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Basically, I've decided to take Bisoprolol now and see what happens under the documentation here, everyone seems to say that B is softer than beta-blockers and other even worse side effects. Trafficking in Yoga and deep breathing, etc. and take pills for when and if you experience palpitations, but please only | What is well and not another episode of VT, because it was caused by stress and caffeine, are somewhat, at least I can change. Just to add to what I have to say, I finished all the Statins who had the worst drug I've done.Gravity and suicidal depression were too overwhelming. Hello Rozbooks, I ' m a little concerned to hear that you want to stop the drug without medical advice.Go to your family doctor and say that you don't want to Bisoprolol and I have to try something different.Yoga is good, and a low fat diet is so reasonable. Low pressure and cholesterol porridge oats, then garlic garlic capsules/Cook. I also slowly to reduce Pracise breathing techniques of stress and learn to sleep. Prayer is so good that it may lower its pressure, when is ' is OK with you.You need a little help with a drug. Life is pain, but sometimes it is the only ' we get an A.s. will make you a trip to the GP and questions a little more consideration on bp drugs. If you can, take a friend or family member with you for moral support.You let us know how it was. Make sure Fanny Jane. Hi Wally, voice, totally and completely of the statins, as well as many other people do. But is beneficial to many. We are all different. I hope that your cholesterol with a diet low in fat and polenta. My best wishes to you, Fanny Jane. I see that this post is that everything is a year old-? in the same position now stood to receive live, but perhaps shorter. ,,.