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Aside from this point, has generated much controversy. This is mainly due to a reading of the level of understanding of 50% is considered by some educationalists (Carver 1992) unusable. Speed reading advocates it is a great success and is a State, also a testimony of good understanding for multiple purposes (Buzan 2000) say that. The balance between speed and understanding must be analysed in relation to the kind of reading, what you do, the risks associated with the incomprehension of misunderstanding and benefits through the material quickly and receives the information retrieval in the real price.President of the United States of America. Computer programs should be read to the student support. Some present data as an episode of the series, because the brain processes the text more effectively break in a sequence of such a front. It is that in the 1950s as a tool to increase the speed of reading will develop portable, reliable and affordable. The researcher has been referred to as a teacher. The report of the National Committee of reading (PNR), 2000 (pp. 3-1) seems to support this mechanism.To increase the speed, needed some old programs drive show in the middle of the screen, while the lyrics have grown around more. It also put several line by line objects (instead of text) or jump over the screen. Objects with only the eyes should follow users. Several researchers criticize using objects instead of words as an effective training method argue that it is the only way to faster to read the text. Many of the new speed had incorporated the text read and lead users through the lines of a book on the screen at a set speed first. Often, the text is marked to show where users will need to focus the eyes; It should not mean to pronounce words, but instead of reading the words as pictures show completed. Exercises are designed to also train drives. Target is the Visual Guide of the eye with your finger or a pointer, as a pen, so the eye on a passage from the text to move more quickly. This is invisible text page to draw shapes to extend the Visual, playback speed. For example, an audience of customers, which, with a speed reading seminar, the order to use a finger or a stylus to make these shapes on a page and said that this speed, is his own. However, depending on other results as follows of course, techniques to teach, which is largely due to a lower speed of comprehension rate (less than 50% comprehension, the standardized reading tests) (Carver 1992) written text filter. accelerate, then read. Because this promotes the text slightly, eyes reduced comprehension and memory and lead to the loss of the important details of the text. Focus on the map of every word, although short, is required for this effective method. Filtering is a read operation, Visual to search terms on a page of references to the importance of speed. For some people, it is normal, but it is acquired by practice. Skimming is in general more likely in adults as children. It is an interest rate higher than normal (700 words per minute and surplus). by allegedly amazing reading speed. Ronald Carver, Professor of education and psychology research, argues that the fastest College graduate readers only about 600 words per minute, it can slower read more than two times faster than their counterparts. The speed of the World Championship highlights the critical reading comprehension competition. The most important participants usually read about 1 000 to 2 000 words per minute, with 50 per cent or more understanding. World Champion Anne Jones with 4 700 words per minute with an understanding of 67%. Word/min 10 000 free have yet reached this level. ,,.