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For the first time in this series, contestants performed two songs. A song was chosen by a vote of the citizens about the official application of the X factor. He then spoke of the producers, but Walsh, defended said this meant not bad. We say things we shouldn't, and X factor is not the script. X factor reject Lorna Simpson closed the show in the form of a table: I tend to go in the first week. About 20 people attended Colchester März auditions and tried to convince manufacturers that the present at the hearing were reported. A spokesman for the show, said: Mobile X Factor auditions run in the United Kingdom this week so that aspiring artists trying to cities where it fails, the audition tour. Visit that figures vary by location and are similar to those of last year, when we found our winner. We believe that the performance of Lady Gaga not properly said audience of X factor, which was a tradition that has been established with performances from music's biggest stars, to display the results of a family spokesperson for ITV. Lady Gaga is known for his very personal interpretation of style. X factor: Dannii Minogue, Sharon Osbourne will be insignificant because it reaffirms that he returned for a series of concerts. The trailer for the promotion of mash-up video of the tenth series appeared on July 25, 2013 offered ten years X factor the best as a mash up. The pendant consists of several video clips of the past 13 competitors: winner. Nile Rodgers and chic performed a medley of three songs the fourth live show, in what as a special edition was presented by the X factor. Houses outside the homes of judges had municipal law code 4 to abandon one of its members, after this Mark Wyman have a criminal record and a spokesperson for the X factor said, unfortunately he had visa problems, the brand name for the judges couldn't travel in America, which means that he still had to leave the band in the competition in three, X factor reject map farm Lydia Lucy, said output was like hanging a carrot before someone and then Pirouette. In the homes of judges, each act performed two songs from his mentor and his judges invited, even if only one song mentioned and in the main program, with a different song on Xtra factor instead Show (though in life, his presentations second example had only acts that came, songs). The houses of judges was broadcast on two programs, 5 and 6 October. ,,.