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Welcome! Hierdu you will find the combination (daughter), that some of the most beautiful, magnificent and vicious (Guy/guy) yaoi and Yuri manga available, all the faithful IntoEnglish translated into language and completely uncircumcised and uncensored, eight years, introduced moved up to 100%. Often incorporated new items, please check!Beposted be updated. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of Comicswith a unique style and following. Close to the revolution! Read some manga today! In code. Organized mega! You have special manga artist, title or group you want to find? They ’ view removes the effort to find not only those, but a picnic, see new manga to care for the mouth! This last suggestion is low. I have ’ as less real estate and two columns of page to see what's new. The four albums for 17 may extend in the category often appears a little uncomfortable. Other functions, such as “ are ”, “ Sleeve Top Note: ”, etc.can be added to compensate for the empty space. Homepage which quickly at the point. Find out what that a new ’ and what is popular ’. It is no doubt popular ’ gives you an idea of what manga is well read. Comments section. Yes, there are some blogs out there to go on the manga, but this feature would add further aid colleagues Yuri decide what to read. Welcome to the new dynasty of the online manga reader! We are always the first ascent of the chapters, so if you n t show ’ check preferred: series of return soon. To provide an understanding of this freshly out of the press worldwide adds beauty of Yuri, I thought it was so fabulous instantly! Why? We offer a buffet of Visual stimuli present 100% manga Yurilicous includes … like shopping!Constructive criticism: new releases page is decent, if not a little old-fashioned in appearance. Well a little more than a pole would come based on Web 2.0. However, when the DS ’ reader s eye candy is missing in the steering wheel allows an easy navigation, organization and quality of the content. It is clean and simple ’! The homepage serves as its legitimate purpose, showing what's hot! An evaluation function. Views of the popularity and the chapter chapter ’ is not necessarily a sign that a manga is good. People tend to choose the most recent version and read it prior to the findings. Criticism and comments are an effective partner for readers. ,,.