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HoursTicketmaster-24 open, is probably the most famous agency tickets are available for large-scale productions, such as the Lion King, wicked, or Spider-Man: turn in the dark, although certainly sucks on higher fees than most other agencies. Expect an additional $ 3 to $ 10 per ticket, plus additional expenses of convenience (varies depending on the ticket price, generally are about $ 3). Even if you order online to save money, save time. At least two weeks in advance you choose to order by mail, delivery tickets at box office or print at home. Hotel ConciergesIf are here only for a few days and decides to see many beautiful hotels have a Concierge service or the same Broadway underground, it's hard to get theater tickets to a show at the last minute. Caregiver, the options are displayed and then as a man in the middle between you and the reputation of the broker, minimize the fear before taking advantage of trading through a reseller. Expect good places at the last minute at high prices (often), plus a gratuity of $ 20 to $ 25 for the concierge service, figures are based on the cost of the sale items. : Still not a good idea to fleet news and views as well as complete lists of theater and Ticket links. General ScalpersIn, tickets of some letters in the corner of times square, which is not legal, but if you're very desperate and everything looks legitimate, you'll find a Show. Sehen tickets waiting for TicketsSome Theater just before the time available for you. Then call to find out which theaters offer this possibility.Volunteering UsheringA handful of Broadway and off Broadway Theatre fall volunteer work performance while an usher and are simply a hand in Exchange for a chance to see the show. Book in advance and then get an hour and a half before the show of a report from the Director of the House. After viewing, ironic, which disappointed seat, enjoy free power. You will be asked to stay a little later to find elements of objects or signs. Modify the call to the procedure of verification (and dress codes). OfficesIf sa show field, whatever you want to see where it is going, little steps and save costs and treatment added by purchasing tickets directly at the box office of the theatre. These cabins are usually open a few hours a day, so call ahead to find out when to go. Rush tickets are available two hours before a show also tend to have a lottery or to students approximately $ 30 to $ 40. Currently there is a list of items available. Abroad-and off-Broadway shows to open 12-20 per day, while useful at the box office and orders by Phone. Eine option to lesser-known ones. Tickets are a small fee at the box office, by phone or online after the show. Commands at the box office are free of charge or for a fee. So just zip them, take them on passing ticket office or perform in the theater, if you order by phone or online.Ticketmaster800-745-3000;. ,,.