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on the login page, you will find the third option “ improvement of mind more later Studio ” understand Modul. Aber is the take the speed of learning to read with understanding. In reality they are closely linked. There is no problem with reading than usual, raising the issue of understanding. I think it has a good potential to read, if you learn formal techniques for faster reading with good comprehension speed.You can check out my opinion on it. The home page reader: you are qualified, one of the highest speed in the world be understood if read at a speed greater than 2500 ppm with around 90%. If you don't mind. Slow readers: read speed is below the average, and this should not be a problem for their study and daily work. There is plenty of room to improve their understanding. You'll find below. Once you are finished, click stop the timer. Your reading speed will come in a box below the page. After this short test I know understand what level of speed and how long I have to read. OK really to the point that we have to do, so many things in a short period of life, we must improve the reading speed and accuracy, ask the company to achieve a high position. Personally, I recommend to run this test you can really understand reading speed is having this problem, can feel, but is actually has passed and affect your life, work and point of view. We show that can benefit from the speed of reading and how to improve your life at work, in the Collège Lycée, help your children, or how to keep the mind active. Learn what is recommended for that speed more information about the program. It has an online program, so it can however, you are not a citizen of the United States. On an average reader: reading speed is above the average, provided, even during vigorous tests and stay with your normal reading speed. No doubt the speed reading techniques can help you read speed beyond this barrier. You'll find below. My very very slow read speed ~ ~, OMP 230 ~ ~ I think I need to improve my reading!This test is so much fun! Thanks a lot!. If you would like more information or to request that two additional bonus, follow the link to read the speed of the courts of appeal. Wow! It was very useful, my speed is 357, but I believe that I understand 60%, I believe that if my mind is usually Leo, anywhere on the site and difficult to concentrate, s s why every time when I finish ’, something my mind is always empty, from what I've read View gelesenIch need practical m happy I found this Web page). I can read the extremely fast, but I have a problem with comprehension. I understand that 60% of WPM 837 with a single. You put it in 50% more because guessed dear and he was right. I'm looking for something for my understanding, it does not improve playback speed. Interpretation: at this moment, stops the test result is not here, see what is the estimate of the speed of accurate reproduction that we need to see how you understand what you read, measure their level of understanding. Please write reading now to speed up the marker and answer a few questions based on what you've read in this young. I'd like to thank you for this useful information. I have almost EyeQ, to see the advertising. I read the negative comments that are on your website and decide to buy X speed drive. Now is my drive read speed WPM X 460 after the speed test, was 240 WPM. I'm also understanding exercise. Thanks for the tips offered here. Top of page speed reader: you have the option, one of the best candidates in the global competition of the Championship speed read. In addition, to increase the speed of reading, you can put more emphasis on improving reading comprehension and memory techniques. No doubt he has great advantages in many areas, if you can read at this speed, excellent understanding. Try this. It is a fast read speed and comprehension tests can be completed in minutes. Learn more about the speed at the end of the reading test. Follow these simple steps: we recommend readers to a speed of less than 1000 ppm or understanding between 90% of them to break through the barrier, learn different speed of reading and understanding the techniques of reading speed courses. You can follow this link to several. Very good and easy to know the word Lesegeschwindigkeit, Einfach testing. 380/min speed of reading only Meine … must immediately improve …. Test after test, I was surprised that I'm a reader slow …. As always, I'll be the course and I hope that my skills get improved soon. To calculate a speed of reading more accurate, read with normal speed and make sure that you understand what you read. listen with your speed, or random slide to quickly read.Comprehension has been developed so that it is not difficult, the result of 90% or more, except in that allows you to play your normal speed. If you search for the understanding of the other Internet for many tests are much more difficult.I recommend that you read to learn techniques for understanding and speed that have brought me great benefits. Read and understand knowledge, the information is correct, does not include warranties, so if you can read quickly, but then he read some issues of jurisdiction. Speed reading is the formal way, the correct reading learn skills and techniques to rapidly acquire information.You can check out my opinion on it. A year and a half months ago, my speed is 280 ppm. I am after this training course. I can now read almost 600 WPM. Incredible! Thanks for the great info. Estimado Señor Peter Sturzo: surfing the Internet, learned this site in particular, which is very applicable in my doctoral thesis. Because if it really is for my studies, it provides the questions necessary to measure their knowledge of English. He then asked my advisors about this permission. She said it was such good company, in my work. I'm a student, Cor Jesu graduates, Digos city, Philippines registration Bachelor of Arts in English. In my thesis I m, to gather data, need. My study is titled, book reading skills and Italians. Find both the significant relationship between reading books and knowledge of the English language (vocabulary, comprehension and speed reading). In this context I would like to inform, readers, but also comprehension of reading on this site as my tool of data collection for my dissertation used the test speed. I'm glad that m this type of test is available, free, and very accessible. I m ’, hope for your attention. You really, Ms. TABASA Gennybeb. Good reader: reading speed is very good and can be achieved by less than 1% of the world's population (although still a lot, if the world's huge population). With his natural ability to special reserved are placed to the highest category of reader speed quickly through reading skills for people like you. You'll find below. Tested my speed reading on other sites was convinced that some improvements in the previous days, after some techniques implemented registration, download WPM 553, in contrast to about 430 before WPM.But this disappointment was when I was only 40% comprehension test: (,) I do not know if it seemed that only, but as an ordeal that others have tried it, although I m no more excuses and I know I have to improve. -rhythm. To save time and money looking for courses, you can search this site, because we went through some speed reviews various products on the market and the speed chosen lector-X of reading as the best product, the product that we are with the branch. We have a comprehensive report on this subject and concluded that this speed reading course, stood on the market for several years, optimized training and results in some schools and organizations with a good feedback has been used. You can start from our website. I have been surfing the Internet for more than 3 hours today, but I don't have any interesting article like yours. It is enough for me. Thanks a lot. Well, I knew that it was only an average reader (371 words per minute) and I guess it's okay ’, if you are a Johnny Foreigner … what I feel, that they learn faster, read and get the most out of a text is something that everyone should point. Go through as much information and to remember every day, need special techniques to optimize how our skills as often as possible. Compressed seems exactly what learn, our brains must keep attention). In fact, I have a question.I have the speed to 80% 1602 WPM and understanding that I have 15 years.You need more and perhaps you are a world class player.I've used much more, but I have read View so busy lately.My normal speed (I tried the long ordeal of the text) is approximately 1200 WPM, and am very proud of my same. thank you! by the interesting test An average reader: most of the people who belong to this category. Read with vocalization, d. is an internal speech, when you read. Your reading speed can be improved by the Elimination of vocalization and other quickly to acquire reading skills. You'll find below. It is much more comfortable in the era of electronic communication and the exchange of information and the presentation of the text plays an important role in this area. For more information on the text through Web pages, post electronic, manuals, brochures, etc., not to mention the traditional media, such as books, newspapers, magazines and other printed publications. It was more and more opportunities, read and learn, how to read speed became a popular topic. Here we see that the speed means to read about different groups of people in society. For staff, there are still some problems of competition at work and unemployment, especially in an economy in contraction. Many people think of ways to be among your colleagues and competitors rather than retire. The navigation is to acquire a good technique for them because you can learn in learning part-time month, without its normal work. The playback speed can be suitable not only for the life of the work of the employee, but is also an opportunity that only a minority of people.It is now more important to customers. Much of your valuable time can be saved if you doubled your reading, has more than tripled, or may need to further accelerate. And the company succeed today, a key factor to keep the revisions with the latest market information. It will be possible, which means faster to read the latest information in the manufacture of a response is faster than the necessary competence. Another important factor of success is effectively different customers, suppliers and partners to communicate with members. With the ability to quickly read and understand also all the accounts user, requests, suggestions, emails, etc., may not be an avantage. Comme for students, can not get more read learn how to accelerate this golden age of learning. Reading has long been in the lives of students, especially if the student is a high School or a student. They are most of the time with the speed of reading that can be stored and the extra time can be used in various fields such as the development of different interests, strengthen and improve the weaknesses. Improved in order to explore the process itself, so that students learn and better understanding the material.Reading speed reading, probably as a faster prices are the most effective way for those who learn, today online. They offer greater flexibility and user in the time to learn to read in comparison, kinds of speed, they are also much cheaper. Compared with learning through books, online speed reading courses are more interactive. They offer automatic speed tests and training tools, the user can progress much better follow. Online courses also have the advantages of the speed of reproduction of software, because they can be kept updated with the latest information and training materials without disturbing the installation problems. Online courses good offer of assistance for a reasonable period of time such as one year. Finally learn to read speed, many benefits that can lead to different groups of people, including students, employees, customers and speed of online courses have become the most popular type among the methods of learning to read. It is often said that life is too short, there are always things that we do, but we do not want and enjoy freedom now, but not yet. Reading most of the time in our lives, then why not spend time with efficiency and comfort. Act now and start enjoying the speed reading. Excellent reader: you are a great player and certainly as a reader. It can also improve the speed of reading comprehension to understand how the different technical reading of the majority of the people. Because you learn to read quickly, so you can activate your true abilities. At the same time can improve their level of understanding and understand and remember what you read. Try this. ,,.