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I bought Regserve\r my pc shows every day 2-12. corn, whereby other detergents, cleaning, such as PC-264 Show? Free Bonus-If you register your copy of Regserve\r Xippit also receive a free copy of file compression utility. Xippit uses our proprietary format XIP guarantee security, password-protection and reduce the size of a file or a folder. Record analysis – an analysis of registry Regserve\r locate your computer on invalid registry entries, registry errors corrupt and orphaned. Analyzing the complete registry, Regserve\r 15 15 research areas of your registry and identification elements that can affect the performance of your computer. Registry Defrag – Defragment registry process is to manage calculation acceleration and free resources, the size of your application and your application. Auto trace log futura-having established a desired frequency, automate scheduled scans and automatic scheduled scans. If enabled, start Regserve\r you indicate date and will automatically scan your computer for registry entries. Detailed results of the analysis-after a review of the register, Regserve\r offers a detailed report covering the repair records database selected. At this point you can also select from the elements (if applicable), you want to Regserve\r neglect during the repair process. Integrated Bypass list-list of exceptions ensures maximum compatibility with 3rd party applications. If you disable basic elements of the registry scan, will be automatically added to the exceptions list. Keywords can also exclude list for a possible conflict, resulting from them to avoid. Registry backup restore-& before each registry repair, Regserve\r creates a log file that contains the details of the former backup with registry settings. The restoration works the computer registry to restore the previous value, if desired. Windows boot manager-viewing and managing applications that are launched at startup. The boot loader allows you to load your computer slow improvement, computer resources to share and disable applications that should not be automatically loaded. Personalized-using the configuration function can match that configuration override defaults to Regserve\r to your individual requirements. Regserve\r provides advanced and novice users the flexibility to customize forms in Regserve\r works on your computer. Reports about the diagnosis-if you have any problems during the execution of Regserve\r our technicians are waiting to help you. Diagnostic report tool, can provide us with more detailed information about the problem. Release uses the plugin framework that can provide you with the latest news and live updates-Regserve\r. Get real-time updates when you open the Regserve\r!. my laptop 4 a year was very slow in booting, and had to repeat several times a day in a safe mode. After the analysis and research of virus or malware, I was especially on the issue of the record. In this PC fighter had the laptop, but really doesn't help my problem at all. So I bought after some investigation, Regserve\r and today is used for the first time and was surprised at the difference in performance on my laptop. This product meets my expectations, not only has also passed. Close and paid tribute to the plug and use it everywhere as I used my laptop in a much shorter time to restart. Thank you for this excellent product. Thanks also for the premium product offer. Use the first analysis, see peu apres started with my PC and is faster! I like all the features of Regserve\r, especially in the registry by defragmenting. I recommend with enthusiasm the Regserve\r my friends and colleagues. Thanks to you, that you can develop a great program! so far I am very satisfied with the product, Regserve\r. No matter what you have in your computer, I need a good program to keep records, happy and trouble-free. It is an area that most people overlook. I'm very ignorant when it comes to computers. I did it with consumer reports and you should be one of the best 2 be, so I bought it! So, I hope to help you! at the end! A utility to repair registry system does not damage or damage to the work programmes. The usefulness of each record, tried, damaged my registry to my help and some videos, edit files processed correctly. Regserve\r Fix my registry errors, but to maintain a full function of my programs! Winner of the best registry cleaner!In the Regserve\r, has received several awards for its complete deep scanning of the algorithm, that within 15 years 15 damaged areas of the computer for recording, damaged, empty registry keys or not valid, which may affect your computer's performance. Because the Windows registry is a central database access when you install, delete or execute an application, you should now. Through normal use of the computer, the Windows registry is ordered, and file paths have become orphans, partial programs installed or removed, etc, on your cause of registry errors computer changes together: computer slows down, error crash screen updates, blue death, computer, etc., to Regserve\r for beginners and users in order to prevent a solution to manage your computers registry and problems related to the registry. Repairs and Regserve\r automatically restore lost research offers additional tools and the Windows registry, to achieve maximum results and performance of the computer. Regserve\r Professional Edition allows you to avoid computer crashes, your computer slows down and extends the life of your computer through preventive maintenance, provide tools. ,,.