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The catalog lists books, magazines, newspapers, e-books, e-journals, databases, images, recorded sound, maps, microfilm in the library's catalogue. the research and most of our collection of e-journals by. Here, a special feature for the exciting university presses in the country. Short-sighted for some reason, emit newspapers and traditional media in general little case of the vast production of our big Presses Universitaires. This is particularly unfortunate at a time when University are often those who it has more thoughtful analysis of civil liberties, constitutional law, domestic policy, and foreign, trade and finance, globalization, immigration and citizenship and other areas, where the speed of the developments of the last few years made difficult, step back and put things into perspective. The best from the university presses scholarship depth combined with accessible language, books that are and may qualify for a place in the Canon. You can at the same time with some commercial publishers in the United States at the University of Kansas is different from political books press release. Or books of literary criticism at Oxford, Harvard, Yale and Princeton University Press. Or of the urgency of the New York University Press in the realization of interesting books on Civil Liberties and constitutional issues. Or press and Yale University Press books on art and architecture. Commercial publishers get comments and attention, but you often need the books university presses seek more substance and authority. If commercial publishers provide a preliminary draft of the story, is Presses Universitaires de of the original text. Its regional approach combines a unique platform, or a target as the University of Nebraska, in this region often with the discovery of new voices, as in the Mission of the Wayne State University Press, literary authors to find Michigan and you. University presses are specialized in topics such as critical film (University of Illinois Press, and the University of Chicago Press) literary theory (Columbia University Press) or literature in translation (Slavic Studies at Northwestern University Press), for which commercial publishers have neither the desire nor the means. Or consider significant fire print University of Arizona on the border - at the time of the racism and anti-immigrant where else find feelings, interesting books about how to use the spread from the border? The era should be deleted: Presses Universitaires publish any book boring or serious or arcane. It may not be in the show and the high-stakes game, but his constant tirelessly goods created considerable body of new knowledge that the revision has made a big mistake the community by ignoring the advertising in the fields of obstructionism. In his commentary on the Huffington, representatives of these machines were post asked, discuss the transition to the digital publication, in particular, and as you see, as a group have the challenge to the front.There are books for every taste. Find out what these machines have to offer. Often you will find history, deep, heavy, magic and beautiful design - both. And tell us your favorite studies press and that they like to do! ,,.