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Crushed front on the right, but what you need when you fall in love with your best friend gay/bi? Jessica and Lacey talk about the different ways to manipulate and forward. Order now and we will send you an email or text you when it is ready for you. are not ready for today? Don't worry - we think 14 days. ) Girl with white hair (2.5) - a well known and popular history of a daughter of a farmer, the suffering and finally manages to escape the ravages of the owner of a tyrant. After his release on parole in which the legend is adapted to revolutionary folk Theatre, who has played before recently dance famous for some time as a modern drama, more than 1500 times by Shanghai Ballet. The full text of the theatrical version of recent history is available here. (. )Bitter, is the woman (version 3.0) - this poignant lament about the situation of women in the society was composed by Fu Xuan (217-278), poet and scholar of the Western Jin dynasty, the official Naquite a poor orphan and rose on the richness of his literary talent. His background, generally friendly, left numerous studies and humiliations that were so often the fate of the girl. (. Web-Site.) It is a modern collection of short texts, annotated, and about life in Beijing. Each text is used, which you've read along audio MP3, recording, accompanied, so you can listen to the stories. Is it difficult to learn Chinese characters?There are a growing number of online study aid for students of Chinese writing at all levels. A number of resources to help A. Terra yellow) (2.6) - directed by: Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou, filmed from this historic 1984 film announces the arrival of the fifth generation of Chinese filmmakers. An ironic allegory about the fate of women in rural areas in China post-revolutionary Tierra Amarilla tells the story of a young girl in the province of Shaanxi, since childhood with a guy in a tight family participate. The idealism of a soldier from the people's Liberation Army visit offers a critical perspective on their destination, but at the end not proved to be able to deal with them. This excerpt from the script contains multiple scenes at the beginning of the film, where the soldier is the first, of the situation of girls. (. )Menu sampler (4.(8), one the most commonly found on every trip to China is a restaurant menu. If you don't know what you're eating is the name at least some of the most common dishes makes sense. 58 offers this selection of typical Chinese menu is divided into six categories: cold appetizers, dishes of meat, fish, vegetables, pasta and sandwiches and soup dishes. (. . By clicking on the link, it shows text opens a HTML version of the file that you can play in your browser window. By clicking on download, open the text - a version of GB-encoded text, which can be downloaded for later use. Some texts are created with a translation into English original equipped by students of the University of Michigan. The numerical rating next to each title offers a difficult measure, on a scale of one to seven, the difficulty of the text based on the frequency of use of modern Chinese characters contains. A few relatively accessible text signature, and a small percentage of rarer characters. A higher number indicates a difficult text, with a high proportion of these characters. This measure, does not account of course on other challenges of texts in a literary style written. Looking for simple readings or audio recordings?Try read, beginners. Traffic signs) are likely to (2.5) - signals in buildings, billboards, and the most widely used texts in a big city street corners found and are necessary for security, comfort, sailing and shopping, not to mention an idea of, to get a new public culture space. In this example, 125 samples of the recent joint trip in China is divided into nine categories for ease of use: public spaces, communication, transport, health, medicine & public safety, tourism, public service, residential areas and political slogans. (. )DAO de Jing (2.5) - one of the most famous texts of ancient China, the Tao Te Ching (as it is often transcribed) attributed to Lao tzu, a philosopher of the century saw that she lived at about the same time as Confucio. Lao-tzu preached a dynamic and dialectical principle of the binary opposition in the poetic and concise songs. It is argues that the best way in which nature and naturalness is mundane, not contradiction of life. Also, the effort that describe how abstract is an obstacle for the true meaning of this concept and dynamics. Teachings of Lao Tzu is the main philosophy of the Taoist Canon. (. The best way to improve the Chinese reading skills will get plenty of practice on a regular basis. The collection of Chinese texts, that here is presented as a resource for students of Chinese written from beginner to the Advanced. The selection represent a wide range of genres and eras, but all are known in modern China and earn to read on his/her own behalf. All items can appear in the window of your browser or download for use with Chinese dictionary as a text, voice recognition software. Manual and a series of multimedia 15 lessons to the uses of the most common are 300 characters. Texts additional procedures at intermediate levels, refer to the. ) To (2.1) - life of the award-winning film of the same title by Yimou, novel by Yu hua offers original text an unforgettable portrait of the lives of citizens in the political violence in the first three decades of the people's Republic. The second chapter, here, which represents dramatic moment, where the sign was that the GUI is housed in the game losing the wealth of a family. He rode the difficulties and the suffering of his family will follow in the next few decades. (. )Thirty-six strategies (3.6) - a collection of old sayings and expressions, the intelligent military strategies that they found describe more applications in the fields of business, politics and diplomacy. Although many sayings at the time of the warring States in China (403-221 A. C. j.-c.) be measured sources compiled text States remain unclear). Seven strategies are presented alongside short explanatory anecdotes here. (. ,,.