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very easy to use. Learn Arabic first only. Find me this very useful. You can quickly learn the language, if you put your efforts in this. I highly recommend it. . Hello, my name is Amira Zaki, is the guest of the Arab rocket. I come from the beautiful country of Egypt, which means that Arabic is my mother tongue. This also means that I know how it can be difficult to learn a new language, learning English, because I've been there. With my colleagues in the English language, Erica and Hany, it would help you to speak and understand Arabic Egypt during the time of cutting in the Lernumgebung.Ich travelled to all parts of the world and found that the languages are a great way to meet people and discover new things. I want your experience and learning Arabic fun!As the rocket languages, my goal is to reach his goal. Now you know how to use rocket records, and you can start to learn some lessons from Arabic Arabic based on the evidence. These lessons of rocket Arabic Arabic word helps you learn many Arabic words and improve your Arabic pronunciation. We also have lists of vocabulary useful to help learn Arabic recorded it. Try these popular classes:. It was a very surprising for me. I wanted to learn Arabic as soon as possible and wanted to change my Spanish program, and found this Web site! I have found that learning languages is very funny, and if you concentrate, you get the super fast. I've been using Rosetta Stone Spanish for 4 years and they are not some of the things I've done here for a day. This is a fantastic program! One thing that pronounce the words of the Egyptian Arabic, is another to understand how sounds are converted into written words. Write it! This is the test automatically tool lets you, discover what so well developed is the Arab ear. Listen to the speaker native says a word or phrase and treats of write correctly in the corresponding box for this purpose. It is an available keyboard special characters, if you need, so you absolutely right. Then you will click when you have finished, and you'll see how you and a number of points for that Word or phrase. Write to test your knowledge of drafting with him! here:. Ear Arabic training can be one of the things that the Arab students, determine which is more difficult to master. That is why we wanted to hear and tell it! Here is like saying you hear! works. It will play an audio track in the respective lesson randomly selected. After listening to the song that you register I need you to say the word, compare the way refers to the Arabic speaker and please note that understanding the speaker. A very powerful tool to optimize your Arabic ear! Also with the feeling and say! Here again, they have rebuilt their vocabulary, learning some basic words Arab, it's time to learn the phrases in Arabic with a little more than our Arabic courses are planning a trip to the company of the Arab speaking countries. Or you may need to speak Arabic closer to home. Any reason, you can simple Arab expressions during those hours in information Arabic Arabic missiles. Note the blue triangle next to each symbol of the Arabic term. Simply click the icon, the record of records accessed rocket missile. You can hear hundreds of Arabic words and phrases is formed in the natives. You can then record and compare your speech with the mother tongue. It is a great way to learn Arabic, increasing the number of Arabic words and phrases that you know and at the same time improve their pronunciation and accent. The files of the rocket is ideal for your confidence! Virtually every Arabic word and words in these lessons with our comparison of the rocket to the voice recording technology as possible to get an Arab so close the debate. Well, not the training in the world help if someone is spoken in Arabic and stuck head, if talk! That is why we have designed SOAP! Test tool automated, you actually on the ground! You know! Tyres are selected at random: words and phrases from each lesson and ask yourself about arabischen pregnant even to say the translation of the Egyptian Arabic, register and vote as you did! You have to know your stuff for this, but the advantages are Arabic can be enormous maximizing what speed the right thing to say, if someone speaks for you! For a real challenge, try to know it!:. This Arab Forum is where you will receive feedback and connect with other students. Interaction with teachers and really help you to develop your understanding! If you just want to learn some words in Arabic and phrases, or go further, we have the answers to all your questions in Arabic! We are talking about tools, tricks, audio lessons, and the Arabic word confidently speak and understand Arabic quickly and efficiently. Here you will find tons of resources for Arabic, which really helps to learn Arabic in Egypt. This fantastic Egyptian Arabic lessons, an Arab can follow your point going to understand how Arabic work grammar, a number of really useful and phrases Arabic words, English-speaking country. Very easy to use. Learn Arabic first only. Find me this very useful. You can quickly learn the language, if you put your efforts in this. I recommend for beginners. It is easier for me, because I know that Urdu. ,,.