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Pay attention to warning signs. Work with your doctor or therapist to learn, which can lead to symptoms of depression. Make a plan so that you know what to do when your symptoms get worse. Contact your doctor or therapist, if you notice any change in symptoms or how you feel. Ask friends or family to search for characters. In general, depression is not a disease that you can manage yourself. But also the professional treatment, can help this self-care measures. Learn more about depression. Information about your health status can empower and motivate you to follow the treatment plan. Anime your family to learn more about depression will help you, they understand and support more. Avoid drinking alcohol and illicit drugs. Symptoms of depression, such as alcohol or drugs, but long term that generally worsening symptoms and makes it more difficult for the treatment of depression. Talk to your doctor or therapist, I need help with alcohol or drugs. Follow your treatment plan. Don't ignore the sessions of psychotherapy, or place. Even if you feel well, do not ignore your medications. If you delay, depressive symptoms return, and could occur even similar withdrawal symptoms. Other drug strategies. Your doctor may suggest other drugs for the treatment of depression. It is stimulants, medications, medications for anxiety, mood stabilizers or Neuroleptics. In some cases, your doctor may recommend, the combination of two or more antidepressants or other drugs for a better effect. This strategy is known as the increment. Often leads to a decrease in appetite and changes in appetite weight loss - depression, but for some people, it is initially more anxiety and increased weight. Suicidal thoughts or feelings in the elderly is a sign of severe depression, which should be never easy, particularly for men. All people with depression, men, the elderly are an increased risk of suicide. Make a note of all the symptoms you've had, including those that have nothing to do with the aspect, the reason for the appointment. As supplements, when using these techniques. Although they may represent, is less risk, solely on the basis of these therapies is not sufficient for the treatment of depression. Talk to your doctor if you try the techniques of the mind and body or other alternative therapies before the treatment of depression, but the symptoms worsen or do not improve. Tricyclic antidepressants. These antidepressants for years and are usually effective as newer drugs. But since they tend to be, that a Tricyclic Antidepressant is not normally necessary, are more numerous and more severe if tried side effects SSRIS before without an improvement in their depression. Side effects may be hypotension, dry mouth, see blurred, constipation, urinary retention, beats rapid heart and confusion. Older adults who take this medication are hallucinations, confusion and memory problems. Tricyclic antidepressants are also known to cause weight gain. Dysthymia. Dysthymia (DIS-THI-me-uh) is a less severe but more chronic depression. While normally it is not disabled, dysthymia can operate normally in your everyday life and live life to its maximum prevention. There are several treatments for depression. Drugs and counseling (psychotherapy) are very effective for most people. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe medication to relieve the symptoms of depression doctor. Many people need to see a doctor, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of mental health (psychiatrist). Many people who suffer from depression, you enjoy seeing a psychologist or other mental health. The most effective treatment for depression is usually a combination of drugs and psychotherapy. You liked the severe depression, a doctor, or guardian have to guide your attention until you're good enough to participate in the decision-making process. It can a hospital must, or you have a treatment program outpatient take part, until symptoms improve. Here Watch more closely the treatment options for depression. Number of antidepressants is MedicationsA for the treatment of depression. There are different types of antidepressants. Antidepressants are classified by their impact on the natural chemicals in the brain, change your mood. Types of antidepressants include: the symptoms are something else, such as the abuse of drugs, medicines, or a medical condition such as hypothyroidism not by direct effects. Grass of San Giovanni. Scientifically known as Hypericum perforatum, which is an herb which for centuries was used for a variety of illnesses, including depression care. Drug Administration was not approved by the food and for the treatment of depression in the United States. On the contrary, it is classified as a dietary supplement. However, it is a treatment of depression in Europe. It may be useful if you mild or moderate depression. Major depression can go unnoticed because symptoms - such as fatigue, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep or the loss of interest in sex--seem to be caused by other diseases. Hereditary characteristics. Depression is more common in human beings, biological family members also have the condition. The researchers are genes that may be involved in the pathogenesis of depression. Stimulation of the vagus nerve. This treatment uses electric pulses with a pulse generator implanted surgically to affect the State of mind of the brain centers. This can be an option if you suffer from chronic treatment-resistant depression. There is no sure way to prevent depression. However, it can help take steps to control stress, increases the resistance and impulse low self-esteem. Friendship and social support, especially in times of crisis, help spell of bad weather. In addition, the treatment can help the first sign of a problem in order to prevent depression from getting worse. Maintenance long-term therapy can also help prevent a recurrence of the symptoms of depression. Seniors with depression say they feel bored, powerless or unhappy without value of life in general. You can stay at home instead of set or new things to do. It is the depression often with behavioural problems and other mental disorders, such as anxiety or attention and hyperactivity (ADHD disorder) in children and adolescents. Depression is a serious illness that can take a terrible toll to individuals and families. Untreated depression can cause emotional and behavior disorders and health problems that affect all areas of your life. Complications associated with depression may include:. Symptoms of depression can be complementary or alternative relief medicine strategies attempts to interest. Among these additions and these mind-body techniques. Make sure that, to understand the risks and potential benefits before the alternative therapy to the coast. Do without conventional medical treatment or psychotherapy for alternative medicine. When it comes to depression, alternative treatments are not a substitute for medical treatment. A rare used here of alternative treatments for depression. Medicinal plants and Supplementsmakes have used many herbs and supplements against depression. Some are: depression begins in rule can occur at the end ' 20, but at any age. Two times more women are diagnose depression than men, but because of the partial, because women in treatment for depression. Although the exact cause of depression is unknown, several researchers were among the factors that seem to increase the risk of developing or activation of the depression, including:. Enough to cause social activities or relationships with others, significant problems in everyday life, such as work, school, has strong symptoms. Biological differences. People with depression seem to need physical changes in the brain. The significance of these changes is still uncertain, but finally, can help to identify the causes. Events of life. Events such as the death or loss of a loved one, financial and stressful problems can cause depression in some people. Hormones. Changes in the balance of hormones in the body can be found, cause or trigger a depression. Hormonal changes can cause problems of thyroid, menopause, and a series of other conditions. Clear exactly what causes depression. As with many mental illnesses, that several factors seems possibly involved. These include:. Other conditions that cause this SymptomsThere are that depression can contain several other conditions with symptoms, depression. It is important to have an accurate diagnosis, you will get the appropriate treatment for your particular situation. Evaluation of the mental health provider or a physician to determine if the symptoms of depression are caused by one of the following conditions: the symptoms of depression in the age AdultsDepression is not a normal part of the feeling of older and more satisfied with their lives. But depression and the elderly can. Unfortunately it is often unknown and untreated. Many adults suffer from depression feel reluctant to ask if they feel. Significant weight loss if not gain weight, lose weight, decrease or increase in appetite nearly every day (in children, loss, as expected weight gain can be a sign of depression). Time is limited with your doctor, so you can prepare a list of questions ahead of time making the most of the time together. List of important questions to the less important when the time allowed. For issues related to depression, some fundamental questions include your doctor: lifestyle and RemediesDepression House is usually not a disease, you can manage yourself. But you can do a lot for themselves, which will help you. In addition to professional treatment, proceed as follows: self-care. Make sure that you understand what kind of depression have, so you can learn more about your particular situation and their treatments. With certain hypertension medications, sleeping pills or other drugs (talk to your doctor before leaving the drugs that can affect your state of mind). Changes in thinking and sleep are depression common in adolescents and adults, but uncommon in young children. For some people, symptoms of depression are so strong that it is obvious that something was wrong. Other people feel generally unhappy or dissatisfied, without really knowing why. Depression affects each person different, and symptoms of depression vary from one person to another. Hereditary characteristics, age, gender and cultural background will play a role as depression that can affect it. The symptoms of depression in children and the TeensCommon may be symptoms of depression in children and adolescents a little different than in adults. Depression is a disease, the body and the spirit. Also known as major depression, depression and clinical depression, affects the way they feel, think and act. Depression can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems. It has difficulties so that they can do normal daily activities, and you feel depression, as if life is not worth living. More of one Blues session, depression is not a weakness, nor is it something that can simply be deleted. Depression is a chronic disease that usually requires long-term, such as diabetes or high blood pressure treatment. But don't get discouraged. Most people with depression feel better with medication, therapy or other treatments. Psychological evaluation. To examine the signs of depression, with the provider to discuss your physician or mental health their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is subject of your symptoms, questions and if you had similar episodes in the past. I can even suicide or self-harm without any thought. Your doctor may have, fill out a questionnaire published in answering these questions. Dealing with depression can be difficult. Talk to your doctor or therapist to improve their coping strategies and follow these tips: If a DoctorIf you feel depressed, make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as possible. Symptoms of depression can be better right - and depression can worsen if untreated. Untreated depression can lead to other problems of physical and mental health, or other areas of your life. Feelings of depression can lead to suicide. If you're reluctant to seek treatment, talk with a friend or a loved one, a health professional, a leader of the faith, or someone who you trust. If you are suicidal ThoughtsIf you or someone you know has thoughts suicidal, get help immediately. Here are some steps you can take: post-partum depression. This is a common type of depression that occurs in new mothers. Often it begins four to eight weeks after birth and can finally for months. Bipolar disorder. This type of depression is characterized by mood swings from high to low-rich. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between depression and bipolar disorder, but it is important to have an accurate diagnosis so you can get the appropriate treatment and medications. Keep in mind that they are products of feeding and nutrition of the administration are drugs and there is no food in the same way and controlled drugs. You can always be sure you want to come and if it is safe. Also, remember that some foods and herbal supplements can interfere with thoughts of prescription or cause dangerous interactions. Of course, talk with your doctors and other professionals of health before taking nutritional supplements or herbs. ConnectionsThe of the mind and the body between the connection of mind and body has been studied for centuries. Complementary and alternative medicine practitioners believe the mind and body in harmony you need to stay healthy. Technical mind and body to improve the symptoms of depression include: omega-3 fatty acids. A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids or mild depression can take omega-3 supplements and seem to have also a number of other health benefits. These healthy fats are found in cold water fish seed of flax, flaxseed, walnuts and some other food-for-oil. Join a self-help group. Connection to other similar challenges will help you cope. Depression of local self-help groups are available in many communities and support groups for depression are also available. Childhood trauma. Traumatic events in childhood, such as abuse or loss of a parent can cause permanent changes in the brain, making them more vulnerable to depression. Because depression is common and is often not diagnosed, some doctors and health professionals can in your state of mind and thoughts during routine in questions of the doctor visits. You can fill issues find a short survey of depressive symptoms help. If doctors believe that someone has depression, usually a set of questions and make medical and psychological examinations can. This can help with other problems that can cause the symptoms, determine diagnosis and also the possibility of excluding the complications. These checks and tests usually contain:. Find good MedicationEveryone is different, so find the right drug or drugs because you will probably need several attempts. This requires patience, because you need some drugs to eight weeks or is more complete and more effective, side effects to relieve your body. You have annoying side effects, take without first talking to your doctor an antidepressant? Certain antidepressants can cause symptoms of withdrawal, the dose unless fade slowly, and stop suddenly just may cause a sudden worsening of depression. Do not enter until you find an antidepressant or a medication that works for you - one that works and has no side effects intolerable, seems more likely. If treatment with antidepressants do not work, your doctor may recommend, check a blood test for certain genes that affect how your body uses antidepressants. Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) genotyping test is an example of this type of test. Genetic testing can help predict how your body can or cannot process (metabolize) a drug. In this way you can determine what antidepressants may be a good option for you. These gene tests are not widely available, have access to a clinic, which offers an option only for people.Are antidepressants and PregnancyIf are pregnant or breastfeeding, some Antidepressants can increase the risk to the fetus or if you are breast-feeding a baby. Talk to your doctor if you become pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Antidepressants and suicide RiskAlthough grew more antidepressants in general are safe, be careful when you take. The food and Drug (Administration FDA) now requires that all antidepressants carry black box warnings. What are the most severe warnings that can print the FDA drugs. Antidepressant warnings, please note that in some cases children, adolescents and adults young 18 - 24 years an increase in thoughts suicidal or behavior when taking antidepressants, especially in the first few weeks after the start of an antidepressant or when the dose is changed. Because of this risk, people in these age groups of parents, caregivers must be and will be supervised by health professionals while taking antidepressants. If you or someone you know - suicidal thoughts is to be taken, if an antidepressant in contact with for help in an emergency or your doctor immediately. Once again, make sure that you understand the risks of different antidepressants. Together, you and your doctor can explore the media controlled symptoms her depression. PsychotherapyPsychological consulting is a most important treatment of depression. Psychotherapy is a general term for a way to treat depression by a provider of mental health-related problems and talking about his condition. Psychotherapy is also known as therapy, therapy, talking about psychological therapy or counseling.Talk through these sessions to explore the causes of the depression, you can better understand. You will also learn how to identify and change unhealthy behavior or thoughts, explore the relationships and experiences, best ways to tackle and solve problems, and set realistic goals for your life. Psychotherapy can help help simple depressive symptoms like despair and anger and a sense of control and happiness in your life. It can also help to adapt to the crisis or other difficulties. There are different types of psychotherapy, effective against depression. Therapy CBT is one of the most commonly used therapies. This kind of therapy helps to identify behaviors and negative beliefs and replace them with positive. Based on the idea that their thinking, not to other people or situations, determine what they feel or the behavior. Even if it does not change the unwanted situation, you can change how they think and act in a positive way. Interpersonal therapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy are other types of advice, commonly used to treat depression. Electric currents are passed through the brain, ECT therapy electroconvulsive (ECT). This procedure is intended to influence the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. Although many people distrust, ECT and its side effects, generally instant relief from severe depression also offers, if other treatments do not work. It is not clear, because this therapy alleviates the signs and symptoms of depression. The most common side effect is the confusion that can take a few minutes to several hours. Some have even memory loss. ECT is typically used for those who do not improve with medications or with a high risk of suicide. ECT may be an option if you suffer from severe depression, if you are pregnant and do not take medications regularly. It can also be an effective treatment for seniors who have also not antidepressants and severe depression for health reasons. Residential and residential treatment ProgramsIn some, depression is so strong that a hospital that is left. Hospitalization may be necessary if you can adapt it themselves properly or if you are in immediate danger to himself or another person seriously. Psychiatric treatment in a hospital can calm down and hold it until the mood improves. Partial hospitalization or day treatment programs are also useful for some people. These programs provide support and advice, you have to get your symptoms under control. Other treatments for depression DepressionIf standard treatment was effective, the psychiatrist can check if the minus one, common benefit how. Need for criteria of diagnosis DepressionTo with severe depression are diagnosed are a symptom of the diagnostic criteria and classification of the manual of mental disorders (DSM) statistics. This manual is published by the American Psychiatric Association and is used by providers to diagnose mental conditions of mental health and the refund of insurance for treatment. At least five of the following symptoms for a period of time should be diagnosed with depression increased for two weeks. At least one of the symptoms must be the State of depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure. The symptoms can according to their inner feelings or the remarks made by someone else. These include:. ,,.