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This is our best Huri was recently a fan of Erik Norlander. Album self-titled starting with his solo albums and many large heterogeneous group his former wife Lana lane (where Norlander plays an important role as keyboardist, producer and songwriter). It had scientific principles by Norlander vaguely aware for some time but had not impressed me very much in the past. But more carefully to check the tape was a natural step for me, after checking the discography of Norlander. Listen to the live version of Mariner (brutal architecture scientists album) album Solo Star excellent live from Norlander rain provides a reason more to try more from this band. Scientist history dates back to the 1980s years and released the first album (terrestrial) in 1993. This album was recorded, after a second Studio album (this brutal architecture) and improved versions usually has that originally only as a bonus track CD some of the best songs from the first two albums, including one,-the Japanese version of the brutal architecture (Stardust) is released. He had also some bits of the first solo album Norlander threshold, which was released at the same time. The fantastic Lana lane appears on backing vocals on two tracks. Since then, I usually prefer Lana lane Norlander respective albums on scientists. One of the reasons has to do with the pop/psychedelic page of the latter is heavily influenced by artists like the Beatles, the Moody Blues and Pink Floyd influences simply agree not as symphonic prog rock and metal symphonique precedent. Another reason is that the voice of Mark McCrite of less for my taste (even if here, hang it on the, which sings looks). But this live album captured my interest with a strong and powerful. It is a good balance between instrumental and vokaler material, but also more energy and quiet. It is a good version of this Ballad of Mariner Symphony (vote yes even Norlander here?); the signature melody Norlander Neurosaur; a potpourri of prog consisting of instrumental pieces of land and the brutal architecture; a great version of the fall of Icarus with a Keith Emerson piano is eye-candy in the middle section. This live album is a better version of one of the four albums of the group all of this, as well as the pleasant presence of Lana lane.A good introduction for scientists and also a good companion in Starfall of great lower Norlander. PtolemySeven years remains that after days of oblivion, the scientists with this double album, until today the youngest. In the meantime, Erik Norlander has recorded and produced three albums under his own name, as well several albums with Lana lane (for which he wrote much of the material). Other types of scientific rockets has been involved in many of these projects. He was a prolific period for these people, there is no need to add. This brought also an album more mature in the sense of the revolution. The pop side of the band is always present, but it took a more rock sound. Leave also attempts, his contemporary in the days of oblivion to damage. Personally, I think that making a double album was exaggerated. Had condensed the material on a single hard drive would be a stronger drive. It included a cover of the Moody Blues (of a strange and distant time) - Gypsy. That's good, but I don't see the point to make a double album, if you have, including covers for filling. At this stage revolution is compared to the three previous albums of the band in relation to quality, all have the same touch. All three albums are good, but they have their respective pros and cons. There is no sign of weakness as such, but there are also there are tracks that stand out from the rest. It is a beautiful and Nice, hear but not particularly memorable. Musicality is very high, as always, but it seems that Norlander has used his best compositions for their solo albums and many great albums by Lana lane. Another good album of genes. After the «land» the education of scientists was officially on a trio with Don ship, run as a regular member expanded.With Tony D'amato back behind the drums, they took their second effort, brutal architecture while an agreement with Kinesis had received and eventually the album was published in 1995 the label of the United States. » On the ground showed traces, which come from the talented scientists starting potential, in this second job.The style was more complicated regulations with sophisticated, while most are obviously retro references and compared to the masters of the past is characterized by this sound.Synthesizer inspired by electronics and Clavinet facilities themselves, the main reason for the change and the delivery of a good rhythm are nostalgic the slider Norlander, Mellotrons and melodies are non-existent or not with some lead guitar by Mark McCrite, while a more accessible approach still evident in various Spuren.Aber these documents contain a lot of good shadow room for the exercise of the Instrumentaltechniken.Die or result is an album by hammer different symphonic Tastaturen.Das, AIJALON and Kim, have a clear idea of us Prog. Vocales are sensitive and that revealed a good skill in composition and a still better future Norlander piano shows multiple classic-sounding policies with the neo/symphonique of melodic prog group, which can be very dramatic, expressive, similar to different Musikalität.Auch. » Brutal architecture marks a breakthrough for the music of group Unidos.La condition is always still a little original, but the most train develop complex compositions and retro inspiration was definitely the correct Entscheidung.Empfohlen, especially for fans of classic starring prog and neo-Prog. I have a copy of the forgotten days of genes. I bought a long time ago and you have not heard for years. Never, I was very progressive rock-pop impressed by his formula from a mixture of inclinations. Has some good songs, but for the rest who did things.See, that had a more recent version, I think that another opportunity would give this band after the search revolution has a low price for their way of albums. It doesn't seem that they changed the formula. And this time there are 2 CDs with music that meanders through this, that appear in my head held is Asia. Yes, Asia. It is advanced by Asia, but most have pop rock/AOR numbers was composed. For many of them, the only thing the progressive that some flowers are keyboard Keyboard Maestro Erik Norlander. Well, I like the work of the Norlander, but these flowers in a vein of Wakeman Emerson seemed to lose its charm more guarded this album belongs. I had more the feeling that even Geoff Downes and feel so Asian. Norlander is good in ruffles and soundscapes, but when is it an interesting melody?There are a number of instrumental tracks on the album, but none of them interesting found. Some were rolled out, some believed potential simply boring, only the last track (but lacking the emotion that is necessary, only 13 minutes on foot). In fact, since then, and night show that only songs that I love from this album pop-rock, the best numbers. I found the guest singer David McBee getting used to be.The length of this album is also a problem. Could be reduced easily to a single album as the hard disk of material that have been left to a file.If you like Asia, or a band that tends to thrive on the stage of the pop rock/AOR with progressive leanings in the first place only keyboard refuse, probably enjoy that. Otherwise, it is just for the fans. ArchimedesOblivion is the third album by scientists, hailed by many as the best days. I do agree that in some respects than the two previous ones, but in addition it is better the opposite. Erik Norlander plays keyboard is also an excellent job in providing a rhythmic Foundation once again wonderful and different drummer and bassist. Guitar solo is performed by several people, including Arjen Lucassen Ayreon and Neil wanted lemon lane. Lana lane itself provides some backing vocals on some tracks. Although the band was once again heavy with this album, there is a strong flavor of pop. Symphonic prog elements, the on the basis of Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, keyboard-based are still uncomfortable this psychedelic influence Beatles/Pink Floyd. There are also about trying more contemporary sound that I don't like. An interesting and unique blend created all these elements bold, sometimes it works really well. But sometimes I think less. But the most important factor is the quality of the material. Vocal numbers, the title is set to follow. Breaking the silence is a good track, reminiscent of the sound of the guitar complete with Robert Fripp of King Crimson. But there's nothing on this album that compare the size of the excellent taste of the seafarers from the previous album. Instrumentals are the best here, including the parts 3 and 4 of the dark waters by opening and closing the album respectively, and when a tool is the name of a famous scientist of Archimedes. Another good album by genes, but I think it has brutally with the former architecture and the live album, which followed, the Earth below and on top reached to heaven. CopernicusThe is a pure joy to my ears, but when dealing with the voice my interest like a stone sinks the first six minutes of the second Studio album by the scientists. Poppy, laidback, stylistically vocals by Mark McCrite mixes water with pride over his symphonic prog created by Erik Norlander, wonderful lead guitar keyboard McCrite, Don Shiff stick and drums Tommy Amato and oil. When are they territory instrumental to do work but the vocal passages still not for me a wonderful job on this album. Are not evil as such, but the voice is still by far, not always with the rest. Also I powerful singers prefer. It is a matter of personal taste. It is true that this album is more progressive than the first and many more options earlier. Some songs from the album wanted to be pillars in the portfolio by Erik Norlander with scientists and with his band. La Ballata Sinfonica Mariner is the first of them. This is a great song, which appeared on several live albums. Personally, I prefer the version with Keeling the lead vocal stars, excellent live album from Norlander to rain down. The dark water of the instrumental parts, two presented here for the first time (3 and 4 would appear parts on the next album). Norlander would bring then together Galactic collective parts of the dark water in a long room on their album. Brutal architecture album was followed by a direct release called Earth and sky (named after a line in the song of the third millennium). This live album was songs from her first two studio albums including a portion of the water of a dark, wake me up, followed by the fall of Icarus, Millenium 3, Mariner, and parts of the track in the current album. The bonus track on the Japanese version of Stardust CD was with Lana lane on vocals. Personally, I prefer the versions of these songs in the study, especially in cases where voice functions lead to others. Nevertheless, the brutal architecture is a good album in its own right with many great moments. I would also say that it is better, give a scientific study. But as stressed, the live album mentioned could be the best place to start. Dark PythagorasThe and unforgettable home maybe some think that we might be dealing with a black metal album here, but hardly any further from the truth. The scientists first album prog is perhaps best as a pop album. I heard Yes 80 and 90, the Beatles and Pink Floyd (there's a cover of welcome to the machine Floyd), as well as the American symphonic prog (80 and perhaps Neal Morse Kansas?). Scientific history dates back to the late 1980 and the first album of 1993. This was the first of numerous documents that record by Erik Norlander and produce over the next two decades, including a large number of Lana Lane, that singing provides the current album. The songs are generally short and melodic. No doubt, some would say, to shopping, but it is undeniable that the musicality and here the progressive spirit. Many of the songs here could be later improved and extended in the direct format. Title, picture show, Avalon and the calm before the storm later appeared excellent live album Earth and sky and improved version (with Lana lane on vocals) in 1998. Short instrumental, the Pythagoras life appears also on the album as part of a medley. For me, this album as such is fully heard and pleasant, but might not be very impressive. Since most would agree although the potential was already clear, had to find the band yet their true identity. For me personally, this album has other virtues, the lack of subsequent albums. While all what the is ears-as as well as its better-known successor disc. A good place to start and the beginning of a great career. Best album with instrumental parts. Guitarist and singer Mark McCrite complement very well with Eric Norlander and Don Schiff with the stick also helps in the composition of. 1 CD heaven falls is an excellent open with a heavy guitar riff and the big keyboard. The melodic line is also very good. Red dream and better views are also major titles. The first and the second is more than just a little, but with impressive instrumental interlude. Exterior walls and Ptolemy are instrumentals, unconventional and very good pure prog rock. The way of the revolution is in the main instrumental Norlander with CDs of Claviers. highlights 2, is good, but not more than 1 CD is homogeneous. The best tracks are, the climate to enjoy your posts that pay Eden Burns (with some sounds of the organ of the Church) and the Castillo of Naipes. The interaction between the three musicians and an instrumental of the drums is very good. The album closes with the instrumental epic after the revolution. There is a question of climate change in a gentle way with piano and guitar in the vein of the Mariner (brutal architecture). Good piece, but perhaps unnecessarily long.Great addition to any collection of prog rock. ,,.