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It was like a third 26-official sponsors. July has confirmed. Sponsorship of Sony's X-factor includes a wide range of air and multi/marketing association. He called the screening effort that established the network, the introduction of the X factor, as a television event. X factor broadcast one hour before each episode in the ammo demo Web site. It is behind the scenes looks backstage programme, acoustic performances and interviews with celebrities, judges, rivals and former X-factor. This program is sponsored by. After the announcement of the show in the United States, several other broadcasters around the world signaled interest acquired the rights for the US version of the programme in his country to show. The X factor, dubbed the following countries have their own version or under a different name. After the season had the show's producers said that some changes, you have given, that appeals to the media, a jolt of X factor experience. January 30, 2012, announced that Abdul would return still Scherzinger as a judge. . The X factor is the biggest competition Europe-TV-talent and proved extremely popular with the public. 200,000 ad attracted 6. By June 2014, the program has generated a total of 35 number-one hits: choose 10 winners (six of which were Christmas number one), four charity singles (one each of the finalists of the series 5, 6, 7 and 8) and other number-21 have appeared from competitors, on the program (including the winners and runners-up).The six 2009 become seems confident that the winner of X factor slot Christmas number one every year bookmakers would get. Cameras follow the finalists during the day and in the first part of the film series, Xtra factor aired a spin-off title: the aftermath, aired in the middle of the week on ITV2. The Xtra factor: Xcess all areas was a show that interviews, games and travel through the participants ' homes. Candidates for the next show singing show viewers know, which were songs. Both shows were released, after series 3 programmatically ITV2 spin-off Cup. Jedes year after the end of the series is the Xtra factor a week of total with the title of best and worst case, with the best and worst auditions of the previous series, ranging from two to five episodes per year.A special story from 60 minutes with the title of winner is festive, published annually in the period with the winner of X-factor of the same year. The camera follows the winner of Christmas after the announcement of results in the race for the number one. By 2010, one week before each deadline to begin with, there is a special called X competitors last year's return and factor happened while the X factor and what happened to them after the end of the show. with hearings that took place on June 28. In 2011, could the X Factor auditions in Ireland, on the other hand and replaces them with a new sentencing hearing in the city of Liverpool. A source from X-factor, said: there are so many places that we can hear. Last year we went to Dublin, but we weren't in Liverpool, so we thought we should do this year. Of course, it's an Irish contestant shot, but it is only a stone's throw of. reached number one on the UK singles chart. After the success of the song that Cowell announced that he would only charitable organization per year (although it was suspended the process in 9 Series). He is quoted: after the last year, with the help of X-factor finalists heroes we decided we do something in the program each year trying to help good causes. . Cowell, the X factor mentor and recently appointed Director, Lewis said: could we recorded in a Studio for a month, did a quick registration and discard. Was the right thing to do. The show is potential pop star or group of stars primarily responsible for identifying and singing talent, appearance, personality, stage presence and dance routines are very important elements of the performance of the candidates. In vivo, each Act performs once first requests the public and jury, usually a song recorded playback. Dancers are also often marked. Actions are occasionally accompanied the piano or the guitar.In the two first sets, usually a cover of a pop standard chosen contemporary hit or actions. Series 1 was the idea that every combination was the interpreter or performer/mentor power needs, but they wanted, including interpreter or performer, playing instruments live or adding groups, choirs and dancers. In the third season, each card has a different theme; Song of each candidate is chosen according to the theme. Guest Star, is often asked in relation to the theme, talk shows and watch excerpts from reviews to test participants. After each Act, as did their performance judged. Heated disagreements, especially judges, their competitors to defend against criticism is an integral part of the series. Not just show that all actions appeared, telephone lines, open and public vote to keep the law.As soon as the number of participants is reduced to four has five (series 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9) or seven (series 1 and 3), formatting changes (series 7),. Every act is carried out twice in the first show, with the public vote after the first performance of the opening. This continues until only two (series 1 and 3), three (series 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9), or stay in four acts (7 series). These actions will show in the final, which decides the winner of the public vote. In the series, among the most memorable in may from the first round for a final special appearance be returned. a place that was purchased in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2013. in 2011 and 2012, the easy winner of a week earlier. A chart-Brookstein and Trier is gone, but rather to number all winners of individual number one classified New claims a week later in 2004 and 2009 respectively so little mixture reaches no. 1 a week earlier in the year 2011. In 2012 the number one gave Arthur a week earlier too, but also claims the number one point of the new year, making it the first (and currently only) winner of X factor again the first place only to the winner. Unlike the television show, the X factor has no age limit and can even rival groups are divided into categories. Cowell said, we strive to create another contest. With a little luck, say a person over 35, who holds appeal, there are no artists, I love competing. It's amazing, but we haven't seen a former music industry buyers who want to buy the new one. In 2009, the X factor has received sharp criticism of candidates that Toby Barnes was taken from the show after his arrival at the judges House. His mentor, Simon Cowell, had to release, as soon as it was discovered that he had a recording contract and who would sign. The premise that the winners in the industry from his mentor in the program will be managed by X factor, was 1-3 in the series. Cowell, Osbourne and Walsh as judges/mentors, one of the three would be qualified to do so. After the appointment of Minogue as judge in series 4, the same principle could be applied universally. In fact, if Minogue won series 4 with. Der Xtra factor has additional tests, boot camp representations and representations of the houses of judges and Tomas behind the scenes. The latest series, there were contests and games with the judges and presenters. Duration View behind-the-scenes images of functionality of the program and to answer calls and live video for judges and competitors. Facebook statuses and Tweets are also read. Also shows the emotional reactions of the candidates after the judges comment on their performance. A panel of celebrities is usually offered, which participants Stellung. Voice-out 1-6 series were delivered. From the outset, the X factor drew sharp criticism. Applicants assertions: the over-commercialisation of the show from her adopted target talent finding music and also active in the night descended and distorted the music industry of the United Kingdom; X factor refers to something that makes for star quality. The show was as a substitute for success. X factor is a British television music competition, new talent in singing, investigation carried out by the emerging singer public hearings. Created by. First, In 2004 he won X-factor in assessments, but in recent years the X factor has reversed this trend and when was champion of face to face for the first time. Show. It features behind-the-scenes footage of the X factor and shows the emotional reactions of the candidates after the judges comment on their performance. The implementation of the Xtra factor was motivated by success. Has appointed a new Director on the outside.The X factor live tour is a show in which the United Kingdom and Ireland in the months after the completion of the series. Has an arsenal of finalists and other memorable contestants from the last series of X factor, and is sponsored by. ,,.