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Test, with the construction of some (or all) of the questions on the tests and exam/test questions so that students are actively involved in the creation of quiz-here. It can be associated with this exercise of duties and evaluated (perhaps for extra credit points). We advise students to think about issues of test questions, more educational material and the main themes of thought comparing representative views to explore applications and other higher-order thinking skills. Once the questions are collected, can the instructor as a basis for revision or questions more effective meetings for modeling. In addition, ask the students considered the merits of a sampling of questions; for the consideration of the issues, it will increase significantly, to offer their commitment to the material, the answers. You can charge students to certain aspects of these issues in the same material, including the degree of difficulty, efficacy assessment learn their correct range of issues being discussed and so on. (or perhaps two, but not much more) Minutes to respond. Are some examples of questions: how John Sluis definiertfreien wills?, what istscientific of realism?, what is the activation energy of a chemical reaction?, what is the difference between transcription and replication? and so on. Is another advantage of minute paper the question that problems such as what was the main point of the s-class team today? seeing the students will present the material in such a way, what you imagine. ), Groups of students to prepare the prosecution and the defense of Socrates in the youth of charges of corruption and treason; each team can present witnesses (limited to characters that appear in dialog boxes, for example) to build your case and prepare questions about his interrogation. . Game of role-here, the students should play a role. In this way, they get a better idea of the concepts and theories discussed. Full of exercises from a simple game (for example). What would you do if a Nazi came home for you, and hiding in a family Jewish in the attic?) the complex. Complex role-playing games take the form of a game (time and resources); For example, students can restore the philosophy of the ancients, the trial of Socrates. Using different sources (dialogues of Plato z.) (b., Pierre.,.),.