, which is very profitable hacking, to commit fraud and crime of digital piracy. < Br / > < br / > California $2 trillion gross domestic product, foreign trade activities, and the border of Mexico is also an easy target for international schemes of money laundering, according to the report. He estimated that more than $30 billion laundry service, through the California economy each year. Some is filtered through reputable companies or the use of virtual currencies as Bitcoin. But the report says backpack and suitcase full of money confiscated more often, since Mexico began to tighten money-laundering laws in 2010. Sales through more seized money rose by 40 per cent from 2011 in California, which leads the nation in the number of seizures of currency. < Br / > < br / > transnational criminal organizations take advantage of to facilitate the new technologies of communication and social media to criminal activities, recruit new members and to intimidate or harass their opponents, even within the walls of the prison. In 2011, for example, 15,000 cell phones from seized prisoners in the prisons of California. The threat to public security by organizations based in Mexico by drug traffickers has been enlarged, like cartels formed alliances with the prison in California and street gangs have control to to sell the routes of transport, medicines, kidnap, extort and kill, if necessary, to protect their criminal activities. The Mexican mafia, for example, provides protection for members of cartels by many both within and outside of the prison and original Spanish band and Northern in southern and Northern California joined la Familia Michoacana, with Sinaloa, the Knights Templar and other drugs with headquarters in Mexico of the organizations. Doctor in Santa Barbara drug trafficking was this week after pleading guilty 11 federal fees, drugs recipes for patients to write strong painkillers, which were a drug addict in prison. < Br / > < br / > Julio Gabriel Diaz, 65, has been working in the medical clinic family in Santa Barbara, before his arrest two years ago guilty on 10 counts of distribution of controlled substances without a legitimate medical purpose and accountability over the distribution of controlled substances to a minor (under federal law, a person is less than 21 years). < Br / > < br / > Diaz guilty before United States District Judge Cormac j. Carney, who should the defendant on the sentence. Díaz, who until his sentence in jail will be held, is a statutory maximum sentence of 200 years in prison and fines of up to $10 million. < Br / > < br / > Dr. Díaz, was simply acting as a common drug dealer, said lawyer André Baker Rotte Jr. United States the deviation of strong painkillers for legitimate medical applications in the hands of drug addicts is a dangerous practice, which searches and overdose feeds. Many illegal drugs entering for motorists coming from doctors Díaz decide how Julio, to betray his Hippocratic oath. < Br / > < br / > in a plea filed in United States District Court, last year Diaz left to distribute narcotics like methadone, hydrocodone, alprazolam, fentanyl, oxycodone, Hydromorphone in 2009 and 2010 Díaz has given to distribute all that they are distributed or narcotic drugs law and to work outside the ordinary activities of the professional practice and without a legitimate medical purpose. Court documents filed in this case, as well as remedies in case of civil-Diaz fatal overdose. It is however not specifically responsible for the death caused, nor expressly approved deaths caused during the hearing. Today < br / > < br / > Diaz has been studied by the drug enforcement administration and police in Santa Barbara, has received the support of the Medical Board of California. The case was too good to pass free Mani Pedicura and massages. All consumers had to do was close my eyes, when Spa lied and calculate your insurance for chiropractic services at the same time, that actually the prosecutors say owner and two employees were Chiro of San José of Laurie Allee is most important medical fraud in the history of the County Santa Clara Rastrillo in $7 million for about 17 months, or more than $400,000 per month. Non-therapeutic massages, facials, manicures and pedicures are great, but are not medical treatment, lawyer Christopher Kwok said. «Transfer medical treatments for the reimbursement of insurance is a crime < br / > < br / > San José Chiro chiropractic Tracy KHAC Minh Thu, by authorities, her husband Tran Thanh Trung, 37, 39, and his employees, Lillian Yenloan, 39 and Nicole Tran Thi, 37 arrested.» Each was accused of fraud, the safe medical 11' crimes ' and up to 24 years in prison if found guilty. Since all on bail of $75,000 have been published. < Br / > < br / > based on the tip, authorities the nail operation began an investigation of the Chiro of San José, until the end of 2012, is invoked. a researcher from the Santa Clara County District Attorneys Office has visited eight times in the spa and got eight free manicure and pedicure. Their insurance was billed $2,000 or $250 per visit - at least five times more slope as nails in General, although it certainly right. < Br / > < br / > Kwok, said that it is not known if customers are aware the fraudulent billing, although it, that many seems done because even the best insurance usually cover not the care of fingernails. About 90% of the business of the health resort was billed fraudulently, Kwok said. However, some insurance companies cover massage. A customer who has a massage in San José Chiro complained to Yelp, a month before the arrest, which was willing to pay the spa for your particular insurance company. the only reason why I'm still here is because my insurance covers it, so that it is free, the women in the post online. Go somewhere else and figures for a better massage, which have a free, where the service is corny,. ». (JAAOS), activity level of the patient is a Predictor for how they make some treatments and how to recover from the injury after treatment. Patient your orthopedist to questions whether the level of activity is an important factor in their decision to handle prompts. For example, more active patients with high risk of re-injury are a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and level of activity to be deciding, which plugin to use the ACL repair.Measures standardized and manageable for the shoulder, hip, knee and ankle are often used in orthopedics to quantify the level of activity of the patients. But measurements of frequency, is rather good operation do not consider symptoms, functional limitations, age, weight, general health and other factors that may also be a prognostic variable incidence and outcome of.Orthopaedics, restore function to remove pain and back to work, said surgeon orthopaedic patients want to help and main study author Robert h. Brophy, MD. We learn is still about the best use possible, quantify and improve measurement of activity results and forecast.Shoulder: the strongest for the predictive of Rotator Cuff Tears in the expectations of patients about the effectiveness of physiotherapy and the basic level of activities. After the rupture of Rotator cuff tear are patients who were less likely to non-surgical treatment response.ANCA: Levels of the preoperative, old, man, and lower body mass (IMC) were predictors for the highest level of activity an and five years after a total hip replacement surgery index. activity physics, including the work of lifting and commands - can accelerate development and increase the risk of osteoarthritis (OA).Knees: above, below the main activities of BMI with a greater degree of sports competition were associated with a higher activity of two years after ACL reconstruction.Women who is smoking for 6 months before surgery and revision of ACL reconstruction associated with the lowest level of activity. After a reconstruction of the stroke patients were significantly less satisfied, if she had a low activity after surgery. Sequelae of injuries in the knee and trauma in the athletic population, increased, instead of participating in physical activity can lead to an increase in the risk of osteoarthritis of the knee.It was not a variable level of activity at these measures, Mr. Brophy said. [[Focuses on the population we are injuries, study, etc., we are making progress and progress depends on what you are looking for.]]>. ,,.