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In addition, Brooker has noticed, that the line, if you look back to his girlfriend, who would be better, as Timberlake declare their intention of meddling in private affairs of others. He wrote:. SexyBack, a nervous, Haggard, reached the top of the charts and was also a lovely slogan. (Each AdjectiveBack was suddenly). Review of the album, collaboration magazine Katy Kroll wrote that Timberlake is supposed to bring 'sexy' pop music and that it in fact is. Almost, you hear welding the track title and featuring Timbaland SexyBack roll off the drop. In addition, he admitted that the song titled say SexyBack, we went SexyBack should be called the origin. Certainly didn't think that he would be more reach term in 2006. It seems that a good opening for the song. Timberlake SexyBack described as an experience that he had distorted voice synthesizer, the influence of which came, added that it was one of the songs, which on their unique hook after hook after hook to hear. This is one of these songs ' stream in the upper part of the head, in regard to the melody. We wanted to have loose and not ready, one of these documents is however very experimental. Was written, as a tribute to Timbaland, the producer of the song, that Timbaland difficult, complex rhythms and play plenty of hip-hop live minimalist, cameos and feeling the angespannten deliberately hard to Club SexyBack has. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland said ridiculous lines, its receivables, trade with get / go with him and dirty girl / you see these chains/baby, I'm your slave / TI Lascio Frust examination if you Portas you bad. Shows the Justin Timberlake SexyBack song, where the song to a solid bass is built, beat, electronic contracts and beat box sounds 23 seconds. He wrote: the distorted vocals and bombastic production of first single 'SexyBack' claim to be back sexy Timberlake. It seems almost ridiculous. Entertainment weekly included his end of the Decade, best list say Justin Timberlake, who did not even that sexy was missing until 2006. We are glad that Justin has brought healthy and safe. wrote this summer single SexyBack' polarizing filters, one to repetitive song with little structure that doesn't know when to stop, all on a ridiculous statement centered. Somehow it works. Justin [Timberlake] going to choir head went with him, called the song went with him, just to mark it. Therefore developed this song and go crazy and love and while you play, and I'm like: I don't think that this is a hook, which is strong enough. He was then at the last minute, Justin very way decided to call it 'SexyBack' and that the whole dimension of the song. The first thing you hear when you listen to the song is I bring sexy back, and then I don't like it or can not determine that no catch is. And then there is the only one of Timbaland, who acts as a narrator, say things like crossing the bridge or Yes. When Justin a room full of leaves. They are of two types of interaction. Salas further that should be good in his report that it was not a song, but who really matter when is it good for the songs are this summer [,] what good songs such as SexyBack completely irresistible. Charts and entered the top 10 singles more cards. At the international level was Timberlake's first single to reach number one in the United Kingdom. In Australia, the track was the second single from the first edition of Timberlake, spending two weeks at the Summit. SexyBack is certified triple platinum. The video begins with a cable car with views of a large city (Barcelona, from West to East, research), while German Alexander von roon game on the TV a news broadcast and the conversion to a luxury hotel in Pla├ža de Catalunya with Elena Anaya removed sweater. Then it cuts to Timberlake in another room; Then in a scene in the Club and Timberlake against a white background. The video alternates between these four views, with Justin Timberlake and Anaya seemed spies in the hotel room and foreigners at the Club. Eventually, Timberlake jump on the fourth of Anaya goes beyond your balcony. Then when Anaya is to verify, Timberlake begins and have passionate sex with her. The Club, which ends Timberlake Kiss Anaya in a bathroom. Hotel room scene, Timberlake just published, that he entered and shortly thereafter, following an explosion on the next balcony. It a kiss screen is stuck on the ends with the figure of Anaya sitting on a chair next to a small TV. SexyBack is urgent, pounding a cocktail of soaring, distorted vocals and heavy electronic chords, the thread with rap, according to Camilla Long from. Timberlake said that the choir was called Brown-ish, James and repetition, as a sex machine. He wrote this piece from top to bottom. I'll bring sexy back! I'm going to take it. ' Is a stressed body song, for the cause. sexual dance. Sex machine is the next reference. The magazine wrote that Timberlake was working in their record, they see women baby, I'm your slave / TI Lascio Frust examination if you Portas you bad. He noticed contraction square synthesizer, producer in the world - best in the single SexyBack where she not supported to a chorus Will song of vocal Fireworks, Electrofunk and repeated Declaration of Timberland, go, I bring sexy back. ,,.