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a Catholic can receive in his life. In many countries, there is an other Sacramento to undergo tradition for Catholic children. a ceremony, the many Christian denominations for children, usually occurs when the child is already in the youth. A. is seen in some cultures, in the course of the girls at puberty with the chastity of the girl's concern. In some communities, there is a traditional feel. Currently not find that women lack there of young women [-] migrate abroad to find women. Imbalance of the sexes in these regions is also to promote the growth of the commercial sex industry; 2005 UN report said that each year of cross-border traffic abducted up to 800,000 people and up to 80 percent women and children. Marriages of children, where young girls at one age (often forced and often much more ex-husbands) are married in many parts of the world. You are in regions of the world, widespread particularly in Africa. China had many customs, within the context of women and their role as future wives and mothers. According to custom that takes daughter of a hair show marital status. An unmarried daughter his hair in two pigtails, and once would married, wore her hair in a. in France it led to more than a third of the women at the time of the French Revolution, are made in contrast to almost half of the men of that time. The girl who will go in the head and neck to school the Taliban was shot dead. The Taliban destroyed 100 schools in the region. (七五三), literally meaning three five seven. It is a day of celebration and traditional rite in Japan for girls aged three to seven and children three to five years, which took place on November 15 of each year. To see in the next weekend. On this day, the girl in a traditional is dressed. .Die books that were the protagonists of the boys and girls tend to focus children, but important subsidiary characters are displayed. Sex is the model of child labour. Girls tend their families at home domestic tasks to questions, and I'm often at a young age, that children and boys. Employment costs. After Kim Wallen role expectations yet a girls academic perform. A test of the neuter be said if experts in mathematics, it is women sex for example, the highest score to achieve, but if they say that it has exceeded men in the past, the females much worse. This is strange, Wallen, apparently observed according to the research, all you have to do is tell a woman that he has a lifetime of socialization of being bad at math, that a math test is neutral and to recognize the impact of this socialization, a girl and a child, their transition to adulthood, or to label the other stations on their way to adulthood as children.Japan calls the coming-of-age ritual. It is the most common form of child labour for girls. In some places, such as East Asia and South-East, parents often find work as a domestic servant as a good preparation for marriage. Domestic service, but among the least regulated of all professions and exposed workers to serious risks, including violence and abuse by employers, since workers are often isolated from the outside world are. The baby has a very negative effect on education. Girls leave the school, or, if it continues, they are often victims of double or triple burden of work outside the House, in the House of the parents and the school. This situation is often at work. A daughter should be avoided to be sexually promiscuous. The practice is dangerous and leads to long-term health problems for women who have suffered. The practice became a habit in 28 countries in Africa and especially in rural areas. This habit, coming-of-age, sometimes wrongly called excision, described are absolutely banned by Governments and challenged by human groups and put an end to other interested members of the community, the practice of rights. China more girls located the guys offers more than 30 million more than 1 million children each year are born to normal human sex ratio at birth. Elizabeth received an education equal to a larger male aristocrats; He studied Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, philosophy, history, mathematics and music. England Rico increases his upbringing as a reward if the circumstances that led his to a capable monarch.In the 18th century, Europe has recognized the value of education and schools were opened, to educate the public in increasing numbers. . While certain types of Japanese cartoon can portraits of girls this time sexualized and objectified.The term is often used in the lyrics of popular music (with song analysis shows that, overall, 65 medium and transition is able offer for girls the same opportunities of the middle school and children as a whole, the annual economic growth of these countries missing estimated $92 billion. In many ancient societies, the education of girls has much to do with the preparation of the future wives. In many cultures is not the norm for women to become economically independent. So if the future welfare of the girl with a man, married women were financially independent, it is important, meet all qualifications or abilities were in the wait.In cultures, by rich. But education was still not as important for girls as for boys, who were trained for professions that remain closed to women, and the girls secondary schools in France were not admitted, in level up to the end of the 19th century. The girl not allowed, a., at the age of 7 were to receive. The sacrament usually in a church, once in a year with children in the age by a bishop in a special ceremony to receive a blessing. It is a tradition in many countries for Catholic girls white clothing and to wear a small candle or flower bouquet for first communion in the hair. White symbolizes spiritual Reinheit.Viele coming-of-age ceremonies are to realize when she feel the death of a young girl in puberty. in the United States of the 19th century, girls learned domestic skills such as sewing, cooking, gardening, health and primary health care in preparation. (FGM) more effective than women. Egyptian religious leader Sheikh Saad, who has campaigned against the practice is cited in the report: we have decided that our daughter not this bad experience inhuman [-] go - I'm part of the change. . Coming-of-age ceremony for girls is called Na 'Ii' SEO (dawn ceremony) and place in four days. Girls are painted with clay and pollen, you need it until the end of the rituals, such as dances and rituals that make the body force in question to wash. Girls get aspects of education of sexuality, confidence and the ability to heal. Girls pray in the East at dawn and in the four points of the compass, which represent the four stages of life. This ceremony was banned for decades by the Government; After you are in decriminalized. that abortions cause a loss of about 1.5% or 100,000 female births per year. Young girls report abnormal at birth is also observed in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, which suggests possible abortion against girls. oral examination was less than 4 points of guys. In mathematics an average was 492, the less than 35 points of guys girls. When the girls take the exact same courses, said Wayne Camara, a researcher with the College Board, this gap of 35 points, to dissipate a little. As Leslie r. Wolfe, President of the Center for political studies women girls scored differently mathematics tests, said because they tend to problems while the boys use such as wear their stuff test finding, immediately check the answers questions already in multiple choice. Wolfe said girls are steady and thorough while the boys play this test like a car pool. Wolfe says, that both girls junior as constantly young from higher grades in all courses in their first year of College. Plan International creates also a campaign to an international women's day to adopt. The aim of this initiative is the global consciousness of the girl of unique challenges, as also the central role in the fight against poverty and development. A delegation of young people from Canada has launched the idea in life. Formal education is considered for girls traditionally much less important than the young. The exceptions are rare before printing in Europe and as it is sentimental. Century, the representation of women in the literature had abandoned most of the time the idealized representations of girls. Popular literary novels include Harper Lee. .In many parts of the world have girls who think that it has stained the honour of his family by refusing marriages. and you continue to be a blessing from the temple ceremony by his family. Today, the occasion was marked also a picture of the official image.Some coming-of-age ceremonies are religious rituals to recognize the maturity of a child for his understanding of the religious beliefs and their role in their religious community. It can be used also with using children discriminated against (only you're a girl).In an informal context, the word has positive meanings, such as through its use in the titles of popular music. It was in the fun for the people, who act aggressively used (Canadian singer-songwriter. A study of the University of Chicago from 2005 showed that the presence of the majority of the girls at school tends to improve the educational outcomes for children. He said that in addition to their genetic contribution education parents probably less long-term influence on their offspring other ecological aspects such as childhood provided. Daughter of the word is sometimes used on an adult woman, usually a young man. This use such as the term can be considered insulting or disrespectful in professional or other formal contexts. Daughter served a marriageable young woman of about 1530. Its first meaning of the treasure is in 1648. The first appearance of note. A number of non-government organisations (NGOs) created programs with a focus on the differences in the access of girls to these needs such as food, health and education. The customs of their communities reflect pastime of girls like games and other leisure activities. Toys and girls are important market for children toy industry hard, but. Creation of toys that can be mass marketed to girls is a challenge for the company of toys today. He said that primary education is compulsory and free for all the girls are slightly less likely than a primary and secondary students are registered (70%: 59% and 74%: 65%) Worldwide efforts have been made to end this inequality (such as through Los Angeles, national literacy have shown result of confidence girls consistently higher than boys in all areas of the school between 7 and 16 years of age, the most striking differences in reading and writing.) (1955) a report is 12-year-old girl and an adult companion one during the tour of the United States. Zazie in the Metro (,) (2000) promoted to eliminate better access to education for all children and the gender gap in primary and secondary level. Participation rates and media literacy in education for girls has been continuously improved. in 2005, net primary registration prices were for girls, total 85% increased by 78% 15 years ago. secondary education, which increased registration of girls in the same period by 10 percentage points to 57 percent. the proportion of children under 6 years old again in the last ten years of 927 girls for 1,000 boys in 2001 on 918 girls for every 1000 boys 2011 dropped. Inches, height and weight - accelerated in the first half of the age of puberty and ends when an adult has developed the child. Until the maturation of their reproductive capacity, the differences between boys and girls in early puberty are physical. The situation of girls in the history of the world is related to the situation of women in all cultures. Women enjoy equality with men, girls benefit more to their needs. the campaign is an example of large-scale such initiatives. Research has shown that the education of the girls stimulates a strong effect, have the economies of its cities and villages; provide access to education for girls has been proven to a better understanding of community of health problems, reduce HIV rates, nutritional knowledge, reducing the birth rate, and to improve the health of children. Studies show that the a girl who received an education. . Adolescence is a process that occurs between ages of ages 10-16, but these differ from a normal girl. It is the crucial phase of puberty for girls. the girls of the village are sometimes unwanted; in some cases, girls are selectively aborted, abused, mistreated or abandoned by their parents or relatives. It has been done in some countries, but there are significant differences in the majority. Are there gaps in access between different countries and regions and within countries. Girl make up 60% of the children in Arab countries and 66% of non-participants in South and West Asia; However, more girls as young schools in many countries of Latin America, the Caribbean, North America and Western Europe visit. Despite the fact that a lot of families in the ancient Egypt had were men and women departments, there remain important roles between the sexes. The men worked as writer for the Government, for example, while women rather at home, to work such as farming, professions, bread and beer. However, a large number of women, especially of the bourgeoisie in the company have worked and worked on the markets, as the perfumers and some women even in the temples. For this reason children is different. Children can learn formal schools read, write and do learn, while the girls are educated at home, the craft from their mothers accounts would visit. Some women will read and write and gave scholars, however. But the girls are slightly less likely to die than boys, childhood, so that the proportion of children under 15 years of age is between 103 and 108 children for every 100 girls. ) or as a unifier of women of all ages, on the basis of been your girl (American singer known female main character, confrontation intellectual puzzles and quirky characters in surreal environments). Furthermore, controversial pictures of girls, the Carroll in the history of photographic art often is mentioned. After several cultural literature sometimes make romantic and idealizing the youth and other times, to develop literary movement under the influence of the growing realism. Many Victorian novels from the childhood of their heroine, for example. It is a French novel that humorously celebrates innocence and the precocity of Zazie, who dare to explore Paris, fleeing from his uncle (a professional transvestite) and his mother (who worried about an encounter with her lover). Zazie was also filmed a popular in 1960 film (,) (, that) all procedures require a partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons,,.