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Another example is the generational differences. M: factor used as the Millennium generation work up the often rude not to answer his cell phone Lynne Lancaster and David Stillman note, young Americans or trembles consider by sending an SMS in the middle of a conversation with another person, while the older exit, less on the behavior and the lack of contact with the eyes or the attention begleitenEs is shameful and rude. Many trends of SMS messages, developed a system called microblogging, consisting of from a blog thumbnail, inspired mainly by the tendency of people talking scribbling and sticky. They consist of pages like. the theme of the lyrics led in several articles with things to do and not in relation to the new form of communication. An example is on the Web site: you keep your short message. No one wants to talk to you to send SMS, if you would call him instead. SANKAR and that. He examines the effects of other cognitive tasks, such as to take part in discussions or cognitive tasks on a phone and found that the participants have actually reduced the Visual awareness. In November 2006 she approved New Zealand qualifications authority allows use the move, pupils and students, the language of the text in the cell at the end of the year review. They offer up to 2000 messages for NZ $10 per month. The users of these plans send on average 1500 SMS messages has become every Monat.SMS Yes are popular as advertisers and advertising agencies now, business-text-messaging jump in. Services that allow the sending of a large part of the text are a popular way for clubs, associations, and advertisers reach a group of participants to quickly.Research results show that the IP-based mobile messaging is thrown with the popularity of SMS in the year 2013, with almost 10 trillion messages sent over any technology. Department of Psychology Donald p. Ryan Kelly McKinnon, Sustaita, Strassberg and Michael Jordan roll. 606 examined young people aged from 14 to 18 years and less than 20 percent of students said that he sexually explicit images of sent and almost twice more, said by mobile phone, that they had received a sexually explicit image. Who an image that receives more than 25 percent reported that he had sent to others. Moreover, had sent a pornographic picture that more than one-third had done well believe that it legal and other consequences could be if caught. Students who had been sent a cell phone photo to find more frequently than other acceptable activity. The authors conclude: in favor of educational efforts such as the sessions of the cell, security, awareness days, the curriculum and training of teachers, developed these results to argue, raise awareness to the possible consequences of Sexting among young people. The same studies showed the participants rating friendships, communicating face to face about the SMS messages as more intimate than those that have been reported only in person. This indicates that participants use new relationships with communication face to face in an early stage, but SMS, to increase your contacts later. It is also interesting to see that the relationship between the participants grew more defendants, frequent SMS also increases.Short messaging has however largely overcome by the spreading of the mobile Internet, email, mobile or not can be sent and received from any e-Mail. Sent on ahead, both in the usual way it presented to the user as a single postal service (and most users are not aware of the distinction), operators send same content internally in the form of short messages, in particular, if the destination is on the same network. . Not only the news spread in Sydney, but in other States (Daily Telegraph). It increased the amount of messages, email and SMS as a result of the insurgency. It is a very powerful and influential in the Philippines, where the average 10-12 user SMS pro sends tag. Only an average of more than 1 trillion per day, text messages send Philippines. These results suggest that activities that require that a cognitive resource allocation can affect visual attention even if the activity requires the eyes of your environment to avoid any participants. The Act of text messaging, would significantly affect visual perception. It seems that a combination of a visual perception and cognitive distraction the distraction is created by SMS. Text messaging was used several times with the result of the aggressive assembled masses. SMS messages, moved a lot of. as holder of the world record for the message of 160 characters text faster, where not to contain the contents of the message. His record of 62.3 seconds was born on May 23, 2007. called BlackBerry thumb. (Although it's burden was older BlackBerry devices, which had a wheel on the side of the phone).Inflammation of the tendons of the thumb caused by constant SMS thumb of Messenger text or SMS is also called. In the year 2008 Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his Chief of staff, as he was involved in a sexual scandal, derives more than 14,000 text messages, to the forced resignation of the conviction for perjury and other charges listed. Also in September 2009, a campaign by several African countries used SMS to the solution of the problem to expose fractures of stocks of medicines essential public health centres and pressure Governments. In addition analysis revealed this stance phase approach during the round, lateral and longitudinal deviation increased operation of the cell but not the length of the PAS and liquidation. .Die 26 letters and 10 digits, i.e., alphanumeric messages or text sent or received text should contain a concise and appropriate definition for purposes of this article, in English, SMS from mobile phones or mobile phones. Although the main mobile providers fraud refuse, increased fees for out-of-SMS package, doubling from 10 to 20 cents in the United States between 2007 and 2008 alone. TEXT messages will be answered more efficiently, faster, and more faster than letters. A recent study by Sims and colleagues (2012) for dating her outpatient 24,709 planned results in mental health in South-East of London. The study found that text reminders reduce the number of missed appointments - could message 28% psychiatric 25, represents potential annual national savings of £150 million. Europe follows next behind Asia in terms of popularity of the use of SMS. In 2003, an average of 16 billion messages were sent every month. Messages sent by little more than fifty per month on average has users in Spain in 2003. In Italy, Germany and the UK, this number was 35-40 SMS messages per month. In each of these countries, 04-0, €23, depending on the payment plan varies from 0 the cost of sending a SMS, (with many contractual plans, including all or a number of free texts). In the United Kingdom that pay SMS between £0 05-0 12 Interestingly took France no SMS on the same way, the sending of something less than $20 per user per month on average. The France was the same. Numbers that are seemingly similar words used in place of these words. For example the numbers 520 in Chinese (Ling he Wu) sound like the word for love (Yang Nǐ AI). The sequence 748 (QI if Bǎ) sounds like the curse to hell (Qu BA Sǐ). SMS between pedestrian leads to more cognitive distraction reduced situational awareness and increase dangerous behavior, which lead to injuries and death. Who killed 25 passengers. After that it seemed to think that the train engineer 45 text messages, while it conduce. 2009 had sent with experience. Police have also responsible for the Kultisten Sara Svensson after confessing the murder of the wife of the pastor Helge Fossmo and that the husband of his beloved Daniel Linde in Knutby, Sweden shot deleted messages again manufactured. They followed news because he said that it anonymously forward received acted on text in your mobile phone. and found that 58% of workers of knowledge in the United States in the last five years, the use of SMS for business has increased. The same study found that 33% of knowledge workers create text messages is very important or important to the success and productivity of work. Text messages had a strong influence in the political world. Find US campaigns to SMS messages an easier, more convenient approach, the voters to reach, is that the door closed door. It has been distributed so far to break laws against the campaign of the Tages.Text messaging, has helped to promote political campaigns.Furthermore, on January 20, 2001, President. for each megabyte, which will be sent via SMS. This is in contrast to the price an unlimited data package offered by the airlines, that voice about monthly rates enable the transfer of several hundred megabytes of data for $15 to $45 in addition to a plan of attack. The comparison consumes the same amount of network capacity as 600 text, a call of one minute. Services provide instant connection of SMS and are typically unlimited. In addition, the integration between suppliers, competitors, and technology needed for text messages recently Cruz is available. Some suppliers have extra for the use of texts, were calculated to reduce its usefulness and attractiveness. In the third quarter of 2006, at least 12 trillion SMS crossed AT & T's network, 15% compared with the Vorquartal.In the United States while text messages of very popular age 13 to 22 is an increase of adults and even for users. A decrease in the time that a child receives their first phone, so it a very popular means of communication for all ages, SMS messages. The number of texts sent increased over the years, to an average of $0.10 for each text sent and received, the price has fallen in the United States.In order to convince more customers who text-messaging plans include having some mobile providers recently the price for sending and receiving text messages increases from $15 to $20 for each message. The turning point for SMS messages is the marketing plan 1998 designed by wood that that consumer use, encouraged SMS as the primary means of communicating with their country of origin, to call a trip abroad instead of home. The Act who write and send E-mail messages between two or more mobile or landline phones or portable devices in a mobile network is text messages or SMS. The term refers to messages, using the. Fifty percent of American teenagers send messages text fifty or per day, as the most frequent form of communication. Lamberg and Freemasons believe that on two tasks as SMS messages while walking, working memory can interfere with and cause errors. The number who started using cell phones for cheating in exams the students greatly in the last few years has increased. After Okada (2005), most Japanese phones can send and receive SMS messages over 250-3000 characters with graphics, audio, video and Web links. Boston now encircle police text messages against crime. Boston police service has a program in the text in a crime tip anonymously possible, to established against crime. 118 (1216). June 3, 2005. More than 85% of young adults in New Zealand now has a cell phone (there are no ethnic statistics) and SMS among this age group it quickly a new means of communication, this placement with SMS on the stage as a main element of the contact between two or more persons in their country of origin. Elliot Nicholls of Dunedin, New Zealand, is connected the record for the message faster with their eyes, the eyes. November 17, 2007, exceeded for the previous record by 1 minute 26 seconds of an Italian in September 2006 a record of 160-text write while born in 45 seconds. . Write sentences at random Hillebrand to write sitting in front of a computer at home and counted every letter, number, punctuation marks and spaces. Most times, amounted to 160 characters, which could be in reality on the basis of the border via text messages. It is encouraging, SMS as a means of spreading the word about African health issues, is different to see a little bit of other continents. more than the average annual volume of SMS of the European countries and even China and India. SMS is very popular in India, where young people often exchange of text messages and company to make warnings, booking of plane/train, mobile billing and SMS-banking services, entertainment, news, cricket scores Update.Textnachrichten popular in the Philippines in 1998. In 2001, the text messages played a role to remove the former Philippine President. In General, sending SMS is more popular than phone calls, because he is considered less disruptive and soft. Dissemination of rumors and gossip by text is also a matter of great importance. This type of text bullying can cause that complaints and reputation damage. Harding and Rosenberg (2005) argue that the request for the transmission of text messages, seems hard to resist, that describes how weapons download text messages. Found that 46% of the young to the distracted SMS while driving approved. It is an example of the drive distracted. Technology and millions of text messages exchanged by protesters in 2001 was obviously a key to the mass. Text messaging has impact on students academically, create an easier way to cheat in the exams. In December 2002, a dozen students have been undertaken in order to deceive a review of accounting through the use of messages on her cell phone. Day SMS refers to what as SMS messages, while the corresponding behavior applies. Can these expectations several sectors, as about the cover, which has a text was sent and received / read, each participant was, if the participant has sent or received or read a text message, or what is rude messages. If a student, an E-mail message send, the acronyms, abbreviations and phonetics, affect the SMS (such as gr8 big enough), are commonly used as a student is then evaluated. In a study by Lewandowski and Harrington (2006), participant a student to a teacher, the SMS read email abbreviations (gr8, how R U?) or in a parallel text in standard English (great, how are you?) and then gave the sender prints. Glass also suggests that SMS led to more creativity in English, the people the opportunity to own emoticons, slang, abbreviations, acronyms, etc. to create, the sense of individuality and freedom inspires people, so that SMS is becoming increasingly popular and the most effective way to communicate. Students who have used abbreviations in their emails were as fact, that perceived a less favourable figures and as forth less effort in a test with your email subject. In particular abbreviation of users was considered less intelligent, responsible, friendly, hard-working, credible and hard work. These results indicate that the type can affect email communication and pupils perceive other students and his work. Due to the large number of messages from Filipinos Philippines has known early years as the capital of the world of the text at the end of the 1990s until the 2000s. Reports exaggerated from 2002 onwards, the use of the language of the text in homework, which is that the quality of written communication in decline, caused. While text messaging a market in full expansion, traditional SMS more and more alternative messaging services on Smartphones with data connections challenged available. These services are much cheaper and offer more features such as the exchange of multimedia content (images, video, or audio notes) and email group. Especially in Western countries, some of these services to other users to win. These results raise new concerns about the ability of a character to avoid obstacles and keep the importance of safe road crossings by all SMS. SMS while walking is a distraction in a move that could affect the safety of pedestrians in the community as such, should be avoided. SMS leads to increased distraction behind the wheel while driving. In the 2006 survey liberty mutual insurance group one of 26 schools in more than 900 young people more about the country. The results showed that 87% of students found messages very or extremely upset. These front entrepreneurs and Utiliized in companies of the Cayman Islands, the Spain and the United Kingdom. A long-term aim was to organize the smart mob, which could negotiate the balance of power between the State and society. You have created a subscription database, including gender, age, and political trends. In its heyday, Cuban ZunZuneo, had 40,000 users but closed as financially untenable when the U.S. funding was arrested. believe that it was dangerous. Now get the phones at a young age children eight years old; more than 35 percent of the children of the second and third years have their own mobile phone. For this reason, the text messaging is integrated to prevent students at an earlier age than ever before. The emergence of text messaging is possible new forms of interaction, that were not previously possible. Therefore, a person can a conversation with another user without limitation expected response in a short time and without the need to time right to strike a conversation make. Mobile phone users can maintain that communication is unacceptable, impossible or impractical during a voice call. SMS was the occasion for. . It is a leading company in Europe and the India.Los moves contracts offer suppliers of mobile services in Finland where to send 1000 SMS per month at the price of €10. ), reduces the working time of the entry. This makes abbreviations not only less necessary, but slower to write the regular words that have the software. In addition to SMS to vote is another phenomenon in many countries, increased saturated mobile. In Finland, some TV channels such as SMS Chat como chat SMS ha Comenzado started includes the sending of SMS to a phone number and messages would have was shown on television after some time. Cats are always moderated, which prevents sending harmful material for the channel. Hobby was quickly popular and evolved games, contests of strategy games, and the initial slowness. After some time, faster games for control of television and SMS you want to. Games tend to participate in a record nicknames, and after that, I will send you a short message on the screen control. Messages typically 0.05 0.86 euros per piece and the games require the player to send dozens of messages. In December 2003 a Finnish television channel. The use of SMS for business purposes has increased significantly in mid-2000. Companies seeking competitive advantage, number of employees, turned to new technologies, collaboration and messaging applications in real time as SMS. The industry has been developing new technologies, companies can save their employee text messages.Security, privacy, reliability, and speed of SMS include industries most important guarantees such as financial services, energy and raw materials trade and companies that apply for the health in their criticism. One way to ensure that a quality SMS lies in the application of the SLA (-) due to the very social nature of Filipino culture and accessibility for voice, SMS and text messages SMS calls use rose quickly became a popular tool for Filipinos to stay in contact with their friends and relatives. Philippine news text not only social, but for political purposes, as well as given to the Filipinos so that they want to express your opinion on political issues and news. The same trend is visible in other countries, although more popularity, continue to SMS, flat plans in Germany, for example sending text abroad at a higher cost. for example, if a user one connection, prices may be higher to another network in a country as their country of origin, but the legislation in July 2009 entered into force limiting the price of 0.11. Another example: Use no uppercase letters. Write a text in capital letters message appears, as if you should scream to the recipient and are avoided.The expectations of the labels vary depending on several factors. For example, found that appropriate behavior expectations differ considerably between India and the United States. In some countries, SMS with emergency services to communicate. In the United Kingdom, SMS emergency call only after the registration with the emergency SMS service. This service is especially for people who are on the grounds of disability in the location, a voice calling. It was recently as a way for hikers and climbers call promoted. How SMS has increased within the company, it has also rules for their use. A specific regulation on the use of SMS in financial institutions, actions, the title of participation, dedicated to and values notice regulatory 59 07-, surveillance of electronic communications, issued December 2007 member companies. special telephone numbers are shorter than the number of full phone, that can be used to send SMS and MMS from mobile or landline phones. There are two types of speed dial numbers: composition and Messaging. Transportation Institute published the results of a study of 18 months more than 100 trucks for long-distance transport, the involved placing cameras in the cabin, the driver combo box reader placed 3 million miles away. The study found that the driver of SMS, the risk of crashing 23 times higher if he were not SMS. SMS is a growing trend in health care. A study found that 73% of doctors are working - it seems to the the total percentage of the population, the texts. There are many advantages and risks with this trend. The biggest risk is that these doctors of accountability and the health insurance portability Act to violate or. In Hong Kong, officers found that text messaging helps socially because they can be sent to the community. Officials, which is an easy way to communicate with the community people for meetings or events. . 07-59, FINRA, it pointed out that electronic correspondence, postal and electronic communications can be used interchangeably such forms of electronic messaging, instant messaging and SMS contain. . Japanese teens started text messages, because it was a more convenient form of communication than other available forms. As a result, Japanese theorists created the selective theory of interpersonal relations, claiming that mobile phones can change social networks among young people (classified as a 13 to 30 - year-old). It is believed that this age group of a bad quality but had with the relationships of friends and the use of a mobile phone can help to improve the quality of their relationships. You came to the conclusion that the selective interpersonal relationships in which privileged, prefers the relationships this age group, partly, but rich, depending on the situation. the text appears which stored directly on the home screen without user interaction and not automatically to the Inbox. It is helpful in case of emergencies (such as the Malaysian a court ruled that it is legal, divorce through the use of SMS messages, while a clear and without ambiguity. is other mobile network operators.) This approach reduces the number of mobile operators, the control of the message. However, it is to stop not so secure communication, the content of language takes your message Gr8 db8r: guru Luddites David Crystal, the language, says John Crace Txt Spk is responsible for the break-up of the bad spelling or moral. Was one of the factors in the slow adoption of SMS, that operator moderately were setting up systems for prepaid charging subscribers and eliminate sales, which was made possible by the change. Eddie Alterman Publisher, which took displayed on a deserted stretch of SMS, during the ride has had a negative impact on the security of the drunk driver. Although legally stopping distance at 70 mph, has drunk four feet he added 36 foot E-mail read and send that text was added to 70 foot Alterman. I have the first page, as he'd broken up with his girlfriend with a text message.In 2007 the first book written in SMS messages only. peaceful demonstrations, the Marcos regime overthrown. These people have been organized and coordinated their actions through text messages. They were able to overthrow a Government without weapons or violence. Through SMS messages were sent and successfully implemented their plans and ideas to third parties. Moreover, this movement encouraged the army that is to withdraw its support for the regime, and as a result, the Estrada Government fell. It was found that young adults who have used more Textisms based (abbreviations such as LOL, 2nite, etc.) each product formal written worst day write that young adults who write less linguistic Textisms used every day. However, the opposite was true for informal writing. This would suggest, that perhaps the Act of Textisms used to abbreviate words of communication leads to young adults, casual writing, producing, which then you can help better to informal authors. Glass was quoted as saying that text messages do not survive in a logical world. But as soon as it came from the born initially as a messaging system, the text-message-emergency information would send nothing. But he was with the general public. What followed the SMS that we see today, there is a very quick and efficient way to share information from one person to another.Search by Rosen et al. (2009). There are a growing number of sites that users can send online free SMS messages. The service is usually free.Some sites offer free SMS to promote their systems of tax rates for businesses. Their study showed that participants who propose participation in SMS messages on foot speed or maintenance, accurate spatial information, could hold the inability to divide their attention between two tasks. According to them, the addition of SMS messages while walking with closed vision increases the requirements on the work of the system memory set caused interruptions of the approach. Today 2.4 is more common SMS mobile data service, with 74% of all users of mobile phones in the world, or the users of mobile phones by 3.3 million million at the end of 2007 the active users of short message service. In countries like Finland, Sweden and Norway has more than 85% of the population, to use the SMS. The European average is 80%, and North America get over 60% of the active users of SMS by the end of 2008. The highest average use of mobile phone users is in the Philippines, sent with an average of 27 texts per day per participant. and mobile communications. Include some practical applications for SMS Backup SMS shipping of confirmation of or other tasks, instant communication between a provider and a customer (such as values and runner Investor) and for sending notifications. Several universities have introduced a system, students send SMS alerts and faculty campus. An example is the public model m/s with custody of expert review teams and chercheurs allow fast response to mobile applications.SMS Premium, used increasingly by the real services. For example, some machines can now pro-rata payment of short message bonus, so that the cost of the purchased product added to the user's phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance. Lately come premium messaging companies under attack from consumer groups by a large number of consumers, building huge Telefonrechnungen.Mit of the introduction of websites service has been Web-Texto a new kind of free content or premium - premium hybrid. These sites can registered users get free SMS of the items on sale are interested, or when new elements are introduced.An alternative to inbound SMS is based. Among Chinese migrant workers with little formal education, it is common to refer to the manuals of SMS text messages. These manuals are published in the form of cheap, easy to use, small as - Pocket Books, which offer different languages sets are used as messages. It has a world record to the text messaging, currently in the hands of Sonja Kristiansen of Norway. Kristiansen hit the official message text, such as Guinness, 37,28 seconds defined. He suggests a trend towards the Sexten and others in seductive line easily divided included among young people. A person in the teenage respondents five (range: 22%), and 11 percent of young people between 13 and 16 years - say electronically have sent or online, nude or semi-nude photos even written. One-third (33%) of adolescent boys and a quarter (25%) of youth say showed images of naked or half private. According to the survey were even more common than photos, with 39 percent of teens have sent or this message (s) and half (50 percent) adolescents (text, email, and instant messaging) received sexually suggestive messages.More a study of 2012 recently did, to get the attention of the international media. and fees assigned to many other service providers Texters 20 cents per message if they have exceeded numbers no messaging plan or their texts. Given the fact that an SMS is 160. Keyboard as computer user makes more effort is required to gain access to each character, and there is a maximum number of characters that can be sent.On. Text messages can also unite the people and creating a sense of community through war smart mobs or net, create people power. SMS messages are becoming more common in private cell phone user, used as a substitute for voice in situations where voice communication is impossible or undesirable.Some, such as SMS-SMS messages also allows devices from a distance control. It is widely used. SMS was also as a secondary source in many traffic accidents, the police have connected, the records concerning the mobile phone investigations found that many drivers lost control of their vehicles while they tried to send or an SMS message to retrieve. Case over Internet. ; But most do, often requires the message text sent in multiple parts and therefore more to send messages Kosten.Die has changed the way using text messages, people speak and write a few tests. This means that the when the same formula applied would cost for calls, mobile data traffic $120 per minute cost. With suppliers, should be to get more customers and to develop their skills their costs, increasing not have fallen.In 2005, SMS revenue generated nearly $70 billion, as by the industry analysts Gartner reported more than the Hollywood box office three times in 2005. Global figures showed that more than 1 billion text messages sent in the year 2005. In other words. For example, messages can be recorded for a phone without time limitation and patient data are subject to the loss or theft and it could be seen to any unauthorized person. HIPAA requires each SMS message that a medical decision should be included for the patient access to available. Texts that are not documented in a DME system could therefore a violation of the HIPAA law dar. SMS language helps less acceptance of words are. On the other hand, Lee, found that students with exposure to the traditional print media (such as books) only the words, real and fictional-tolerant. The thesis, which attracted the attention of the international media, albeit one that is,.