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After the break, a dandy said Geneva, Zayn. When I discovered that it was Rebecca, I felt numb. In an interview in November, said that she and Zayn still friends, but didn't speak much because of the use of time. He said that he was born a Japanese symbol meaning luck in the belly (which was then a heart) and a yin and Yang symbol on the left wrist. Zayn said thumb on his forearm as a symbol of happiness. He wrote is that the inscription on the honesty of his collarbone means that you are. Zayn have noticed in dance routines, went behind the scenes to persuade them to return. Later, Zayn says there is a lack of confidence, which led to flee.On the heels of one direction X factor has signed a record deal with Sony Music subsidiary. Real name is written actually Zayn «Zeus». Is the X factor, which has decided to change the spelling of ' Nikki ' because he liked how it looked. Is still not legally changed the spelling. When he was 18 years old and had 24. Their relationship has attracted media attention due to the difference in six years. They met when they were on X factor, but I said that Rebecca took some time before seeing in a different light. There was a specific time, it has developed over time. Zayn was Rebecca. The relationship ended after four months to July 2011 with Rebecca, stating at the same time, I and Zayn grew before. I wish you all the best. However, in an interview, Zayn due in October 2012, opened the relationship by saying no. From the beginning, it was a misunderstanding. It ended badly, of what you don't already speak. We are not in contact. Since then, Rebecca played several times the Zayn is unfaithful. LaneZayn Geneva rail type Date X FA ctor short candidate Geneva in 2010. At the time he was 17 and 20 years. Raised during closing of the fair. But it was rejected because the prohibition against competitors there, Simon Cowell was a relationship. Seven at the end of the season finally show some cameras caught with kisses. Zayn is later confirmed on Twitter that they were together. Zayn smokes cigarettes. At the end of the year 2011, has announced that its resolution was to get out. However, he was photographed smoking again in 2012. Zayn already do not smoke, from beginning late may 2014 a video-taped in April-phone group colleague from Louis Tomlinson was reported by the daily mail, shows the two boys together with other members of the administration of cannabis smoke-equipo after Peru. The photos also include Zayn offensive, claiming that they and the fans of irrelevant facts are tired as Zayn, like [her] favorite color is blue. Liam took to Twitter to apologize for the behavior of young people, explained that his young age has led to this error.Zayn is determined to become nervous in the field. When he learned to dance, he decided to remain in fact in danger of elimination in the wings. When. Released on May 30, 2012, Zayn, confirmed after a wedding. on August 18, 2013, a beating after a weekend, Zayn to it. Shown for the first time the ring with three diamonds.  World premiere in London. Perrie mother confirms the commitment of a radio station and Zayn spokesman confirmed that they were indeed committed, but not other personal details would have been released. It showed the fans in a sound-proof in the Australian side. ,,.