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More than 3,000 of them were Liberti, and most of them have been resettled in Nova Scotia; another black were sold in Western India. in 1777, the invasion of American costs dissolved its base on the British public, which has freely accepted and so, by the people, all ranks, the business or profession, most in this country are violent measures towards America and continental were Marines. Approximately 250,000 men served as ordinary or militias for the cause revolutionary in the eight years of the war, but never more than 90 000 abandoned after armed men.Armies were small for European standards of the era, mainly due to constraints such as the lack of dust and other logistical means to the United States. Virginia Patriots Loyalist and casual dishes (the term is proposed doesn't work).The revolutionary movement was nothing less popular in all the colonies, for example in the case of South Carolina, just you can doubt that people. Initially it was overwhelmingly against separation. New Hampshire to the Georgia, the British had a significant force only in Boston. The Patriots you may quickly new revolutionary governments based on several additional counts and regulations have been created in the years 1774 and 1775 at the beginning. Royal officers were powerless to stop the rebellion and were forced to flee. The Patriots were energetic and supported by anger, while the Republicans to intimidate or poorly organized, without British army were effective. The term. Pybus (2005) estimates, approximately 20,000 slaves deserted or were captured by the British, including about 8,000 diseases or injury dies, or recovered by the Patriots and 12,000 have fled the country at the end of the war, for freedom to the Canada or slavery in the West of the India. In the first three years of the American war of independence were the main army is located in the North, although some attempts to organize were defeated by loyalist, a Briton. ; Many were slaves, has promised freedom for the service. (Degree of freedom have been returned to their owners, we promised and then finished the war, was for political convenience.) George Washington received and letters of soldiers slaves ignore again.) Another black Unit came. . as the English colonists are not represented and by their local situation and others cannot be properly represented in the British Parliament, they have the right to free food and exclusive legislation in their different provincial assemblies, where their right to representation can be stored. extract from the report. Resolved, 4. English freedoms Foundation and all free Governments are a good participation of people in his Legislative Council: and not represented as the English and their premises and other circumstances settlers is not adequately represented in the British Parliament, have the right to free food and domestic exclusive legislation in its various provincial parliaments, where their right to representation only can in all cases of taxes and political system, only on the negative their ruler, as in previous years and has been used to: but the necessity of the case and a consideration of the mutual interests of the two countries, happy voices, these acts of the British Parliament, had regulation bonfide, our commercial as it sends the business advantages of Empire; in the mother country and the commercial benefits of their respective members in sight to exclude any idea to generate revenue of taxes-internal or external on the subject, in America, without your consent. extract from the report. But his retirement after hearing of the Verzichts.Saratoga was the turning point of the war. Revolutionary confidence and determination, have successful occupation of Howe in Philadelphia, it was renewed. What is even more important, the victory encouraged. ,,.