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It would have been nice, detected: Shayne Ward blasts 'pathetic' X-factor, as it is from the new series promo. People worry about the impact on his two sons, aged 14 and 16, who saw behind the stage. The broadcasting code States that persons under 18 years of age should be no fear or causing unnecessary suffering to their participation in programmes. O'Leary asked the children if it, Brunton said laughed son might be in school, not always the end this, but at the moment of smile hear. A spokesman for ITV said: the X factor contains no competitors of the child, but it takes seriously the well-being of children in the card available. Is an established model and compete regularly to support his family, to bring such as Alison. Pictures of family members be used, only if consent has been granted. In January 2013, OFCOM decided that the finalists, who say that the video introduction recorded in eight out of 13 for the finalists, including abuse of arrival with close-ups of the signal from the hotel was mentioned, had violated applicable X factor rules to promote the hotel where they stayed. OFCOM has determined the number of references is exaggerated and is of the opinion, that was not enough editors to justify the repeated references to the hotel during the program. She came to the conclusion that the cumulative effect of these instructions on the program as a whole, too much importance to the hotel, the finalists to young than were considered and the participants in the late twenties are not more 25 years category by the eccentric older candidates. Was an absolute pleasure: Rylan Clark starts from X-factor, that sing his best vocal performance of the show raised. The show won an audience of 8.6 million peak, 800,000 less than the previous week and 2.4 million less in five weeks Photo 11 million in the previous year, while strictly come dancing in its biggest X factor cable in six years considered. . During 8.8 million the results, which saw the sixth card, 10.3 million to see that she have a matched celebrity, what means, that beat the X-factor in the battle of pages for the first time since 2006. He said: the decision tonight over kids Xfactor joke. Based on the song that has fallen the wrong person from high altitude. It is for you Xfactor! while. as the song of the winner. Since then he is, to the second best selling only the winner of X-factor, directly behind gone. The seventh results show that November 18, controversy triggered when Scherzinger has Arthur say this frigging James Arthur! Effing is aired, a fancy way of saying the word damn explicit and the show before the watershed, Scherzinger apologized later in the next episode of the Xtra factor: I'm sorry. Spend the day with these people, you spend much time with them. She was the last woman in the competition. I was fascinated by him and James Arthur, which is one of the best human talents at all. Sorry for my fucking. The fifth live show, the pages have been reduced by an average of 7.6 million, fifth row Saturday where the X factor was beaten on the sides which, strictly come dancing. The fifth episode was aired for the first time Sunday, and the sides were still down in the previous year, although X factor is the most watched program in all channels on both days. and even if the card is not directly collide X factor founded more viewers on average the necessary numbers, although strictly come dancing had a rating exceeds the peak of 9.8 million compared to $9.5 million in the X-factor. A spokesman for X factor said: Chris has already decided he wanted to take part in the final of the X factor and returned to Liverpool. Poole wrote on Twitter, refers to the consternation behind the scenes, saying that X factor can create Monster too. Maloney responded by saying Poole was embarrassing and would do anything to get a title. He tweeted of later map and Barlow, saying: [] can't believe that all bulls * again! [T] is a witch hunt [set]. [T] over and said: I'm bullying. [B] time IG, speaks of his time in the X factor and how it has changed her life. You were criticized by former winner. ,,.