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I have a lot of support and gratitude of many members and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am glad to serve you and give you your Yoursixpack in absolute terms to find help if my program cannot continue, I hope your training program put some ideas for embellishing Thatyoucan. . A1: ball pushups (feet on the ball): A2: squat and press with tape: A3: permanent bent to pull DownA4: corva tendon curl w/knee stability: triceps ballA5 PressdownA6: biceps curl (w/strap attached to the door) A7: ball transfer (arm leg exchange) A8: excellent media circuit of Superman (alternating arms and legs) ISAN Toimprovemobility training, strength and endurance. This form of circuit uses completed exercises the power of 8 Agroupof which are an exercise after Anotherwithlittle or without interruption. Each exercise is performed for a Amountoftime prescribed for next year. Eachcircuit exercises are separated by short rest intervals, and each time Circuitis separates a long rest period. The total number of operations performed by switching training varies from two to five depending on your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) training, his period of training (preparation for Orcompetition) and its goal of training Herstellerwahrendeiner. Beginners: · 30 seconds per exercise · 30 second pause between the two: · Number of channels: 2-3 rookie: · 45 seconds per exercise · 15-second pause between · Number of circuits: advance 3-4: · 60 seconds per exercise · 10 second pause between · Number of circuits: 4-5 Abeginner example: Ballpushupsfor 30 seconds (can be set completely), followed by 30secondbreak., so do squat for 30 seconds (apart from Amountyoucancomplete), followed by a second 30 pause. Until last year, repeat (Superman) and new pump ball again; for a complete, total-2-3rounds. Ifyouwant tips for maximizing the results also suggest that you Alsoincorporate 16 weeks of training with your exerciseroutine you are here thearticle.:. Do you like an amazing case study I read, ripped six pack abs? It is very inspiring and ' are very proud of Alex for their results. Hi MikeI was looking for a program that will help me lose body fat and get a six pack. I stumbled on your site and guarantee of satisfaction, you told me, what they offer and were not only interested in the sale of its e-book did believe. Certainly based on go and buy the d try ' and if you are not only good t ' I ' d recover my money.Before you start the program, I weighed 80 lbs and my waist was 42. After 11 weeks, weighs about 80 kg, but my life is about 35. a 7-inch loss in 11 weeks. Now that my weight essentially remains the same, namely that I gained muscle loss during 7 inch fat from my life!My strength and energy to improve every week and ' m, weight lifting heavier as you progress. Family and friends so n ' t seemed in the weeks ' t believe how much thinner and thinner, I hope now.I m glad I ' bought his electronic book and attached to programs. Lose a little fatter, but I can already tell that a six pack is visible in a few weeks later.Thanks for the advice and words of motivation. This experience is much more what I was waiting for my money! Welcome, Imtiaz Girach, UK. are 5 facts you must understand if you ever lose your belly fat and get six pack ABS 1. Many so-called healthy foods food scraps are actually cleverly disguised items that win more than his belly can stimulate the fat. Still lying on power marketing sector, as well as their 2 to maximize benefits, AB as crunches, sit-ups and machines are less effective, flat abdomen actually receives. U.S. ' to discover what types of exercises in 3 minutes work ll. Repetitive exercises boring cardio routines are not the best way to lose body fat and discover that this six pack ABS. I ' will tell you the exact types of unique training to produce 10 times better options. Don ' T have to waste their money on expensive extreme fat burner pills or other supplements to false. I ' demonstrates how to use the power of natural foods in more detail lomo. 5. belts, AB chairs, AB Rockers, long and other infomercial AB-things. ' tea again a pure waste of time and money. Despite the misleading not your body, fitness models get perfectly chiseled perfectly into advertising with this camera. He has his perfectly real body exercises and strategies of real power. ' once again learn their secrets and what really works below. Hi Mike, I have 39 years, 182 cm and weight 107 kg. Read the truth about six pack abs completes my life, not only physically, but mentally also has changed. In addition, it has changed my Outlook on life. I began reading, because I was overweight and had high cholesterol levels, so you have to do something, otherwise I was told by the doctor that he could develop serious problems in the near future.After reading the book first, before starting the exercises, followed by diet for about six months and followed to the letter, without exception. I was surprised at how much weight I lost, I lost weight in all the wrong places, belly, neck, Chin and I had rare well and looked much younger, has suddenly increased my enthusiasm and I was more sluggish in life was more motivated to do much more for the first time in my life, to sit in the trash of the sofa and watching on TV.The second step was to start the exercises, because I'm more a means to achieve my goal, was more fun than I thought. I started slowly and upping my physique is improved. Now I have three days a week, especially with exercises with Mike ' 's book, I'm also a little force as dominated and extensions to stimulate my triceps muscle strength training. He was able to do this for two months and have had excellent results, I have a six pack stomach or anything, but my belly is flat and sure it's only a matter of time, all the work, to get rid of the bulge became, once called a weight Magen. Mein is now 88 kg, have much more muscle definitionbut, above all, has improved my diet and I feel like a new person, and I realize that eating properly, going to the gym is just a waste of time, I could tell that Mike's ' has saved my life book, recommend, that you have, or are in a situation like mine. Mark Salo-VictoriaUA. Hi Mike, I did the workout for 8 weeks. Draw in the advanced routine tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! I've never been so happy with my diet. The ' well, able to eat your meal and snack suggestions of health and my body is slender.I am a full-time MOM with a beautiful young woman, that made two. I don't have time to go to the gym, Zumba and Pilates at home, it was like my son NAPs. My husband bought me a Pilates and Pilates machine almost every day for a year, but I ' see the results and get 3-4 times a week exercise routine. Always I am 47 kg and am 5 ft 2 (158 cm) weight 45 kg. So I am not over weight, but you can ' 't seem to get flat abs.Now I am almost, all thanks to his truth about abs book. Days I have thick and swollen, and while I know fat ', I heard it. With the healthy eating plan, I feel good every Tag Ich really enjoy your exercise routine and are adapted for work at home. I have a jump rope, I have free weights, a fitness ball, yoga mats. And a lot heavier, including my husband should be inserted into the garage.Thanks for your book. Is great! I'm more than happy to be a supporter of positive, if you need a witness to end special for the girls and not so thin that it can ' 't seem to harden and get lean the healthy way. I have exercised often to people who have their eyes roll, if love, say 6 meals a day, rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats Essen. Ich good looks and feels good and always saw that ate especially with boys from a child 24 me reflected by 7, I need to follow a healthy lifestyle.Thank you, Fr. Jacques-Australia. Hi Mike. I just wanted you know that your range and weight-training methods book works perfectly! Before I could your e-book, a bit see my six pack ABS. After a few weeks of training, I see now appear even more visible in my belly and my ABS lines on the page. I have some fat, but it is a big deal at all. Thanks a lot!Andreas Beirholm, Denmark. for your free presentation with important tips to start your belly and lose fat abdomen, crack, ,.