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Is this the time to load on this subject? In this case, the subject is the best so that visitors know your site fast and smooth. – bought some forest premium theme themes (including one for the blog of NichePursuits); So, there are several good options here as a true design that catches the eye for network traffic. I think the Weaver is a good topic, because the ’ s very configurable and is based on twenty ten, which is the former favourite of WordPress. Elegant themes are nice looking, but for someone as useless hood on bass, which are a nightmare to work with seriousness. Michael – as I said before, won ’ has no problem when it comes to Manual Tester. I think it is OK, even if it repeats a theme here and there; It is preferable not to raise red flags. List of child wise and I ’ I'll have to go through everything!I ’ view documents received and once with the heading know CTR on my new site ’ again to make money, then I put more time and effort you and a unique sensation with a personal theme. Spencer, I use the ZeeDisplay theme for a few months and it works great. I have to put the link bar directly below the header and an average AdSense box on the right side, and they were very good. ’ is the best WordPress theme for niche Adsense sites using?  There is a theme to use all the time?  Or be a new theme that is used for each site? Here are some of the issues that should be considered when creating Web sites.  If only one or two large sites are created, this is not really a problem.  Find a great article for your website and forward!However, if you want to create dozens of small sites, niches that are in my opinion matters for almost all of their site search.  The reason for this?  The customer manual.  If for some reason, Google decided to manually check the pages, you n ’ t be captured with each search sites want exactly the same thing.  If nothing unique or original in its pages, this raises a big red flag in a Handbook of the editor.  Of course, we know that never exactly how Google's algorithm or manual reviews are when you visit our Web site, so I think each site presents itself as the only possible to keep.I started building plots by small niche Web sites about 2 years ago (built several other places, that were complete failures).  When I was home in these pages, I have exact same problem in each.  All my sites seeing exactly the same thing with the same subject, same ad designs, colors and everything.  Since I am ’ sure that these sites were manually verified (never know for sure?), punished, and I had another difficult learning experience.  I went and, as a result of these experiences, which create multiple unique sites and better product content. Spencer, great info as usual. Thanks for another great post. Make someone did do no not opinion affiliate theme ” “ for specialized sites? It is particularly good for partners/niche compared to other topics? Thank you very much. The man would have been a problem with the encryption foot holds. I tried with malware in my first Web site. Who could be moved to another topic, but I have a lot of time modifying the code, that the ’ do not want to do it again. I'm at the bottom of your free themes or any website, in particular, but reading this article if you want to get free themes in the WordPress Administration Panel. At least, you know who to avoid and how to do it on the spot. Hello Spencer. Thanks for the list. I wanted to inform you that the first two (grey BlueSense and direction) are linked to the same theme. I ’ that determines whether just ignore: d I think DoshDosh was also very good, and I visited many. There were no updates for ages, when I read the Forums Maki Warrior (the man behind DoshDosh) just before Christmas, a few months before in a car accident had been killed. None of DoshDosh, but a white page is now locked Maki, to give a lot of work on this site and apparently doesn't like the type, so sad, I think that what I've read in some WF.Return to topics I bought Flexsqueeze theme and now use quite frequently (which can do more than anyway else with little work – even if a user wants to ’ t always immediately recognize another Flexsqueeze theme installation when I see one). My favorite free niche AdFlex – I ’ I've had good results as well. Hi Sepencer a Ressource. Ich another great ’ d add available free theme s 2011 ’ its awesome. Flexibility has a link to WordPress, but the Devils a lot and comes pre-InstalledAlso really some Studiopress themes I paid and I think a couple free.With this list, you can but a hosting account. Find 25 + domains and have a pleasant corner of the Web with different Vorlagen. Chers. That suspect? This is the part that I like ’ t get! because when the same pages? What do your clients? As to damage in any way the individual users to these sites. I see the reason why Google would be responsible for the theme and layout.If all sites are super thin with aggressive AdSense placement etc, then surely you will have a free-kick, but due to the similar design and the same subject. Only ’ t useful.Often appears under Imers believe Google on their ‘ to ’ and ’ s ‘ v ’, I don't know, I'll buy it. Do things from saliva, I think there is a logical reason behind what they're doing.The reason is in this case, because I don't see an advantage to have a design and a theme, if I have to go, because it is easier to configure and manage the addition is also easier and faster to adjust in the best positions in advertising and learn.Maybe the people who sleep better at night and is good, but the thing is that I can only see the ’ logical reason. Spencer, good list, thanks for sharing. I want a book – be very careful about where to download free themes. You never know what kind of malicious code can be included in the material. Leland wrote a great post on ThemeLab on this a few years ago, but it is also very important. It could just be the niche because I was actually pretty decent CRT with this theme. Without, however, until the change and see if anything improves. Leave attribution link in most issues in the workplace. If the legal ” “ should be there, I'll stop. Steve Merci for sharing! Yes, there are so many great free WordPress themes out – reason not to have one for each site. No Longer seems to be a functioning Web site [which is very sad, because it was an excellent blog] that these issues are not at the moment). 3. your AdSense publisher ID or your Analytics ID becomes clear, which is still Google whether you use multiple accounts. To let you know that we ’ all trying to make money here. You can be a different angle ’ i.e. using the same theme in its pages. Let s ’ I think Google has a manual review of your niche sites, if you ’ re on page 1, position 1. If they find something wrong, can ’ ll, take a look at other sites and fly stand stupid, if you ’ have more advertising content, the Example. Google is getting smarter and ’ only a matter of time until what you win ’ t is no longer needed an editor site quality manual. Go, that how easy it is for you to check if you're using something like ’ topic CTR? Yes is my personal vote for catalyst – use it in most of my pages, affiliate marketing and AdSense – the ’ of easy to customize and what you want. Thank you so much for this list, Spencer! It's good to know that some of the questions that we recommend.’-winning issues, I saw I liked with elegant designs as a resource – and for $ 39 per year, you have access to all its subjects. Another premium theme ’ m is a lot of progress. I just upgraded to 3.0 and further advances are even easier to use and more powerful than before. Although a little progress takes time, quickly get ’ very easy to use, customize each build site. Highly recommended if ’ creates many niche websites – I ’ seen 6 positions with 3.0 progress, only in the last week and I love ’ m, what they look like. Try the HeatMap? What are the reasons behind Google punishing for similar site search? I ’ t figured out. If they are very thin and ‘ made for AdSense in ’ style and create a review and not always at a disadvantage a better opportunity, if they have different themes? Why? If you Dick & accessible to visitors, it is thought that this question of diversity of the subject?I mean who do you wrong, or ’ not believe that his experience, that just don t understand why ’ Google.Se viewpoint I was punished may have happened and the turn of events that are expected to have punished a little more closely. It will affect all sites? All pages with the same topic? All sites in an AdSense account? Very nice ‘ for ’ AdSense type sites. I would like to know more details about it.Thanks for the great blogs and resources. I fully agree with the Vulernability Timthumb on many topics, free of charge and for a fee. Certainly I want to ’ premium is always better I think free ’ vista uses a lot of free themes, which I really like. Issues of elegant, to be fair I ’ vista ever obtained, but a high score with some of them for help. I found it frustrating to deal with it, simply because the ’ is easier for me, live with the code and CSS to work. My client felt frustrated trying to get help with subjects in their support forum, so I used to help. Just being able to pass on my experience and my client, I soon ’ her experience with them was better. Spencer, thanks for sharing this list. ’ I m eager to see a little more in detail later. saw/Woothemes turning on the canvas? The ’ is ideal for customization and has that look from Woothemes. What do you have for the first time recently and was very impressed. Wesley – I like the look of elegant themes. Probably not the best for Adsense sites, but in the past I have used a couple. I use them primarily to other types of websites. – are the 2 that was formerly used in all my sites.  BlueSense produces the best click-through rate has ever seen.  However, many have punished these pages.  I was thinking ’ BlueSense from, which caused, but the fact is that I have the same problem (wouldn't it be something?) in my pages. I ’ t use these themes in new pages now 2. Thanks for the names of the subjects, Spencer. But I know one thing. Use these themes in settings or adjust them well before using it? Share pls ….Thank you very much. Hi Spencer, thanks for the list!Used question: has never been Clickbump themes? I ’ sees great things from them to listen and treat them quickly, but curious to know if you've used before. Thank you so much for this list, Spencer! I m ’ when deploying a small number of specialized sites and maintain subject to search. Now, I won t ideas for an ’ Weil Ich tested with a developer license ’ thesis, but it was too expensive for what I had, so I have a refund for them. I am pleased to see that the free themes for Adsense sites are still viable. already know, to find out if there are encrypted header/footer/functions that fucked up, when you try to change the design of the site? I find it very annoying. Thanks for the post and the free themes! I'm new in the world and follow your site regularly. Thanks for your knowledge and your honesty. These themes are a sweet! Thanks again, Kali. Spencer thanks – I love this post! Choose a theme for every new site that once part of it consumes more time for me to attract huge, a list attached.Cute without including some that seem to be fairly minimalist, that I found recently and I liked: black with orange, nests, Europe, HelloSexy and Asokay. Looks like good work with AdSense. Thanks Spencer. I just want to look for any topic, but I have not much to say that my income is affected. I will try to use some of them.Thanks again for your Help. Grace. Spencer, a question. According to him, it was just the look and design of the theme, that you believe you can or “ red flag ” is the underlying encoding of matter, which raises the flag?The question, because I'm doing well with the thesis theme, how many buildings they built websites and other ’ 's client websites with it. Can I do any different site, who you also view ’ t I just know that they are on the same topic. I am planning to change my subjects anyway, but I was curious to know what you think, is the exact, which replaces the red flag ” … “ thank you! Hi Spencer, check to see if the revised manual includes a source code? Why, I ask why is minimal, because I was curious to know if it's just for the development and design of my theme and stand-by-side with changes in appearance and atmosphere, you could modify the code. Do not change, refer to the wide, wide color, sidebar, etc. … thanks in advance! WP themes Pack strings together, Spencer, thanks! Always try to use different themes for my specialty sites (’ is easy, because I have a lot less, you … ja ja) but there are a few themes that I like very well (they are easy to use and SEO optimized well enough) ben ’ vista uses these themes for several times. However, whenever you change the colors, the location of the image and the logo of widgets. Do you think these pages are punished? All my sites are from 1 to 5 months of age, so you can ’ t prove this theory in my experience. Spencer thanks!I will try these free themes list on my site, I ve ’ play CTR on the topic, but not ’ to find the good Drive. My fav: woo ThemesI ’ I want to thank you for sharing some other topics, rating of the good things of these plugins for your website protect from direct attacks by pirates belongs especially to Allen for his good advice on TimThumb Akte.Ich – – WordPress firewall antivirus 2Regards. Thanks for the second of the great list. I use the theme of CTR for my website and Semiologic pair Website. Suchen asthma, the next sites around these themes in my use. I think only the appearance, not the underlying code. Once again, I think that only the drawings apply to a review manual (probably rarely the case). Also a “ red flag ” ’ not say t, automatically is punishable – means the examiner's manual is longer and a bit more in their positions. 2 guys d'arras ThemeAnd, consider BlueSense theme please. Is a thorn in the eye, to say the least. Who dares to say that isn't true? Someone?And makes a serious mixture of a site must be a custom theme. See 100 per day-blog owner, using the design of monstrosity. What do you think? Spend $ 500 for a subject if wrong or not? but once you start off and you can try if you want traffic behind several ads or different subjects. you have other problems, you will be happy with the other parts?  Leave a comment below with a link to your favorite WordPress themes, to specialized sites.  Or just leave a comment or a question, to continue the discussion. OK, but how the perception of quality in General say 10 different websites, you have the theme on this site uses a correlation? Why should apply the degree because they look like one? ’ t not be judged or scoring for things like the quality of the article, easy to navigate, the use of the media, to be added to article length, the number and location necessary content, thickness 10 low cost 50 + pages of websites, but all are similar and use the same theme. Would be less and subjected to a sentence only because they use the same design? Only ’ t useful.I think people automatically conclude that similar topic sites/same look are of poor quality because they are commonly used, but the thing is that there ’ to t. But as I said, what makes people ask for better …. Is the list that I waited …. Spencer thanks!Thank you for your understanding to use different themes for each site … sure sorry.Now you are looking for free themes, since it will be able to remove the footer link to ascription largely free … themes.Ok, removed the adjustment of models. only if it is legally possible to remove this link, you can choose free themes? I came across just now. It is similar to the progression of reptile, how to build your Visual theme can then be removed. The two are similar in this regard. Thank you for sharing this with Spencer all! These problems ThemeZee are some of my favorites and use them for a variety of my AdSense websites/Amazon. Header and user-defined colors are great and very clean in General. I ’ cutter View Pro use themes in a few pages, but also many other problems (which can be ’ t remember the names of the top of the head).Well, I have a good easy to manage and customize the solid mixture of songs!Bryan. Thanks for the list of topics Spencer! I tried the issue of CTR and got poor results.I love the mystery and amendments thereto (column, AdSense sites differ in the header using post-plug-in or an all-AdSense plugin AdSense ads to be placed in different positions in different sizes) in several articles, etc. make it more unique. Elektra is another use in conjunction with the question of apricot (good minimalist design), etc. have exceeded what they were before “ hard ” Erfahrungen. Also, General information, so I said that he tries to every website would be only possible.  Yes, this is a job a bit more, but I think it is tried.  Now, if I can develop my sites, I will do my best to use a different design on each site.  I definitely some repetition of themes I love; However, do my best to move it upward.  Here is a list of free and paid themes, used in the past for my specialty sites. FYI: we all know that the page is important for user downtime and Google rankings. Therefore, if a subject is slow, the ’ is not clear. Here's a Google page to test the idle speed. Nice post Spencer. Used so far only have a high degree of flexibility, but am owner of theme and drawing using the basis of progress seems to be made much sense, different themes, to save their asses, when Google comes to call. Thank you for the excellent resource. Spence, uses the basic magazine theme and others in this list of … did not mention, flexibility for other Theme release. Ich. Hi Spencer, never reviewed here, but said he would use different themes on all sites. I know what you said, you have 4 different ad-sense account. But of course the same ID lines in a large number of them. Therefore, it is not a manual of ’ t, meaningless, because they all share the same Adsense ID?Please explain thanks. Hi Spencer, thanks for sharing this. Question: are all the themes of a white background, so n ’ t have to create custom AdSense ad colors to whatever you use? Wholesale Pack – I love that captures, I like this topic that it seems that some of your list Spencer, a selection of AdSense Optimizaed collects issues (some are obviously repeat) could add this blog SEO Russian:. One very effective the rest I found or AdSense iNove and Semiologic (great customization options). All AdSense topics have one thing in common imho minimalism. This ’ 's a long list. I ’ I had the opportunity to find good themes on Themeforest, very good, but I use primarily for my pages from Amazon. In addition to this ’ BlueSense Adsense and shows How based on magazines such as elegant themes? I do not have ’ t has heard a lot of good things, but the price is low and they are decent. Michelle, I agree with what ’ ri, for example, taking care of, where his subjects, but is said to have ’ has premium themes, being hit by malicious attacks – normally because the third party uses popular plug-ins. Also quite agree with what you say many of the elegant themes – must be very highly skilled Web Developer to modify these themes. But to be honest, most of their problems out of the box and if you have a look ’ ri goes, so it takes very little source code. Once again, as I said in my post, are great to meet customer needs and desires. The ’ 's not a lot of companies, doing 40 $ per year! Spencer, long time looking for this question and answers in detail.I usually have the platform and iBlog a free theme for WordPress on my site, but now many other options.Thanks …. As a change in the rate would take effect Adsense CTR? I am an average of 60 visitors a day and organic search but have a bounce rate of 25-60%, but only a few clicks per week. The ads have been optimized with the rest of the page. So I think that might help to change a theme. Mike may. You are looking for a new theme for one of my sites and it was good to have this list here. Left behind to check for patterns such as popcorn ’ nice for all my pages have their own identity. Bless you. To be honest, I also have other problems, but I think it's a good list to begin with!  Would be through each of my sites, go ’ I ’ d see other topics, but some will give you great opportunities.In summary, there are several main themes, which you can build niche websites. . Hi Spencer – thanks for pointing that out of these free themes. I need to create my own niche sites with the same mistake as the theme. Soon I'll go through them and make them Sie Ich don ’ I don't think it will be a big problem for me at the moment because these brand new sites and classification are ’ t very well but if I ’ ll upwards and each of them has changed a single item in the list above.Thanks for reporting the problem, all the more so now in front of me at work Spencer Got. Thanks, that might indicate. I ’ read a few articles online, tell the folks at free themes to be careful. Use popular themes for free. – I probably more than a dozen topics that are free on this site.  The only downside is that they need on their Web sites link in the footer, the topic is disabled if you go with the links.  Or you pay $ 19, the theme without 31 left to buy. ,,.