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Home instead senior care Cardiff Opera since September 2009. We are a more winning service providers and the winners of the first prizes in the sense of attention with regard to the attention of Wales Awards 2012. The company was a local man, Phillip Batchelor, after previously worked, founded as Director and CEO of the food companies. Sara Jones is the Director of the attention at the Office of Cardiff and has several years of experience in the provision of assistance for the elderly. We are proud, high-quality home about 130 people in Cardiff, Penarth, Barry and Umland.Felipe decided in the health sector, to take part have a number of years, has experienced a situation, as his father had terminal cancer. It became clear that there was little available, with the support of excellent doctor, who received from his father and brother of Felipe his job, bridging the gap had to leave.Philip Trevor Brocklebank, the franchisor House instead announced a national franchise UK show and was the vision of the company to change the face of the aging real source of inspiration. Felipe was sure instead senior care in the House, specializing in the kind of quality care that had been lacking so far. Philippe is committed outside of work in his hometown, including; the Veterans of the group a member of the mental health help ', a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association, Member of the Executive Board of the group, of Parkinson's disease, and a member of the Rotary Club of Cardiff Bay. The Cardiff home instead senior care Office is a worldwide more than 1,000 locally operated offices. We are very pleased that we centered label people his house in the village in the person of propagation, Cardiff and Penarth &. Cynthia wrote: I love to sing and always dreamed of being with … bands, was at that time but already beyond the age-limit for American Idol (was then unmarried) … now, (my son and I) are in the United States has returned from abroad (temporarily leave my husband works w/relief – hope to meet him at the end of the month) … value ' thinking seriously about, X factor trying ” … “ still in me the desire and I no, know, there must be no age limit (now in my thirties ′), hearing is back! ’ I seriously consider flying more than L. mA. (auditions here lost) in Seattle …! Thank you very much for the very nice way, Simon! * Mr will (no, not Mr Cowell [ever ever]) – happens! Blake wrote: I am very excited about the X factor singing in “ ”, but I'm very confused about how introduced …. How to register? What to do, my audition? Carl James wrote: Well, this is a great opportunity for some very talented Indaviduals result and although is ’ n t do this anywere can get the attention of someone. And you can always say you did! You say that it is better in life and to have lived only! I know that I can say that I have done! And thank you for the X-factor! P.S. look how Frank Sinatra say! I hope that you like? Good luck to all! And God bless you! EveyLee wrote: Hi Simon, foot, congratulations on your new show! ’ a success! I want to know whether to this contest online for the X-factor for those, which are not set, could, like “ city ’ America s got talent ” tube had competition from you? Sydney wrote: Hearings in Miami, Wootwooot!Sixteen years and ’ ready to hear my voice by X-factor, be careful! You never know what will happen if you ’ here on Floridaaa! Katie Shriver wrote: Hi when I ’ discovered 15 m and the X-factor and I was wondering, you must have a California ID or? because I now have no one and when I went to the DMV told me that would take it, about 6 – 8 weeks to get my ID if you can take my birth certificate? Sabrina wrote: I tried ve ’ fanfare (approx. 4-5 times), and says still … “ please check back soon for more information about the audition, because the x factor we the website regularly with news update as in a city nearest you can hear. ” This means that you or not logged in?N ’ to get t, help please! Lisa Ryan - wrote: if it shows as a demonstration of the United Kingdom stayed the best of British Tvive was 2 I've seen 2 free in their shows and past all day, 36 acts and victory, which two years ago was, but America has the best talent, went to 2 fan wait so good luck Lisa x factor here in the UK we can c the show in the United Kingdom. Charlie Daly wrote: Simon ’ I am in my 50s and singing for forty years. Will I lose everything and everyone who I like because I am in New Jersey. I think I'm crazy for trying. It would be a fool if I don't ’ who knows how many shots Morer I ’. I ’ view dell' ave Maria for ACDC sang all. Why not I kilo and look pretty good for my age. So thanks to X factor my dream come true! soon2BMrs.-ayalajune2011 wrote: Hi there! (: 0) super audition for the world by this time soon came to hear, this God-given talents, that some might. But all the time the info I never. But the X-factor is better: 0) Simon cowell I only BBY: 0) everything, what I like and I want your power, positive and negative audition type BBY. Jade Garcia wrote: Wow haha ppl well if you are X BT THN 12 THN u CNT nt factor can't go. Personally, I hope the CT this point of view, that the witch will be full this year in Dallas, Texas. Finally in any way Goodluck ppl Cataldo wrote: it is very sad that the auditions of the X factor not to light near Boston, Massachusetts area also listening booths come … would be nice to see somewhere in the greater Boston. I really wanted to be heard, but they were able to go into the city, where it performs live audition or where the cabins of the audience. Boston is a city of music, why not to date provided by this area. Cynthia summers - wrote: I wish you all the best in her audition. I've decided not to do the test for two reasons. Shows any form, be it positive to protect of my rights as a composer songwriter - performer.? So, I have a lawyer, who has previously to check it. In addition took me against my will (was asked and said, that do not), and this clip has millions for another network. I know, but with the signing of this exemption, could not the right make this clip (access) the X-factor. I'm burned inside (more than 40 years later!) and never sign anything that would give some of these rights.No matter, good or bad, I'm just so ’ t is not the way for me to go. But I wish you the best and hope that this is a person who wins, it's because there are so many fantastic singers and media and senior industry focuses on young singers. Russell wrote: country song and I can not ’ t Lee Music, trying to take lessons when he was a child. I could not ’, then the Ocopella singing would be difficult, if I heard the songs again and again. I hope everyone has a blast. I suppose factor x. hat would Sarah wrote: full means a sign of things on this site that I now can audition for X factor? Thomas Dohmen wrote: Hello, I hope to be able to sing. I ’ view wanted to connect my another, who likes to sing. North Dakota is a long way from Dallas, but ’ s of straight line at least. Laughing out loud.Thank you for purchasing the X-factor team Simon and us! Cassandra wrote: really want to know?A hearing in the sports arena. Say what they said on the X factor page is a complete lie. Ganado llamada style and presents (220 h) tickets like crazy in the first 3 hours. Then, it took an act of God, even if it was good. to get a ticket. The top of the sand does not have the ’ t had the ability to sing. They (the holder of the sections upper wrist ticket people bracelets, which had a central passage paid areas and sections of the arena so that she could be the test.) Several people were in the upper sections were spying and go threw with sections ’ t property. She also announced that they have checked entries. Hahahah complete lie. Why ’ daughter of the top line was before me and withdrew.) Then about 3 we heard a judge says there is more “ or ” have more entries. Then a personal does not say what it was. So it was not automatically for this Unterst├╝tzung.Dann if not said that you can not camp. We got to the room, Habibi, which camped that night and the next day. I-02 and there were at least 500 people in front of me. I wanted a Writstband 02. Then it came back on the next day he said it since 06 and there are waiting only for the hours until we have 02. It was a joke. ’ Go to numerous auditions and had many give a chance, but I'm telling you. A hearing was not very well organized. So, if you want to sing COUNTRY music …, GET IT! Te ’ t get even a breath x 4 of us, the singer of country n ’ t 4 bar outside and told me that not.? We were all together. That tells you something and I know that we had decent. I ’ view published much further in the ’ America s got talent, then she said not here. It has ’ no win situation for us. Also you have to the Gospel or R & B, pop in the world by Simon ’. Country music does not like ’ said. Good. I assumed the ’ … is just the luck of the draw. Would the ability. Go on. Go on. Do ’ t do it again. It should be organised, a bit better than what they did. It was horrible! As I have said I do not grieve ’ t be.I have more DIS equipped with some people who were much better than I and sounds n ’ T be. The child had a terrible voice and you will notice a TV/fucking life launched. Tho had little arena Tixs. It was one of those who gave cards left and right. An elderly woman in front of me, my opinion was 80 years old. ’ t could carry no melody, California here I come Sung. He only spoke of him. I HAVE A TICKET! I thought ’ t, see sources. Who came. More power but good for him. The judges were also a joke. Judge seemed tired after 5 hours of wait until my career centre section 10 and section took n ’ t do questions. Saw 20 about, if at all. N ’ I know. What is ’ ’ n t a great experience when I met wonderful people in the long term. I really think that you have to see what the people think. N t ’ impressed. Kenzie wrote: Gariboldi, have 12 and left expected about x-factor from my cousin and 13 the United Kingdom. Aaron wrote: I have a x factor rules, said that can't an agreement for the use of his name or image, voice, etc. not the audition, because America has talent, and I had to sign a written waiver stating that I mean that the producers of this series are used, personal Nomela voice, similarity. This means that she not authorized to audition for X factor. ,,.