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For the first 10 minutes of the show, viewers can be forgiven mistakenly think that heard the only way is Essex is on ITV2. Not only the means to X factor show semi structured truth comes the script to develop coffee, but it seemed to me one of the hopes of their scrap. Chico Essex Rylan Clark was approved with extensions hair proudly, a spray tanning from his mother, bleaching, eyebrow grow and get uses of the Foundation. Unfortunately, all left him as a camp of Noel Edmonds. His voice was too shallow, but frustrating, always through - probably because thin is funny. The fact that he appeared in two rents reality already left shows an even more bitter taste. Teen Sophie Stokle apparently looked like a pop star. Wrist the half of the League and a migraine-inducing uniform should be required. Screaming rather than singing, but her mother was behind the scenes are, that his daughter was very talented. You can take the biggest blame for encouraging talented illusions.The stage was for a final red draught. This was duly provided by Arthur James, 24, of Middlesborough. Long received his tally, like foreign parents, homeless, expulsion from school and through breeding, young people before now captivated and fascinated by his mash-up standard acoustic guitars Tulisa Contosatavlos justice and (you guessed it) rap. Where viewers were confused, you should feel like a ballad by Coldplay quickly became the soundtrack. Arthur was sufficient talent and you need the whole sad story, tonight show, lost things in the Jeremy Kyle show, which gathers almost play. The X factor is always naughty, but this week the scent of the management of the stadium and the treatment was just too strong. The X factor swivel Foundation about the meeting of the original X - men, an event complicated by the stories of the characters after the start of a new team of X - men in 1975. in the 1970s and early 1980s, Angel, animal, Iceman and wandered through various superhero teams. the three members were in 1985. posing as normal humans (US) to its customers. Secretly acquire mutants, the X-factor are trained to control their forces and social reintegration. Through its mutant hunting has recruited a group of young students. It lasted from 1998 to 2001. Although Marvel planned, the X factor, relaunch, as a hereditary title in progress is completed, Mutant X this not for another 4 years. Franchise, with characters from X - men stories. The series was re-released several times with different teams, most recently in the lists of X-factor, v. 3. give the skin of metal and bluish wings. Ángel is the control of the Apocalypse, but still these physical changes is spared. Archangel is known and is a darker character, joining the team in issue # 36 X - factor, to replace Angelo. Finally decides the team more harm as good to hate and original free business manager of X-factor, ignite the mutant Hunter ruse.In the contemporary history of the first series of X-factor, published in the spring of 1991 kidnapped the Apocalypse of Nathan summers, feeling that it would be a powerful mutant and the possible dangers. X Factor Nathan from apocalypse's Lunar Base saved, but the United States agent and enemy of the X - men, to the Government find patients with r. historical allies of the Government of the X factor, with their functions as a link to a team sponsored by the Government of the previous mutants. and the arch-enemy of the X-factor. Louise Simonson placed the series according to darker than most of the X - men series; After a year of X factor pointed out that all of my friends in real life, but also glad that all my characters have to be unhappy. ,,.