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The X Factor Hallelujah

Factor of the series x 5 with an average of 10.5 m, officially in time the full view of British talent in the 21st century. See figures for series 5 were the highest at the time when the air, never for all the series of X factor, 20 percent up on the previous series. Show. It includes scenes of factor X and shows the emotional reactions of the participants commenting on its services to the judges. The implementation of the Xtra factor was asked by success. Unlike the pop idol, the X does not have any age limit factor higher can groups and competitors are divided into categories. Cowell said: we want to create a completely different competition. Let us hope that we are to tell me that he had that no artists already do not speak with anyone more than 35 years, I love the competition. It's amazing, but not serve, recording that you want to buy the new homebuyer. a place that was purchased in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013. 2011 and 2012 appeared the winners only a week earlier. All individual winners disappeared, but the position number a graph of reach - and the two McElderry Brookstein fairly claim number one this year again a week later in 2004 and 2009 respectively while smaller mix won first place a week earlier in 2011. In 2012, Arthur reached number one the previous week, but also claimed the new year, the number of which winner of the factor to the first (and currently only) X back first place with its individual winners. .Der Xtra factor testing additional programs of training and the performance of judges houses and scenes. In the past, there are racing and games with the judges and presenters. When you live for the judges and participants in the program of long scenes and answers calls and live video. Also read Facebook and Tweets articles. It also shows the emotional reactions of the participants after the comment from the judges in their performance. A panel of celebrities is characterised generally give their opinions on the series Wettbewerber.Begleitkommentare 1-6 have been made. . Cowell, Lewis X factor mentor and newly appointed Director, said: would put us in the Studio for a month, a quick shot and make available. It could be a bad thing. , has named a new Director at the tour de X factor is a show live, the tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland, in the months following the end of the series. It offers a number of finalists and other partners organized and memorable that it is the last series of X factor. From the beginning, the X factor has triggered fierce criticism. Recurring allegations include that the excessive commercialization of the show by its order looking for musical talent and also actively alleged damage British industry distorted music. June 2014, the map generated a total of 35 hits number one: ten winners (of which six were number one Christmas), charity singles four (one each finalist in series 5, 6, 7 and 8) and 21 other singles, the number of participants on the map (including the winners and placed) apparently appeared. 6 2009 certainty would be X factor winners who won a series of Christmas each slot sportsbook of the year. . Factor X is increased competition from European television talent and proved to be very popular among the public. 200 000 has attracted 6. It reached # 1 in the UK singles chart. Following the success of the song, Cowell announced a single charity launched by year (even if the process of 9 series has been suspended). The record of last year, that we have done with the finalists of X factor in favour of the help for heroes, we decided that we wanted to help with something on the plan each year to charity is then cited. with the hearings that took place on 28 May. In the year 2011, X factor, no auditions in Ireland, rather than replace it with a new hearing, Liverpool cities. X factor source said: there are so many sites, we can go to the hearing. Last year we went to Dublin, but we weren't to Liverpool, so we thought that we should do this year. Of course, this is a blow for competitors Irish, but this is just a hop in the. X factor is a television competition British music, new talents in singing, finding disputed by aspiring singers from the public hearings. Created by. 1-3 of the series, which the premise was the X factor, that the winner would be led by his mentor in the program in the industry. Cowell, Osbourne and Walsh as judges/mentors, all three would be marked for this purpose. The same principle was not universally applicable following the appointment of singer Minogue as judge in series 4. In fact, if wins the series 4 Minogue with. First to win X factor ratings in 2004, although this trend has been reversed in recent years, the X factor, and if the program for the first time are going head to head. In 2009, critical factor X received as candidate Toby Barnes, the show began after the judges houses. His mentor, Simon Cowell, has had to let him go, after that was revealed that he had a recording contract and signed. Cameras follow the finalists as part of the day and the first sequence was issued in a show called the Xtra factor twist: subsequently distributed in the middle of the week on ITV2. The Xtra factor: Xcess all areas was a show in which there were interviews, games and excursions in competing homes. The show also know spectators as songs competing in the next live show. The two shows were once you have removed the 3 series of compromise on the return of ITV2's programming.Each year, after the final series were the factor Xtra has weekly special programs better and worse still, ranging from two to five with the best and worst auditions from the previous series, titled episodes by Jahr.Geschichte who is the winner a special 60 minutes entitled issuance every year at Christmas with the winner of the X factor in the same year. Camera follows the winner since the announcement of the result of the run-up to the Christmas number one. From 2010, a week before the world which represents for us a special called X factor in the historical vestiges of its competitors last year course and this happened to them, it all began is the X factor and what happens with them, since the end of the show. . The X factor is something that makes that ineffable star quality. The show was as a replacement for the success. ,,.