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Wow! I have ' I have twice and have to write a review for the vegetable sandwich. I am almost vegan, and I had a beautiful vegetable of sandwiches. Might think that the same tattoos, but you are wrong! Secret places and grilled vegetable hummus sandwich is delicious! I'm free vegan add my meat and cabbage and cucumbers. The ingredients are fresh very fast and Don ' t skimp on vegetables. :) The only downside is that I have my order for takeaway, asked, and when I arrived it was ' t ready, because there's not a vegetarian meat. It would have been nice, receive a call letter ' don't have to wait. Anyway I still 5 stars based on the food and staff to 15 9/15 must try it! Secret place is delicious! Anytime I ' m a big meal here have a bad day, and at the end made a cracker House makes it better. And the best part is ' is healthy! I've never eaten something ' here and I only six years! The shock of dawn patrol and Burrito are Curry mean all time favourites. Many people seem to complain about the wait, but if you wait after two not ' t bad, waiting not that I went last time. The ' is a relaxed atmosphere, great and I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to eat a healthy and tasty meal! 2 check-in that I this little hole in the wall of my friend Dave learned that I met surfers in the waves of Bolsa Chica. Shoutout to Dave surfing! Where are you, Dave surf? Only 3 tables within hail, and a few tables outside, so plan accordingly. Cooking can be a little slow because they are fresh. I recommend to call in your order for faster service. The ginger ale is very tart and refreshing! Make their fresh lemonade. # 4, the local favorite breakfast Burrito is the local favorite for a reason. The ' is awesome. American/California-Zed thus do not eat very ' t wait for legitimate Mexican Burritos, but a message from surf good food. Very healthy for the most part. Free cookies, if you give them a review on Yelp. This is why I ' m to leave this review. Thank you in advance for the free cookie! I want my little secret? I am not a vegetarian ', but ' I m a big fan of vegetarian food. The good feelings the food ' not ' must not unpleasant. My friend and I decided to a quick stop for breakfast here and not disappointed. I never thought that I would love to try the vegetarian food was his Worte.Details carnivorous mouth: is located on a square next to a gas station. The beach is literally just a few steps and you can feel the breeze and the smell of the sea. The ' is a little limited, internal and external. The decor is rustic with a similar feeling to the person of the surf. We have no ' t you are equipped with a bathroom, so you need to go to the gas station pot. A high-quality service and decent prices. I love it is.Food: several options, but I knew exactly what wanted.-breakfast Burrito # 4: I have a burrito with avocado, white eggs and Soyrizo. Also came with potatoes and cheese, but ' t want my cock. Oh, this cock was absolutely delicious! Typically to save half for later, but I found to eat me on the last drop. The salsa was fresh and the Soyrizo beautiful football. I was satisfied without feeling as if ' have food coma. 5/5-end? I m surprised ' ' t, I've heard of this place before ' has been around for a while. I have ' a big fan of m and would again to try other things on the menu. 1 sign up this secret place love the! The ' is a small restaurant located near beach, which serves vegetarian meals of tasty and delicious regional cuisine. I tried the West wrap nut, but the taste was very tasty BBQ! I love the crunch of the nuts. I've blacked out attempt also love lawyer mushrooms within wrap (sprinkle a little salt are amazing) knows a lot healthier face in the West, but a great refreshing envelope so that the. I liked, came as the starters with chips and salsa and ' self-service-tools/water has on the Front.Insgesamt definitely recommend friends (:.) This user wanted to Qype, 2012 acquired European companies from Yelp. We have two locations offer integrated a great local experience. It has a sound surround. Pretty decent Burrito. You receive a cookie, if a Yelp comment. Free cookie was really delicious!Very friendly staff and good service. Secret place is the ideal place to enjoy a good meal. The ' restaurant is limited to plan, so a little hole in the wall when you where you sit.  Who likes burritos, I suggest, HB-surround-sound-pump!And customer service is awesome! On the whole, is the ideal place to enjoy a meal! ,,.