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Lol, Hester not quite right, is marijuana leaves but also if I really can say, grass root can have flowers and stems. So I think a little before you write next time.Sarah and their will be too early to say if you leave the lawn so at any time. But I believe in you and believe in me. Ive been smoking every day there at the age of 16 and In the 20th century, now I am addicted smoked since 15 for CIGS, ive. There are always high, as indicated in the comments other ways: baked Vaporizors, good current spray, balms for the lips and not even a pill! etc., there are several ways to get the thc in your system, if you want to continue smoking. without smoking the consequences of grass. I tried to let the grass for a year, I wouldn't say, success, but his services until drugs and light pass us to the point where I stable found a job because most of the companies I work for drug tests and sux is it knew the medication in the system in 30 Diaspero by a few friends in a week testing of their system.My life has so destroyed to stop be that they really desperate. I had the Army National Guard in 3 months. had already done, but still marijuana knowing nightly and smoking what are the effects in the eye, I think the every day. I'm sitting in my room listening to music and smoking is my life waiting for a response that never from the evil, so I'm officially quiting marijuana a partire da IERI organizes Ive was clean. This month, be horrible, I will fucking no appetite for a long time. This will be my depression. Ahahaha terrible life. Hesitate not, send me an email, if you want for each. A few years ago, things would have never touched. It was really good health and shape, active and happy. Now that my friend smokes grass, do too much. I know it seems very low, but makes it very difficult, with people who smoke and not to participate. Most of our friends who smoke, almost always there is now also the temptation. Now most of the time I feel lazy, stupid, most recently a little depressed and lethargic, sometimes. But not hard I smoked a strongly for a week or two and then a week of good intentions. My friend is not interested in smoking, making it even more difficult. I would like to know if anyone has some advice.I really want to go! Thank you very much! :(. Today is day 2 for me - no boat. Noted that the irritability and nausea is getting stronger. But my will is Fuerte lo I stopped drinking alcohol for more than 18 months and have to get rid of the intention, jail of the tub is incorporated to my success. I have read all the stories, and we all have our reasons. However, I smoke for 5 years or more, not so that some here, no problem up to Latley that not only started my money on it go. Me there is also trouble with the law, make me paranoid, worth, on the search for constantly, because he had so much money, I met a girl who is not much and I want to stop, so are sufficient reasons for the stop.i have a bit left, but I'll give you my friends it's for a good cause set. as mentioned, no problem seems to be actual smoke, is a an other none sense that surrounds it in any case that is the first day, wish me luck! Chemistry in 400 innovative is mortal and does Marijauana chemical not at ease a natural THC called Arnt there is a chemical in marijuana drug are made by people and natural herbs are a plant without chemicals make your better actully cigarettes smokin ' alcohol and drinks. I've smoked since I was 15 years old. I'm now 29 stop for a while at the University and met an old friend started per day for the last 6 or 7 years. It has my life financially, destroyed my relationship with me as an honest man. I thought it was OK, but it was so bad that it hurts. I stole borrowed without stopping the intention. It is ugly, I'm tired.These are my first steps towards a new life. JC is strong in me and my! It will be! Hiim day 39 stops after 30 years of cigarettes and marijuana, I felt good, I just above in this article to read, that makes 4 identical 112 CIGS Spinelli damage! These types of meetings are safe, because exactly Spinelli 10 per day, 30 years, can not be calculated, but this set is equivalent to 3,000 is. 000 CIGS 3 million in addition to 10 cigarettes per day during the same period is around 120,000. and so far, my lungs felt pretty good. Smoking pot good for you, as the bitch who wrote, this is not a Dumdfuck and the need to beat and their facts, and because it is Pontecy herb lift: last to smoking to high people smoking marijuana, and normal and joints WAT recordings 4 3 valve now the whole world, but met WAT say, this article did us wrong not me, who have smoked the life and the grass will help to learn that I have ADHD, can a med and raised there best and nobody has Everdie up to the suite, where in relationship with grass does not give this herb as articles you wrong Faxts along. Hello to all. It would be not very happy with the stop smoking Marijauna. I wanted the high school before because lost my interest in the school. I have not learned anything useful at all, and the work was exactly equal to 4 Jahre.Ich have extremely dramatic social problems from a long trail of self-esteem, which is secondary. They called me ugly bad due to Acne in the first 2 years. As a junior, started, you Espabilaras and drink too much water, and it was a big part in my basement. He got rid of my acne problem, but I can still talk and open people. I spent the entire am playing video-games-gymnasium and the lack of socialization still amazes me.After high school, I found myself left with nobody gave everything I always wake because plain and simple, I have no friends. I was constantly smoking since my last semester of high school. After graduating, I have to buy a bad Job McDonald and leave aside to a car. My mother forced me to a Community College to go, had challenged, and I found myself there for a year. I could not stand another designed after your call this semester and I had since February, but now I'm in a Lizenz.Meine mother worked with me to get Marijauna. I notice account is mostly, but not entirely his fault I smoked constantly. I always just the wheel, I have all the time and if I just, I'm just more. I have hard to resist this agreement, because there's not much to do in my house. There are about me this poor area connect. My brother and my sister, to lose their lives on computers, so that I can not talk with them. = I feel rejected, all < times and now I'm starting to crack a bit. I can just not anymore. I want no smoking Marijauna piu ' but I don't think that it's my fault. I'm only 20 years old and he was inspired by and very young girls and Japanese culture. I'm caught in the trap in a house without love.I would like to explain the recent incident which showed me who care not at all to me, my family.My mother and I had a discussion because I was slightly pissed off. I understand that Marijauna is seriously playing in my head. After our last discussion, I asked my brother to hide my stash and never say where he was and not give it to me or my mother. Discovered my mother and I asked him, what he did was disrespectful to launched. After this incident I come to work, and they were not. I was bored, so I knew where it was because my mother my brother said and gave it to me.What came home, I saw a movie. First, my sister said that the eyes of Jesus Christ are red! She has no manners and no respect for her because of this. We can at least say hello or how we go. Thus we say not all, always, in my room. Fucking Hulk screams. It's my mom a Racchiona due to his Persönlichkeit.Sagt Hi, what happened to the eyes? None of the members of my family have good manners. I've smoked for a long time bud (several times a day) and had never interest of heavy medication and I don't know what, I'm feeling very good. I think it is time for every one of you guys by weenie-ass, to prevent the judge of the population that smokes grass. It's not necessarily something good and healthy for a person? No, this is not, but this is not drinking, not watching TV you and then not eat McDonald's. The thing is, it makes me very happy and very optimistic, no intense happiness, but only a mild change in mind, things are less strict. It is very beautiful and is quite harmless. I really think that the tolerance should be considered drugs in line on the lawn and has in fact already. Here bought in fact legally (clinical) grass in Los Angeles. For all legal, is inevitable, however, studies and surveys show a year that more and more people for the plant to become cheaper. The proposal for the legalization of weed in California resulted last year: to legalize the illegal Dungeon of 45-55%. Only a matter of time, can't wait to smoke a Phat blunt ACE and shock or all sides hate the yall WEEEEEEEII WOOOOOOOO! All Douchetards that are fire of 24/7 comments, please you remind me what a group social that addicts are cruelly standard. He showed some of the best reasons to go better than anyone else. Thank you very much!!!. I have a lot of friends, the smoking of marijuana. You are good people and I do not change their attitude in relation to smoking marijuana. Every person has different feelings and reactions to the herbal smoke. Personally, I have loved for many years. Ignore the unpleasant side-effects is still being tightened, and my chronic use had its costs. I consider myself above average in intelligence, but also marijuana and a crutch to pass me, stress, anxiety, and boredom. If not ignore already that he was embarrassed in my 50s and I smoked again and how it ruined my memory after arrogant I was that time knew it to stop. Also, my ability to read with understanding was a little scary. An eye popping warn insightful group the text read, if you can come to this place with not resonate with many people, but is "comments" field, I find that fascinating. Users who have had enough cling, deep eyes. You are interested to stop or decrease. It is not the reason why you clicked on the site? She progressed to find on the site grounds. See also a friend, to sell it somewhere else, we are all stored here. No one wants to assess and makes no difference if the marijuana is a drug of the entry. Are you ready to let go? So, prepare yourself and make it possible for you and your family for a future with clarity. I'm trying to go away simply because I have much to lose. I have a great job with great respect, and allows me to help others. I have 3 hours or more to get and many things at the same time buy and bring home to drive. I get very paranoid and I feel like I'm not my family. If I would have to take, I would have lost everything. The risk is of not so reliable plug, my diet. I have the same concessionaire or best friend since college. Through my work in the kind of people who smoke. But fear and mood gives me when I run. I don't have the feeling of insecurity in my Leben.Also here is the deal. The source has come to a standstill, but for my next bag I've already transferred the payment. I have enough to zoom more. say what # ^ % and to overcome or not hold until someone comes through? I don't really know what to do.I held for long periods of time while living abroad, but I often vacation in places where it is safe, the mark was, Thailand and Viet Nam. I think you should let go and disappear while I have a job and a family. I think that my questions are as follows: 1, I can tell my doctor? 2. how long until what I feel better? 3 there is the risk of losing him, and psychiatric problems? I've heard to smoking to stop the panic and get worse.Any help is requested. I am tired of cookie, and then with fear to buy the boat, not more life. I'm worried about my daughter discovered. What can I do in addition to the drinking water and working? Already swim, run and lift. I even tried Accupunture, but I don't think that it is a relief of the effective stress for me.Thanks and by the way, I thought it was harmless marijuana once, when I was an immature teenager. Now, we know better. What is In the well at the age of 19 years and since the smoking ban in and out, I was my worst time between 16 and 17 years 15 old. without smoke to be 6 months from January 2009 to July 2009 the longest that I'm gone. My birthday is in July and I thought ID just my birthday no longer and then back to the smoke. The thing is I the next day tho if I smoke, impatient woke up smoking and relies on the strength of will to respond to smoking. In the last 6 months, I started experiencing anxiety and depression. as a previous person had booked, I don't like people I know behavior for years, and I have withdrawn socially are. Necessary for a great effort for me, me, Experianced about these things and smoking / grass make someone to keep the best/worst? Today is day 5. I remember I went the last time this time except when he had to leave for 10 days and no other choice. I'm 31 years old, and they have smoked since the age of 16 years. Every day about 20. I smoke every 2 weeks about $160. I had no savings and check always lived, because I'm going to spend every penny on grass.At the moment, I have terrible insomnia and a feeling of disquiet. I have herbs to help.KavaStress-garde Crescenzio ValerianKava do not know whether they will help, but it makes me to think that I could to get rid of inhibitions to do something better. Tylenol PM has been a great help for me to sleep nehmenDieser thread. I see so many people. I didn't know that I was so isolated, because I smoked, but it didn't. I have no friends because I never wanted to go or something to do. I wanted to be only then could smoke at home. My boring life was been not too boring, stunned that I have.I cried so many tears. I've been through everything, but he couldn't stop me. Friday, I ran and I am ready to have children, say, OK, that's all. You don't want to stop. Fairies ItSo here. Day 5Ever of the line heard a taste as well as thin feels?It is the same. I'm proud of myself, and I spent years feels very badly of me. Each day that passes, I am so proud. Step makes feel top how you can look in the mirror and proud those who accompany me every day include, trust still. We can make it! And every day more and more.Always, at 80 dollars in the portfolio to explore, all week there have been. You are now my wallet :-) but Saturday I would be issued have nothing to show for all the years I've been working, since everything in smoke has risen. I'm ready to make a difference, and I am so thankful for the people who participate in their stories. In it he says that marijuana COPD or emphysema caused.And if there was a case where a smoker of marijuana, while the media would only lung cancer the world spam, as if it were a cure for AIDS, or something like that. As it is what with Tabak.Und with loss of memory after the term. Now it seems that stress, which are these effects only when the THC in the brain or other is so stunned. As a result, the effects are gone. like I said, if you smoke want to stop marijuana, I believe that these measures can help. But if you only try to stop, for your health then I rate, your own research to find the really studies indicate how the studies were made you. I've read that a contribution will be replaced by 703 grass with alcohol. Already in the last time I tried to quit, drink and smoking 2-3 times per week. I gave the grass and drank every day to fill the blank. He took a toll with me physically liquor store a ton of weight and losing money with each trip was defeated. I certainly think that alcohol is more harmful to health than the grass. I think that I've wasted two years of my life by any means. There is nothing that I have to keep for the last two years of my life in the eye. They have given up, that most courses, lasting friends, gave up my school to avoid them, family gatherings, which I was really not all other special by white, appointments, meetings, studies, etc., or an event. Everything is very confused when I back looks and I think that I lost a part of me.I started smoking at the age of 15 but only occasionally and socially. In my last year of high school (17) smoke more and more often, I would have more time on my hands, I'm at the end of the study. Fumerei time 2-3 times per week, or if the opportunity presented itself. In the summer after the ceremony was the turning point, when I became a daily user, quickly used up in the course of the day. I strongly feel that if a smoker in the past was now smoke to feel normal. Sobriety felt strange, as if it was something not good. Everything seemed to go quickly, when I was sober, I could not focus or sit still at all and has the ability to have fun. I hated not knowing how smoking in certain days and to anyone, for which small and fiercely irritable be. I hate this feeling and knew that it was because I had not smoked. The devil wants to feel strong as it is, for a plate.Yes, certainly, marijuana is a drug, and there is no question. Adderall, Ritalin, eDetail Promethazin, xanax, cocaine, ecstasy, MDMA powder, GHB, ketamine, mescaline, we, codeine, vicodin, valium, DMT, LSD, psilocybin, Percocet, Sage, tobacco, which never tried morphine or Amytal if he had ever tried marijuana. I can say this with confidence because they had taken always my tolerance for the daily use of marijuana as a signal, that there would be a drug that I have chosen. I am grateful for never quite illusory to try heroin, methamphetamine or opium, because it was offered to me and they were available when I to be determined. In the chating a taste or a dependency for the majority of these drugs, with the exception of cocaine, Ritalin and valium at different times had not also a lower dependency/desire under its influence to be specific.My blessing in disguise ran an old friend after trying with me to talk for about 30 seconds WTF was asked to me and what was wrong. This is when the reality gave me a slap in the face and sent me the spiral earthward. I have nothing to say, I was furious, reportedly when he tried to hold back the tears. I was ashamed what had become I and the fact that a friend who called once dim a little spirit only adds to me as this disgrace.I tried and was able to stop several times. I found the same cut down and occasionally use, only to later take over. This time I used a promise to me. I know I'm stronger than any drug and you can overcome any obstacle in the way, it is only mine. Say that it is not easy, smoking is not easy, but compared to the impact of intense is a hell. But I know that the feeling is of course and mentally sharp, why do weeds up to me. I've smoked marijuana for up to 19 to 31 years. He was a smoker and have every day in the evening before going to sleep. She liked getting the smoke Skunk, until my habit was more manageable. I'm going before the work and how I got home. I would not meet friends after work this summer - home to a cigar smoke. Previously, I've developed every day without smoking marijuana and run home to a success - as a gift after work, work a day. This is really serious, but my eyes are the corners of the eyes often feel Gunggy internal become wet and when I look in the mirror, I see the PIN small Gunge in the corners of the eye, or twice - during the day, at night all the time. I was so paranoid in this regard. This was one of my real reasons to quit. The main reason is that smoking marijuana (sometimes in the moment where I woke up), no hunger or thirst have. My weight dropped to 8.5 Pierre when I was 29 (I'm 5 ' 11). I wanted to eat more smoke and drinking water. My skin was awful and add eyes gungy. I had chronic bronchitis and only took the habit after a while, but was really disgusting how should be on the phone in the workplace and the he felt clear my throat while he spoke continuously. Finally, I went with a group of drug therapy, after a friend asked me to go. I hated the beginning and not hot to everyone, week 6 had left and pot and CIGS read the easy way, Alen Carr (for drug addiction). It is a part of my personality that wants to be the best and is inherently competitive. The Group has helped me, because he was determined to distinguish itself from the rest of the Group (all users of different drugs) for me and I am proud to say that I went for 5 months, but unfortunately, it fell a few weeks, but that does not give because I felt much better in the five months the order. My weight has gone up nearly 10 Pierre, I'm going left at the gym 3 times a week, I. My eyes and whitens the skin of my best body never seemed. You can stop smoking marijuana, you can change a good circle of friends and a life with the will. The only thing that I found really unbearable, if you get night sweats and nightmares, which resulted in the first days after the setting is. Hardened whole night awake and are dry down and the change of bed linen every day. He pull and turn the guard and all night sometimes screaming. I had nightmares yet never so fast. Because Judie Tzuke and more recently that night sweats are back and they are today evening out of fear, but if you did both, because return? It is a long journey, but you have to start somewhere. Even the saying no pain no gain means not much for me now. Good luck to all. Be strong. Left after the third week, things will be getting better and better. To get on this site, it is a good thing for me. Quiting can interact with pot heads to the colleagues who share the same problems. IN the 29 years old and I have been smoking religiously 13-14 years. Over the years I tried to let the numerous long, which takes only a few days. For me, the emotional attachment to the pot just childhood that I had. I have an extemely emotionally violent and bipolar father. Could at the age of about 15 years ago, that I realize that I have not the abuse taken, run more and he hanging out with my friends from my house and mean best friend of Mary Jane shes soon my best friend. Searching for marijuana never understood, until my dad finally in suicide ' 99. An end to a tragedy for durability very tragic. Marijuana smoke never finished. I don't even smoke on the way to his burial. I cope with the loss of never or the hard Memeories of the past. to smoke the overboard in LY. He was convinced that things are getting better for me, but it was a mask. Facing the pain of my life. Just smoked. When I started smoking marijuana when I was a Teenaager, it is an escape for me. Now I realize 14 more later only then of evil and pain my life me of them convincing, that he be nothing too bad. Now I am married and have 2 wonderful children. Life could get not much softer. But I'm still smoking to numb me. I had finally enough and also for my wife. I'm a mess and I have to run my life, as I'm not now. I must clear JLA spirit his and happy for my children. It is something close to what either severe time Ive had to do. I used to smoke, because I wake up every morning in the time at night to go to sleep 13-14 years. I learned, proud father of my children, who are less than 2 years old. I gave them all the love and attention that I've ever had. Still, I'm not the person who I want to be. sober. The last 2 days I was sober. I'm still busy with my family. But my mind is a jumble of appetite and my mood is a disaster and I can't sleep in the night of the all these horrible thoughts in my head. But I love my family more than I love this outbreak. Finally, I had enough and pulled me on my Paraphanilia and my last ounce, 1/4 and in the sewers. I am referring to the efforts by smoking marijuana and put in Possitivity and a good sober life for my children and my family. It will never make my children never know who smoked or who is addicted to white. Thank you for the opportunity to transfer it. I feel much better now. Thank's evil Pierce return to support my friend. At the same time remain causes may make strong if I the United States slowly but surely his cant u smoke as best an Ive found you over the years. If I believe that only smoke marijuana In the massive here.in while both will release me, need I little more damage could be murdered. Lol joke I think that actually the startin to lose! Hahah. Now, I am 29 years old and smoking have pot since I was 12 years old, usually about 22. I like it. I like it. It is terrible that must stop. It is difficult, especially because my only desire, to leave it is currency. I got to admit that the reason why so many credit card debt are due to the amount of grass than smoke. $200 for every 10 days for $7300 per year = * 7 years = $51.100. wow. This is ridiculous. How to stop when you want really, but necessary? I was always a Stoner Overacheiver. I studied first in my class and it has a lot of work (which almost not the proof of the first drug - bad uncomfortable might be missing). I'm not a drug addict in the truest sense of the word with the exception of the fact that smoking, every morning, day and night. I am to lost. Furthermore, to say that we all are different, the effects of pain differently, I once had a friend HES 24 and now is tightly square for pot and multiservice smokes like once a week and know other marijuana and on average are getting 30-40% as with smoking. If you are a bad way, INA, means that it has no meaning for you) and you help to smoke it. As I have said, that my family an alcoholic and In the who is to believe, it's better then alchol like bob Marley in my personal Expersince alcohol said crazy things to do, such as grass, you can can relax). Listen to me. Of all people call, the drug abuse, ruins of telling a person well and even their Leben.Ich want to see these events. I've been 5 years smoking pot. In the still in high school and it seems to me, that is my life in order. To play baseball and my voice is not bad States. where this ruin your life and enters the part of the pages? Hi, congratulations to those who have decided to continue life. Read this Center for some time and find inspiration and enjoyment at the same time. Who of us have done, to stop the decision, that the Eastern hub for is. Maybe than those who do not like to run a centre, I have nothing in my life, but Mary Jane? Have you ever noticed that the most ardent supporters of this habit for a minimum period of time have smoked? In the first 25 years of my practice, I thought it was too good. I finally seen through my haze cannabis and found the life has much more to offer. Respect for others and to live without a monkey on his back, things like respect for themselves, that constantly reminds. Time to fire! I think it is a wonderful plant, is placed by God it here. I also think the more time in your life to be hard to leave. If you can save one or two times in a month would be still toking, is unfortunately not the case for most of us. Looks like sugar, to do it, you want more. For those of you who have been smoking for a certain period of time every day, are some poses a real and happy life force on you. You eat for trash does not like to speak for those, who want a better life, a fucking dictionary and learn how to write the fat, lazy ass session of Doritos! Anon, stop, because the majority of people in this world is idiots. They are not, and even if 10 more idiots changed. Make, do a great service for those who actually tried its looking to leave. I think that the people for a certain period of time in the control should be left displayed, it is not a drug. If you've smoked every day or so for many years, still not what should be in your head, I think you it's a shame. I've smoked marijuana and stop (mostly on) fifteen years, and I have not smoked in a week. I stop a year at least a few months, maybe, maybe forever. Nothing will control. I know I am not when I'm stoned. I have me first and second place raised be. Step back. I have 18 years, I've been smoking marijuana regularly for years. IN the here to blame, not someone for my actions here is my story. I had good very a childhood, my parents loved and cared about me and all corners of the world. Neither my parents are marijuana, I have the habit a few years ago because it glamorous, and I was always curious. I have never left, my parents took me, as if it were an evil, I have never understood. then a series of suicides by people in my environment forced me to be depressed and has father of earth.my of the hell relied heavily on drugs that I take from this brings me not face losing my friends. They said the simply has not decided, friends and they were certainly in the spirit of unstable.im, as I thought, they helped me to go through and not be slowed by the loss of my best friend's. for some reason one, I have this idea fought was my best friend and I had for him be if he needed me. I felt personally for her death responsible, because we were so close. It was to take part in his funeral Alowwed, it is only the family. This Enfuriated, if my parents would deviate its out of my life and act as if it was never there. Maybe In the try theraputic show it with a finger, the conclusion is, I like smoking and find much. If you dislike marijuana business. I would be legal so who should perhaps not at risk to treat some of these people on the street life and branch, leaving children to soothe the marijuana of the ghetto, takes money out of the hands of criminals, legalise. Is this no better alternative? Oh cry with your doctor about the side effects go, because you don't. If you don't like it. Millions of people are addicted to the doctor will prescribe perscriptions, which are much more exciting and much more deadly, tried the pills in high school Recreactionally, that ever tried marijuana, the entry the means to buy? I don't think so. I would like to add that my ex-girlfriend was killed by a drunk driver. Alcohol is the number one teen killer to be legal. nothing will motivate me to show, that more Mariuana self life is important and a much less dangerous substance, and then alcohol.so, why instead of idealistic in our small picture of us is no longer realistic. ever bread killed person, if you have the feeling of being neglected as a child because of the pot and your parents don't don't care or whatever, is often preferable to have a congenital bad (such as alcohol, if, if drink your pregnancy) or paralyzed or killed by a drunk ass fool on the wrong side of the road drive. Drugs alcohol and requirements are much more dangerous and more attractive. You know, In the not so smart and In the checks my grammar and sentence etc. structure know there what should not be you, that a scientist of in neurology, the this shit, all thought facts for the eyes to see, so why not a book are sometimes established and what to see, to kill people. ? stoned the author of the page a small question, more then a few times? or go statistics to the Government or what? If you have never a smoker of marijuana, is of course biased during the information, confirm many doctors and personal testimonies, that the medicine many advantageous properties has for a number of diseases seriously, including cancer, cataracts, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It was his ability, many symptoms of mental Physicle and illness.so, attributed to, would help people a hub or alcohol, make heroin or snorting, leaving only the marijuana from it. as a people, the grass was longer on this planet. Who are we to ostracize and demonize it? The Mexican mafia gangsters are still rich, these people murder would be, it would be cheaper, so that our young people (and everyone else) in the arms of this murderer. Then tried to scare the kids and I say bad pots so never do. in the future I will make sure that you to reconsider the medication itself or just ignorant. Marijuana is a drug, and like all his good medicine for some people and not for the others.so argument suffice it to say your child is illegal and that he should do, which are illegal. Get black and white. legal and illegal. Personally I think that children provide a deep knowledge and understanding of drugs will make less curious collection of short stories. that no company, Parliament bulletin, scared me like most kids of my age were aware that I was a stranger to the substance of my body at the age of 10 years. Marijuana should be strictly for adults, as the smoke you absorb into your body at an early age the growth of organs could stop all. If your child asks why marijuana is bad, they say you grow an other inch or get smarter. If they are still trying, you need the departure of Lil type grass, it's not healthy for a child, and I would never approve the use of cannabis in the children.pot should be reserved strictly for responsible adults. Of course, there are addicts who doesn't matter if it is a high contact on the way to school, this person deserves locked in my opinion. New In the just 18 and has no children, so I don't know if it this would be prevented, if her kids, this is but certainly not disclosed, very wrong, on several levels. so you know, I understand your problem with drugs. You can not compare with marijuana, alcohol and illegal drugs, I'd rather have a funny drug addict then angry alcoholic father, who beat my mother and my family apart from Michele. If the legal marijuana would be my best friend in life, too. Would it be legal that we could allow our tax dollars for the armies of order, the effects on the pot, as it is as if someone has caught in his house in the middle of the night would kill his dog and finished, before their children because they believed that you boot. (the goddess did this, I saw the video) to place for the real criminals, the free drugs to create. This is what you sayy. Good luck to anyone trying to quit smoking. I've smoked marijuana, until dawn, after the onset of darkness for 6 years and have 13 hours fasting. Output and you stick with it. Can end with a mountain of unused potential is all the pots. Pot can the bad feelings, but also freezes also block. Best wishes! I've been smoking marijuana for 25 years and I love it! I had a great job, all my bills are paid, I have my own House and a car that is paid. Those who bought the occasional bronchitis, I have none of the typical problems associated with regular consumption of marijuana. My Junk works well, my memory is excellent (staff, smoking marijuana, use me as a human Rolidex by telephone and fax, 300 have saved) and social, are not less now than it was before started smoking marijuana. My ducks are in order except for certain tasks in the House that needs to be done (dishwasher empty and clean the terrace). I don't know how much smoking pot people, some of you, perhaps try a little cut. But God does not stop!P.S. If you want to stop and 20 ounces of grass really, Sarah h., would not give to someone who has no Arrossira in the bathroom! WTF? Only marijuana was legalized in Delaware have been :) Marijuana is a drug and should be taken seriously. Used according to guidelines and with caution. To learn about this topic! I'm certainly for marijuana. I just started College and I use only about 3 times per week for 1 year. I love it, and it helped to calm anxiety and me. We are all of the different experiences, to create our opinions. All have been carefully and well me) to legalize, if it weren't for people like me. Thank you very much. You have a Soar Hals uncomfortable, cold fever, more than a week do not smoke marijuana could enjoy. So when I started to feel better, I wanted to keep the ongoing healing process, felt not burned out already, I am 42 & smoked since I was very rich in life 14 years Ing Fanominal is a f - men feel good Devrais never actually planned years, maybe I have a guardian angel! Today you take 13 days since the last marijuana smoked. Every day I smoked for 11 years. Order twice for 3 months and a relapse. The only time I had a day in the last two years was when I went to my grandparents for Christmas. Complete work, but every moment that I'm not at work has stunned been. I leave the pot in my car and I can go to to go to work. For me the pot has helped me, sleep, eat, manage stress and I had no problem with the school. I was able to take important votes, even though I was in the class every day forward in the school.I had to stop vivid nightmares every night and I spend hours of material and turning in the bed lie and sleep to turn. As soon as I sleep I wake up 10 times a night and never rested. My appetite has decreased and my mood is terrible. I don't want to talk to my boyfriend, but he has done nothing wrong and I have cancelled and only escape wants. I tried enumerate the reasons why he resign, because the pot is not understand high already, but just help me to function normally. We do not leave you on a drug for the sleep or function in everyday life, but when I worked every day, therefore, is what a seal to relax. So far I still don't smoke anymore, but I thought that that item (clean 2 weeks), improved my bed and my attitude. I was wrong. I'm already more depressed, since I stopped smoking and I think to the doctor for some antidepressants or medication to the go to sleep, but then will I change only a medicine on the other. I hope that derived these negative will of the front. I want to have more motivation and energy, but so far I'm just depressed, tired, hungry and irritated. Congratulations to all those who have been so successful, or try to quit smoking. I would say that things are better, but have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. For 35 years, he has smoked marijuana. May 1, 2009, I decided that I leave at the end. Why? Because I had this year, taking care of me better decided. not to mention annoying noises that I never had this cough. It is good to see that it covers the comments with what I feel miserable, irritable not come me, dreams, sleep, hunger, and seem more crying. I am overwhelmed by the loss of a friend. (Pot), all made together. Day 3 and I know this is the best for me, and I'm going to try my hardest goal. I do it for me, but I know that my sister and her husband also benefit. and I'm very proud of me now in my attempt. No, not try, we are going to do, my heir who is pot.the time came. I knew that it would be one day. If someone with the fog cannon to stop, it is your choice, and I have nothing against them, to make this decision. You want advice on how this process easier, good for you, is it also OK. But at the beginning of this article and powdered by waves and mocked his studies have simply asked to demonize marijuana and I feel not comfortable.If you the grass want to quit smoking, but not gone, due to the risk of inaccurate mentioned.-James Pope. Here are the links to Swedish research on the chemicals in your brain if you smoke much and Quittingbasicly to say: back and make any translation, some of them Swedish Wieu are extremely discovered a personal life, but despite everything, in fact recognize the described phases but concerns that I feel if the attempt, QuittingI will be when he's sober. all anon says now that I Anyog Ivequit c more participated as the only reason why we blow my friends smoking Statoa. But who cares about them, that is, Tobe 35 old body, which wants to make his life the BC, is so terrible and they have no hope. But to better, IMA, and encourage Tohop here in my car. All Ttul. Smoking good pot and when me and my friends to the want to relax, to say one of us and he can smoke shisha, before they do something and sometimes when not smoking, I see my friends smoke, and the smell, I want only and smoking although Cigarrets know still In the disclosure 15 goods IN the trying stop CIGS, but it is hard and grass seem much, but I have to leave for my future listening, because I know that it ruins and also very bad smoking shisha hookah is. Once a day as smoking is 1, or 1 and a half Pack of cigarettes, then his victory hard but it isn't, because in fact, Hookah relax In Arabic and any Arab water pipe smoking Sibylla was a good to a little room, hold it upward: d. after smoking marijuana really Sickk and it had to Upp and it is so strong headache, that it was as if a demon took my body, the Megan that could explain this Likkee is the second time that happened to Federico, is normal and eat all day is not. Otherwise for all young people, no bristles, as people probably fucks more peer pressure in the future and hate you (want to smile?)If you decide to their own decisions about trying the grass for the former wait and make, whether or not (this will also help control drug scale youth began elegantly beautiful grass 8 degree of peer pressure (not one of my friends who were at the time) and then began to drink very capable and 9 of ketamine breaks almost all days. lunch) was expelled from this school with 6.5 fully credits. Class 10, I went to another school, displaced grade 3 day 11 to beat a child, the ecstasy to my g/f sold (because they wanted above all his medication) for this time was addicted to cocaine, ketamine, beverage, extacy.etc. I went to another school and distributed and sometimes accused of attack damage that 2.2 persons have tried to rob me. (at that time a Coca Cola distributor) house arrest took 6 months. If this was free 18 years old, I addicted to cocaine, crack wonderfully elegant was, every day with pain relievers, grass wonderfully elegant, making ecstasy, ketamine, the drinking.etc. I ended up getting to the process of grass and collected a few violations of the probation and had super 8 months in jail in Ontario. It is with the killers and all the villains, you might think. As soon as I got out of jail, I discovered that my g/f had slept with my best friend (who was also I first the seal was passed) and then dropped and returned to break. I have a nice girl, who moved across the country, and apparently all my friends hit. l8er 6 years ago and I've paid my house $-MAX903.PDF, 2 1 car and sexy sports I still pays. I have my own Buisness masonry is going very well. No problem with the law to have, now that I drugs also stop me to drink (like a beer while working on my horse) still smoke marijuana daily to do, which is the only way to keep my mind put together, but note that when I first and foremost never marijuana smoked, I don't need life by Probou never as a teenager. Hope this helps, I am not against marijuana, but I understand that some of us can't control when we are young. I think that people are drinking Tuilerie should stop when compared to smoking. Take everything bad, what could happen to you, something will change as a smoker? (Echemos a lo Bueno Juegos) remember!Don't drink and drive better smoking and fly). I've been smoking marijuana for 30 years and I don't accept that this is not attractive. I smoke 3 or 4 joints per day on weekdays and more on weekends. They held several times over the years, but have you noticed that it's now much harder to stop and then years. About the dangers of smoke, you forgot to mention the bipolar disorder that comes with heavy use. I think that happened to me. I had a $100, 000.00 average age very stressful for 13 years. While smoking marijuana was this time my healing of the mind healthy, or so you thought. In June 2008, it was out of the pot for 5 days and it was mono, I thought that I was in the usual way for the work, but I stumbled and the white point to stop. My husband was not really the work at the time of my content was important. After doing some research, I found that he suddenly was his job left a sign of bipolar disorder and have shown that the disease caused by the intensive use of marijuana. He proceeded to dry for 8 weeks but returned to smoking when I decided to remove the rest of the year. Fortunately, her husband got a job 3 days after I stopped and I managed to stay at home. Crazy as I began to dry, in November during my search after January. I couldn't sleep, mood swings, wasn't crazy wines mean many and Acussed man for having an affair. I went to the doctor, sleeping pills, after the first two weeks. Bring me ambien started to have horrible nightmares. I thought it was ambien but after reading all these articles have the bowl. Ambien gave me terrible side effects, so I started with the half dose. On Christmas day, said not my man already so grass had my thoughts, and that it did not need was to get a job quickly. I jumped and I went back to smoking and ambien. Now, I get bored and I want a job and although still weed, I am trying again to leave, so that a screening test can be passed. I'm not a smoker until last Sunday, and it went well, yesterday I woke up with fear shivering, dizziness, impatient and very irratable. I took one and including the last day. My theory was gradually reduced rather than let it go. Today I feel much better, but there is always the desire. After reading these blogs and health reasons go, I'm trying that today, without smoke. I would like to thank for their comments, because I support, I think to think Positivley makes me. Hi to you all.I just want to share, I am that after 10 years of cold, now smoke on my first day of my not conscious choice grass. You had 10 years know how think more permanent in my head, only to inform, but in fact what I yesterday now only will do in the Cabinet, even as bad as I, without wanting to empty. at least for the moment, but I am convinced that the most difficult part will be the first few days. the sheer thought of to go to bed without high (or smoked), it is terrible for me.I think that it brings many improvements in my life, and those who surround me, but I know the most difficult times waiting for us. THE GRASS POWER ADDICTED! suffer no serious physical Sypthoms kidnapping, but wow, these are difficult psychological. Will the nightmares and changes in mood and cold sweats, which is allowed, but I think I have everything straight in the face and bang my head against the wall just a big push for this article, and all over the world share their thoughts, how he wants to overcome my night much easier and I hope, that many more people in the same situation help is how I grateful for am all the weeds were, for me, I was always a man, but the truth is that nothing has added all of my experience, my health and my life was worth.Instead, it was only an escape - and that's really what it is, if you just think what a proof for the reality for me, for me, is as though disciplined and able to confront the AutoimpuestasPero rules, some do not, and will JamaisDonc is actually it was time to say goodbye. (see below)? I hope not! But with smoking is not in those, stopped and started to drink or to transform inhaling cocaine. I would like to once again experience a psychedelic trip, because I think it helps me to find me and make it less painful, but it is my solution. Glad I have it! Hey of guys and good luck - I agree with Amy, grass is definitely better than alcohol. Who knows if they make the electronic cigarette flavor of grass? Laughing out loud.Just out of curiosity. Great post you want to. I got it 2 days ago, and I feel it my head Riordinanti. I have smoked religiously every day, for 5 years and often throughout the day in the face of stunned would spend. When I started to smoke, I thought it was cool and asked why anyone ever not smoked. At the beginning, when he smoked, randomly with my friends after school and on weekends, I felt myself very relaxed, chill out and very sociable. But after a while I gave the account that I liked the real act tobacco and more socialization (especially due to the nature of the people who had left drugs / contacts linked with - not to say that there some addicts large and productive, but he must like the most pot smokers in my personal experience)(, sind gut gemeint), but in general tend to dig so deep, be rather lazy, forgetful, and unreliable. In addition ask his team-mates, as often as they can, and this makes it very difficult for me smoking quit smoking. Do not consciously, but I believe that chronic marijuana smokers want to have many businesses in the huge cloud of smoke as possible. However, they are my friends Casey in a way my motivation to quit. My good friend, who smoked usually every day, would cease to support my decision with the smoking, but not abandon itself, as in many of the denial, is a big factor in us smoking. Today I was at a friend's House and was common in the basement of the smoke one with his brother, and I thought it was an unfortunate situation. sitting in a dirty basement (his father, of course) next to a dirty ferret cage, watching the robot chicken and stinking place. And then I realized that I have done in the last five years. Some updates in sight, although it now would have been much more relaxed if you were drugged. But it can do-PAS has posted this comment, you could once again, the same songs for bone thugs fucking I every night the last 5 years cursed sound like! Black-Hispanic white man, who wrote this page, I love yall. All have to stop me and all helped, because all were real, it is a real smoker, like me.Now I smoke for 13 years and now today I have decided to step back and ask for help on the net, and when I came across this forum. Mainly everything you read was the history of the mine, that I identify with and the revelatory experience that blows my mind a little.I think that most of these things happened only to me, but in reality, we have all these deficiencies and improve with these cars man thank you. I love the peace and the Nappiness:.) And the forces of the universe gives us the power to put the bullshit down * t lol. A yall. Lies and propaganda as people sleep at night? NIDA 80 see studies in the Pan you reduce the risk of cancer of the lung and COPD, cause is cancer (prevented the growth of the tumor), destroy cancer of the brain itself contains compounds that help, relieve anxiety, depression and mood to stabilize. There are no physical delivery of quiting is mental and he prescribed xanax from the pressure cooker is an idiot and sho0uld lose your license. Xanax is a drug money laundering payouts of the physical damage. Stop lying, soon bite the truth in people. If you don't believe what I just said research at Google and YouTube, the truth is out there. I'll try to help, when you consider that Sparky.As just say my personal analysis of such habits as the use of cigarette smoking with or without grass, that they are not trying excuses to smoke again. After task sometimes got try excuse ridiculous smoking once in a case with my best friends or whatever has. should your mental strength to know: able to make this song? There, are you not strong mentally addicted to forward to your habits not, they want - and lose all the work and the effort you put into your project. Then ask yourself if is worth.There are many people who think they are dependent on marijuana, but in fact, your body wants the nicotine from the tobacco used for all connections.If you frequently smoked marijuana with tobacco, you may want to consider, to get a replacement is possible in all sizes and colors. It was for me, even if I quit tobacco smoking.I hope, be a help to you.With best regards. IM 14 Ive wonderfully elegant since I at the age of 11 was grass. In an attempt to listen on Hasent been, but know that I had a brother and a sister, who also smoked dose gems for my mother. I smoke Yottie, tricky, Daisers w/e u WANA call is a pipe, the large enough for a Cigerette and feet joined the upper grass let or higher, but it will save money. In the now ill and as Mabe one day blood was not yellow black, Caughting things like getting the lungs In the mies butter today night sober but then first Mabe, where the size of the room, but not for young people die from WANA, realized coughed, but it is where my life I'm sure. I like to read what they say green too bad and really useful is every day in the middle of the 7th grade In the location nine acres and smoked Yotties blends van Aober as Mabe 1 2 days, when In the is not at home, I feel like shit never let the smoking of marijuana someone, like me, if you do my age is vigilante justice in the city. In the addicted and need help, I must say. IN the OK, I trust, to publish budget finally elegantly. I was one of those who thought it was ruining my life, and started only when it makes better, but lately I see before and after the school wonderfully elegant before school and everything was very close with my family, but now I go home and go directly to my house cuz In the always so fukin my very red eyes get blown R I miss talking to my mother. When I started to smoke before much more friends and pals Tru, but now In the single friends with Stonners, others in life, a small town and everyone knows and low Lookjs on the elegant grass wonderful 4 me In the even loud House outside my friends known as iv was with marijuana to me or my Domicileelegament home cradle now hate my life and I I want to go back only. When I started, that would be one thing, let's see how it was before you realize that it was wonderfully elegant and Fumerei 24/7 all day. I have not smoked in 3 days and I can not good food and the always still angry, I hope that you can get. Hi uk grass head. Smoking marijuana is people who try to quit no losers, winners, because they have realized that have negative effects of marijuana in their lives.More power to you in your search apartment be free!. My answers: (1) as far as possible.(2)I lost all the money that I gave (my father) because a little beer in the place was used and the worst is your friend.(3) I do not damage done reduced cancer (kills cells, the future of cancer cells) because not physically addictive I can use it, if the budget is tight. Marijuana is as addictive as games, food, and other things.(4) my only reason smoking is Reduceing Toleracnce, I turn my receiver of cannabis (5) hook for Meany, its nature, is the best for me in the beer, it feels better than beer, to lose weight eating more and more (because he smoked grass, I lost my Obeasity, but I am not underweight) and you'd better go to the specified Stellenist, if you're above. Reduces your body/Dissease of pollution worldwide # 1 cancer. Feels very good (if they make economic and legal ID incense outside were).(6) (smoking weed) my mother, my father (herb but alcoholic smoked now [worst epidemic hand spend $20 per month on the lawn while my father spend hundreds of dollars on beer and cigarettes]. my friends, some people aren't smoking marijuana and others.) (7) makes it possible, at the top of the Pan support and self-help groups of soup & hose not Antie propaganda widely. I started smoking at 12 or 13, and for most of the 20 + years smoked.I have not much experience be clean, but I very much with the original which first phase would be a crucial step is better suited. Furthermore, some with my method can sometimes require to stop other chemicals do not agree.If you can do a complete change to the environment. Change your friends who smoke in positive Einflüsse.Es is a great first step, and if you can to start now on the way to a life without him.DEAL. This is probably one of the most critical bottom and stay away from marijuana. I found that, if detected, it is much more to marijuana. When I'm busy, I discovered that I had thought hardly much less desired.Buy on the counter help to sleep.Now comes one of the most controversial methods. Prozac or some form of SSRIS. I'm not a doctor, so please take it with a grain of salt. It's been a miracle, to help the initial difficulties of letting go.Prozac is extremely efficient with compulsive/impulsive behavior and the urge to smoke the free edge does for me almost immediately. Use a half very easily over the recommended initial dose. I take a 20 mg every two days and absolutely miraculous work.Although it very important, with busy cela remain and that is to combine the change of the smoke. You will not be combined everything, be it for a long time, unless these methods able. And re-used although Prozac can cause a different number of questions, because now the new problem and marijuana is also questions of Prozac. There may be effects of the severity of the withdrawal and the first effects of Prozac. Consult fully on it, when he decided to incorporate under arrest.Smoking is, although not so good they shouldn't necessarily share after his release. You can work with cigarettes create a physical dependence, but I found it slow with marijuana, is not for me at all. If it works for you, it's great.Less smoking is better than a Status Quo to be more smoke, but rarely stay for awhile and rarely gets.Also, I would say that Prozac is not an option for everyone and is not necessary. If you, busy with positive things, preferably outside the home, and preferably around HIV-positive people can stay, make this Wunder.Ich am sure that some people opposed my proposal of Prozac will increase, and it certainly has a lot of problems, which need to educate themselves, miracle worked for me for the first phase of the Loslassens.Der best way, to quite for me, it was, a positive change in an environment and people who stay booked and a very low dose of Prozac. No marijuana is not necessary your Autour, if you do this however. To flee or to leave and utensils is not about drugs to take.I hope that helps someone. There is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. Ignorant people try to solve their psychological problems on the lawn.Are UF, first, who you against others from smoking marijuana? If you think that there nothing wrong then you are smoking marijuana, ignorant. Of course, if you occasionally smoking, are the effects minimal. You come to a daily smoker then you can, but you say have no negative consequences? I don't like who you are, or if the real scientific evidence step that marijuana leads if they inhale smoke, all kinds of smoke to lung cancer, and breathing every day in big tournament staff to negative health. On the other hand are there many evidence points to the fact that the grass on the excavations in short-term memory. And not to forget all denied the unproductive time persistent lunatic stunned. including the above $ $ $ to burn. It was responsible to do everything except the grass as in years. before the heavy step back and examined the effect of grass with an unbiased mind. Marijuana is not a drug of the entry. Ban is the gateway. If you verified and sold legally prevent that people posted by stronger are drug traffickers. 90% of traders that this value for money do not care who you are or what happens to you. I agree with you Keeptring and for the ppl this poster has touched and say that the grass is not that the entry has no idea a drug, what they're talking about. All depends on the person and there is no grass Agenst Sisuation who is the love of my life and was purely even 2 ° 1993 s Cannabis Cup for 5 years has always been my family smokes hell, my dad, his was awakened, a further 30 minutes later all day smoking smoking daily grass trouble with after a year a joint the beautiful WANA nothing as to the I to the elementary school you can reach the Summit and Goten worse went (probibly the reason for) my bad grammar), but you could also say, that I have a level 9 training, because I know nothing of the last five years was only a cloud for 4 months all iv done is to sit in my house and I smoke my herb-drug dealer, come to me so that was Fatima, arrival in each part IV very socal antibacterial - and boring it is, as the grass seems almost afraid, be seen by others, out of fear, what think you of me a form of the KED is your life and I'm her becuse all grass love, like I said is not for everyone. When an addictive personality and a life of full of shit my Advisor starts you faster than you think smokin ' turn into a crutch. You have no money, no Problums and everything works for you hear, why not now? and to all the people of thos very wise and mature, if you have the time to advise the post or know experiments. its many, myself included, Appricated-clean for 1 day so far. To: just a man. The tactics of the insults is childish and something taught in a place which the Bible not to do. Is what I said, to distort this sad news. You need God help a busy intersection cross? Stop and a Bible to choose what to eat? I told him that he too motivation, which you would prefer should find, to help with the withdrawal. Motivation can take many different forms. Choose your. They do not need to choose for them. Stop, so angry and there only with the help of God. The God of me not. I look forward to your reply complaint. It's very funny! You are quite the spokesman of God. Good day!. I was here before 6 months pledging my loyalty to a tobacco, but I came back because I tried several times to stop fallado.miserablemente.He, but I'm willing to admit that it would not be able to do it yourself. Where can I find a sponsor online?Thank you, Claudio. You can be sure that all efforts in the pot smoking to stop will be in a few weeks its fruits. Minor changes in their behavior and symptoms of withdrawal will occupy in the early days your willpower and it is solved. You can use this and not to do after a while. You will be grateful, stand for you! Probably need not to go to heal Detox, but when it comes to dealing with all means!. Jeff will continue to tell us how they should be the subject of an investigation and all shit. do you have? Is that all this? my opinion is this huge Stoner, who probably was under the influence when he wrote his stupid message. Jeff is probably that some retarted sit up at home every day live outside the income of the parents. Not be a Leny, quit smoking, because it's the right thing to do. and even true. The more I in this article, I found it less interesting. It is not only sufficient objective.(.) You have to move to stop this bad habit.I already have this set. This is really a ' Vice '? He gave me the feeling that the author always subjectively against all kinds of drugs already and he knows exactly talking what, should be only the poor standard.Find people you really care about. May come if they are surrounded by people who incite to take if you have a problem? (.)Are looking for a self-help group. Now that you know who you are, (de) real AmiciQuesto something that would give me the letter of shame on me. This part of the text, which will be assumed, that all people, not to take the medication are honest people and not even as a friend. If this text with people of different religion ethnic group was more concerned that some fact they diffuse group named Potsmokers mask collective, would be comments calling the author as racist anywhere on this Seite.Und one thing, the whole Internet everyone say: Please backup the scientific facts with sources. ~ Do not smoking weed, everything simply because you want to. Would do it, just because you can do it. ~. I do so now, crazy, how can get a good two weeks to their advantage. I've tricked basically to stop my mind when he meets the pulse or the difficulties, so I think that the curve and Algunosde. In the does not say that I have it a piece of cake out, only then smoke every day over 5 years, even more In the how to make sh *, its gunna be difficult. Remember tho grass smoke only relative is called oral psychological dependency, where you do something that constantly chew the mouth like ppl nails or lips, only includes a dependency. If you say that you do not and you have a strong spirit and mentality can basically put your brain, you are good. Who told that it's easy to stop. Payouts are fast, the more difficult by the nightmares came coughing, disease attacks, breast/Pai, changes etc. are all signs of healing your body. It will take time. Think of all damage that is responsible for your body. Be patient and consistently be and everything is better :) You want to stop, Primo in how much someone says its wrong or your Ruinging my life. Do you think, what, or where you can't, if you never, not blunt made as intelligent stupidity around the school. Amazingly, what decisions can be made. We do it habits all yourself, so you adjust the power their eating habits. Best wishes. PS: I am still convalescent, but I spent 2 weeks worse and after, I feel better. How can I help someone? Or at least moderate? Almost smoking is my 10 year partner no considerable effort, moderately only excuses,. While since ADHD to creative, is not bad compared to the consumption of drugs in the 1970s, etc. are even worried about their physical and mental health. I'm willing to do anything. I need some advice. Thank you very much. This whole page is crap. It is funny that all pot smoking and do not know your subject, what. If you get something, at least from him. There is nothing wrong with a little gem from time to time. Person is dead smoking pot! It caused Edward, if no drugs. Marijuana does not lead to hard drugs, your stupid people with no self control. Moderation is the key. A floor of their actions not to blame, there is everything that I've done. If you are using drugs to escape the problems of his naive in the first place. This nation has been financed on the plate and tobacco. The first laws of hemp in America in 1619 granted were and are applied to 'grow'. If you were a farmer, who lives in the United States and not hemp to grow, is locked up or the country as a referenced is not a patriot. These laws have been implemented by the Government of the United Kingdom of Colonus. 1773 and 1776 (the year of the Declaration of independence was signed). America needs to develop more. At that time was one of the most popular in the world. In most countries from 1631 to early 1800 hecho cannabis hemp was legal (Silver). Thomas Jefferson risked their lives to bring the seeds of hemp in America from abroad. Benjamin Franklin started the first paper mill in the United States and the paper made from hemp. Wars happened in hemp and without him, America had never won independence war. 1920, while almost all newspapers across the country ran ads for the smoking of cannabis prohibition of alcohol and the top job comes out hashish (cannabis products). The fact is that hemp was 80% of all human medicines, if's had been prohibited. It was only a dangerous drug by border controls and the fact that the hemp products are cheaper and easier to prose, rather than his lumberjack no compition. Yes, the aircraft and six for non American. Then open your eyes and realize. More information about your place of residence. I was 13 years, at least a half ounce a week due to the high costs of marijuana smoke marijuana. I had to stop to buy it. It is the only real problem that is not smoking marijuana, they have very bad nightmares. In short horrible nightmares, strange smoke. I don't know that the nightmares are passed in a timely manner. But never tried or wanted to try other medications. There was always enough grass for me. I miss your fair Mabasa, but smoking marijuana and music listen to them go hand in hand for me. But others are the nightmares then just replace your time smoking with another activity. If the grass was legal could grow my plants and return to smoking. But for the time being. I can not aford. and I will not spend time in jail. So goodbye now Mary Jane. I agree with Kevin. I was daily and often demand a smoker, as it really was in the head. Some things, which I noticed as I give, be less forgetful, less irritated, have a conversation minor irritants, most patients and have the opportunity to hear better. It is a huge gap between sport IMO and smokers daily smokers. Daily smoker is very easy to do. I think if you agree, you should go at least 3 months time, want to to give you the opportunity to your minds, what he says, to your inner voice. Dear Sarah, who is still the bar was more confusing and complicated. It is plain and simple. If you want to quit smoking, have with him and just do it. If you follow that smoking would like to have fun, but be prepared for the inevitable consequences. Good luck!. I'm really tired and you want to give up but life tracks. I met my current boyfriend University trees. Even if I say I have not broken when school and work became overwhelming. I achieved a lot (I use time formed fully, financially stable), but seven years later, I'm a social worker from the marijuana Süchtige.Obwohl were much less dependent on trees to fall asleep and the mind to calm down, if I'm not, believe the crisis every day trying I with in the workplace. I agree that my friend a great influence, while is the negative finding cannot be seen as a problem and offer me often if I get sick or depressed. I did once and led me out. Now, where I am ready to resign. I have between trees or choose my boyfriend of 8 years.I did all the steps. Wish me luck.did not start smoking trees until after college, I was unemployed and depressed. You don't smoke trap. I feel that I want to mean someone experience to write and it might or not might help too.IN the 24 now and smoked grass at the age of 20-23, which is when I almost constantly smoked. I had a girl, the marijuana and had smoked long. Up to the point of me says as always no in this space of time, I feel like I'm lost in me and what I like and lived. But at the same time, I learned things about myself and the world that have no price. It is important.I'm happy that I could finish and Relitivly easy. I understand that I should I go if I could all motivation to do something lost, my girlfriend and I constantly from one to the other on the lawn, complain and my thoughts were just weeds. Weeds were all conversations with friends and honest look. That was all that mattered.So, to stop it. I had to sit and a few moments before I remember smoked, I was happy, sad times, have a paranoid joke, a friend and not periods / yellow teeth have stains / does not smell like an ashtray and had my head in the ass. Time could sit with people and have a conversation but time and no mention or grass, to think, because grass is very large and a lot of other things in life and for me lot fun has become, but my process of identity and of the spirit, and if nothing heard that the tyrant feel loses the overview and be as naive as the alcoholic and players, or money for the fool, then the life is lived, in the short-term Erfolg.Die searches for me was divided in two.Tobacco + grass = tobacco = AddictionsFirst two separated spouses was easy, because he broke only tobacco and a joint, so if I wanted to always Biasimerebbe nicotine, then studied it nicotine and I in the body for 3 days, then after 3 days of no smoking was mentally before the game. And after three days, it will be easier.Fighting the dependency on which he simply repeated lawn, nor go shopping so easy, as I've got anyway no money and if I was with a friend or other smokers want to the number of times, where he started a conversation about the grass and soon you that--, who lives and life pointless conversation pflegenwieder and again and again, this can be really free, if you see the behavior that you fall if you smoke pot.A combination of the above helped me to put his foot in reality. It is easier or more difficult to serve.I would also add that anyone who is totally against the pot and never bother trying, so don't with comments on this topic, not everything you experienced, as they understand it. And you try not to understand unless your willingness to give it a try.I also want to say that I don't think that it is bad, but for me it looks one and are not all the same was. So to be. WOW! It is friends more imaginary article I have read in the Internet information highway called. Person, who knows not everything you read on the Internet feel like 4! Please! Idk who wrote the article (I trouble believe with the British Colombia is a shit) thought he was an expert on the subject, but unfortunately the false and misleading information. Even if the intentions were good. Support for people trying to quit smoking is wonderful, but can not filled PPLS heads w/trash in this way!I am a smoker of marijuana ten years ago. I have 26. When a positive and negative effect notice I, this has had on my life. I can also say that professionals, at least in my case went. First of all wish, that start with the negative: I prevented some jobs through mandatory testing on land. Also the fact that for most of the laziness, my poor time management. And smoking, drinking or something in the case of intoxicating when you have important things tho los. I agree? It was my fault. Positive: The pot greatly helped with my insomnia, which is unfortunately hereditary. I never take an artificial pill produced with chemicals to natural and God knows what. I can only assume the flower (not the leaves and everything what you said things like articles.) These parts of the plant anyway are not thc, the drug substance and active marijuana, if ppl smoke not together lol. And incidentally, there are several other ways to healthy steam than injest food as Kings and Queens for centuries for medicinal purposes) and light and deep sleep. And without negative side effects, such as the steering wheel and kill ppl in my dreams or giddy the next day that he experimented with pills to sleep. And natural sound! Also, it helps with little appetite for bird and is suitable for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Sure, alcohol replace also a leisure. I don't know many friends and people I know, yourself or others were damaged, while driving a car, while impaired. Alcohol causes many problems. I have to meet someone else who has suffered a similar BC of the pot.It is better for you and then alcohol or cigarettes. Was without disease or congenital lack of connected to marijuana at all. Don't believe me? The research to do. IF I MAY ASK. The spirits will change into the pot once it is legalized. It happened slowly. We have to believe that it is a drug such as negative film reefer madness brainwashing. So old fashioned. Remember the ppl, alcohol prohibited, slavery is legal. Sometimes, the Government must change. There is nothing wrong here. Just a little move and change our thinking a little bit. Looking back in history, is easier said than done. However, we need to stop thinking like dinosaurs and robots. Care and research we. It should be used as with drugs such as alcohol or prescription drugs, responsibly! I cannot emphasize it enough. To do this, and it won't be a problem.God bless our way, where you are in life. We are all brothers and sisters. It is not for me or for you. We are in this wonderful journey that living together is called. Namaste. Hi guys I think not this thread in the active State for three years. I had good things for more than ten years and this year I'm 23yo. Smoked in College, the College work ect. Five years ago moved with my wife and order a drug class kept but with the love of Mary j. all my relationship (see other smoking not Skunk ny thing gud BT and I love lemon, Blueberry haze n bbc Buddha Roquefort to a few common strains to name a few).Use of hand rolling tobacco bundles do not smoke and I drink much, 4 months before and lasted only 2 months until I went back for more.For people who say there is no payout is bad for long term users. When I stopped eating, difficulties sleeping, I'm calm and Mardy first days go well weeks 1-2, what's going to kill me.All my friends smoke, and a big part of our life, is often there except for Fumassi, and a ' life ' want to have.The last time I left I had game Skyrim and SPLIFF keep me so busy that my brain has stopped thinking about the grass replaced. Go the sheer force and some old games resident evil retro-style this time!In one year I have saved at least £2500, which is about $4000 for people in the United States. If in five years even that's enough for a £25,000 mortgage of a little Hauses.So in ten years, which would I'm smoking marijuana for ten years to wait, I do not smoke the grass of love, but if anyone asks me now we come back ten years, grow or will ever n love pot, but you ' l has k 25, I know what you mean! I am now in my third week of Marijuana Detox. I heard particularly well and I am proud Beibehaltungen on my desires I sometimes, I'm always grumpy and are able to recognize and take time to install and reboot. I have on marijuana for relief of anxiety and stress over the years, so it is obvious, that I leave to learn to manage these difficult times in life. On the other hand means to me beautifully. He is recovering have active monitoring, which has been used. Now, you learn much more effectively, and they are delighted to discover a lot of things, all of a sudden I find attractive again. Fishing, running, movement, read joke and interact with the people and watch for my works of the spirit without breaks, I'm looking for the next word to say me or my friend say that I had forgotten what he would say and my train of thought. Listening to music is clarity again and texts come to me and songs in my head in a kind of positive atmosphere as well as Permaneceren. Ironically has hear stoned 40 years ago, it was one of the advantages of the pot the stroking. Over the years, this fun has become so vague that rarely sit for the sole purpose of who listen to and enjoy. I think that very well! Just for the moment. Wale sharing and mutual experiences to give up smoking marijuana. When you're ready, go ahead! The title is how smoking marijuana to quit, but this picture of me wants to smoke a joint more.by do not smoke the leaves or stems. Buds smoking. So I don't know why she even wrote this anyway. Grass, is a blessing for humanity. He has amazing things simple feeling of relaxation. To destroy the limits of reality, and we can in the purest sense. Let me clarify, however, gives us the possibility to create (we all have of course), but on the other side facilitates this.In other words, I, like most people, I smoked so much come to this page and would stop or at least slow down hell. It seems fair to me.But suddenly, this business of extended use, Tower and say that I have found Jesus and drugs are bad, that's a total lie. It is not just a lie, it is low.For example, the attacker is to realize that I'm here, not bad drug. I'm the one that I can't control myself with him. Marijunana does not automatically makes you smoke Bong 5 in front of the work, it is my personal choice. Although I regret the fact that the election decided not grass, which put a gun on the head, I glad to do so.This is my point: ceases, a slut, which in this respect wines and stop trying, blaming downloaded as much as possible. I know, transition to higher performance is an important part of the process is Judie Tzuke and for many people, but at the same time, much as a police officer. No drugs, no fucking help of Jesus, you and your decisions. If you go to fight, they fight for you. But this is not the fight against weeds, they engage in their abuse of the grass. Take some of the responsibility. I agree with the majority of the people here, the article is of course written by non-smokers, but everyone here feels the same, that make many of you want to forever leave. First of all, he smoked in the sixth grade In the 24 now type questions, where the time went. I have hooked my brother and now, you smoke more, what I've done. In my house, the grass was the norm, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncle, cousins, all smokers! But they have to prove it? There is nothing. Well everything with positive messages. I went 4 days ago. I have my heart, love, smoking with a passion, my vocation was time but it finally concludes that my wife is expecting a baby. Now, my family comes first and I risk not of the quality of life.Take care of steps lie it's fucking you, I want to quit so bad! It is intellectually sexy - that's for sure.You do not stop, if you don't want to do. You can test, everything you want to smoke but have no sincere desire to leave, don't waste the time. Simply drag everything, what I specifically want to get you terrible benefits in the long term, if not in the short term. Finish all the desired. If you can smoke anyone regardless of smoking so good for 20 or 30 years - to quit. Stop moaning and arrested! No one can make it. You stay active and practice so far access to the as possible, get a new hobby and goals you want to achieve on a quarterly basis and, of course, cut their links w/friends, something, which has to do with marijuana. I've smoked weed since I 13 years old (18) and enjoyed every minute, that my brothers and I began to steal all dealers, I sold know their bud, also if the majority and from fat battery but In the ready to put head and go to College, I see that it no problem with smokin ' Bud is not crap, but only a few people and not dealer cause the most, robbin recommends you have weapons and now that I think it was not so smart. Enjoy this black Pasarasen money! Laughing out loud. SUP thought to come see my post and the first Christians, that he decided the part of my post and guess what to correct?There was a.Anon, to assess people, are not very stunned as two persons in good health.Right to give my trust to sell for all those. Not grass affected. I have only just explain that people should not give up, that the opinions of the other lead their assessment!Who like to plan smoking marijuana, free from persecution. With regard to sales, no boring conversations, without judging.If the grass is concerned his life Negtively, to finish. Whether really a big problem, it's the grass.However, is that with these people who lose friends, friends, lose your loss. These people are not your friends, they have never interested.Talk to a psychiatrist, because it's where I learned to let influence my judgment not the opinions of others.This article aims at the will of a person of day's work, and many people who are willing to defend to impose.The fact is that there is this article missing reference is made. If the information is correct, are she APA limited by the source of the site to them. That you didn't do. This is clearly a proof of confabulated is sufficient.Do not let your choose not this article. If some of the lies will help you, just for you, then great to make it. Personally, I think that the layout of the page of Transcreibles at best.I have to justify me not my smoking marijuana. It is sufficient to say that they exist, so the grass, what can happen between grass and can make mistakes.Bash my messages. But remember, only to impose his will on others to justify.Once again good luck in your projects anywhere is something taken for granted on the Welt.BTW, the term Anon that harder isn't sober life in comparison to stay sober. Once sober, not drugs, is easier than a joint, I'm smoking. Good advice should never put on the game, when he, you're to tell me, that my post not for all useful.Person shall be justified by smoking marijuana.Person must be justified to stop.No one is the vision of your life, that you personally.Anon is a fighter. It seeks to understand, he pretended, care, when that surrendered his will see. Is OMG, WTF with this site? In the voice of Matt and Conner and is supplied with electricity. all your shit, that only our teachers of Health said to scare the drug. Pot is not worse then cigs. Have someone ever to die bargain? I havnt. and iv had never heard to cancer pain. This is ignorant. CIGS and moisture are made of completely different legs! If then why Perscribe people know its bad? Do you know that cannabis not tar? his equivalent, I think it would be an algorithm of hash or Resen, chip. This is just a bunch of lies by enemies in place. How much do you bet the person who wrote, that this has never smoked in his life? and I'm sure that many people know the difference between a bar and a cigar. its so hard to say no. I've smoked since I was 13. I smoke then once or twice a day, usually more. also smoking cigarettes. Don't tell me that they have more or less the same as in lies! and not give the bread other drugs is bad, no. What, Miss Mary pop ups with a shot gun and say if you hopelessly coca will pistol whip ass? If you enter other drugs, it is your fault. even if the seller offers it is not like you have to youv'e ' e buy! and have you ever thought that maybe your fucking life is not bad because Jane's? everything happy but still ignorant does not make us hate. and those, which I don't, what the hell up your language in General as the loser who wrote this garbage. Is never thought that your life is shit beacause life crap? These things happen. Sometimes I have a good life. I sometimes youv'e but your life turns to shit. You can't blame green for Tourture dead natures Antwortanalysee. most likely, that would in any case. Pot in fact it saved your life. I was so sad. Joke was sitting in my room, all these days was never of them, and when I was happy at the school. It would also do not eat. That lasted a year, maybe more. But then one day my friend invited me to go, to skate later. Well, we went to the hangin' with his sister and her bf, and they decided to met your shit. I understand the first time vary, but I felt a little. It made me feel better. next weekend, I again invited, and frankly, I don't want to go skating. I never wanted to leave my room. I even make new friends after what I've lost. I had changed nothing. in the literal sense. the only reason why I went was because I felt bad, I would and did not want to leave it. Because we remain high, and for the first time in 16 months, I did not die. I had a habit self-destructive ID prefer not to do things, but Wen I started home elegant ceased to hurt me. Since then, I havnt. before you dead, at least on the inside grass. It allows me to make friends, because for the first time, I felt that I wanted a life again. I better instead of identification tried to do before all ends. and think about it, if the person smoked, would fight with each other. Have you ever felt dogfight like who? I'm not sure what the hell. No, there is no anger in the street, and there are no shootings at high schools. It is pasture, and peace must be aired. I think it's funny the fucking world and his concern for marijuana. You, idiot. Write an article on crack! or same coca. the lease contract, were deceased and Meder Destroyrd by him. This stick a nice man killed vary with a promising future. He was only 19 years old. My best friend and I have terrorized by a toxic were. We were like 3 in the morning walking in the streets. You could say that the dog speaker only by his cousin had lost hiking and makes no sense. my best friends MOM was (or still is?) a crack-addicted. Monica is trying to sell the drug. She was only 8 was dealer Luckaly no degenerate and how bitch crazy your cock here, because I don't believe in God! Have you never tried someone to sell to a family member in the grass? Not never heard of someone sucking cock of a tree? No. If really desired save lives, tell people how to stop such as crack cocaine or methamphetamine, which is another medication that iv seen to destroy people. Maybe you should write some help in the struggle against the impulse of the assassins in series to the slaughterhouse or teaching a Pedofile who resist temptation, small children or help take a rapest stop serial killer. Examples of real things, which really affected and try to stop, is not only a small plant. He has his life and learning a couple kissing on a topic before you online for anyone to make. Give people like you, the bad name Jane! Conclusion: this shit to legalize! 40 days is an important step. It goes better and better. Occur in people who smoke, and I can hear reefer on her clothes by 30 feet of this approach. Power think me how often I felt ashamed of my wife and my children. VISINE and Cologne could be, that the name of my book with smoking to stop. Congratulations LOL in his perseverance! However companies other spirits slander. There is no grass at all (Please note), that I have said no drugs-grass. The effect of cannabis differently and in some people. She will not all day sad to stay home so not doing nothing.(This should stop smoking, or get acquainted with life). The prohibition of a plant that was given to us by God or by some of evolution, is not only fiscally wrong its morally wrong, this herb has helped millions of people, but come the same time innocence murdered in Mexico. Legalize, profit, medicate in peace. ? Change come my friends, but it's not just Obama. It is the people. US!. What can marijuana? Explore featured by reading the articles on this page. Reading about the side effects of this drug can smoke the grass to stop Influenzarti. Thank you for sharing stories and effort out.Moral support and an ear, sometimes to hear is what makes a difference in someone's Leben.So keep them!We're slow but sure to rid our objective is from the clutches of the smoking of marijuana.More power to you all! Waiting for many years legal medical marijuana in my State and now a legal user. But you know what! Now I have built much in the lungs, that I can not enjoy the effects without vomiting a lung, the Narbengewebe.Ich have f - stop! I prefer generally to breathe and sing some Buddhists or deep breathing exercises to get.Smoke nothing ruined your life in the long run. Ever have those poor people in connection with oxygen bottles, try to make their purchases? Many people that like our wonderful poetic wax, dry out the lungs like two bags jute burned herbs. I know firsthand Erfahrungen.Vergebung of Ganja, the brothers tell the truth. This is all a lie. Ignorant people try to solve their psychological problems on the lawn. He is not the man of grass, is the fact that an addictive personality and marijuana is the drug that decides to abuse.Earlier I used to smoke marijuana every day, it was moved to column by Rauch.Ich recently in my head of friends of the pot for my ability to ridiculous amount and no longer had a connection, which allowed me pretty cheap that it sell and my heart smoking could basically content free. So I stopped. So easy, it has about 2 months have been. There was my old town a time as I at the weekend visited and I used to smoke with a friend while I was there, but when I am in my new home had to be tired and to find a new distributor PAS Experianced any form of retirement or a change in my habits. the only difference was a little hard to sleep. My sleep problems have started at time had 10 or 11 (before they had seen marijuana) when he fell in love the books and would like to stay all night just read, when I got school in the morning. Indicates a good heavy smoking, always helped me sleep when I have something important to do the next day within a reasonable period of time.Physical health, has never in the history of marijuana was not overdosed, or says no evidence for the claim that marijuana can cause cancer. Moreover, it is true that marijuana contains more tar than Ciggarettes, no harmful additives, the tobacco companies on their product add or cultivated by using chemicals that dangerous dealing with major tobacco companies, that ground in recent studies showed that they contain radioactive properties that probably last increased incidences of cancer among smokers in the years as a smoker of marijuana I've Experianced the vicissitudes of the cause were the marijuana, which I use, including problems with the law, problems at school and in my family. But through all this, I was quite sure. There is nothing wrong with smoking marijuana. Pot is join bad opponents at school or Ärger.Jedoch selected, to get a decent education, when use of marijuana and the justice system, that has you in prison and makes you lose hundreds of dollars and hours of the probation service and download, if you are caught. The problem is not at its plant in the minds of the ignorant Menschen.Obwohl I at this moment lazy smoke Maryjane have, I know that someday, I may return what it always will be, my first true love. I think I'll watch here when you come back to Cali. Olla helped me Xannex. I had recipe three pills a day and wanted this issue to get rid of. I began smoking marijuana, and he managed to start Xannex. I'm not the pot and I'm working on cigarette smoking. I recently had a terrible belly fireplace, the me in bed for a day and a half to install. Therefore began not have any cigarette during the past 48 hours at kick smoking stop at all. I feel funny, but like everything else that is passed. Oh, and Jesus Christ lives. Reply of the people Wey smoking Ben 2 years and I have asthma and I have a problem with breathing, now you think that I can breathe properly when he fired Cigerates will also (and you think that I have problems with Breathng) pls someone answer. Vague health step study, good against evil, but the idea that smoking every day in prison only junky-ish. It is an application that helps me want smoking to quit; Is life so uncomfortable without marijuana every day? If you are healthy or have a small healthy connection with green, not and less into consideration, that it is like smoking. If yes I know don't tell, but its wrong. This site contains a large number of methods with which you to stop marijuana smoking. Through research and the log for you. I love the show for pot and tray accessories with your article. Oh and also the best videos, promotion of marijuana marijuana LOGUES and articles about waiver on smoking marijuana. Hi all! I smoked since high school and at the age of 31, it is time to stop. I took a little since Sunday and I know it's not much, but it is a stepping stone for me. I have weed psychologically addictive, and everything is mind over matter. I stumbled upon glad that I on this page, because it helps a lot. Thank you for your comments and stories and God bless you! * Mind over matter *. My story: I had very good grades in high school, she was very athletic, not shy but not the most outgoing person in the world. I started smoking again summer I left the school and smoking joints fell in love with him every chance I got and go to sell things. I thought the guy had everything together, could work a part time job, go to school full time, the Chronicle, and me to sell. Unfortunately every day smoke leads to bad decisions: I began classes with the attitude, to skip, is only one class, until at the end of all of my courses had to leave. Until two days ago I marijuana every day and almost all day smoke. What I've learned, to do Active to become addicted. This means that instead of drugs and jump in Halo3 hours or are just too stoned and will take care of a bum, my business. Well, I'm for all classes and 4 semesters of law, I am the President of honour, and I'm very close to the transmission in a prestigious business school. I opted for the new year smoking, because even when I managed in the school successful, I do not feel as if he lived my full potential, especially when it comes social and participating classes, if there is a discussion, or if I have a question. On the other hand again, I focus on what I'm doing and I hope that it is not called. For years, I've smoked, that attacks the fear in the school or in the workplace: my heart starts faster to beat grabbed her by the throat and it seems that I don't get what I mean. Give the company, I think that I need to be able to be released and explain to some fall a penny. With these anxiety attacks, I recognize that this is impossible, if I continue every day to register. The bad is that it not only when they are high. Can the next day at school, and think of a question to which teachers in the classroom, then start noticing fear and I find myself now my question to me. Please, nobody thinks that they have the same dilemma? I.e., I can at work and my supervisor can ask me a question that my heart starts racing, even though I know what you mean. It sucks, because I want able to shoot the shit and the crazy with presentations, my understanding of things to give to educate. Dream or not? It is perhaps one of the most ignorant is credible, one-sided Centre I have of course read, but most of the complaints about weed is based on nothing so ever. I have honestly? More dangerous than cigarettes? Well, before smoking of cannabis is less dangerous than many other drugs also outside the preferred pharmacy. You killed more than 100,000 people in the last year and was only by alcohol alcohol this drunken driver factor and other things. Cigarettes killed killed 400,000 people damn! 0 in the whole time that it existed and Washington Dick herb killed its tell me just as dangerous as heroin. In addition people in the average smoke cigarettes, smoking means much more than we, Stoner's that (if points at home to calculate) drug addicts these carcinogenic substances exposed. A recent study found on Pub med I found that knowledge is not affected, at the top of the grass, you can not say that is the same for alcohol. Grass is also promising implications for people suffering from cancer in Terminal phase of AIDS and a variety of other diseases. The hell with one thing I forgot when another patient study improved receiving cannabinoids immune function compared to receiving a placebo. Also because of their illegal status, not there was no conclusive results, resulting in permanent memory loss from weed. And there were big consumers of marijuana that was to achieve great things. As Michael Phelps (who should not apologize), Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Gates. People like you destroyed this country with their Bible banging shit. Are you encourage and support the Government to have more freedom for us, through the dissemination of their propaganda. To be honest, it hurts. When it comes to numbers are not in Washington, do write something for the first time! I could go at least a day, but I have to drink. I would like feedback if anyone of you can help me. When my husband and I first have date of Juntos - - I told him that he could never have a relationship with someone who has smoked marijuana. He joined (or so). I smoked 1 hour until we get married and it was with my knowledge. and then promised he not do it again. Sixteen years and four children later still smoke regularly - I think that he, and outdoor has done it several times a day but now, is also on the 5. It is only with children and smoking in the bathroom. This is done in the holiday at home. It brings. And you think that I don't know. With the economy as it is and 2 smaller, I can not. I think it may be, to lose their jobs, and made everything worse. We have no control (only the others to see). Avoid the b and C, I don't want to talk about the drug. and I don't know what I else talk b / C it is still in my head. I am totally in love with him, and they have always been. But it is useful to a serious and committed relationship with Mary Jane. After all what say I him, I refuse to be another woman and still am. How you handle it? It is therefore important for me, it's just that I don't stop now. If I could, I just had to give him an ultimatum. But I just can't. So, what should I do? Help, please. addictive and so it is very difficult to stop due to the desires of the body.In fact, it is very bad! This idea is probably because most people, car Cigarrette and articulation, are because both are smoked and the same, if not the majority of the impact. But unlike tobacco smoke, marijuana contains no chemicals, which can be physically addictive. On the other hand, the feelings that can lead to marijuana is psychologically addictive. This means that the desire remains, that is more about the person to smoke weed, who wants to relieve the victory of tip instead of the body need the drugs to their pain.Trying to stop smoking marijuana, it is difficult, because the addict for banks ends unconsciously. For these reasons, smoking marijuana a can time consuming and difficult. And the best way to do this is to break the multi-step process would make the result seems easier to achieve. No one wants to go through immediate and difficult process can not help solve anything. Then, change your point of view further help. The point is: it's a long way, but you must take some part (1) to launch a newspaper. Keeping a journal is the best way to keep their use of marijuana. It can transform the daily point with how often you use this medication and are bound to use it. In addition, it is to note that your experience a good source of motivation can be a good way to see how much you have improved, making. (2) how has used marijuana was influenced your life? Happening things, that is due to your might be the reality check you need. List of all losses, as well as the bad experience, you had because of the influence of marijuana 3). What future do you give marijuana? Think of the long-term effects of marijuana in your life. And questions you when you want to in your life period of ten years. (4) a complete list of reasons. According to the evaluation itself, must you some of the reasons listed, which will exert pressure to stop this bad habit. The following list is unfortunately not enough. Some events in their daily lives, such as emotional stress can push to find the feeling of euphoria. Worse, you may be tempted to breathe, because it cannot, to lose this feeling. Therefore, this list of reasons you maintain, wherever you go. Read this list, if you feel the urge to breathe, don't forget you because salir. 5) Why do you like smoking marijuana? Now you need to identify the circumstances that lead us to a common. Pay attention to the feelings that can lead to smoking marijuana. Then you can give a list of other things a similar sensation. There are other good feeling in the world like go go shopping, to the spa and enjoy a good meal, go to the gym, trying to capture a new physical activity or a very funny film. Marijuana is not the only thing in the world that can be so high. Find more healthy for you in search of replacement after an activity that can give you the same feeling. 6), people find that really interest you. May come if they are surrounded by people who incite to take if you have a problem? Maybe you should look for people in your life that can help you to deal with the problems and to solve rather than to tell them that it is them to escape by one may be a touch by their articulation. It sounds a bit harsh, but it's the truth. And for the habit of garbage, it is a truth that you must accept. (7) find a self help group. Well, you know who your true friends are, you can begin to create a support group that helps you eliminate the habit. Sometimes can make you a list of reasons to stay away Miss by smoking marijuana. Get a self-help group B in this case can you a plan. Don't be afraid to people during this time to leave. You need all the help, what, you can! (8) there is nothing wrong, how to get more help. If you believe that the first seven steps are not enough to make you smoking to stop to help, so that there is nothing wrong in combination with other methods to success to achieve. You can try the steps above with the following:. Comments on this post are amazing. Everyone is different, where the grass can be used for some work, may not work for everyone.I have 2 days of abstinence. The first day was the worst day of my life. Sweat cold, hungry and sick. I've tried a few drugs in my time, that looked like it went from speed to come! Today it was a little easier. I have to work back to tomorrow and I'm worried about, what to go.Until I no longer lemon mist smoke £85 a quarter every day! (I'm Scottish) My task is to enable elderly people in their homes, take care to start at 7. This meant that I had my first smoke at 06:30 till 9 and then again around half 10 on my first break and each 11 on my way to work. New 12:30 ish. I'm starting my happiness at that time sometimes referred to as 3 mike, what one is another addition to two different dog. I will be working with a Jay 4ish and ended 6 had a strong. Then my Home Companion comes (all my previous smoking!) and a role to share before dinner. Then between dinner and smoking between 4 and 8 would come to me! Go to the ish 22 bed only for mi - 6.Sie for almost 10 years, began when he was 15 years old and I'll be 25 4 Monate.Als I was high school would (just solid and smoked) ND first roll some joints d. smoke on the way to school on the bus. So, that was a big problem for most of my life!The fact that abused me, when I was in school at the age of 12 years old and I still face have not the courage, things Schuld.Ich'll let you, because the donor at least £360 every month by me for a salary of £1200, which takes, have paid for the invoices I don't have.I love cars and the son of a small party-ST who contemplated getting rid of, money from the fuel were to work. Therefore, he was my favorite thing to do to rid of weed in my life. Alarm clock!Him great attention from the dog now is the time you leave! The only case is soon easier! This is terrible! Even though I am the only culprit!Ive had guide my spirit taking completely of grass made. I feel at peace when I'm driving. So the solution? You spend too much time driving! The money except on weeds will go to one car per seat karts, fuel pump for my party cruise and my title Knockhill!Find something to replace the vacuum. If I can do anything!And all those who say that this site is a lie. Health could be the problem, but cannot deny the psychological damage. And at the end of the day, a drug is a drug, they are just as bad as the others! Alcohol and cigarettes. Use the change every day! And not for the better. Legal medicine and in many States. This is the LSD not Tim Leary and his presentation. Some people can abuse while others in mass, smoking. Too much of anything is bad for your health; Vitamins even. I give up because I can do it in bulk, at least not now. The situation is different. If your father on the edge of your sister's death and the abuse of heroin sold her body for crack (personal experience). Then I heard it.It is a straight a student who has smoked marijuana in the obtaining of evidence. I stopped smoking marijuana after 10 years smoke every day this week. Why? Because they are DUI drugs in prison. The State of Georgia, is lots of THC in your system at the time of the DUI arrest at lightning speed. Regardless of if you smoked the last two weeks!I was never the trouble with the police, never before. I was sh * t, I'm afraid the crazy pot of actions of Georgia. Now trial, thousands of dollars for legal fees, fines and possible additional prison, etc. to stop smoking marijuana, I recommend I had to take not route, it is a disgusting. These are good tips, but much of the information here is incorrect, incorrect facts make information only that people incorrectly, so that it is easy to smoke grass. Per day for the last 10, at least I ship smokes here leave say even after I'd mainly about 15 years! Some people are focused also on facts.I think the purpose of this page, to discuss our addictions and our experiences with grass.I found this site hopes to support, because I tried to do anything, that smoking is bored.im go hard and if you in my shoes, so should Sie.Ich have only experienced insomnia for a master's degree and I agree with more vivid dreams, commenting on those people.I feel a kind of sensation, which are stoned, not Anythign more than experience out of the ordinary while you at work during the first 2-3 days after when I was a very heavy users are.Fumerei EVERYNIGHT as I walked through the door.Most of the people here also not very accepted, because I live in the British Colombia Canada. Nobody cares us if we see on the street or driving and smoking and smoking.I don't want to really, but as some of you noticed loss.for even short-term memory, if I buy I can customer name and forget how after 10 seconds!As most of you have vanish especially the BORDOM it finally finished alone doing nothing also when I was at home, everything seems more fun, which seems to be otherwise normal. even as I write this, I tried it for the first time in six days, but I'm here to support and to say that I now the positive aspects of decision.the me are as follows di account until after 6 days.I noticed that my skin on my face and my eyes see better than ever! I noticed also, that I more energy during the day than ever before.I am loosing hungry every 30 minutes also weight as this overweight In the not high Butafter seems, because you know what I mean. Do not write or blog pages in General at all, but since I met didn't felt responsible today tonight because of shared what some of you. I decided to help and maybe help someone, like you me today night helped.I know this sounds cliche, but Kight the truth! Types hang out there and for people, which facts are good or evil, topics that interest the Devils! On our experience and help stop.There is no page on the effects of marijuana on the standard human relationship of cigarettes, or anything else. Find an outlet in your hand and go bitch somewhere in our cause of the facts that we do not!Thank you for listening and I hope to reach your goals.Try it again if you not only do not recognize. A man can not really until the stops at a glance! Remember, good luck! I'm a professional Friseur.Ich've smoked marijuana for 10 years.I am 29 years old. It is very hard to quit smoking marijuana. I have two children, 13 and 6. I can not eat if you don't smoke. In the morning to get my day started to smoke. Smoking during lunch. If you do not smoke during the night are much less remains. I tried several times, but again very irritable to leave. It's me as if every thing ppl on my boxes out. It seems that if I my hair, if I do my best. I want to quit smoking, but it is difficult. Those who are no longer entrust. I read all the posts on this site and I thank you all for your inspiring Kommentare.In the last 9 years he has smoked grass every 30 to 60 minutes daily. I am now 22 years old, and I have not smoked in about 21 hours. It is the longest without smoking, since I started, I went.I don't know, I'll be able to do, but I know that I must work hard. I would like to really know how it feels, not always high because I don't remember. Not to mention many other problems, which was addicted due to marijuana (cost dear to the heart, for you a little more, the difficulties in communicating with people wondering what I forgot: ask that I in the last 9 years learned).I noticed so far, I'm glad because it feels a little wiser and able people to understand, speaks best. I felt my car still more cautious while driving today. Reading and writing of Somthging care, therefore, Definitley.Bei God helps to relief of complaints I'm rarely. My emotions change quickly; Sad, boring, then deadpanned, then I'm happy, I'm doing it for a second, and then again boring, sad, anxious to be. My thoughts were racing, and I'm constantly reading my Gedanken.Nach above, I realize my feelings viewing complaints begin to quickly fade and remains the only occasional with the whims of smoke. I can't wait to get there. Honestly, I feel very bad, but there also a lot of other things in my life's going on. I don't know why I'm writing this now - I think I'm trying to deal with (I know account can't really help someone and I'm just rant on my problem). Thank you, that you for me to hear, however.Congratulations to all those who have achieved their objectives. I'm trying to understand, what is my goal. Forever give up? Would I make a month? There are but in my system that are born, they are still very confused? Are you a daily smoker withdraw more than 2 grams per day and for a daily symptoms. The worst and most persistent insomnia Sleeplesness is serious. It is not correct to say that MJ is not only physically addictive. Speaking with all daily smoking was going to end. Day 15. It was not easy smoke, because my girlfriend and her mother often. I just ordered (Supplement), toxins such as THC Detox Kit to remove, although I don't know the difference. I read with L-theanin with stress and anxiety, I found something cheaper than the shop of e - Bay. It is not for a week or more, then I should do, I think, I think you should be proud, but I'm feeling emotionally. I do not remember that I do not smoke marijuana. I'll admit, fear and hope are worth on the Ende.Ich found a forum for people like me, and it was very useful:. Now I am looking, in the Internet technology requests, etc. would help, because I have to leave for personal reasons. And the only thing that makes me think that this article spit, is target's information is not a statement about evil children. Grass has the same effect on a child, such as cigarettes, cigars smoking would affect something. It is the grass that hurts your child inhaling smoke. THC does not affect the baby in the womb. Watch for the medical marijuana and patients are looking for alternatives to cigarettes has been carried out. Oh by the way to leave Vista into the pot and like Nickelodeon. but bad with a newspaper was not shit for you, because you don't want before you write, to leave creative kno lol. Compare pot & cigarettes, no Comparisim at all! Smoking around young children is totally wrong, but in the same way, smoking marijuana during pregnancy is positive, while CIGS are bad. All my girls are intelligent women, it soothes creative & completely healthy (thank God!). If I can't keep smoking, would you not want to eat, not to mention during pregnancy by dinner! It helps in the fight for the legalization of marijuana. It is one of the sites that stop to promote the methods used to smoke marijuana. According to this website, they sell a drug that can get rid of the THC. See more information about the topic on this site. the truth is that (and a 4-18 In the marijuana smoking) smoke enters your lungs have a dangerous chemical. Proven, he tried to stop.(Non-smokers, Ciggarettes or alcohol or other drugs) And I say unto you, that as I've heaviest ever tried to reach it. Especially In the a carriage house and almost everyone I know Snokes. I don't believe in JC when I need die for my sins, that no one else should die for me. That is why the religious approach helps me not. My opinion is, what I really mean woman and my money and the card still a cock will say the next three days, do not give me my papers! pls show a common sense. I liked. and I will continue to try to stop. Although the pot of cancer preventing, in the long run than the force of many people to withdraw from the contract nor do you have impact. I can not imagine, with the pot under a daily plan of health. Tell children that marijuana is a benign drug, which prevents, cancer that has its own brand of propaganda. Children should be encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle, the stress without the crutch smoking marijuana can manage. Children not to believe that because the Pope smokes inherently misguided and prevents cancer. What a father have to reconsider his position. Oh, man. ! Ive been smoking for about 2 years now, I started when I was Naughty 10 g iw as field runners and Ofssa -.-but the problem is, my family is an alcoholic. Marijuana smoke uncle, aunt, grandmother all drinks _ but I so sick, then began to drink and smoking marijuana is now once a week and Everthnig is BuenoPero if anyone, even smoking of marijuana knows once mese.im in Gr. 12 now. First of all, the facts are completely distorted. While short-term memory loss can be (can be the qualifier here) a side effect that smoking grass memory leaks are not permanent and effect stimulation of memory cannot exceed 5%. Secondly, there are no negative effects on the brain literally smoking marijuana. Thirdly, the pot has proved useful in medicine and prescription drugs is safer than most. Moreover, marijuana causes cancer, increases the risk of heart attack by half both like you said, or a drug of entry more milk. Finally smoking marijuana does not, not worse smoking cigarettes, alcohol, other recreational drugs and many prescription and non-prescription medicines. Suggesting that Prozac as a way smoking to quit is to do one of the most ridiculous things, because no consequences physically addictive smoking marijuana there. It would contrary to the glaucoma patients, as well as those who suffer from acute and chronic pain. Visit Chitownstl. I used to smoke 5grams per day. 60 cone/Schalen.Nur slow wine otherwise cut you have more withdrawal symptoms. You really want to allow otherwise not would take place.More smoke fear with the time away, will decrease. Give it 2 weeks and will be OK. I've smoked for 36 years and more. Smoke combo more than Tommy Chong and snoop dog. The only times where it is high step 4 days per week, during opening hours. I say 4 days, because I really have 3/4 of the day of the week Monday am clarified. I think there are many things worse than Marihuana.Ich suppose that I have inherited a compulsive disorder gene, that most my ancestors were alcoholic. Every day take the opportunity to the grass.I must admit that, although my life made. I stay in a dead end job, because I can not pass a screening test. I know how to beat urine sample, but more often, people make, the hair follicle tests or blood tests. Don't spend time with the family, because that would be very high. I think that life has passed me. I'm still with the same friends, that they have the same things to do. I took contact with old friends Facebook, and that they want, because she very successfully and moved apparently. 2 - 3 times to stop, but again over the decades by my children.Someone believes that it affected is probably naive not the lungs or brain.Let easy 3 days (this is why I'm here), and this time it seems more difficult. The side effects mentioned here that 3 years are met! At least for smokers. Yes, there are a lot of B.S. posted here, but do you expect?I have never used another drug, which is no small amount of coca. I knew immediately that a drug which can be uncontrollable, that's why I'm now. (that was still my lawn) You have never smoked a cigarette, took a pill or drink coffee. What gateway is therefore questionable. as, in my case I said the guilt of compulsive behaviors (forgiveness)?I think that at my age I do not want to be burned drug addict.I'm on my third day of sobriety and I hate it! Continue to streamline should be capable of doing what I want have an explosion &. All I know is that I can't breathe.I would prefer that my wife with my Grouchiness smoke. I'm here alone. Religion is for the weak of mind is not an option. I'll ride this thing with lucky. I already have a lot of stress at work, I hope that this approach makes withdrawal me Snap-Out in the workplace and be rejected. I am also a musician, and I'm wondering whether my creativity is at risk. ? If I can stay clean, update pop in here and my situation.I think that something is funny to see all these kids say know something and that there is no problem, as your iPhone wrote in the Aula Magna of the grass. Take a man, smoking an average 21 grams of Hydro is a week. IT IS A DRUG, AND IN GENERAL, DRUGS ARE BAD, MMMMMKAY?I hope to be here again. Stand by! Ive since 4 days without a cone, not just smoke cones amount, which is more direct, its State, a big part of my life for about 6 years and withdraw the projectile probably one of the most difficult, I've so depends Federigo as simple as things things, that problem is that I'm eating and sleep almost impossible without an Ayudaincluso out with friends was not funny, because it calls for 6 years or a Chuck ESH devastated. One of my biggest problems is the same, before you smoke it was to relax through stress and marijuana for me, the fact that most of my friends dosnt facilitate smoking. It would be nice to go and without the constant that am thoughts in my head, I need write a cone, even while I'm here I still have in my mind, I stick to a cone, my only fear is a host and Dissapionting people, the most important cost her ass for 6 JahreIch spent $43800 marijuana. Here are 2 new cars. I have a post by Dios Joe-man-made beer in the grass that eh man made is necessarily imperfect Dios in his image, man and Joe, your help via eMail next. I've smoked since I was a student in high school. Smoking for me was a way to meet people, I think that Marijuanna closer brings people together. some of the best moments of my life took place while I was smoking with my friends. But today, I smoke every day. by me. with the other. in the course of the Tages.Ich have noticed recently, that I don't know that people to behave, who I've known for years.I'm always worried to think what others, my actions and things to say. Lately, I've also noticed, from conversations with people heavy Zeiten.Und lost Yes, everything In the Forgetfull I can not wake up in time, no sleep til. Well your 03:22 and writes in a forum for smoking marijuana In the. What I'm saying.IM HOPING. the answer to my lies in the struggle against the legacy of this echo habit.but cruise crazy intention in my Integra Blazine Bowlz subs Thailan with them all Nacht.Ich smoked much before that. Reverse tomorrow. SUP Juran wonderfully it began elegantly in the eighth grade was. Well, I'm an older person. My grandfather was my father died, my first year student Leukimia. It hurts that bad, began this year smoking heavily. I don't know, halo funny take drugs and the game 2.Burned my year of the Softmoure of friends and I went and I took the road and crashed into a position of people with disabilities. My car is practically plastic made, so did a lot of damage, if the police there came knew that we have joined forces. I had a three-month study. During these three months, I found my incredible daughter 15 months we have visited. When I was on parole, I said I never was no smoke (smoked in his life), but I did it. So after 7 months, I did try. My brother and a few friends and I always want to brother now open on Saturdays. Her joke, my relationship, is it the type of angry when will cease, so I still to say, and once he started to lie. It will be like you and me earlier. Grass is my relationship with not only him, but all. Tomo an EMT and so stopped when this hospital of Clincals drug class is tested, I'm practical. I also work to the test, when the main suspects and the EMT class drug could be taken. You could go to the College to a doctor that is my year and I want A and B not c or d.IO, as I explained in my first two years had. I want to stop because the gang a few, but after reading, I can do this and my feelings, I think, or slower. Good luck to my fellow members of the dependence on marijuana. =]. I used to assign to the smoke, and I want to give. I think, give up, because I have all traders and is somehow by default, is marijuana better feel made me when he's bored. It is easier to bear, only not to bore the only boredom at the smoking of marijuana, I'm focused on the plate was smoking and was fine. I love to play the guitar but I for 20 min - 40 min per day to practice and then smoking and nothing do, but now no pot makes zapping from channel to channel, movies, etc. have already 2 weeks, I practice to assign more and learn a little faster.try guitar with some tips on youtubedie practice the next day again today. and two days later I am able to play what could play after 10 days, so that smoking marijuana. Maybe my love of music help me want to smoke marijuana and watch a movie, but this is always happening and again, I'll no longer regularly. I hope so. Perhaps, a band forever smoking can help. because even during the time that he no longer needs grass had knew that this was not very healthy, but I like the pot, I don't want to depend on something, I need to feel something, I feel well for fasting and maybe you feel better myself when making music. It's not easy, after smoking for years, but I'm sure that it's worth. = or / I remember as a child and have fun playing video games and nothing else. I love still the games, but they are not pleasure without pot. I think to stop, play video games and do what the joy of smoking Most.Music.i for fifteen years now about 340 days of 365 per year, I spent many years with the bowl. You think you have the pot, but it ends up have. Smoking marijuana is good. Be sober and not required is better. 11 days for me to stop. Hopefully, smoked once in the eighth day, so I think it was only 3 days, but he was able to sober week to count too. It is green, tried, on a less big congratulations limit, what kind of a reward and see how we go. Also easier to deal with things, but I'm also very sad. I'm not depressed, a little sad, I think. It's annoying, because the same thing is not only less fun, all so really would like to do much. Day 4 which is work plan well, but is not just a fantastic time. As soon as you hear everything what I'm doing is working, and that worked. But I know that I left everyday for Wells, Rhoda reviews really helped me.I hope that all goes well.Pierce. Go, I felt that it the only one of the evil with the dependency on this topic. ! I feel safer in me that I can manage with my plan to stay smoke-free! I read the post, because I really caused! Also I'm not loud on the release, day and time. We hope that it to Diagnoise with cancer or a disease is present. I think what we were ignorant of everything, these days, because we knew that it was illegal, unsanitary and evil plan. I congratulate them, and hope that you be more productive and more. You can do a lot of $ $ $ save! My provider must be a millionaire just by me! Keep the good works. Thanks to the creator of this site and the discussion! Knowledge makes! Output of dreams for two months than all the crap. It disappeared, and it was same person who smoke the weed at the stop was made me feel of a change in the exchange rate, but if the novelty was worn the same person, the same energy and the same feelings, but without Übertopf.Ich decided that I was not many problems themselves and blame the pot light weight yet don't smoke better with him, which I have. Ezeroh, perhaps error reached this Web site. It is a forum for cannabis. What you describe is more like a bad acid trip. That or I wonder what polluted by smoking marijuana is? I am 14 years old and I have a problem. Ive been smoking since this summer and a habit. I think that all his days, and we have many of my friends use me. I feel like an idiot. My parents, I tested only positive last night. I totally kill me. My brother to put the leg with the grass and he still smokes every day. I want to quit, know but don't like. Help, please. Good article on smoking cessation. Although I disagree the number 1 of the reason. Ingestion of marijuana no studies showing adverse reactions not found. Steam is another method, the less carcinogenic substances in your body. Not one of these points which leaves me to believe that they have never smoked beat, so really I don't know anything about this topic. Moderation is the key, the smoke at the weekend for the rest of the week. Buy a vaporizer, or soon canna butter/oil barrel and keep your lungs. Many lies. This article makes it look smoking grass is worse smoking cigarettes. I never had any problems with the train not to smoke for a week / two weeks, which could not make me without a cigarette however. I went through a period of not smoking cigarettes, only marijuana smoked. I felt much better after a week or two, without awakening the wheezing or coughing. It was however miserable bitch, until the Nicoteine is missing. The rules of the grass sucking faggots. But I no longer do. Two weeks and counting. Hi, I have smoked grass was 17 years old, 24 hours. I know not, how long but in the last 8 months I've stop the condition, I wanted a strange respiratory problem had, I went to doc 8 months ago I said marijuana every day and have done over the last 7 years more or less, and there is the possibility of Dabbeled with a class of drugs. Kuldeep surprises here told me that it could be in my head, so stop smoking pot, he didn't tell me! Last week now Ive found, I have a problem swallowing think again? I have always been Thorght for me as a person and already pretty sure herb. Me I had question, if anyone of you Hurd or through these effects after Dube abuse hit, because I Awfal disease of God care? Chears want answers! I'm ready, and they were ready to quit smoking marijuana. But first, I would like to point out that this article is very biased and in some places, bad planning.This makes marijuana as the drug of choice, as far as entry level more often not, graduated from the use of marijuana, eventually for the use of the harder drugs. This is not really true. If that were true, a line would be dependent on cocaine 20% of the population. 400 chemical compounds of hard drugs, including which are harmful to most of the present in tobacco smoke and more tar is installed up to 4 times in the lungs. Totally wrong. The main carcinogenic compounds in tobacco smoke are nicotine and lead-210 and polonium-210. None of them smoking marijuana. In addition, the THC itself is not cancer. Oh 5 times greater risk for a heart attack. True shit. Patients who ignore your doctors and smoking cigarettes while using a patch of nicotine through the skin by Herzinfarkten.Pulmonale research laboratory researchers at UCLA studied that smoke effects of marijuana and showed the study, which were the same, the damage caused due to cigarettes 112 lung diseases tobacco four marijuana cigarettes, the author invents his actions. Tobacco is definitely worse than Marihuana.Und I'm done with this article. Not worth to thwart my continuous time to their false facts.Don't get me wrong, but I have no intention to stop. For me it's smoke free today for a whole year! 4/20 is the day where I was free of weeds and now famous for this reason. If you want to smoke, I shared information about the steps that I took with my old posts. Search this thread 'Darrinwood' If you are interested in. Good luck and happy 4/20 Coolgrrl: If it's a bunch of garbage, see not this website in the first place why? Quiting something want to do requires determination and that can be a daunting task that would be easier to avoid that take the lead. If you are not ready, then so be it. When you are ready, take the positive step to their conditions. Expect no arrest for drugs or medical situation, their actions to force. I've smoked for 40 years and I consider myself fortunate that came out unharmed. Once my sharp memory of the blade now a reminder of cheese (full of holes) Switzerland. My short-term memory is a disaster. Studies have shown that marijuana for these problems is responsible. Meet good luck and a good decision. Take care!. I'm trying to quit smoking, but I'm not sure what you are. I think I want out because the image generated a person smoking marijuana. I think, feel that once it was decriminalized only not so scary, because my life is really great (as a voluntary hospital, grants received, etc.) and the main problem is, that I will not stop, but people different see me as soon as you notice that it's a little depressing. worse than if they see my tattoo. Don't try to say that the pot is more dangerous than tobacco to scare. You are a liar and you know. A reference that backed up their claims. You can't and won't. You're right in some things. Motivation, LMCs, but where is the study that shows that it causes fetal injury? You know it does not exist. Not encourage, to train them, what you think it is people only. It hurts. Makes access to the medications, and 90% of the people, that it cannot be heavier drugs. It is not a drug of the entry. When methamphetamine was more accessible, it would be the gateway drug, but methamphetamine is not the Earth grow. Alcohol is legal and marijuana is not. If you're going to spend a good time and some Yahoo of all permit and speak about success and love to fight, he drank or drugged? It is true that he is drunk. The type placed tetris game three drinks not been paid into the corner on your phone, vomited on the field, and the teeth of his girlfriend hit. There is also a huge gap between the two medical costs. When you use this site inform people, to refute propaganda of already injury through lies and conscious disinformation. Show references to review. I'm trying to leave it and stumbled upon your sanctuary is very sad. Most people who come here already know, that you are full of s #! t. why cheat? Why lie? I've smoked 15 39 IN the now. I've while I smoke. This account of the poor application, I like very much, but I hate. I don't know if that makes sense? in all cases that zaps my motivation is lazy and hate. But I like it very much! That makes me mad In the is not tamed. a factory is nothing in fact my life and my portfolio-WTF taxes!I would like to spiritual reasons, I want a good position before my God and Rubricare a body to have quite frankly its a amazing creation do not think honestly me here with the same type of wholesale, I have enough of it. Today is day 3 of them. and his death!I was tempted traders call it now, in the meantime I have in Google to leave, grass - originated from this site out, I read the article and comments, and I have to say that it gave me the determination, that I not to name a few. for the time being: (I hope that I can shoot this shoot peace xxx, Patrick). I smoked for over 2 years, every day. I want to resign because my son 11 months of life and the future is more important than a soothing, stupid habit. This will be my third attempt, I have this time! Marijuana products are discussed in this issue of the National Institute of drug abuse of Drugfacts. Reading this article, will find many reasons to resign. I am 46 and lighting up marijuana and arrest I smoked most of my life. Are autonomous and makes me feel better to top while on the Spitze.Ich'm definitely better, at least I know that I later high can get. I had to go first and I can no longer remember. I have some of my stupid mistakes in Word and deed, after you have tried to quit. Reading this blog is encouraging and discouraged, because now I, it may be white but damn I touch shit, if you try smoking is something to stop going and suffer for two weeks last year, I gave up and went harder than ever before. I was diagnosed bipolar as well as my father and my sister and I have always as an antidepressant, Dios pot still quite natural:-p. I was all drug 9 consecutive years, and it would not have been possible without the pot. I want.I really want to.I want to scare a few people, not the I in my life, lol. I may be a medium-sized dog, without him. It's a start, I think. good luck for those who like me and congratulations to those who were on the road has been very helpful in this. Thank you very much for. There is little point in letter (on a Web site to stop people using the smoking grass) reasons continue to smoke. If you smoke would continue, welcome you. Why try to convince that marijuana on this special site is good and healthy. If you want to quit, you know why the reasons. A study to convince you is useless. You need a study continue to smoke to convince. A study is needed to optimize you your continued use. Read the post. These people are real and want to leave! Discover for yourself and your studies which say that marijuana is harmless and useful clutch is. You need the illusion that is smoking marijuana for health and well-being benefits. This subscription on this website not to go preaching you to your room and Doobie away from your life. Although a Ditto, for most of which the recent posts is helpful I found my story be to listen on other accounts. 1967 began the age of 17, and if you look back, there was a time that has passed. That is, even if she had a job to make a family and has worked in the industry, he was always just a farce was. If you need the recording I felt normal. Want to help, to achieve the minimum standard, so even in my mind could retirement where everything was better. My wife and I have smoked openly in front of our kids, but grew quickly. My youngest son (now 26) is to repeat my story and breaks my heart. Leave several times and saw the awakening of my consciousness. Sure, I'd be smoking only would be nice, but at any time would be to drink, as it is called. In my mind, I always said that the voice of the debt; You need to stop, marijuana is not your friend, it speeds up your journey to the Tomb. And in the Declaration in detail, you will look back on so many missed opportunities. I heard again a week ago and it is very difficult. I'm not the same symptoms, no appetite, sleep and a ringing in the ears? However, I must succeed this time. I have an important job, and others rely on me. I feel that, because it is not I at work, the important thing was just to spend the day where I get in my car, ignited a bowl, car, House, and repeat. He wakes up the next day in a dense fog drinking large quantities of coffee to try to clear the fog, need to work and have a terrible time to concentrate or remember what happened the day before. It is that I am not registered for 60 years. I think that life in many ways is carried out. Makes it difficult to forge the character and mine required a recompilation. Please understand that I do not smoke marijuana am bad person. Avoid me, family, and social engagement and high. It was my comfort zone. Fortunately, I had to for business travelers and paranoid has security at the airport. I have weed every other trip and it went through their paranoia. Take Lite in the hotel room, a glass of Visine, rubber and function as the best that I could, but he could not expect again in the room in my safe place in my mind, where everything was painless. I had to leave for 3 days. Prescription pills to sleep and it helped a little. But he could also have a look at my situation and I count di, to feed my appetite and decided my life. Nothing was fun, without a previous success (and). It was very bad at work and spread the Autour attitude. Do not smoke now after 5 days, things seem not so bad. Is this another vote, stunned me selfish my attention vying wanted. That voice is still there, but the volume is low. I'm proud of me, for the first time for a long time - a real Bilanz.Ist it beneficial for me to write this, and I hope that others will find themselves in a similar way. Maybe an addictive personality, I was never a problem with alcohol, but what ever it is, I must no longer hide. The sun comes back, the fog. He would leave green, continues, a friend. It is the withdrawal symptoms that you feel and is only temporary. If you see, how many people will be positive towards you, to your self esteem and would return. I didn't want to be rude, but you can not trust if you designed with a big L, painted on the front and reluctant to look people in the eye. Put your best foot, as they say, and shine! Marijuana smoking people are stupid and are without a personality, I've smoked for 8 years and In the 20th is one thing that makes the loss of any sense of responsibility, weaker and stupider. You came back you stupid and his Vedge also. Even not be someone you are not. I need to get drugs, more modern. I used to have it take me dehype, but soon I realized that hyper snuck up In the but In the sober. We have to consume alcohol, not much, but a good time what. I hate because it would now be at the University, but I'm still microfilter in the University in my duties and smoking marijuana. Of course not with a joint in your hand you are born, and you will see that your face will be even more beautiful. This article talks about many good things, but say that smoking marijuana is worse than tobacco smoking is essentially correct. There are a lot of things in relation to the health to do, but no there were no deaths of people who smoke only marijuana. Cigarettes and the reduction of smoking, how much MJ smoke cessation includes then certainly the social implications. I hope that people forget not, review the data rather than blind think about communication, Internet media or names of Hi Governor James seems very difficult all at the same time, which Saturday went to church Sunday looted, Saturday night was the last time I smoked a cigarette and the grass was two Saturday, since they have not played and now there is a thought or a box appears then from there!, decide, if this does not happen, the smell of smoke CIGS pot or pot ESP Stinch is very bad stinky smell of my much more robust, but the fact is that anyhting I always successful with Jesus Christ is nothing without a disease says nothing painless dependency, which is perhaps not really evidence in the verse of revelation chapter 19:6.(And I felt as if it was the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and the sound of mighty thunderings say: alleluia: for the Lord, Almighty God there is.!) Infinite infinite players include Almighty means imagine if you do not have a code for infinite health in you you lose your health, your faith is the key, and the word believe brings hope do this someone to hear my only interest here and believe not only tell me that to do and will be soon a success. I'm sorry, but the grass is not near so many Ciggerates. Perhaps thought he was talking about good things, the bad things to help. Read me what it depressed. I have to stop bud 10 December 2010 due to medications used for samples of their studies. So I'm given here, not the boat because I want to, but because I have it is even worse.I agree with all the comments here, but many are useful. This shit is to identify all users of marijuana as a pot-head. You have smoked marijuana for years every day and they succeeded in maintain a long term relationship, who remain a good career, social degree with distinction in economics and Econometrics, land and frequency in the formation of the gym. Every person is different.If this is not the case, jewel of the test of proven medicine, that it is impossible, that he will be arrested. The only hope I have is that cannabis decriminalized or legalized (Z is because I'm French).All I'm saying is that I am smart enough to understand what is good for me. You not listen to people that have no idea on the jewel that tells you what good and is bad, easy to understand, what is better for you (and forgiveness for me with, if you don't have to stop). After a great discussion today with my family in my habit of smoking for 7 years, In the 22 years that began when he was 15 years old was. I read this blog, I found written to sound like smoking marijuana on Google! Despite my alleged last time now! The information is great, so is Everybods reviews, all same perspective to share much, seem that smokers, when I began my search Ganja and I was always honest, I'm dependent on things, it was fantastic, it allows put your money with your colleagues a Ganj preserved, and you laugh at the crazy stupid have things tunWir were young and didn't care. But after seven years, it's not funny, not to laugh or fun with my friends, everything we have sat round our photos in a vacuum. Like many people here, I have what a joint before bedtime for me! Although ID night burned 6 tht! It is one of the this habbit for for some reason tht have try, b4 of the week to adjust what you eat, to the cinema, gym, swimming, racing, go along eventually before or in the direct vicinity last, Alton Towers burned. Just to try to make it better, but really do it better! Somehow during my searches (literally every day for 7 years), has succeeded in a four-year sanitary transportation route and I was a student, In the now 22 In the an gas engineer specified and the plumber! I have to get my whole life, earn money, but I was pretty much out of work since I am qualified about nine months ago. And I've posted not 1 HP, I have applied not working 1. I was Scratting Autour, to perform here and there a little bit of work. Because I have no motivation, and I came to accept! Jackie brown is one of my favorite film of all time. Robert Niro, a girl is a chance to smoke marijuana all day and said that she flies tht your ambition, he replies. It is not, if your goal is, to stand up and watch TV. at the end of the day its down to the individual, who wants to stop, so you can choose a better life! nothing else hears your stuck once in the circle to become addicted! my girlfriend of 6 years was also addicted to cigarettes and grass for the same period of time that I'm our relationship on the stage in this time where we want to buy a House together, and even though at the age of 22 both qualified for jobs in a recession, which is a great time for us, would be a serious buy House struggling to save a deposit. in fact, where close, even though we both with our parents to home life and spent very little. After reading here a comment about how had lot of time there as head of Ganja spent. I've worked in the average. Grass and fennel for my wife and I spend £20 every day! more than 7 years getting high together and people kill you fill our bodies with chemicals, a 5 and a half million per year, we would have saved about 100.£000 just not smoke cigarettes and marijuana! It was the House that we desperately try to save, which could travel in the world where good money built car, an empire knows, the possibilities are endless, you can do it later, suspend the ass to me as it should in reality, might be enough, the session need to go back and accept my lack of motivation and waste, that kills me, and makes me poor! Inspired many comments from people here, inspired me to an addict grass to write my version of events on the day of your life! I hope that my words can inspire someone! The marijuana, that I I smoked since I was 13 years old, thanks to my family. My father was a merchant for many years. My family smokes. Growing up in my house has always been a gift, say. Only, he has smoked marijuana. Today, I am 37 years old and angry. I don't have the option, a normal childhood. I've lost a lot of things in my life. I announced yesterday. Last night, I had the worst dreams and sweating my wife much, thinks that you wet bed! It is the most difficult thing that I spent. But I suffer for a short time, so that my son has all the advantages of a years-old of a normal life. I don't have a father, which is brilliant, honest to be a mind clear and able to make the best decisions. Please God, give me the strength of this way of life! Today was the first day, I got a real my relationship was going to end with Mary Jane set. I'm terrified to stop only to withdrawal symptoms. I hate this feeling. Try at night to sleep, that is, what most scares me. I smoked since the 28. I'm 38 and smoking now daily. While 9-5 work week are not so you smoke after work in the morning before work, but just walking through the door. So I transport drive landed, I need it soft in the hand.I prefer non-smoking and sleep on weekends to do what it takes and sometimes I hate it. I need help, but do not know what to do. I come from a family of Chiefs of grass. My parents smoked when we were little. Smoked my brothers because they were in the youth. I'm with 30 of them now living in Cali are all Club. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate anything. Thank you and good luck! I'm hell, on my way to the rest of the resin to ensure that it is not me to destroy anything. It is amazing to see how smoking grass can be made. It seems that I smoked for days. Hi, I'm Nichtraucher.Ich have read almost all of these stories and try to stop, go. Go. I really hope that you would have to the point where it ever took place, dream, or MJ addicted to. Tonight I'm doing a special prayer for guys who are fighting against him. Even if you don't believe in the power of prayer, pray always for you is happiness. I hope God bless your life this Einheit.Manny fall. I am 32 years old. I have half of my life smoking devices right now. I lost much to death wanted to be stoned to death. I lost still smoke jobs and above all relations. Their reproduction, like Russian roulette, could lose my career someday. It is time to stop playing the guitar. People need to do the right thing and to make good decisions. I know that I have at the crossroads in my life. It is time to make a change, I just hope it's not too late. in 10 days and I already have, I notice that my short-term memory is better. I had certainly a few problems (disorders of sleep, headache, loss of appetite), but I think that is the reason why I just did, that thc a negative effect on my body. I have to say that my libido are already being raised as a good Riescia (my wife happy), so that Bieng a j would puff to rest and relax, but I know that it would be counterproductive.I'd even the comments, here at encouragement.to the need to smoke marijuana to stop, read why no GM pro - página da talk? I will not breathe, but stop hating that some are trying to straighten out the boat. At the age of 55. 16, likely if you smoked for the first time. He had removed a Polup on my vocal cords. Came back as malicious. It is through seven weeks of radiation. I had purchased a vaporizer before the biopsy has become. Wife of 35 years, large woman, says that I have to leave or will be. Knock the steam two dozen times, and the guilt is Imbearable. However, not much of the spray is known. You need to go. A friend gave it two weeks steam. But some miss you. You can do that the posters are not useless. We have already what you sacrifice. We try to help and encouragement! If you are your hand through it and his partner, Judie Tzuke and would be an interesting Club. I would say she is your best friend and him to beat on the floor. You have to do. Waiting for a partner and risk their success with its is very risky. His will is risky. And they already have the most difficult passages. You have decided to quit. On the company about his life and not to wait until turning to someone else! Day 2 here. Scared as hell, as expected. Closes successfully even 5 months (w/paxil 20 mg). Throw it, it has 2 months to lose again. I don't want to go back after suceder. 27, and I a daily smoker (3-5 joints) in the past 3 years. I smoke mainly during the night, although there were moments, smoking before would work. I smoked twice over the school during the summer holidays. Smokers had captured a year after his retirement from the University. I have anxiety disorder (GAD) universality and axial Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating in the armpits). Grass will prevent that all symptoms of these two problems. Why?Now, marijuana causes serious problems in my life. Does not hurt my career as much as I've always a priority, not to leave MJ paths in this area of my life. That was basically! I had no energy for anything else. Relations have remained deadlocked, it is separated from his family (who try to hide searches is very tired, not of people is much easier). I always feel that I am only met the minimum requirements of life gradually. Roll (no pun intended). There is no extra effort, you no desire to Excel. to develop. Convenience has become a way of life.Our ability to identify and a measure of joy, a herbaceous plant is perfect. Tricks of the grass to think the nothing without him fun or maybe just to be much better. The power, the most boring to a pleasant has its consequences Intensive.Es increased risk seems to me people, the day forever drugs than people with other anxiety disorders or problems with MJ addict. The normal state of tension are to, MJ can balance and elimination of fear, that feel good or high get. So, start prescribing MJ.There are so many things I could write about this plant and the love-hate relationship with him.My Word to those that to quit smoking is strong. According to my experience, you can improve only with the passage of time. can pleasantly surprised by the amount of things that are done and the person that be can without high/doped!For those who remember MJ is: be careful. be very careful. If you well informed about the possible side effects and dependence on drugs that is the deciding ready, whether you or shouldn't try. I have just the comments of this Centre. This should be sufficient. Hi of ya Qtrlifecrisis. always people looking forward which are trying their best, therefore we are no matter how many times you try stop looking, and never give you not to promise to stop your birthday a declaration to end, already today [[and for Sie.Komm it!.]] Many statements in this article are wrong, and that reminds. I admire the efforts to help people to stop smoking, but the most suggestions help chronic users (lol) not a chronic. But seriously thanks for the try, but other things need to be addressed (especially sleep problems/night). In fact, there are many physical side effects leaving (for heavy users), problems of temperature control (control of the hypothalamus), serotonin drops derivatives (food must be the new external source) and also nausea, then it is physically addictive. most people share their Missconception. Well you're talking about many different feelings and facts of smoking by Marihuana.Ich dissagree with grass when compared to CIGS, as stupid a statement if a person smoking marijuana, plastered on magazines and newspaper.and are the true reality is deceased, it's never going to happen. It is because there are more shops selling marijuana to the dentist. Its not addictive or have an addictive personality. I used to smoke marijuana, for 10 years and Straght I had withdrawal think no Rentner.Ich suddenly two months ago, this week is their mentality or a personality that makes it addictive have, if you have problems with smoking by Marihuana.Dies just my opinion. On Quitting1. Make sure that the right thing to do. 2 take to reset time (body and mind) to zero. You can identify and assess the best sense 3. 4 you can connect, social, which come into contact with people. Old friends and strangers alike. 5. do not worry, your Stoner friends leave, some will still be friend but farewell to those who are not compatible with the new style of life. 6. If you are a parent, hold up your head! An example of how to call, and you should be proud of you! I think that the part of the worst marijuana cigarettes are not true, but the only reason why I'm trying to quit smoking marijuana, is as me or I broke my breakup. I still think that it is fun, but Quitng is a disgusting. Although marijuana is a costly habit (note from marijuana-dependent) is. Day four was sleeping for the first time yesterday had strange dreams, again something to eat, but strangely enough I had no real Stronge require grass even when the Kingdom was kicked out of the League of Champions yesterday evening, I feel In the good I look better and I thought can speak mejor04/08/10. Since I was 9 years old I wanted to commit suicide.My parents took me to the doctors who have treated a number of techniques of self-control. Thought process, making the positive side of life and darkness to hide.If none of this works, because my great intelligence (even at an early age) knew that it was all lies, doctors increased by Pillen.Ritalin; Help me focus and discover my cognitive process. When it started, me overnight (because it chemically similar to methamphetamine) they gave me pills to sleep. Depression increased sleeping pills, so me paxil. I do not need to fill guys in the three years popcorn ever pill to see where me to take.Then, she could not afford the pills, I felt much better. The only problems that my parents come to alcoholism and was moved to a predominantly black neighborhood. Every day I have my ass in my Street, at school, or in the store. At school, after school, on the bus, sometimes more than once a Tag.Meine depression became even better. He returned from suicidal thoughts. At noon he was stoned with people, which me worrying about my state of mind, Yes, real friends and my sister that my whole life have known him.Never, I felt made climbing, jokes better, they enjoyed my hobbies and my grades improved! When I started again joy in the life at a price of one flight per day, I understand what is happening: the doctors paid me pills. It is in your interest, I would come back.The only problem I have with is marijuana. where to find? It is not a problem if you have friends. But what happens when these friends in jail go? Sometimes there are to stop them smoking.Well, I started to find. One day, while he was 15 years old, was the man who was my lawn. There is no problem to go, a cockroach home, more smoke and you can call me if you have something. Well, Jakwon has told me, that he is out of the game for grass, tweek the place where it is now.Then he connected me with a few loads of methamphetamine for the first time only for children. Of course, this is not a special evening, can write, so I said. More, that he had brought in the bag, and they told me that they do not reach for it. Everyone could see it.Now, the glass is great, but if he my first line was sucked into methamphetamine set, it was like Ritalin, but much better. I continue to methamphetamine its toll on my body, my family, my property has taken for years until he, my school work and ultimately the same don't mean cost communication with my son. You want to know where is the problem with grass?I'm going to tell you.The problem with marijuana, is that it is something that occurs naturally, in the environment that have developed, to survive the Homo sapiens (wise even in Latin).Every plant, every stone, every element, this is something that our bodies have adapted of course. Marijuana is in the same area as I do, why smoking marijuana, because it feeds in this way is more efficient. If you want to smoke, they buy enough to able to cook and to eat.Buys about marijuana: If you want not the pot available for children, legal for adults, not leaving them ignorant children, should pay for it, must.If you think that marijuana is a drug of the entry, it is wrong that the gateway to other drugs in the portfolio of the Jakwon. The grass by crack dealers and are not drug addicts in the way, something pulled get, which does not want to! People are trying other drugs after the grass is, because I buy the week crack-dealer - Ingles - Hierba no medicine for the entry is simple; Why is it there and grass abuse is not so bad. Why no way you think and feel that these laws are not Sontvous a Tyrann.Unser money is pouring over the border from Mexico and Cuba, and we ask that what for the economy?Cocaine does not exist in America until after grass be abolished. Suffice it to say, that for a minute. Maybe it's because there was no market for these things is to put the pot in the hands of the fraudsters by criminal funds.Legalized marijuana in the United States would mean a new source of income for our country. We can not by a particular Produkt.Legalisierung means marijuana:-1 firearms no longer fake chemicals are in the hands of a ruthless Street shark - people in the areas of Psychiatry.(Sage spice K2). -a new source of income for the United States - more jobs for the hard work of the citizens of the United States. less than your children in the prison productos safer for those who participate. -Honesty between the Nachbarn.Halten illegal marijuana causes: - Homo - sapiens more innocent than behind a cage. -more money is going into the war feeds dependent on drugs - while they are in jail! (Have their teeth fixed in their currency). -People simply need a trademark on his name forever because they have taken something that of course presence in the environment, the people - DNA produces more people hard - crack on the doorstep of money plus other drugs, it loses across borders - more crimes violent ((think as soon as the money is something, that costs $240 per oz.) I think if someone has the money) - flight (caused by those who are in emergency money for the drug crack, hard, would have never tried though was the grass not in the same class) - therapy - more unnecessary Beleidigungen.Jetzt I'm going to leave. I am Wandern.Mein point is that marijuana is illegal to keep, as I said, that you don't. It's not 1955; There are more people, more laws, more problems and more confusing for machines. Marijuana is illegal only for about 75 years. Can you honestly tell you how things now? This is not my problem of the attitude that all Visualizza.Io are drug addict, hippie, a phenomenon, a drug addict, a liqueur Deaky Huffer Bong-holic. What I say, if it is attacked by a black head crack on the search for a quick RIP, I'm going to be, the man behind it, that you don't shoot.When his son before my computer is over, because you too drunk to monitoring, you're the guy with the foot on the Bremse.Wenn a young mother slaps in the face and escaped reasoned home nothing, that I declare white underwear my old rock Tees.Ich, what I'm talking about, I'm your son. Want not a world to live in, where a guy like me, who loves its municipality, to work hard in their studies (holds the logarithmic functions through the cycles of the climate system and forms the wave. 3.8 GPA, Dean, list pending), which holds the door for people, if they are more than 10 steps the receipts for the edge of the carpet for the old lady behind me not be triggered. This explains that foreign merchants who have their door, can to open fire inside. Tracks and enter on your window, if you return the fuel pump with attached to your car, are you so stressed out! When a man such as I do not have the right to make their own decisions, something wrong.The company has lost for years, if you is not important for me, me about my problems, because they care about smoking pot to me? the world is hell and what is concerned in my pipe? Compare the size of my plate to the size of the universe and then to consider, they have shown, that there is more than a universe. Of this magnitude, you important?Change nothing if marijuana remains illegal; to legalize and overcome.Beliefs are permanent, and it's awful. Keep your beliefs and mind open for ideas SignedPOTHEAD. Exarch, who I'm with you! I sat down and read the entire Web site today as a way to help wrapping a dooby.my situation is similar as Pickupthepieces.Ich want to smoke marijuana, but recently I noticed that my mood swings begin to frighten me. I smoke 2-3 per Tag.Mein head is out of focus, I'm lazy and certainly not without being so productive. But the balance of Hey - is out if it feel you as a phenomenon of the t enough power, when it feel good hunting. Everyone is different, my husband as emotionally affected. Sometimes I cry and frustrated, but then I think that's because I'm a wonder woman. If you have women differently to men. My boyfriend has smoked marijuana daily for at least 14 years. He's sober for 2 weeks. It was extremely irritated, frustrated, you can't sleep very well and his anger at the end of the great Fluxuates. I hope that someone has done something of and can me advice what I can do to help this. What must I do to make it easier. I prefer something wrong, not because I dislike the flat sound by MFs game games selling &.I think it should be legal, controlled it & cut - which could be need for the neighborhood, the dealership was rich due to the window / black market trading close. I'm really mad, because dry, it was a Christmas & it is to stifle the surplus and were greedy bastards. You have to pay 100 dollars for a beer or 7 GR Australia to many Sydney. His relative spirit f grow your % & sh * t in a Deakler today! In the 17 to the College. If he who goes to College and smoke. I wake I smoke, smoke before lunch, after lunch, at the end of the school every day until the grass of the previous year continued and has reduced my performance at the University. feel good too; what a fucking just like smoking marijuana is as if something ive ever heard or ever I all smoked the feeling that have not for 3 days, now my happiness to you, are available! Only with base ball possession at the age of 14 years and basketball and the charge was, because I have to go now. IN the goin to a new life in 7 days that I was clean for 3 days, then hits me wishes good luck and sent me a prayer, which is required, is to change something. I really must stop. He began at noon, now 28. I don't know what a life without him. I have all other medicines and some heavy dependencies with alcohol and methamphetamine, but it's harder to leave. It is the last thing that separates me from the true sobriety. Good luck to all. Turn 25 tomorrow, I've smoked for nearly 14 years. I don't think that it very difficult to free smoke, made for a period of time. The closing is the hardest part for me no problem at all, after the first three days, that is. Today is my first day without him, so I'd say I'm about 12 hours for non-smokers. This is everything, which means that I wake up, not a great success, and cook this morning. This site seems very active, so I thought I would is left to hear my voice and is good to know that there people to listen to. Tomorrow I will my B - day, smoke-free 24 hours over the years to announce my first. To have all together saying their observations and experiences, thanks!More power to all those considering or quit smoking!For those who don't go to prayers you want to quit.my! At least the first world yall have it easier. It's expensive as hell on this page. So you could save the portfolio. Here grows in Africa and everywhere. ! If young people have a majority as big a football pitch, not the amount of memory space present, as always here is, that the Ganja market is so good. LolStill of evil to come. Damn, I want a sweet Swazi Jay now crapped. Hello! Person assumes that marijuana to smoke when I saw him on the street. I'm a studying to be teachers of a woman of twenty-six of the white suburbs. My friend in my family smokes, smoke, tobacco. I started when I was 18 years old. It has helped my depression. He used to walk and to go. I've lost weight because I smoke it. I am now at a point in my life where also is $ and a dispute to buy and finish. Moreover, lately, I'm hungry and I have lost weight. It has not the same effect used. But always back in time. Some people simply like effect on your psyche. Belief that moderation is OK - as a hint of a week. If your tolerance for smoking to listen to get a hint is great. Luck does not every day! (Esto it lo as estoy Tratando hacer ahora) JC praise! Hi, my girlfriend is really greater than I am since 30 years smoking pot, now I have smoked hash of grass for years and not so much as if in 3 Boca Juniors 1-2 to stop the pot years quited 3 years ago now, I wanted to there is no, the him 2 months gemachtAber now all the Wuited, after another reason & your opinion again once I know, if I have to say that we're going to leave? or stop was disappointed, that all this & 2 years because he wouldn't stop, as I began to give me up smoking is not so bad against Thatthanks. If you want to smoke, congratulations to want to stop! If you are not willing to help that more easily get in the way cleavage. Jesse, man bad to play, I hope that we can solve the problems in a way, even if it just a little at a time. Good luck man! I would like to offer only encouragement for those who are willing to give. If you are not ready, I try everything you don't want to win. I know that I hated, judged that is safe. I'm still on my new way of life to adapt. So far I'm pretty happy with what I feel. Every day a food with my new passport seems considerably later. I stopped smoking marijuana this week after 40 years. I have a strange direct Dreamsn wake up causing me. I can not sleep, luckily. I enjoyed for 40 years and his selfish pleasure, that I had called into question. The pot is socially unacceptable these days and even if cringe when they make generalizations of Stoner. Know, to eat Cheech and Chong and a few rolls with cravings. For me, started in 1970, loved music, and was greatly influenced by the stars of rock of the day. Most of my friends smoke and years younger than its further use. My best friend and I are like the Japanese soldiers, who on an island stranded when you consider that the end of the war. Well, I was guilty about 40 years and feel my issues with the storage in the short term. My children are now silent on the use of mines, but I know it a shame for them, what I want my big kids, me and my family know and respect me colleagues. The Eupohoria is a blur now and I think that I wanted to leave never this time. I am 54 years old and I have a more or less list in relation to the pot. Commanding, negative use have the wire to the positive aspects. I know that I can succeed in order to withdraw. There is no recurring option. I lied to my doctor for years and I see tomorrow for my physical and my secret is, he said. Good luck to all of the detoxification. It's not so bad. Psychological tone and if you have to withdraw a resolution of steel, will succeed. There is a life without a boat and I'm going to enjoy it. Good luck and God bless you. Hi all seems have read other posts that have the most problems with sleep and the vacuum to fill, when it comes to end.Dream - help yourself to sleep the night make sure you get up early and deal with. Take not the national action plans. Exercise. Fix. Body tires and it helps you sleep. Drink caffeine not more than 17. If you still have problems, take a hot bath until they are ready to go to bed. Just occurred to me several times, when he fought. Last station Benadryl or Tylenol PM. I prefer the Benadryl, because it is safe and non-habit forming and is available. But used only when it is absolutely necessary. Keep in mind that you want to develop a cycle of normal sleep without the use of drugs. To achieve, but have to get up early and stay actif.COMBLER the gap: this is it. If you want to get bored problems and drugs -. This is not what to do with you, because they were always so long. Wrong, get out of boredom in his. Normally, but find its way through the must. Staying active is the best way. Sport, cycling, hiking, running, weight lifting, tennis, basketball, some assets help you tremendously. Otherwise, find something new – learn to play an instrument, but take classes in your home. Build something table, a Chair, a picnic, a Bank, or by far. Learn how to work on cars. How you cook, you - choose a recipe and go into business and trying to do or one cooking class. Go fishing. Fly a kite. Adopt a dog to work, train them and jogging. Write a book or a departure, a journal or a blog. Buy a camera and pictures for the magazine or blog. But do something. This process is to fill this vacuum, which is the process by which you can find and experience life. Try different things until you find something for you and discover that they are a person stronger and happier. You can stay any questions and to stay busy during the day. Apply, get up and do something before you know the functions, which found a Kingdom, fuller, more convinced. And don't forget that the boat always be there, because later in life so steps involved can forever leave. I do not think in these terms and conditions. If you can use it not sparingly (only a few times per month) must be interrupted for at least a few years until you try to use again so. If after this time you can control and use it sparingly, then you win. They have their maturity, their health, their lives and the marijuana. However, if you use it more than once or twice a month I a few years before you reuse. If it is not to lose. First, it is necessary to prove that he is the master and you are the master. Here you will find the clarity, maturity and confidence and ultimately a healthier, stronger person for it. Good luck. And don't forget that you have the power within you. Tips to quit smoking. If I leave, what would follow. But: It seems that marijuana here is to stay, recognized not only by legalizing marijuana medicine in many States of the United States and other countries, but also for industrial as food, dietary supplements, textiles, paper, oil, etc., why not also advice to marijuana users to protect themselves against the harmful effects of marijuana. Removed for example, by the use of a vaporizer to implement, the most damaging part of the smoke (smoke), to keep his effectiveness.p.s. Marijuana does not lead to cancer, but it is known that slow the growth of cancer cells, is often recommended, relieve the pain of radiation instead of harmful drugs. Hello, is a good post. I am opposed to any form of drugs, if this soft or hard. Smoking marijuana, marijuana or anything else, this is not only bad for your health, but bad for other things. It is a good thing to stop. A. keep it going Bravo.This should be a good example for drug addicts. Good to hear I smoked marijuana for 7 years. Not as much as some of you, even for a long period of time. all I can say is that no grass to get leg up you. regular smoking daily. However, if it is something that I think is important, that I can simply stop if I want to. the only people that ruin their lives with are Weakminded, grass Yourselfs. You have control of a small plant life extreme Seriusly ta life, on a large production of quiting, read the article online and have a conversation with the people of the Internet.SE had a passion and weeds fell, then you have no passion. Musta destroyed Reall a relationship, because the bad grass, the report not so important for you to sit and meet smoking marijuana, his was just a plant because you missed a person.my, which is annoying. If you leave this life checks not their factories of guilt. So please try not to destroy, for people like me want to smoke alone. I now have 29. I started smoking at the age of 14 and occasionally grass daily about 19. She wanted to stop for about 5 years. He had a lot of things and lost several girlfriends are usually angry looking for a stupid head from the Cluckine box for their next joint grass. Only it yesterday but hope to do as the rest of us losers. 4 days ago. The last thing, that I was smoked, bubble hash. Away to out there. I use the book of proverbs as a piece of inspiration to help preventing that a fool. Simply do the Christian not in God or Jewish faith, and words of wisdom will help I feel like a ridiculous confidence and thus the self help to get rid of inhibitions. One other thing I've done is a resume set up online and see that all jobs offered me, that I random cuz except can not. Other small things to do to give and whenever I see the pot or make them the reasons to remember why I've stopped. One day was as you spend more time with my parents in the 1970s and never my habit. I where to enter RIPP'd be nice, but I've heard so many times. Skydive, time or something more. Verde-Tome his advice and quit. Although smoking, a sad thought is never ill think you have invested lots of money in a long glass of years and built a collection that I am proud to use. I think, how I make it to press even more, if I smoke. So I had 1 now after a week, and now I'm going to do two weeks. It would be ideal, all together, but sometimes is not realistic and easier to say than. I think you need to make realistic goals for you, but be sure to expand the sober time between sessions. I will continue to come to this website, and I know that you always me.Pierce. Everyone is very good, claimed their God then very difficult all you need in your life perhaps a little perspective. Go 6 months to the next h all day, and then tell me that weed is nothing. Devil, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the next six months and then compare with the grass to quit smoking. What you should do, finish the grass take some nyquil drinks for the first few nights of the restoration of memory in the short term. Congratulations, you have stopped smoking marijuana. Now the George, or not. If you try to stop, and stop pretending it is difficult to overcome. Harmony. Wow! I read some of these comments, that the pleasure & In the so 2 not only 1. My husband and I were four partner stop only 12 years old but they have an Addistion 4 approximately 4 years, have four children and I waited 2 so bad! Stop! But it seems that I can! I've tried more & new! easily irritated, I can not eat, sleep, I've got a headache. I hate! But at the same time, I love it! We smoked 3 joints always 2-3 hours. and we are lazy all day! I know this is not good 4 my Kidz and use God as motivation & it but its almost like you have a strong 2 & my husband, it gave me moments, where I stop, but this makes it harder to smoke 20 X! finally IN the my spirits with this terrible habit! (but I think certainly more healthy Wayz) know if I might also go to continue the healthy way.I think it is an endless circle of SMH =; DCH, was already working for you, you can not always write what you wrote, if she has not left the boat. 19 hours and counting. Good luck. Take, drink plenty of water. In fact, you will not be, that really don't want you to stop, to find your selection can be. Smoke, I do not judge who smoke. I know that many people who have passed, making it. So I think, you fight, to take a single decision Maka is: d wow I see aspects of myself in these jobs. This was a very useful tool and starting my diary today. Leave me a loser when smoking and almost destroyed my character. Marijuana effects on people differently, but, that it is a little extreme, irresponsibly high in an incorrect manner and towards the end, they deflect easily smoking marijuana is not just for me. In response to a dog was a bitch to people or things that interest me the most when I was stunned. Skills in the input only confirms that grass takes a toll on the functioning of the brain. But I've been to judge a place, how much the font as a total disaster so deep. IN the blow I him. We live and learn, but the same things up simply ridiculous. Life has a lot to sober even offer.yes. I think even if they are stable, it would not so much smoking just for fun anyway, but there are many other things to do that are not illegal for fun. I hope the best for all in both cases. A love. I smoked marijuana since I was 13. I am now 55 years old and finally finished. Finished, now my bronchitis extremist. You do not smoke tobacco. Only for 2 months I smoking stopped, but I know that I've done with him, I have the strong will. I returned to mountain biking as a way to help, fill in the blank and to get in better shape. Wish me luck. seanalbion20, B'ham, I have been smoking since 15. I am 56 years old. Your post helped me. I tried to quit before, but will try again. I give up! Just because my work is random. I always think it's B.S. but value the good Zahlen.Der only drawback is that the grass is illegal! You should than low-risk drug am, i.e. high and never work. It has been proven that you can do to see if anyone recently, has smoked like blood or rub the mouth. So that she can, to the business or DUIsThe the fact used, that it is illegal, is to give the black market and countless amounts of money. Money is often very poor people. This has gotta stop. Create high tax revenues, legitimate work and take care of the law enforcement agencies to more important things.On the other side, we lose a lot of money to fight for an impossible tax. Ernst is growing like grass!I blame not the grass, if you have employees, you are the only person, people need responsibility too abused! Enjoy in moderation. Three days ago I heard to smoke on grass. Kind of got forced, to do derive, because it has disappeared from my dealer - I only can he is sitting in a jail cell somewhere. I'm 44 and they were always smoking marijuana for 2 years. And I can just say that in the last two years I was happy that I had in my life, though difficult to determine, because my memory is rather confusing. I started to smoke, because at the beginning I my daily life as looked bored and has added a new twist to things. I'm cutting grass, and I'm stoned! Look, I'm at a party, I'm drunk and it's much more fun!I have experienced withdrawal, there is no question. 6 hours sleep a night was in the media and I have no appetite, but I noticed that my state of mind was greatly improved. When I smoked, I had the thought, chased each other. Round and round in my brain will accompany each solution. I felt flooded with fear shortly after Fumerei, but now the fear disappeared and I feel peaceful. I have to watch TV without getting up and Cadence of the camp or another series because I found it was coming. ? The cough disappeared extremist (Yes! just after 3 days!) Non-smoking) it seems to me that I more energy cutting grass yesterday (for the first time in years, the by has been quiet) and seemed to work so hard.I was a heavy smoker, nor have a cruel Spen money drug, so that my reasons for quitting selfish are. I like travel to other countries and thus a criminal record, this would avoid. I hated at the top of the shops and buy Paraphenallia (I am a professional and was worried that someone work like me), I hate the feeling, no power constantly, be tired, you feel shortness of breath on my chest and attempting to cover up the smell of neighbors and friends. Also was I tired are depending on the dealer - where is? Because they didn't call back? Not mention the paranoia when you get home, thought that parked the car on the road an undercover COP. It's all lost, and they do not want to return.However, the best reason is to leave because my husband, who takes Ocxycontin to the extremists and pain in the top of the page of smoking marijuana. You have an idea of how it feels when the eyes of someone from their heads and slip back to see semi certain on that? I don't want to end up. It must a firm believe it necessary more to live, that paralyzes you and the tests of Lebens.Die colleagues above has posted, I respect Todopoderoso also Dios if I agree, that everyone is looking to overcome, is in God, is not the answer. God supports every decision, addictive, however, to overcome, to make their own decisions. Begins with the desire (as the desire which is key for motivation), but is the internal energy, that will make you successful.I have no fear exhibited are. I'm not afraid, that the drug has control of my life because it proved that the body not drugs subject to be. It is all about spirit, matter and if you really want to leave want to I and a deep faith to get where you want to be. Also I have to say I feel much better to read this article. I'm glad that I found this. I am now breaking due, to quit smoking is the worst thing I personally have never met in my life. I feel much better knowing that there others who feel the pain. Now, I'm sad because I know that smoking has affected my life. I read some of the other post and I see that some people think they it under control, but you want to try smoking, hourly, in second place, not the same life that you have not previously done smoking probably every day.It's also smoke affect my responsibility, to pay bills, go to work, or what is expected of me, but that's all. It hit my desire to keep relations are fast, if you do not smoke, I wanted my life wines the living and in addition not I in addition I already make. Get comfortable with where you are, and thats the problem. Of course you may have seen advertisements of grass where the man sitting on the Chair, and before he knows it, twenty years of his life past because he was raised? His indirect model takes up there to sit and enjoy the feeling. Visit you my friends not already at work about this know also set out have, he has help has a problem of fear, etc., now I cry, because the benefits that outweigh the risk, but still no smoke now do not want before smoking, and today I decided stop! So I'm feeling in the stomach cause must be sick. If not addictive because you physically ill? It worries me that my memory is also disgusting. I am so nervous, sure to get my loss of memory, which is how some people get older and a diagnosis of MS and Altimers.I don't know what I spelled wrong. Laughing out loud. I don't know who will play a role, and I don't know why there is no research that proves to be as.Please people, really appreciate the things and people that you missed. The elapsed time and the motto of the repetitive pattern of disappointment and others show the finger there to stop to write a review for you!Pray for them. Hello to all. I am 20 years old and this is my first comment on your site. After reading the other entries to share something. I used to smoke I every day smoking marijuana for about 5 years, only 3 of them. A big part of my family smoke marijuana and use it as an excuse to smoke more. Last week to close, but I have to confess that he celebrated week with a joint pro, probably not the best idea, but if the time is tiring, that I to go first. Now, it's a new week and I have already planned the next day ill smoke, but after reading all this, I think I should change my mind. Things look grey and boring now and say than ever because I have taken, I like. It is so difficult, and all will agree it. Currently, give me a plan of work and only two days, but already I feel better introduced. I have the pot to a large extent, because he was bored. This is a good time guaranteed happy, but I find difficult it to recover these feelings. Find you sitting here is not because everything seems less interesting that he did when he was stunned. I feel lost and I miss just out and relaxed, satisfied with nothing to do.Now, I will seriously reconsider the wage for my week and I hope that you can find interest in things.Merci.Bonne luck for Exchange of experience, certainly me help everyone (and myself).Pierce. a last comment. I believe that the key to the use of marijuana is age. I think that smoking you then need for those of you at College, remove and let your brain to develop fully. Like I said, when I started smoking after high school. I think that if you expect that your brain is fully developed, it more control over and therefore less likely will ruin your life. Just like everything else. For example, sex girl, I went to school, with whom he had at an early age sexual intercourse, he played for the risk, pregnant, educationless and minimum to life outside the school. And then there are people who smoke like me and some of my friends started, at school and after high school, the it the lifestyle of marijuana to compensate for and managed to work in their lives. TIME is a very big factor! Watch this trash and they laugh, but it reached a point where I smoke marijuana to stop, I've smoked for four years, have, I traveled around the world, who only smoke grass I can find better, OvunqueIo t is the smoke 12 8 joints per day and a huge decline in the my PhysiqueIl has in the last 2 Anosvi played on never thought, that on that crap, IAM a snob, tennis and boxing, can write Wouldd I do not even now. But the best stop due to tobacco, but always assign and determine that a last Jay Autour I the best girl in the MondoIo Ant have anything for them to do and not able to resist, your friend your evening Stonned tomorrow is ACE. I can't believe that you write in this MierdaPero friend, I read many posts, which is the case on most of the things that are written, now IAM Cotto and I love trying to do calculations in my Testanon the pot, Rami it.iam, I not that bothers me earlish, but I want in the vicinity of up to about 60. I have a lot of things that do IAM 20 only, but taking into account that the money not be a problem, I can not see myself to stop. Help, please! I stayed for 5 days, when I went to Las Vegas and saw already the advantages. While the 5 days I learned a lot, but if I had smoked I almost forgot what they had learned. I have improved in writing in conversation with people and never afraid, that I have smoked marijuana once I the worst panic attack in my life. Everything was a little weird right, on this night, he was in my mind to make a song, when I hear music, inspired, repeatedly singing talking sound all of a sudden, as if anyone breathes and at the same time. I felt, that I in a war zone with the demons, laughing at me and singing was Satanic strange things I heard with evil about these things, I tried to fight good and looked in that direction and he smiled came out, but I felt overwhelmed as energy waves where me is growing in me makes me uncomfortable feel, so I saw was, that it makes me leave but after I am sure that demons are real and probably attack me, who are weak and vulnerable as people against drugs, unsafe or scared, but it was like a bad trip on mushrooms without graphics, so I think that f % $! Drugs and waste your time and your brain something to learn, that I have my lesson learned. IV Ben mean hard smoking marijuana for 6 years and my lungs kill is killing Conny iv Trid wrong, but it of so har, I like to eat the taste, the smell and they just you want to stop smoking marijuana, but Ben 2 days I sing, feel, have smoked pot did, that judgment was part of my VidaPero now supports my health iv spit blood but I love the boat and so afraid iv Goths, now quit smoking cannot be expected to help some people with their Megood stove. Man, I saw the last time I wrote anything was three days ago, when I shut down and their two weeks! About mind control and do something else if you desire to have. Drink a glass of wine or a beer now and my desire. In my opinion simply feel relaxed there. Is not meant to replace smoking, because I don't really like it, drink, drink only helping me through these last two weeks and I'm very good! (In the starting, be smoke free) and my mind say no way JOSE! Lol will update later, how I did it. Would love to hear about your trip free vase, Waitingfortheday.You will by all means, a source of inspiration for many other smoking herbs to quit smoking.Long live the Waitingfortheday. The complete lung detoxification Guide: a way found to cleanse the body and to contribute, the detoxification of lungs and diet Detox can keep healthy and balanced forever diet to the lungs people who quit smoking, advice,. I've smoked pot, I have 14 and now In the 20th century. I have 5 months old and my girlfriend don't tell me to stop. Today is my first day end and had expressed before you begin 1. I have to go because my income is not enough at this time and more than 200 in the last two weeks on grass and I havnt been spent I shops clothing in a few Wochen.Ich here now to give up, because I want a better life and not one other joint smoking! I think that's what I told me so. I pay 200 dealer who has this money in their pockets, smoking marijuana and everything was within 2 days. the merchant receives the money and do what pleases him, and go on holiday to see always new clothes, visit nightclubs and In the sitting in my house, the premises of the high power! It is not wise. the cigarette to smoke, so I think that the da to smoke Ciggs say even the same![not learning from your mistakes let]. Dan: Find interesting positions. (Dejar screams as consultants Madurar y SER pussies of Personas (o it experience)?) and quit smoking and stop the abdominal pain? Do you think that the chronic use of marijuana leads to fear? He said they have anxiety and panic attacks. Are non-smoking? You smoke every day, and no one knows. Are you sure? Odors from clothes and your eyes are probably swollen and red. Why was you looking for a place to stop? Encouragement to the intimidation of the needy seems not useful for me. I am glad that you care to spelling and grammar, but I don't think that many people seek help is lazy and retarded. In addition he is against people who really have metal health problems people with this term, it unfair and insensitive. I hope we can continue to publish your thoughts a little more compassion. That would be nice. Yes, I said, that I quit 9 months ago grass to smoke, but yes, it never happened to hear. a tolerance created always smoked pot per day, so I started many then tried with speed and cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy and many acid and mushrooms takin OxyContin. But yes, now im feeling agin like stop smoking, starting tomorrow to say. I'm only a daily smoker Pan Oxycontin but In the. I live in the Middle not so they grow have a lot of smoke and evaporation anywhere from 1 to 3 ounces per day and not really high and nothing indicates that it was never and is not like the man's honor. So yes, I Rehabb my life again and maybe next time think, that this blog and the search not to say yes, nine months later and still get the same shit haha. But I'm strong. I can do it. I'm sorry, but this guy says that you can defeat not the usual request. It is very bad. It will then tell you how to stop your program to buy. It is one thing to sell this product. With the theme, that his will is useless, a fraud and I honestly it's MoE. I smoked for 15 years, which came nothing good out of it. My family smokes every day, and most of my friends. IN the almost thirty and his time is defeated. Lately, I'll stop smoking. its about 2 1/2 months and I am somehow over the hump and who really wants to take this demon on the head. The abstinence from tobacco to stop and do the same with one of my dearest friends for years. What I think is to see. It is a drug and has negative effects, but grass. It is not a hard drug, but it is your choice much longer than other drugs. This makes it harder to get your system to a better job. This is in particular, because I have a better job, Dex and the last 5 minutes and without breath. I've had a lot of family die because of tobacco and how In the said almost 30 and its def time go. Hard to now get it also. Five years ago, people used to go home with me take. Now there is nothing, but they want sellers of drug b. It is so inspiring to other peoples struggles with grass to read. Places where people still in 'Love' with grass and how you can control, or as they say; I can go whenever you want! Depending on the job, talk about where his life took people like smoking, over the weekend. a user shit! I have stayed at all levels.I was in an abusive marriage and turned to marijuana for literally fell silent. When we finally broke up, I stopped a little more than a year, with only 2 relapse within the first month. It was good, focused and happy. But where he settled, everyone smokes! And close MJ and now had a love-hate relationship for the last year and a half Beziehung.Aber. I'm done. Once again!Damage to the lungs. I am constantly tired. I can't stay in the school. You are irritable with my children. I'm lazy. My House is Messier. I have just baseball or a sport this year. My friendships cannot be reached with people who smoke marijuana. My Friedsships with drug addicts also suffer, but it is because I want to go and talk to me all the time why the frustrated ever talk. Phooey! I am single. I am sad.I remember why I wanted to leave the first time necessarily. Whenever I tighten cough, my belly and it feels as though it was bad to twisting.omg! And this time, literally sitting on my lungs.YUCK!Ok. This is what it was. Today is my day. Today I had a cup of tea, last, of the grass, and now I'm done. I'm ready, that enter world that illuminated high-head, happy and healthy again!The last day of the MJ - October 14, 2011. I'm glad I stumbled on this axis. I thought it was the only one to feel the side effects of smoking Mary Jane. I am a 43 years old, who had smoked marijuana not since high school. I've smoked for 3 years now. At the age of 40, I had a taste of it, an empty nest. and for the first time in 20 years. It all started so innocently. My career has been on the road, when I started smoking marijuana. At the beginning, I smoked for relaxation. I was smoking helps me to do projects around the House. These projects have begun to take an eternity, because it would have tasks. I started to do things without meaning, I'm not important things to do. I started to wake up and cooking in the oven, thinking that he had this day must go through, I use Excel. I am ashamed to say that I a bit to work, smoked last year. The economy has changed my business the last two years of my 12-year career. However, they were not good for my earnings from the sale of six digits. However, I believe that smoking marijuana has harmed me personally and professionally. Pot took to think my ability, fast on his feet, negotiate to follow my request through a peek performance or stole upwards with a client. It's never like before the pot. Fast forward 3 years smoking marijuana. Today another round of dismissals of field, to my business and this time is my name among them. I can not say that I am surprised. I'm not that outgoing, intelligent, career minded wife has 3 years ago. My unemployment I lost my car to the Bank and the payment of the car $899 not measure only 4 months is not my budget. Already, I can not beat me for me. She lived in a cloud of smoke, because I know how to do it. Is it today that I rejected? I think I'm in a dangerous path of destruction. I swear to you that I have become a loser in the eyes. I'm writing this, I'm blowing my last plate and my love Mary Jane write. I hope, because I'm a closet smoker and never do it with someone that maybe I can leave without realizing it by 0 (zero). I'm afraid that if I don't stop now while I always the opportunity for anyone to discover that something bad is going to happen and he wants clean will simply leave the devil. I can clearly see that I'm on the road, as if something good or excellent continue, that he brought. The biggest lie. My experience in a 3-year-old child believes that I have, when I lost my job. You don't think that you spend money on the plate during the closing of our family. I know that it goes well, and I agree, but it now hide. I am guilty of Mentirgli and money, but also justified in my brain slowly, even though I know that it is fake. What worries me the most, and which has determined that the pot for me is so compelling the fact that I seem to take the bus to pick up the grass of this type the probation to be. Prayer will be every week, my little score green shoot I come home healthy and except that they do not know that I was there! I think that the risk is great. Slowly, my life again and keeps me in my house. My days are lost. All of a sudden, it's not funny.It must be what I'm going through awake! I have for me do! Thank you to everyone for that share their stories. It is not only good to know, and things like night sweats is only part of the focus. All the best and good luck! Hi Claudster, thank you very much for your efforts from. It is so comforting to hear that they are inspired by this Center from people.More power to you! Anon reach a very good point. Compassion. I read very different struggles, and I feel compassion for those, the every two minutes. This is not my experience at all. I have no desire of any kind except this time. This has to do with what happened in my life. Well, now I feel manipulated by certain people in my life, this leads to frustration, apparently desires led (not the smoke corresponds to something above). Now I'm aware that I don't hear these normal feelings (it sure glad that everyone feels at once in her life given) and poor coping strategies to tackle. Very bad in this part that have I know not so can not another way to cope with veal and through it, I hope.Anon (I am to pick up, but raises some very good points). It was lustig--is correct. Still, at that time you know where top and all you can do is smoke after laugh? We laugh so much that I cry. Everything seemed fun, but after a certain time, grass must not have the same effect as smoking. Because I'm not sure. Everything you hear is guilt, Dizzieness and drowsiness. It's not funny. And congrats to who do not smoke for 4 months, which is really necessary for the celebration! It's, I'm - I totally agree with what you're dreaming. I don't remember my dreams, but now they are a bit of fun. I wake up and I thought, Wow, I have a crazy sh * t in my head that makes me feel alive. I know it sounds stupid but.The old pot - heads the struggle to learn his story but sorry a source which gives the inspiration, it's consequences for each of our actions. And I understand that that can miss an old saying, how you lost part, but Dre if you will not go? I think that is what concerns people, but miss things that but sometimes is not more, in our lives, it can be a good thing.I'm to learn, no desire OK, so I think that it is past the time of infection). It's amazing to see so many people with their own. I began as a casual smoker in my youth, but now, 15 years later, I'm disappointed me smoke every day to see. Although I believe that Recreationaly is smoking no problem, in fact I prefer a TOKE beer every day, I want to be a daily thing. Not all day drunk get, then why do you?Now I'm fighting the desire to have a TOKE. I know that this will happen, but at the moment, meeting, this is a very useful about the experiences of other people read. How did the grass my life impacted? In particular, I think that young people should be smoking, and I regret it to adolescence. The brain is still training at this age and I think that there will be more addictive. In high school he not extracurricular activities involved in and mean friends, instead of something that would make us a natural stimulants were lazy and smoke. He has not learned to work to achieve the things that make me feel good. I lost my talent musical, which is a shame, because the music is the only natural high I know, but hurt requires work and I, because I learned that I could feel a spark to the top.As a first step, it seems that allows the grass to motivate to do homework and I fell with this also. But what I've noticed is that even if you could spend hours on a final test, the quality of work is never good.My sister, is what encouraged me to stop smoking to see who has smoked for more than 20 years. Scary, this makes it in your brain, you don't know it, but their thoughts are scattered, while she has difficulties, their ideas, searching for a word or forget what meant always.I have many things to life and often the impression that I lost time and money for smoking. I left for a long time in the past and keep in mind that he very highly to this cloud felt life!I want to make it clear that I judge people to smoke daily, I don't judge me because I know that for me, every day from smoking are stupid and unnecessary. There was a time where only in my day of rest Sunday, smoked and very much appreciated. This is what I do now, and I have an approach which hopefully will be solved. At the moment have I one smoke an hour before going to bed. Stop can smoke within a few days, and there are home so this is a weekend 0 (zero) my friend and I get a small amount, want to quit smoking permanently and there is nothing, then the temptation will be decreased significantly. Try to quit marijuana and smoking cigarettes, we wish you good luck!One last point: all those who think more honestly must be that the grass is not attractive to itself. Now, said, it depends on the personality of the individual. For my part, I have a very addictive have personality. There are people like mike 2223312 at the drop of a hat can come, and it is very good. Some people may have a basis in their homes and smoking only once a week or once a month. That was me but laziness, fresh and now are capable of, where for a while, cut them out of my head, then casual Toker and smoking can't wait every day, as I switched to delete. I don't want to be a smoker and I can make it only this change. Well, I have some things to clarify.Addiction can take two forms, psychological or physiological. The first consists of grass (in contrast of to heavier drugs). This does not mean, but be something lightly done. Smoking activates the dopamine reward pathway. Heavy users (like me) have conditioned every evening from smoking feeling the reward effectively. If there is or not up to you, but I at least reverse - mounted weed, the reward, then feeling to experience is not funny unless he burned me one day for me to quit, I'm 21 and she have daily smoking, since smoking almost 3 years has led to a decline in motivation, which in turn led me to failure of my 2nd year UNI (among other causes), and thats not the only problem, which has caused.Do you think that what actually wins you self -? The answer is certainly very little in my case as guide can lead and had much time, but that's all. I enjoyed myself, until I smoked. It's hard to take, but is looking the symptoms to analyze, I made many boxes. And I also do not.Think about how many times have justified its position on Ganj around. Convince them they or yourself?If I can handle this and looking overcome, I'm going to smoke, but instead to a way of life, it would be a pleasure. As it should be.People who drink are not alcoholics. Who should take up several times every night. The same logic applies.And finally for those who claim that there is no 'chemical' in the grass, of course, there is no support for the Quema chemical productos, in the Berry, but there are many carcinogenic agents. IT IS NOT GOOD. YET NEVER BEFORE. Not blinded by their defense.Inhalation of combustion products is never healthy herds.Summary Hierba is well, in fact very well, in moderation. But if it is more than a pleasure and a necessity is serious, you need to determine your level of knowledge dependency. A month take off and see that it is easy! If you have no fanatic, or no problem, neither is there no Problem.Ich do not want drugs to be even a single plant.Thank you for all the comments on this page has helped make me my decision yesterday afternoon and resist the temptation, a couple of friends really! If the value is false. Every day will agree that there nothing wrong with smoking marijuana, and it gives several reasons, to do this so respectable. However I can assure you, that no one should be excluded because it is worse for you than cigarettes. To be fair, is backwards. People are not employees in the fabric or the physiological hunger. This isn't just a bunch of funny. Of course, this is not for everyone, but it is not alcohol. Damn, same University is not for everyone. My point is that according to the smoking of pot, with more deaths due to traffic accidents, especially if it is distributed in medicine in some countries, it is not entirely inaccurate is accumulated, it makes no sense. Again, partly to stop, place if should go, you've got to stop (dead recently for a week / final). This helped me a lot. He said the steps now In the go for their implementation. A smoker of the Marijauna over 14 years old and I'm only 26. I smoke marijuana so badly, but I'm so addicted. I know that he is mentally because my body wants to get out of here and I the story signs give me (i.e. cold chest, laziness, tiredness, lack of energy, a night's sleep after a smoke outside, continues without ambition, short-term memory, and the list), but I'm still to the present day. Maybe this will be my death, but I want to at least try, because I know I can be much more. Beautiful stories and information. I've smoked for 18 years, I stopped for 3 months with no problems (was on probation) had left to go to jail (I'm a coward). I have lost my father 3 years ago and left my life, every other sense are not common sense. I quit my job and became a hermit, except running the concession. I'm not a loan of many friends. EH GOOD TO YOUR STUPID ASS TO STOP! I have a job that you really want and can start point in a month, so a surprise screening test. I stopped for a day, I know what it is now, I won't. I read a lot about people quiting, I'm of thoes want smoking to stop one. OK so here is the problem, kill all thoes sequelae, WOW I'm rather than out. No, it feels just like it may be easier to do. Enough, I smoke all day, every day. I am active: 6 ' 1 200 books. I'm trying wine slowly to the unpleasant avoid demons of thoes in my body. So far I went from a Falopero all day at a stroke per day, etc. hands moist and quite nervous In the. Now I have less than 30 days clean exactly 28 days. If you start to follow the band and active, eat well, but still shot and pass my test? Rather should smoke in a few days. I heard a high tolerance, that it takes less time to clean your system. I will buy a test kit and try my test in your area. I have a friend of the DG as a brother who do not smoke. It will give me all together some own ass, but instead stand. How long does it take to clean my system? Please help me I'm desperate and I'm tired, that the history of this vacuum cleaner to buy or the best out of her is doomed to failure, because it takes 90 days completely clean. Address! Please reply soon, and give me some ideas, help clean up my system. Thank you very much. For those who still smoke, your days are numbered, like karma, GB and I'm a good person, except for my bad grass. Karma has now looked me in the face and said, are you complaining now? Karma F are a great person and I hate hurting, I know that pain, you want not, so I try to help others, because I can not help. You can delete the idea of grass and scrub a magnet in the head. I have very little money and can no longer afford and have smoked during the three days of the week, only one-quarter gram, I want to not smoke. I also noticed that in the last 3 years I have developed, I have E.D. only 36 am when I starts my stuff to work again to smoke, it will be again sexually stimulated or permanent? PLEASE ANSWER ME FAST! Great hub, has given me much hope. There is no medical or scientific evidence of marijuana are physically addicted. If you want to quit smoking and have problems, it's not marijuana, his force of will that needs help. There are also credible academic study that marijuana prevented that aging related to memory problems and that it is good for long-term memory. But try your worries about the problems of smoke inhalation, steam. I would like to add, that it reduce the risk of cancer and burns the lungs not so much as a cigarette of less harmful for your lungs after smoking, because burning the THC dose not so hot. Type, it is an option, but it should not stress and smoking is a personal choice and it should be for the person. It is a serious operation, which saved a powerful drug, and maybe me. Pot to do something exciting. When you start, no matter what you do, when you are high, which is always a good time. So hey is fun to go doped cinema Cinema is more fun will make. or treat yourself to eat one, in the hope that food smoking will know better. or go bowling but wait can remember, smoking is can make me stronger. soon forget, how much fun without smoking marijuana. Is, inter alia in Vale smoke first.ahh which must come when we can have fun just drugged here.but really is allowed? This is when the grass is becoming a problem. I know, I have a problem, but I'm working on it. OK-15 and Ive been smoking for a year. recently his condition about 4 times per week and on the weekends I noticed even more to that my memory has deteriorated and when I have my school I make honest not my homework.but if you are able, to manage and are strong enough for the control, it is not so bad. play are football and boxing same.and too.my grass only help pass only what is wrong things.the, Sriranga I hate my mother. IN the was 19 years old, I smoked pot for 2 years. Does not seem for a long time, but I started the only reason became addicted, that I smoked much Cuase, smoked all my friends, it was one which the Nr do not smoke the single, and Ivevitably, which I started. I smoke nearly every day and if not then his or her grass because I have no money, and or person. Used for normal activity fun and the more sexy body for everyone in my school and my friends was working like crazy. But shortly after, that allows you to go to the gym work, too high and not turn to. My parents know not over and it would kill me if they find him, he would break his heart. Are constantly with you and enjoy it, because I always have to go and get stoned, and that's all they are what I'm doing, I'm going to call my friends and meet, already high or drugged and up again, never. high calls constantly, every day, all the time, not to do my responsibility, because I have very high. are constantly regularly to disappoint people. Ive had always this idea in his head. A couple of months, I have stoned me because of this constant thoughts of dispose of Everythign get, I was very good for a week, I would say no and with my friend, even though they were high. It was difficult. But good. If I can come, I can't do no problem. then my meeting with one of friends who I haven't seen for a while and that they prepare themselves on drugs, and as you can see he spent much time and all this and gave customs and now I'm in the same place. I know that I must go one day and I feel my lungs from chunks of coal tonight, I said goodbye. While I was driving home my lawn in the way, that she had a mental crisis, I found hand was me my lawn to pull out of the window. for the first time I got rid of the grass. I came, and now I'm here. This time In the motivated, return to my life. I'll let you In white. Exe. and what other comments. They concern both for me and for stop GJ. and you're looking for GL. I used to smoke when I was down, I used to smoke when I was happy, I identify wit all comments from people. I smoke more than 10 years, they are no longer in a couple of weeks and sometimes months maximum 7 months that I control, coz n lie or treat, my wife won't listen, but I can, Sun if you smoke, stop immediately until some misfortune and shyte happens to me again, or his wife, problems, or be discovered and In the name of an addict. If you browse the path of darkness is a problem only to strangers meet, people make decisions that are sick with anger, humor, sex, porn, Ghost, troubled, some more weed to replace. When I smoke, it does not advance in life, work, education, (although smoking is still doing well in the study of the things n), but the life and much clearer for me innocent, moral, good and easy without grass, faster than Excel. This thing took me the debt of depression from the tensile smooth and made me cool and macho, but didn't want that an old man, remembers that n went years without high, is not normal. If you are not high, and things are great, question I me, mmm, beginning take advantage of this high-well, but then everything falls dark at the end. Our purpose on Earth is this world and life, not smoked n to be packed. I choose life. I smoked a woman at the age of 25 years, in the last 10 years. Followers of 15 joints (FASE) per day to 5, and then the following week 3 per day and today is day 8 someday, but yesterday made a few tournament staff for any stupid Grund.Ich have suffered by shaking and sweating while I wasn't there, but it lasted 2 weeks and had one day 0, which was really achieved these withdrawal symptoms. My biggest problem is I suffer great anxiety and panic attacks. A started, as I was cut and then it seemed too good for a week, but now I'm back and worse than ever.For no reason, my heart starts, pumping, breathing greenhouse of neck badly, and as I always say I was positive is just a panic attack I'm not, I kill with one at the end. Therefore fight against time, the feeling that the worst of my actual attack. I am xanax 2.5 to stop interested attacks only if you know an attack, but someone who suffers from anxiety and panic. Who, I expect how long white suffer with these? Knowledge that THC, but not the case depending on the usage, which can take anything from 26 to 80 days, to clean up the system, have to say that this fear will be long with me? He smoked a week every week for 10 years, so I don't expect that this is not easy, never fear their theme and cant picture for the rest of my life felt have. I am is also difficult, pregnant, which is the main reason for my heritage. After the THC is totally disappeared, would improve my chances? Does anyone know-check out many pages, but nothing everything was conclusive. ? Good luck to all still having trouble with drug addiction and smoking cessation. If they say that non-addictive, but unfortunately it's psychologically addictive, it is just as bad a physically addictive make.For those who have not renounced, do not understand to never do the wrong thing, even if you think you're going to, you have trust in me, a health alert, or a change in your life, you do just that, then are you grateful for the assistance in this Zentren.Ich would like to hear from people in the same boat. Then I thought other things that can help. If you smoke, smoking you only small amounts of a small hose or something, to the normal body again and begins to run. Move to the week and I'm just very small. Then two weeks, and I'm a bit. Even if you start smoking a little each week you feel better and lose their dependency. You have smoked for a long time and I'm not just a sudden withdrawal. And I forgot your week without grass, congratulate, is great and even though I know that you are proud of you!I found the return to the old comfort zones, help, like a favorite comedy or something more. Occupied term after episode, until I fall asleep, then another day and I have been sick the next day hold planned episode only watch. I hope that this helps. It is certainly not necessary. But for many, it may be necessary in the early stages. There is often, if not always, a depression that accompany can quit smoking marijuana. You can go for your best girlfriend or wife are. Prozac helps as the compulsive use. Prozac is certainly not the end, that can all smoking marijuana, but, be a tool to help stop. Take the edge of impulsive and compulsive aspect. Without doubt, consult a physician or choose others with Prozac as a tool. Good evening, I am writing this blog because I have read every marijuana Pro/anti noise for hours by eliminating insomnia connected and felt that I should bring my grain of sand. I have smoked pot since I was fifteen years old. I will be in the next 24 months. I am a student (mechanical BS) and the College Athelete (from Rugby NCAA-5 years). Two works which look at the curriculum vitae. The reason why I am writing on this page is to share my experience. Above all I deleted because it is one of my work for a very large company of Jssues and random drug tests have this book enables it to my desire to overcome for things of smoking. This is the third time in two months, I tried to leave. The first ran twice for 6 days. The problem that I have, is that I smoke not anything wrong with marijuana, can find except for the fact that it is illegal, and it could ruin my career. Previously I have as shit and go you be high to practice and games; This meant extreme physical activity for at least three hours. I liked it, mentally Grand should be performed in the 'zone'. And weed of the TBE as a mild pain reliever, too heavy and well acted. I'm also hw/study for tests; also math intensive engineering test theory as balls from pebbles and do it! It helps me really focus, and get excited about the Schule.Ich'm in the best shape of my life, to learn to understand and remember well (I have a problem with the key) and my relationships a friend/family are numerous. As I said, I think only the work of Greqt. I have personal experience with stop more negative. The first is insomnia. I love my dream, and smoking helps me the noise all night sleep. If I do not sleep or have a vibrant vivid dreams, nightmares. It used the pot because I used to as a child to have, that I would have a chance. I also have problems with anger, if she, irritability smoking; Once again, the problems were before he became addicted. These problems disappear completely by smoking. I think one of the most beautiful gifts is the God on this great earth, pot, but I have to give at the moment is because of my work and I have a difficult time to leave. It is day 3 of my 3rd go about 3 months. Any suggestions? The proposals at the beginning of this page seems unnecessary to me. Do you have a diary? He sucks cock and increase this magazine in the ass. It is also an addict for the leaven of the use of the chocolate cookies to say. (in anger). I love all Smokinkg Pot. It is relaxing, puts me in a good mood and I'm active in all areas of my life want to be. Medium improves the experience of my life. The prosecution estimates of respond. In the same way, God bless all marijuana smokers and smoking marijuana. We're just all people under the same Sun cheers. I'm on my first day 24/7I quit smoking at 40, began at the age of 16, so I slowly smoked for 24 Yearsfirst only to the parties, has declined over the years, every day ten years ago, while he was past 30, since I lost my job in January of this year is down and has fully desire he felt has no meaning in life less stoned you 24/7Since will be the last time, that I tried was a disaster, money in hypnosis, just ignore that not always my THCI fear then began to read, it of Swedish, but found it to be funded, that I deleted and continuous conservative breaks my connection after 15 years and I feel me greatly due to the fact that smoking 24/7Now isttun what comes out and also intensive use of economic problems and lack of communication, which have occurred, because we can get Introvertedwell not continue on this way 24/7 and started my project today arrested after treatment and see what would NextI you love in Forum confronting discuss. With all respect due to the writer that article published disagreed on many points. You can make all selected points. Before you condemn me as an addict drone or ignore what they say, because for cannabis, advise, consult the facts carefully and I think really, if it's bad for you. A person, making the abuse of cannabis and not something of his life is an irresponsible person who has no control over discipline.It's bad for your health - abuse something is bad for the health. Food is important, but a glutton and all can imagine such bad area. Marijuana is not worse than cigarettes. Comparison of tobacco, which kills more than 500,000 people per year and is with radioactive chemicals, cultivated with marijuana, the 10,000 in the last 10 years known use dead. Yes, they inhale the smoke more deeply, and held it in the lungs is bad. This is not due to chemical substances in the same factory. The properties of the smoke, carbon monoxide, which can cause the cancer itself. It can also stifle, leading the matrix that result in brain cells. This is done with the smoke. Smoking marijuana is nothing special in the way, which kills cells brain short-term memory-loss is a frequent symptoms by smoking marijuana. However, there is no evidence that proves affecting permanently store the marijuana in the short term. It is true, are affected during rush or high. You have to understand amphetamines, ecstasy, in contrast to heroin, cocaine, crack, etc. all processed and chemically made in a laboratory with synthetic variables. Marijuana, when they in biologically, to be built, is a natural herb. If can sew bags with other and more to a drug dependency, but it happens rarely. Now, twice, mainly because the medications tend to have more costs money. Smoke daily, several times a day; If you suffer from side effects. There are always side effects. A recent study has shown that a moderate marijuana use increased level of IQ in most of their tests, appear while heavy smokers, the IQ level lose. This shows not only these tests and experiments that know how is difficult to make the brain is very sporadic and simply inaccurate?-l ' gateway effect. It is the favorite argument and schools with the goddess. It is also good, because if the weeds to highlight of probably at least two drugs can receive a dealer from the same person. And Yes, there is gang crime related to marijuana, but it is due to the not the same plant Coca-Cola, the other person to think I want to try today. The effect of the gateway that exists only because it is illegal. If it was legal, and you could buy at a local store, I would be dressed by hand with a drug dealer in the corridors, which has also its strongest available drugs. If the marijuana was not illegal, parents themselves would not be subject to a new community of the Negro market connections.Come on, please read. Well, I agree with the children and young people should not smoke. Did you know that it is easier for minors to buy buy a bag grass, alcohol or cigarettes to minors? When you consider that alcohol and cigarettes are far more lethal and dangerous, it is ironic that the two drugs are regulated and taxed. Hypothetically, now imagine that marijuana legal and regulated as drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Certainly, there is an age limit, 21, and realistically, it would be difficult to buy such as tobacco and alcohol. Sale of licensed would be extremely difficult to obtain, but easy to lose. The application of the age limit must be strict. I can assure you that most of their children is less scenario will probably be able to smoke. rather than let the drug dealers who decide how many kids should smoke. because traders do not matter of age. All what she is interested in money. The main reason for the prohibition of marijuana is strong, is the protection of our children, currency. In fact we protect our children? I have to say that even though alcohol is legal, I have certainly more than alcohol have smoked. Most of my buddies from high school smoked marijuana at least once a week, and nearly half of them are regular smokers. I am now in school and still have the majority of students grass smoked at least once a week, but this time almost 80% of them smoking grass on a daily basis. Out of school, most careers require a drug test now and marijuana programme lasts in the system 3 to 12 weeks depending on your quit smoking after. So, of course there is the use of marijuana still a considerable decline. But we, who about heavy cocaine is 20 successful up to 30% of these workers Collier in consumers? Since the system of coca can be in 2 or 3 days. So the moral of the story, this is not smoke marijuana, but hard drugs? Because during the trial, which makes it difficult people almost never drugs you will be drug testing. Screening can find drugs each smoking grass. -I know what you think. Everything should be this means simply because all of the bridge jumping? The answer is no. But before the judge by some people, I think that most of the things that we all do is to imitate everything, even if we don't need them. Cars, for example. It is more accurate to say that death rates that cars more dangerous than marijuana. Please keep in mind that pure cannabis resources to deploy. The seeds contain omega-3 and other vegetables consume fatty acids in the oil in this high concentration refer less to be a problem. Seeds can produce biofuels, which can work with the car rather than raw fossil fuels. Hemp can produce map so that we stop to destroy the cutting down of the trees of the forest and the nature of the surface of the Earth. Don't tell me a joint and to collect crazy. I believe that there are facts, you understand it would and the goddess, who lied. I support the DEA, but it is not necessary to spend billions of our tax money on marijuana. The goddess can on cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, drug more hard etc., but focused more on the lawn more focus.I hope that you rather read the lens defense and personal. We live in a society that if you say something, even if it's true, people point the finger at you and say not very good things. final note, to smoke marijuana on a regular basis. I stopped because the race hidden forces me to pass a screening test. Despite this, during the time that smoking, had never tried to steal, to hurt, or to an illegal activity, that the actual smoking of marijuana, if even. I'm never to annoy or injure children. I was not hard, trying to break the law or something. I'm stressed and marijuana relaxes you. It is pacifist. I was in my business, not to disturb anyone. I always thought that, because the people do not manage their affairs could and does not bother me. If you see a random person you do not know, it seems crazy, are generally not avoid? I saw it, so started to seem as if this war against drugs (especially marijuana prohibition) seemed almost a religious crusade.As you know for each of you, hating you, pot, I can agree with not you, but I'm going to die fighting, so you can have this opinion. I'm certainly not addicted lazy, distracted, delayed, useless for the society. We have all error, give the people like idiots, or in a way almost anyone in the bus kill stop to speed up. Do not call the police, if I see what to do. Call people, a Trojan, or soot, if I see people playing, to use and manipulate others not. I'm not pointing the finger at Bush or Obama, to him the blame for all bullshit in America, now, it wasn't his fault. Not to condemn and the tracking of drug addicts by his attractive personality. We have shortcomings. An addictive personality is one of them. Instead of blocks for possession of 5 grams of marijuana because it give you a ticket and tell him he should go up in smoke in your home or in a private place? I used to be so tired that inaccurate or suspected somewhere so that it alone and smoke can be allowed. Thank you for the support of the bushy Bower. I'm sorry, what happened to him as a child. I identify with the also. I'm too many more, to be with my son. I don't think that it's good for everyone. This is the beginning of the second day with grass. Last night, it was hard. I feel good, very moist anger in my sleep again. I hope that all this will end soon. Now the only thing that make what I can feel good and smile is my son. Repeat me, that it will be OK. I'm trying to be too powerful for him and for my wife. You do a great job of treating with my mood. She spent the smallest thing in the last two days. She knows that this will happen. Smoking marijuana is not that a dependency has an idea in mind. All Maryjane is a pleasant spirit, where it feels good. I smoke Maryjane since I in the year 2006 graduation. We are in 2008 and I smoke daily grass is that I smoke together 3 or 4 per day. and Yes, Marjane had effects in my life, I have lost and do not care what the short-term memory with urine and enter the results of work, I am a student who my certification Rebosio, unemployed. as well as the Giora was the best, but I'll stop I soon less joints per day and shortly after smoking, the two are one and the others didn't. But no Adddiction not Maryjane find an idea in the back of the head, so that I occupy my time otherwise nothing coming through my thoughts. I wood or you smoke cigarettes or make any other medication, probably because it is so good for me difficult charm to let go. Anyway to stop good luck to all who try it keeps up to date on the question of whether it a change has been made, or they are always at the top of the pot itself. I was helped by a higher power. Why are you so proud? Well as not true, would JC not enough comfort in the fact that joins? Without the help of a higher? Good. To be honest, this whole thread is garbage a bunch. I smoke marijuana every day and have always a 140 + IQ. Can it be so bad? Well, I'm a bowl to download, no one wants. Oh wait, NVM XD. ive smoked for years and finally tring to all affect life can be. Question 5 help very much, because the dining out cinema, bowling, etc. don't wait for something. Some may be that Bong and then go. Whats up are with these videos, we go in search of my double room and destroy want. Hi I want to quit smoking. I too expensive.I think the side effects are a nonsense. Status of my University 3. 87gpa. was my memory, which is the peak addicted of course b4 I started 14 years later is smoking.but. I need to get a more definitive name. I found this post. I know not the poster to stop marijuana people constantly website pro. Danka I think you have misunderstood the purpose of this page. No one here denies the healing properties of marijuana or how long it has been. And of course it doesn't matter if you like smoking or not, but for some people (myself included) already smoking, no fun. Touched that our lives negatively in any way, and that most of us want the best for us, which are benefits for the health of non-smokers, more money in your pocket in a night dream however, etc. PLU memory short term was, I see the problem is with people insulting that this thread, that people who smoke, more grass is really very annoying with those who leave. Do you think it is? They are not a threat, it is a free country, so that we can express our opinion.Frankly, I am concerned if someone decides smoking or not - and I hope that the Government legalized. No need, cigarette smoke or drink more and streets, floors, Leagalize etc.! More power to you! Hi, I have the same problem as all of you, and it is difficult to stop. You smoke (3 days) 72 hours. During these times, no sleep at all. And decided that I need is to reduce the pace because my body can not manejarlo.gente me mad, my bird. I'm in deep sh * t, and no, it is not a good solution. I can't wait when you reach NAP, that is my dream. Good luck to all. I think that it was most Governments anti-drug policy in the long term, because they have no control over money that the usual intake is bound. I think that financing probably by a government agency, calls as this website, they require research on the facts from the BAIS created, which extracts looking for the negative aspects of cannabis smoking.Recently the Chief Medical dismissed officer United Kingdom, after admitting that the drug against the laws of the United Kingdom are a farce, because most of the rules of the society on the basis of medical Daten.Lassen you me give you a example. Most consumers of cocaine, consumed alcohol in their lifetime and that most of them done by cocaine before taking. This means that alcohol is a drug gateway to the use of cocaine; Of course not.And keep a full time job. Marathon running and smoked Skunk Spinelli per day 5-8. How many of my friends also. I think that people look at some of the previous comments it very troubling try something for their mental health problems blamed. I think that these people really need to get some kind of psychological therapy and stop blaming grass for their cluttered thoughts.I lost my father in 2006. I turn to drugs, to deal with my problems. That he was already smoking cannabis, so that you can not count? In fact, I confirm that my smoke reduces join and friends, not in response to my mental health problems during the fun of mourning.Please, this shit is how it helps to write not really people who faced the stress in their lives, to blame something like a quick response. Bubbles is full of S * t, and I would argue that all their blogs after reading this.This bathroom in addition to all mouths to take drugs. He has made a life! Do not take if your mental health is not so good that it will make things worse. Adequate assistance to get! All those who love, drugs (alcohol by and) very good and Gabber on! Perhaps we will have luck, hit another and enjoy a big fat reefer, and laugh at the Muppets. I'm just 6 days ago, on Sunday, it will be a week. My wife's expecting our first son in about 3 weeks and I wanted to experience fasting. Even stop, drink beer, which seems to happen all to hand and smoking marijuana. I have to say that it had been a daily smoker easier than thought for 15 years. I want to make fast hose for a recording, but there's account would have been disappointing for me. I can not tell you, I'm completely because I still more marijuana call in the garage, but now, is me, to do other things with my time to find. Top the experience seem read quite right itself written. I think that smoked, because it made me like the decor and the daily life of most activities. Dreams that I had, so I went to strange and my state of mind, were lively, not too crazy and the feeling, clean head. I have to say that smoking for me really caused my life to fool you. He held a job, pay your bills and be responsible for. I never thought a smoker as I often only people. It took 4 trips to Amsterdam, to enjoy the paradise of smokers and probably again before dying. I think that smoking marijuana is not good to do my time, but it also could be more things much to do. Good luck for those who intend to quit or read just for fun have waived. I smoked every night since I was 16 years old. I am now 30. I tried in vain to stop several times in recent years. It is very difficult. Have a hemp paper. I live in a town where smoke see police through the mouth and the wave looking something else. Most of my friends smoke. My family smokes (them) curious about everything that you do. I feel like my life would be, that a radically different path is not started when he was a teenager. I have almost all other medicines, and became the only truly fresh grass. Cigarettes just stopped a few years ago. Marijuana is much more difficult.I love smoking marijuana, but I hate me for it, because they are so dependent on this topic. Once per month, would be the best, but it didn't happen.After reading these posts, I feel strong. (even the knuckle main post office - I love you and you missed me!) I'm going to wash to give the rest of the last bag that I bought and I mean multiple devices. I have my license of cannabis in a drawer for the feelings and dismissed. Today is. Now, thanks to all. Hi Pothead and ex-Stoners, at the age of 16 years and have two years smoking marijuana. I started smoking after every two months, then once in a month, then at the end of every week. even if you don't, you are not a habit still works. Grass makes everything better and more interesting than the stuff of music, food and sex. But we learn that you can life without the lawn, because it is only a means, the descent into hell. He begins playful and surprisingly it will become be a daily thing. It has ruined the lives of many people I know. I am ashamed because I am the only one in my family works. Not wrong, none of my about a great Bongtoke to hear rippin and music to keep it under control. Smoking marijuana, only smoke let not the grass! Attempts, once every 3 days, once a week, once in a month every day connect. Save money and your high is even more surprising because it decreases your tolerance. Not hurt Trygood, lucky ladies and gentlemen, the addicted to marijuana. :]. I've smoked 16 yan and can be no more than a week. (Outside the United States.) I do not understand, because smoking to feel too normal, food and sleep. An once every 5 days is expensive. The moment where I lost with family and friends, I've hidden is more expensive. That day I lived. all on this website must make OxyContin or withdrawal and leave every day a benzodiazepine (xanax) for years and you'll see how easy this is actually his work. At least the fighting, that the psychological aspect with grass. Imagaine problems at all smoking pot as well as the cramps and spasms all the time knowing that there is a very real possibility that can leave a brain aneurysm/stoke, a vegetable. I think the more symptomatic with OCD as a player and smoking marijuana to a dependency of the right. I smoked almost every day for 12 years. I quit almost two weeks ago. Initially he was smoking, because I wanted to expand my mind. In my opinion a better writer or artist would do me. He has never done. Eventually it slowed my creativity to the point, what, I was happy to finish and play video games, and it is what for some time. I decided to stop because I'm tired of always something. Manufactured cigarettes, always on the following preface to the correction, enjoy search the moment and stop CIGS prevented. Boat was to complicate the pot, when it is the best time, but he never did. Even though I saw it then sold and smoked. Made me all that content that no one wants to hear, or worse still, my strength of will and things do screw, I bothered to talk to anyone. I am using the same fight problems that others have mentioned. Things that I already used all that appears not funny. I hope that you will again enjoy the video games or something. But it will be better. The strange ritual. The odour and the taste of the good stuff. It is not possible, but I think that I'm a part of the record of my life. But I honestly did not smoke throughout the day time white, who I am. Pot made me happy with mediocrity for a long time, I grew up for stagnant. It managed to keep my life more or less the way in which State not be for years but everywhere in a positive way and I want to grow. Unfortunately, I don't think that it can grow with the pot. I will always be able really to appreciate the life, while I am a user of the pot. He fought with fear and panic at the end of my work and I am still struggling since I left. I've tried a few different hot tea to calm and seems to help. If no other reason, which must take my opinion to smoke or be sure that me might be wrong. I stopped capable, good sleep, but since I was with smoking, my dreams have been lifted. Crazy, alive and very rare. It was really fun, because I almost never dreams like a smoker had. Every day, when I went was a little easier. I don't think that never again will I smoking. Smoking was to fall hard and in the same routine. Life is short. When smoke still appears shorter. It is time to move, and encourage those who are all also want to enter. Marijuana and other drugs anywhere you get but troubled or confused about itself and the world. The world is very confused, needs no help. God bless you all and good luck. You apply in these areas remain, because its useful State read more posts that I'm struggling with the same things all the most. Thank you very much. Well, here is my story. I started smokin bud ' In the year now for 26 years. In fact never smoked on average, was it like as soon as I started I smoke only, that I could put my hands. I like the grass. In retrospect was probably one of the only guys in my consumption of cigarettes high school before school in the seventh and eighth grade. I always knew that this is not good for you, In the is not stupid, and for people who say that it is not as bad as CIGS or don't stop urself cause serious health problems. Take a look at the small vessels in my pants Perculated and see black, build and imagine, that collect throat or the trachea.(not detergent in his neck 420 may not) then it seems probably worse than my pipe. The step is that many people think it the good grass. I think In the snobbish grass, friend good love. The smell, crystallization, everything you do. I know that many ppl here well all the time can be smoking herb in Connecticut. Reverse is not Abt money for me cousin smoke no bud practically ransom. I have not smoked in my time, I literally remember someday. Its so bad. Very high performance Ganj, smoked a pipe with fresh water in the past big, big success in the course of the day. Day 4 - 5 times a day. During the last months or years (I do not know when sure 4) began with soft chest pain and a sharp pain on the left side of the neck. This is a shit. Also started the grave/Anixety panic attacks where I think I need to run or something or my cardiovascular feels all f * cked up. 2 days ago, I thought I had a heart attack or something, so I went to the emergency room. Blood tests, ECG, and chest X-ray and said that it was perfectly alright. No heart, no attack shoot. I was told that I had a panic attack. IN the like WTF. As soon as anything to go doctor, I swore that I was physically in the leg, but I think not. It was the day of my smoking cessation 2. Its day 4. He had nightmares, sweater and the draw but had also attacks of pain or panic chest so? I felt this morning, another was taken this one xanax comin and calm down but not 100%. This pain in the breast (feelings strong chest) and panic attacks are what I'm really makin leaves. And I now have 14 grams grass very well in my chest. But I don't want to touch it. I don't remember that these words feelings if he smoked me know at the age of 15-21 let, if there any advice/input for me Abt this or similar sentiments have someone. IN the 4-day post smoke so sick here regularly now how can stop Verde help me. I'm quoi.ma bad habit costs me stop 400 per week, not to forget all the bad things that makes. 2 my health. I think it is to motivate more than 2 Inuff. Hey people. I just wanted to say that I really recommend that you stop smoking marijuana, really, fuck your life to the fullest, as with other drugs. If you a joint from time to time, no censorship in friends, Nacht-Out smoking, I think it is only a matter of time before what you really like him to try it.I smoked marijuana, hashish, especially in a year almost 2, maybe. Not every day, but most of the time up to 3 times per week. and sincerely sorry. Since I am only 14 years old, I not decided my life and Quited, as always to ruin envelope. Almost 2 months free of marijuana, the first 1 or 2 weeks were the most difficult. I felt that I lost appetite or similar, only fear, a big part of it. I felt more like symptoms of depersonalization. In other words, they, however, were the worst experience of my life, I was afraid that I had developed a mental illness, so I went to the doctor, without saying that it had actually smoked marijuana for a long time. I then prescribed me Livetan, a natural pain reliever pills, I'm honest, that I write not much Unterschied.Ich just so that people don't make the same mistakes, Yes. I'm always a little strange, but positive thinking hey, and everything disappears.Really I'd like to help, someone like me, by the way, I'm Portugal.Puede send me an email if you like my Facebook URL is TiagoJMC. It is not only wise, as they appear.You are. I do not accept what has been said on this page.I'll tell you that I mean looking for until to the present day, the grass smoking marijuana have. Drugs and I have while he was at the age of 16.One thing that I can say is that I started to not the same person who previously was, as I, smoking.As a matter of fact, I am much more defensive, I can't take Critzism.I have tried to help to quit smoking. Help me, please. Since many Jahren.Letzte night, my teenage daughter made smoked the bust. She has absolutely Saeed. I feel very bad.Love farewell grass and PAS. How many people here, I think that I could stop whenever I wanted it to. I don't like alcohol, I can work with it. Rationalized that my smoking marijuana was right, because I don't drink. Read these emails at the end has come, I have a problem. Maybe if I could but only on the weekends, etc that I don't know. The fact is that I burn every day, often for me. That will make not the moderation, the occasional joy. It is addictive.My daughter hates me for it. I don't know what to tell him. These guys are angry, bored, it's worse. I believe marijuana is far less dangerous than alcohol. But it is illegal. I think not only the appropriate for me which trivialises to settle things with his consumption of marijuana.I will try to solve the problem. I love my family. have some tips how to I repair the damage? I've smoked marijuana for a while. It helps me to concentrate, sleep and also my memory has benefited. I keep more information, if In the da addicted In the focus. Existence as an artist, that my opinion should be fully opened. most of these facts about marijuana is so bad and dangerous propaganda. See for yourself, there are not enough research think read. Quit smoking, I have plans, but their own personal reasons, if you do, say. It is not difficult, they pass by oz every two weeks and I can stop at any time and I have. I never lost a job, because it still had no desire for cocaine or hard drugs. I really think that marijuana is a narcotic plant, and we are still learning its wonders are. I try to smoke their status so far a little more than 24 hours. Sue is very difficult to stop him! I'm a very stubborn person, and I think I can do it. Marijuana smoking on and keep 15 years since I was an avid was full as I In the 16th century, now is my family of this time, I have my brothers, 22during let him (big mistake) part of it is more difficult to go threw. I grew up with an alcoholic father and a mother who works hard for us. IN an attempt to patch things upwards with my friend. I think I can stop, so you can leave now, that I can not eat / sleep In the starting day 2 helps get JC so far in life called. Also smoking cessation with my brother yesterday 1 20 years who had day nerves made me really sad but JC can help you with me, we can use it and member of our family. Something that I can do this process make a lil better enjoy, chewing sunflower seeds to eat or a straw. ? ILove pot would not legally but the demands of the labour market, another way, the freedom of course, go, take away. I speak only from my own experience with the use of marijuana and would like this time parties are my first time without bread since 1969-eh! I'm very good to enjoy this season. I do not exist and to get panic to the finished holiday tasks, such as in the previous years. I do not mean of course that I'm better organized more grass and I and things to do, because the not already one of my priorities is used. It opened the first time and it feels good to not feel overwhelmed and I'm looking forward to the season.I think that fewer people consider the verdict in the holiday is new year's day around the corner and then expect you to start the new year with free marijuana. His good time back into a normal path in life. You can do it! Happy holidays!. I love marijuana, but it has to go quickly! I like my health still shredding. I feel stupid, not that I like more. I hope that I find strength in God. I love you Mary Jane, but I think that it is done. Grass maybe more complicated and safer drugs and alcohol and tobacco, but resorting to drugs, which empty in your life to fill your always harmful, if you. We are sure defended point Stoner and dependence on marijuana in the grass, and said, how much more after alcohol and tobacco, of course. The Dove release and life.try to remember, who know little things count, their potential, take a good hard look at your how many hours suffer financially, for nothing where I could do something productive, emotional well-being are intact. Is a shit? It's not necessary? This is as I said, that their searches for the Americans to weapons should be terminated. or that Christians Stoip dependency Tagalog should code, since they are products of the health and life Mayor with real harm to humanity. This article was published by a man drunk celarly pro - Armas, fan written by Christiaian. or maybe just by 12 years, which saw a commercial herb 70 and I searched for some information. Hello. I have 20 years and they are now in the phase where it reflects my life so far. It's sad, because I know that my years teen smoking up. So that ppl constantly smoking 24 / 7, and I with them connected, because we all had together. Never used, until one day in the class 9 smoking, I was introduced to it. I never thought that I drugged until I say account, I can't do that. It's not that my body needs, get bored easily and I have no idea, what you going to do with María. It was my best friend, my companion, as stressed, sad, happy or celebrant is always limited to them. its killing me to admit this, but should really stop. I have for the man who has done everything, smoke and disease and has also participated. Luckily, I have a criminal record but people, there were a few near-collision, I tell you. He finally found a great guy, I've never smoked or even a drink of alcohol. Already Veljko your WTF? to the fun but my best In the trying to go because there are about me, that I want, and I think that I do not smoke. I'm not cuz In the always ashamed leave to admit. I've prayed and asked the Lord to help me with my problem and I know that every day, that's why I feel the strength of the day where I finally no longer. Yesterday I bought my last bag and that will be it. Get a great job, payment without a clean system, because there is no drug testing, random I don't 100% concentrate on my studies because my mind is constantly high or can not wait until my next dose. Psychology major IM and it is my biggest goal, to overcome my psychological dependency. I come again, I know I help ppl and they have the power to spred my words. I use always an excuse why the grass is not bad. Who may not. I have been a day in my life ill, since I was eight years old, but that's no excuse, just good genes could. Each of them has different genes and they are of drugs in different ways. IN the cool and logical to think that if In the high, but I want to be smart without grass, and honestly I think me, when I say that the people not to smoke. I'm lying, and if you tell the truth who you trust? I'll try on 40 days without this medicine and see how we go. IN the me taken on the worst, read through these blogs. I don't think that my retirement will be, it is wrong, because I went without them, Dale Eco of next loooong bad weather. I have to give. No decent OJ, marriage or children with this on my system. I am looking forward the day when I stop and continue to have confidence in JC to help to overcome this obstacle. In the wait that someone who reads this was more a Confessoin for me and I feel most like in my secret life. Damn it! Wish me luck on my trip. After this last group, of course. I mean. PPL are ridiculous haha Ive smoked forever and when I go (especially for the screening test or tools so) is the simplest of the doo. Who says that get payouts is really ignorant, because I Avreraged on 5-7 meetings daily and I can stop at any time and perfectly fine and enjoy it, if I me In the high. Grass is good, and if you can, leave whenever you want. I learned HTML-Web design in 3 months, while smoking marijuana and now I have a site load Web Webmaster create $5000 can create. Some of my ideas are smoking marijuana bigger and more profitable. America has marked as gangerous and because they can't medicine patented a seed that comes out of the ground.I prefer to take artificial chemical drugs with deadly side effects. (* Option * 1.) (Marijuana)All seeds natural from Earth 2) (Medicine) A substance that comes from a laboratory. Your post and I think Martin read it is absolutely true. I suffer from migraines and I am in 2 years (free drug might add) program, to deal with them. One of the things that the program teaches that the majority of people who suffer from migraines is the personality type a way of life the we. Everything should perfectly be, must all requirements, execute independently of the cost, you are a person of his word, is a good thing if this kind of lifestyle begins to wear, so I have. One of the basic techniques of relaxation is deep by breathing from your diaphragm. Most people breathe a little deeper and forgets to take deep breaths, when she pointed. Deep breaths allows more oxygen to the brain, relaxes you and helps you to think more clearly. So has everything the reason enables us to meditation itself, and at the moment us live. Also see so much and I pray the comments about the religion, which followed published on this page, you have both sides. George eras at the moment where you say that religion is open to interpretation - those that can think, the only parts of the Bible (with a grain of salt) or we can fully believing in every word. I don't really think God (or anyone) is concerned enough that brings inner peace and find some consolation. Religion is still a hot topic, but there is a big difference between those who believe and those who is spiritual. Who has usually an attitude, a religious sect, where godly, and the need to control others, and religion of other Throates are. Who is spiritual content to believe what they want to believe, because the grand scheme of things, we are all individuals and we make our decisions to allow their worldview and others. Religious people are the ones that have lost and are looking for someone to rescue them. If you believe in yourself, you are the only person who can save her.Martin - I for you feel, try with their unfollow. I know that only 8 days, but I didn't want them never smoking and think it is because I was willing to resign. However, a smoker was loose and none of my friends know that I have not smoked no problem depending on the social aspect. I understand also the boredom associated. I have in the course of the month past and smoky unemployed in my days mentally could disappear for a while and avoid reality. After the resignation, I realized that the times are not so bad. I found solace in making long walks, reading books (could refuse information if I was stunned) and my short term memory improves.The life is not boring was boring, if you smoke. He spent hours playing video games or watching TV - are boring! People who can not smoke joy in the small things of life to find and give you these Hierba Espalda simply withdraw, without realizing it. Your pain to feel, when you said you had everything (including your girlfriend), but lost (and forgive my spiritual comment here, but I think it is relevant) God allows you to decide, but for every decision has a consequence. I had many consequences, but be at least now transparent and they can't better decisions, those who have proven to be high.I wish, and it is someone who sees this thread good luck - the life of the grass. Smoke produced by a spray of filtered water better for your health, but is also much more difficult to stop. As I walked away, smoking Bong bowls, joints, etc. was easy, but now it is very difficult to get off at Voporizer. I only control over me, and now will I again try to custom. Wishes, happiness and good luck on all of this, what you are looking for exactly the same. Try for years in vain to leave and then quickly returning is it clear to me that only will is alone not enough that is overcome. For some people, I think I have a long service life of smoking marijuana has forever.With the right strategies (E.g. AA) to quit smoking marijuana must not such a painful 2cColinQuitting marijuana eqperience.my be painless. This is the time. I'm not after the dismissal of the law or of the family, but because that's what I'm doing. I'm too sexy for smoking marijuana. I'm too high to take the gravity Bong tournament staff in my head until my eyes bleed red. It will not stop, because it costs too much money. Stop because my ass is bleeding. Every time when I have a crack to remove and store it in my ass starts for Gore. I give up because I am tired of the application Soilove for all pairs of my favorite pair of jeans. Now, you have smoked up 13. He decided to be an accountant to the University community. I can personally add and chronic both are focusable. I'm currently 3 jobs and pt holding in six categories and classes of Universidad.Fumar and employment. It is also very difficult character, namely, that it the joke. Job1 (UPS) 4-8 m - f, job2 (tax accounting) 9-14, and enter the 15-21 at home then class Monday 09.30 hw/sleep. Working Tuesday to 3 from 4 to 9 in the class of 10 to 21 Wednesday 4-8 job1 job, job2 9-17:00, 21 school 6-4-9, job1 school 10-watch, hw/sleep. Friday 4-21 job1 wollen3 Saturday 10:30-18 (internal auditor) wollen3 6-15, on Saturday, the volunteers work one weekend in the season. Sunday, their homework to make and study. If In the abandoned as a major annoyance. in the course of the week I'm firefighter volunteer fighter.but Regardlessif'm not smoking, as soon as I can work in these areas of my life. I am 23, my last year and an average 3.783 maintained. the year spent more than earned $45 k, any work-In the starting to give. What he done and done well. ? so hard to justify to kill, though I know that I should go. If anyone has some advice for me I would love to hear.Please comment. When people look at me, I'm the last hope never smoking pot. I went to the hard school was a college athlete and I'm hard. However, I am in a profession, that it absolutely prohibits marijuana. I had prevented me to succeed never left grass and actually work more hard to tell the truth. I would like to point out that every person is different. What worries me that it no work is increased, but dismissed because I could do in my spare time. As well as not-Andrej work never use sleeping pills or drunk, but I'm free participation in my time. Stop, because my profession is my second love, the family is the first of the questions. I love what I do. I love smoking. I hope that one day it is legalised. You can for adults such as me for ourselves. Hadida-R which is apparently traveled similar paths. I don't think that the level of remorse that, although I that know no doubt the sense of shame, when comes you try to hide your searches you since Cologne, Visine and smoking, like Teen mum and dad are smoking a cigarette. Believe me many people don't be fooled. I think that you recognize. My suggestion to you is, experiment with the consumption as low as possible and ready, at all to leave. Overwhelm, take this idea and not there. It's great that you can start wearing behind you! Hello Brice. It is posted here for some time, and now I'm safe to say, I stopped smoking and a man feel really much better than everyday life. Don't get me wrong, I love even the grass and I have not completely stopped, but it's nice to register every day. I say, two weeks. I've done it and I feel much better. More energy. I believe deeply, with less mess. Relationship with my parents and I better start to see friends, I don't normally see from, what they do, step blaze. In the view of things, not smoking compared to the amount of time that you've smoked so minute is 2 weeks. I'm in my second year of College and I think that the Council can be much more fun if you don't on the lawn so dependent on. I will give you the opportunity, as many (not to mention women) and then the time you lot are stunned more blaze. Go therefore, as someone in the same situation two weeks, that he also not two weeks ago I me burned, 2 seals on 1 August was wrong to say. Please note that the first 10 days of mist and at all are not. I hope that this helps. The article contains only my hand about who fall a juice in the hell. Thank you very much. Quiting m in the future. very real conversation I have pulled shit Helluh weed. It is difficult to try to calm themselves.Thank you very much for the Addvice. Disagree, is that marijuana is worse then smoke Ciggerates but I think that you have very well done to quit smoking advice. Interesting hub). What is a waste of time. I used to have smoking pot heavily for 17 years, I have 20 years. In recent years give no problems. Use 8 gram ($80) is smoking a value every day shoot (price = $10 oz Tacoma WA.) I want a pack damage roll joints (5), buy, cigarette all day until midnight, and the rest of 3 grams of smoke into the morning hours. If you have a job, you want to keep, then stop. If you want to stop the other personal reason, do you thing that stagnation? Thanks, you're a son of a bitch you are a perfect example for a learning, caused by smoking marijuana, - thank you for that say what I have said in this article in your wonderful example! Peace))!. FRNZ! It is a good argument that 2 encourage me! If away frm seemed so Jeffer days used to do mary.and for me! But now, when I'm sitting down, or minute. It is difficult, the life in me! and if Don to live my life differently. ? No more promises and gossip. his habit of juice! Day 2 sheets of Ganja of the slow killer! and a good life, but because I mean mother love! and my BRO! and all things are! and I thank bubbles. IN the 19th century and smoking marijuana I almost a GB every day, in fact am, now, I an hour earlier and average. It is now 02:48, and I have an art college on May 9. This is the time where I think that grass to a certain degree affected. I have a phenomenon of health go to the gym 5 times a week and participate in national championships in weightlifting. As soon as I smoke all began falling away. Always play rugby, but are still on the ground, never Dottery make earlier hits like I do. I am studying for a Masters in finance and if it does not, I have the ambition for a hedge fund work, but I saw my wishes and my work to deteriorate tariff and general support through the smoke. Although I not bothered, he cooks can be lbs won KFC and 17 was the whole time. I'm going tomorrow night, because it's my birthday, but then, In the In the my life, my body and my money, I turned have. I love marijuana and always will be, but I'm too vague and need to stop. Proactive is the way to go, and ill never change, if every night in this situation now and just end the stupid stuff on the Internet instead of studying for my career. Often called under various names such as marijuana, grass, grass, Maryjane, reefer, Hierba marijuana (cannabis sativa) is the medicine very often victims of abuse in the United States. Surveys show that 37% of young people aged 12 to 17, already at least once a month have marijuana, and this statistic has not changed since the year 2000. This user of marijuana is marijuana as a kind of input level of the drug the option more often, eventually graduating to the use of harder drugs. Most users smoke dry mix shredded leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant, marijuana in rolled cigarettes hand calls together. Some use pipes or water pipes, the same bongs and other users of coffee or mix marijuana into foods such as biscuits, cakes and salads. Studies have shown that marijuana contains 400 chemicals, including most of these parasites, recognized tobacco smoke and installed up to 4 times more tar in the lungs. 7 000 medical and scientific studies documenting the bad smoking marijuana effects and these studies show that marijuana users a increased risk of 104% of graduates in the heavier drugs such as cocaine and a 5 times have more risk of heart attack.The active ingredient of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), as THC enters the brain, you feel euphoric or high stimulated caused the reward system in the brain chemical dopamine, to release feel good to cells in the brain. As a chemical neurotransmitter, dopamine can relax a person and lift the mood but also affects brain processes that control of movement (excerpt from sensory consciousness), an emotional response (euphoria) and the opportunity to discover the pleasure and pain. Thanks for the advice, I'm def of free association. You don't seem to feel that you can use to your friends with their problems I see, not how big a burden in any way, I open'd, can make. It is good to know, should be coupled with grass, I think, only partially so that it can be, that I can convince pass psychological barrier of 1. Thank you again. JohnnyL23, don't know, and frankly, your ignorance is cause for concern. You think I'm not glad that he should meet with his boss. God did not need from you. He calls the goodness of his merciful heart. But it is an offer for a limited time. It was before and will for a long time after that she went, so stop thinking, God for his attention to hunt be. Frankly, I hope that to know him unawares. This is the only way that you can see your class. I hate the first part of the cube, and Yes, the first article and the videos are propaganda a plate with shit totally (enough to see the wretched Porro). But in this axis read peoples personal experience with the use of tobacco and smoking then assholes who think because it known long-term smokers, say yes, even if they lead healthy and productive lives feel at, what the grass in some decisions, decisions in their lives has played a role. Bud influence in any other way apart from a peak is not an ignorant. Bud smoke more as a way of life not only from a search. I fed up with beginners or Pothead stubborn experts take more offensive and more information about policy sacred herb it is people who try to make a change in their lives, and if this change means herbal smoke smoke now, it is your decision and good for them. Access to you, your lifestyle, or their views to impose. Who represents the defense and thought that pot is not bad for you, or receives the report reflects some people, that after chronic smoking years share their views about the effect it has had on their lives and decide to stop, are evident in the rejection and do not write in the middle of the right. Vaffanculo!. As there is a bone to a dog. You should not attempt a bone take a marijuana smoker. Get only the healthy marijuana smokers on a site like stop? Hmmmm? Someone got cold feet and brought the idea to the OS. Go, prospects that other decisions of smokers who really help, read to put my life in perspective. Almost every day for the last 6 years I was smoking marijuana. I have never seen at school, because I thought that it prevent, would that my ability to learn. I'm glad, I have, but only in my lungs tested at the University, I was hooked. I have the impression that the grass makes my life better. It could be more wrong. In the high school became productive weed free. Now, I realized that it was really in retrospect in the last 6 years, if the grass is not user-defined. My post looking for herbs are far and few. I've gained weight. He helped my social anxiety. I feel quite the difference with the reduction of short-term memory. I kissed around not to mention wean all the money to buy it. I was a disaster and my vocabulary is located at a lower level. Another thing in my life has always guilt, all of these problems and not marijuana, which was a big mistake. I decided a couple of days as an experiment, for a few days leave. I'm glad that I didn't. Feelings of worthlessness were previous one would feel and control replaced. Although my father is told that he will not stop me, everything decided to do, today I, smoking a for once. I thank you for that. I wish the best for all those in my Position.Viel luck. So or so, I've tried hundreds of times (it seems), resign earlier, but due to boredom always comes after a day, a week after I it's even managed to smoke, but because you have to fill anything this vacuum very difficult for a month, but I promise you that meditation is like good thin stoning constantly except for fear Clarasin spirit and worry-free. (and a big portfolio) by the way, thank you for defining this page about Crystal is a great thing you have done. It is very difficult for me. I read on the Internet and wrote, that heavy smokers 90 days to clean up can take. He ordered a marijuana of detoxification that night system, $50, but I think that will help you. I search online self-help groups. Envy Dave Chapel in the middle of the oven when in the detoxification cure and everyone laughs and says, rehabilitation of grass?I want wines. Listen to Lil Wayne feel I may die wants. Here is where I am now. Damn that depressed.Not help, his mother still smokes, and I can feel it, and I wonder whether it is the smoke in my system. It was a week that the I have and I have no appetite, headaches, stomach and alll the time question stressed me, when it clean. Let me without a job or a spirit, and no one to talk, what I am now. If legalized, at least for medical purposes, which is first in the line, believe me. I think it helps me, it goes without becoming crazy. They understand not, except maybe this.I can not sleep, no appetite and no energy. Today I was clean for a week. Every time feels around the clock. I'm only the people in my situation. I began smoking marijuana at the age of 17 and quickly became a drug addict. Take me long to know that he was an employee account. I also have a problem with alcohol. I quit smoking marijuana, often for good reasons. Chronic marijuana use contributes to my depression, fear, laziness. You are not strong or as intelligent, a person with, I'm boring. It is very difficult to prevent, but no doubt possible. Even a week or two of the things and I feel smarter. The first day or two, and the first or second week are difficult, no, because the mind is obsessed with MJ and it not would be able, to fight against doubt. It pays to get the waste, but it is so. 100% is better self confidence, and many features and functions without pot in your system. I've come no more excuse back after my departure. Reason to repeat: I think there is more complacency. I almost always knew that he was addicted. Once again, I'm clean. Have not smoked or drank a drop in a week and a half. I feel my come to mind, as I said once again.This time you put more energy to pinch. Because it may take, is interested in things that made marijuana the interest alive lose him more fun without grass. A lot of little things well.Be careful smoking marijuana which testify that marijuana is not bad for you! Some of these people are trying to justify their use of drugs. Others wait only bad information that they have on the road. Almost all are seriously deluded! Make others not to force a decision about you in your mind in the pot. I am 45 and have constantly smoking at the age of 17 years old, about 5 years ago, I realized that I started, some so afraid and they are obsessed with the things sometimes became oppressive, said my doctor about my anxiety and my inability to cope with stress and he expects them to by antidepressants (the worst time of my life), that many people mental experience, so I never thought that it took the ErbaHo may I still smoke the pills for a while and then taking the anti-Deppressants, if fear was bad got crazy (fear disappear after a day or two). 2 months ago I started in the middle of the agony of feeling the night waking, took the more time after one week, I went to my doctor, and you guessed it - back to the antidepressants. He recommended a specialist at the Phyc. never interviewed approved drug (trial version, if you are sure) kept pressing on the problem and negotiated, I took antidepressants and a few fools and helps sleep and said I should see the pot for a while to let the first week I was fine (I felt very relieved, he was not crazy) did fool if it was annoying removal, rough or no sleep without pills (I think that this overdose of melatonin) sleep anxiety difficult two weeks started, which does not fade, no fear of the week 3, but still difficult, without sleeping pills, I'm 4 weeks and I am optimistic, I wonder what my new life as a longtime friend at whithout Betryed time me. (and more if not smoke marijuana GR how periodontitis cause).Thanks guys, this blog has helped, for my sake close forever to strengthen, In the glad I found it! Pierce ran the same. smoked slept for the first time, only a small amount left made that yesterday evening sleep better at night and good Chico.Sehr there I. Feel not bad Abbot or so, but now is the time where I have to go back, but nothing In the goin to it.ill another week go maybe two weeks and then just a little more smoke. I think that this need may not to smoke at all. Yes, it's a disgusting like smokin ' enough nothing Aboout is more fun. But In the Lovin ', how big the smoking after a week or two. Keep guys. smoked a bit of last night (like 1/2 grams) in my diet now! Do it, if you no longer authorize you can, marijuana? What though.but should not the media who think only about. Did y to think about nothing but the grass you firmly at home all day without a job and not him? say go shopping, people would go to a spa? But what if you can't afford it. I made with a walk alarm clock, but when I get home I home at the top to stop smoking? But In the this terrible feeling and a bottle of vicodin in my Cabinet. What is a poor person to do when they try to liberate the deficiency. they have the only help for people like us is the prison or the insane asylum. I bet ppl they have houses and things too, which is ppl smoking grass, to forget all their problems. I can't stop, I still unemployed, smoke but life in the ghetto, with nothing more than your friends. In the even if popcorn, because if I have a workforce collectors will receive invoice then take I go all my money! What is the point. Why help the poor, not rich ppl, because you go too busy jimmy Lil, soccer training and when water trucks Alhambra makes his delivery. ? Now I have a vehicle and not even get gas to the supermarket. How come there, there are no stores in the ghetto of Grcery. So I think that it is not up to collect 1 ° my food and social welfare postage stamps! Every month is funny, the invoices received getting bigger and bigger, to eat theres never enough. and the always hot or cold. But I have friends that for things, so why not smoke. Helps me to forget the fact that I was born in this shit! It is surprising how many people this research as a Web site and properly and start the normal people relaxed, try to stop. I think that this just another example of the denial. Hi IM 20 almost 21 and smoking for very nice article 6 years have been (Journal +-) things quite well summarized, I liked reading of each and how to handle opinion and came with the Pfanne.Lesung if it is not that the Greenz would give up not in the foreseeable future, not it, because I always think of all I've tried a couple of times, but after a few months would be a throwback to my daily habit. My experience with it is boredom told me, because I no problem with fasting, be, when I busy but lonely moments of boredom I am back on my jacket to kill the time. Order to know what to do when at last comes the moment and who run again, marriage or fate of alcohol work, because nobody cares, then must begin (JK) if it would be only in good health, this wonderful world that we are.Bless all ball u (former) - it peace and LoveStijn. two things: 1 smoking about 20 years every day. I have a title, married with two children, independent, etc. (I'm 40). I want to leave some time see clearly how the head. I'll let you know if it works and what happens. (2) at the top of this post, the curses of marijuana, shows the effect of gateway to the list. [This makes marijuana as the drug of choice for beginners and more frequent than usual, the graduates of the use of marijuana to the use of harder drugs!]. I'm sorry, but this is crap. Smoking marijuana is a good indicator that you to in slightly stronger foot. (Compare the number of addicts who know, the number of addicts of cocaine and heroin). It is also said the RAND Corporation, and they want to say anything else. Visit their Web site. I am sure, however, that it closes forever, but I stop a while and damn, it's hard. High can be understood also. I am non-smoker for almost 2 years and I can't think that I breathe breathe again, if I dropped and even asthma. Only one man will be my last comment on the subject of religion, because that is not what this site for.Yes, I believe in God! And Yes, it is true, you believe in God will believe! Only be tolerant, but above all because in reality, the teachings of all religions are very similar (for the case, that which you have not noticed). I'm all for love and peace, all of us try a better man. Only large differences between them in fact in the Scriptures (Bible, Koran, Torah, etc), because all of them were written by men and any interpretation of the man are! Quite a few differences between them. Interpretation exactly same message, the message of God, and only when call it God or Buddha wings!You should not take what you read in the Bible as a dogma, but as a guide for a better person and other more or less help to think what matters, we are all humans human and equal in the eyes of God! You say anyone who can not a fan!However, if you find that the need to preach, you should probably a similar site or Minister are making in the Church! But keep in mind that the Inqisition was banned a few centuries ago!That is, if you really want to believe, as they did political correctness garbage, such as calling in his life!Peace and love for you, everything that you! Another good thing about the documentary genre grass is super high, that was funny and informative. Types. In any event, I believe that marijuana has a bad reputation, and I don't think that there are to be an illegal drug. Painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs kill people not grass. Grass is one of the drugs, which can prescribe some doctors with as few negative side effects.Of course, weeding, like everything else, it will be abused. And I agree, it's bad for the lungs, it's terrible when you need motivation and short-term memory. For these reasons I'm trying to reduce, but I don't think that I will never fully leave.Not do xanax or the prescription of painkillers weeds, if the pain is unbearable and is a common good against flu or stomach pain. Marijuana in bulk with alcohol, but alcohol is much worse for you and simply say: smoking responsible. You need to smoke like with the spirit that should drink every day every day.I am currently a smoker every day, with the exception of today. Today, I left my first day of school and plans to refrain from that of smoking for at least a month. After that. From time to time, you know? As you drink. Smoking marijuana is not so much substance abuse. Smoking every day is likely. I think everyone here, I managed to get rid of the Vice Presidency is however quite large. Even in writing of all, I see, are probably technically addictive, but I am very hopeful for me. Yes, high expected?Good article, of course, everyone was looking for a style guide and a relevant topic. PEACE!. Well, where I can start. I'm on my second day not to take a big success-Zong. and this is very important for me, because I have a little weed, when he was eleven years old. I was in the fifth grade. crazy but I started young, but what is made worse, my brother was a tag along and that was the first, when he was 7. Smoking marijuana is in the family. My parents and most of my aunts and uncles, smoking marijuana. I smoke in high school as a freshman. I am aware, as the suffering that work in my school look. But not you, a seal for after school. I'm 23 and have to show anything. Now In the having a moment difficult to just not want to eat. feel vomiting. I'm trying to keep my mind, how it works. his only two days. I still feel shit cuz of the Genko will be my system. I've been Black Tar cough all day long. I hope every day than a common sounds really good to improve. I'm going there now. Programs for smoking marijuana. There are many online-show, claimed that his method can help, to stop marijuana, smoking. There is nothing wrong with the removal of this show. Find the answer to your prayers! However, you must ensure that you know what you agree to before you begin. He calls the program and see if it works for you. Ok. I imagine my 25 years and more to move. smoke in here. Read messages in recent weeks rose from heavy smoker. daily smoker daily for 3 weeks. Now is to provide 1 day, 14 hours on me lol. just for one day in the books is missing and I'm sure that there no day 1 # 1 rule. do not smoke. Wish me luck, but everything you need is at will. I have beeen grass smoking every day since the age of 16 and In the now 26 years old and begins to worry. I said, that it will be closed, but seems, how much effort and a battle are not ready to fight, if were I to before recently psychological vacations abroad in Hong Kong and very irratable State, after more than 24-48 hours not FumarCuando tagged a small herb could really relax and have fun. until I on the edge of all time and not really feal like holiday as In the married I smoke every day and the amount of day to day varies hide holiday. My smoking from my family and the GF because we live together. I have a successful career, but smoking has cones per day and I mean all activities to do including 10 smoking. I don't want to leave the tall grass, but I know that I also. I don't know where I start, because I was smoking every day on the road too long. Seriously the garbage which is this website brings to the tip was more and are BS trumpet by the Government on drugs. I smoked for 17 years, almost every day. I had a break of two years before halfway and soon realized that it was better with non-smoking. First all not even the harmful effects of tobacco and all the studies is distorted and promoted by the authorities, those who will not see legalized. Not to mention the way in which a person has noticed that a good way to eliminate 99% of danger to health, I think a vaporizer, that the air is probably more harmful.Output LSIT causes is almost funny how shit our throats for years has our Government Sholveling in the pot. I am a very successful person, he has a large family and he is a man enjoys in my community and industry. I have financial success a radio show and played all drugs. You can't wait for the day when people walk stop zombies are aware that the Pan may have drugs of very high quality for a range of diseases. Not to mention that we all hold immense waste of money to people in jail for pot, no taxes, its use and wars a senseless war on drugs of this Mexican drugs of fuels, which the boundaries beyond to go. Marijuana is a drug of entry the human brain not as a cause. We are all addicted to something, somehow thinking? Many things are horrible looking and some are critical only wronged and misunderstood aspects of human existence. I can't wait, because ultimately the majority of people, that awakens facts and all members of the courts and the corporate ladder helps out and stop, can be prosecuted. Well, I smoked grass for outa my 23 years of life was now about 8 years old and virtually 1 drug is that I carefully put him with my family and friends I can say honestly ruined my life. Good thoughts, who are trying to quit smoking. I started to smoke based on the influence of peers, he was 16 years old and only smoked 1 time per month may be less. Was always out and disgusted by those who were sitting, and it grew in the course of the day, but famously in last year started at 1 X per week, was 2-3 times a week, and a week.now was x then in the summer 5-6 every day, sometimes more than once a day to smoke. The pot is a very good thing - if you moderate, but I just feel very comfortable. It is one of the first few days, no slip smoking about 6 months, but I thought that this would be the grass during the day. I'm good grades at a large University, and see a great future for me. All of my friends and classmates to name a few, that a phase, but we see can really anytime soon to stop me. I want to about 1-2 x per week, but I hope, I rarely do this are to help. State smoking several times per day for 2 years. Middle School is not quiting easily, go to the school every day and see that a friend always smokes. Di epidemic for weeks at a time, but there always are. I stopped the parents, the drug testing, if known, and I still smoked. Marijuana has me carelessly. I didn't know if my parents disappointed Fumadita was important. Marijuana makes me feel whole. There is no better music on the Gipfel.Hatte never social problems in my young years, marijuana has changed. I lost interest in social situations. I went, joined party with friends, whatever. Now it tends to stick, at home, or simply with a few friends, who stick to smoke. I know what the life of the hereafter outside this HS can offer, and I was open.The early today broke my whistle, he was two years old, my pipe had a year and a half and has sold all cache. My goal is to possibly come back and read this post one year from now, and note those problems, the I in my past to set. Very brave and Bud MC admitting the harm that smoking marijuana has caused your life. It is never too late to quit is. Well, I don't smoke grass n it, it is difficult, but I'm not saying, PPL had loose Umthinqq Devi not Relle u wud think rather a nice or wud live happy n do work which u CNT Goo have Likfe if you Itsnimpossible onli smoking, if it works for not - Whu Sumine career. But Doght is. Hi, a consultation would be. What you never a marijuana-smoking, but they have some friends were. I have a new friend recently, and I'll try to help you find which seems to have problems a way. It is not 100% sure if they affect how the grass related, but help would be very appreciated to treat and help. He has smoked since age 12-17, many social skills, the 9 years lost to recover from. It seems to be OK, when you met him brilliant and bright. However, it seems that the lack of confidence, although the reasons for the absence. The main problem that experience is the dream and not, questions what sleep that has emerged from people recently out of the grass. 9 years old, that still have poor sleep, dreams that seem real and run sleep recently. It causes major problems like you constantly tired. I need help with this confidence but this dream I don't know where to start is killing me. Does anyone here know if it is normal, that they still have problems of anxiety and problems with sleep for 9 years have? If so is there anything that I can help you. I hope it can help someone. Well, I tried family not revived today decided, one pull on the tube. I lost my cool with all human beings human least.the well that goats urinate and I could not enter my work has given me. Immediately I felt better. Eccentric, assumed control of me-(.) Good things. Stories of people not pot. At the age of 28. I started my first year at the University. I've always said my car, when I go out, I could. So much for the daughter of a job. I did a good job of the landscape construction of 6 years. HR $20 to do. But the Chief said that other employees and I check the urine must days 12. Because it can be cheaper out of insurance or compensation. Oh shit. Today is my last day and smoking marijuana. I'm going, because I want everything you have worked and should I get a new job and start ca and my work, because it does not lose at the University due to the stove has done. I am a heavy user of smoke before work and work all night. My mind and my body feel better. I have the IBS. Irritible bowel syndrome. I live in Northern Idaho, but work with pot of doctors in Washington. Smoking would be legal, the law would agree with Idaho. I don't want that a daily intake of my my IBS disappears. I have smoke pot since I a newbie and now I am a senior in high school. Everyone in my family so smoke grass I never really had to hide. I was for 2 years, daily drugs smoke at least 2 times per day. I have many friends who smoke/treatment so many times-free Fumerei, which was often easier. The difference to me is football, I played my whole life and I'm going to College for football. So I'm afraid that I will lose everything, what you worked for all my life, herb. Yesterday I decided to leave and I woke up today to do tomorrow with a huge fear. I tried several times and it never works. I love smoking marijuana, quietly with me, but my biggest fear is the hospital one day regret are all gripping ive never smoked. I'm going to realize that smoking marijuana is not as important as my life and I have many before me! This is one of the most difficult moments of my life, I hope that I can finally finish, because I want to get rid it, to control my life. To get everything that is interested in me, where, when, how, and In the not happy only In the high. Does not control my life. The article is very informative. But I don't want to stop. All die. No matter how healthy you are is going to die. Period. Some people prefer happy and smoking weed, then not smoke grass and insisted on problems of daily life. It's not good for us. One day a point is how apples are bad for you. Getting your life in silence, I think, your body can do pretty much everything and be in good health. I think that everyone in the eye. Faith that Mary Jane Harmfuly, will then be. Thinking to it rather than evil out, and that it will be. They allow people live as they want. It is the goal of freedom. Maria now as well as I am sad when I have less than a full sense lol until there. Ive been smoking I'm pot for 20 years, $). Oh, my God. I heard from a couple of weeks smoking, and now I'm ready to remove weeds. I have a 1/2 ounce of the left and the no longer to smoke. Bad gift. Already, smoking is not for me. IN the my lungs are for a chance at the end of the arm. :) You can also! You are delayed. Period. Yes its so much worse for you, then why doctors and distribution. You kill those who sleep cancer, anxiety, deprivation.and. I swear to believe just that all articles online. I never took an overdose of marijuana a lot of people? PPL like you whether to kill you in a car accident and someone in a vehicle on the lawn? (Many stories have heard ppl talk about impaired) how often someone takes drugs and his wife to beat? (Many stories were heard ppl to get drunk and beat his wife) is an incipient cancer. and as bad as cigarettes? Ahhh Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahah OMG thats funny! Where would the information be removed? big big big big daddy I am me was against too much grass. Give me a break. Cigarettes cause cancer, alcohol causes alcoholics and herbal causing hunger. A lot of people in the United States will each year from alcohol poisoning in the hospital? How many ppl are admitted to the hospital, marijuana poisoning. I think you need to do some research to spread ignorance hub page. If this is not the case, you keep your thoughts conservitive. And heart attack. Laughing out loud. That is always called and exaggerated. 23-Year-old boy daily smoking 6 years wants to leave in the United Kingdom, State but without him I feel, as if they were my confidence won't go away. I am 52 years old, I've been 35 years of smoking pot. I have my three days to finish. I feel bad, severe headaches, tired, without cars, partner. Maybe you could talk to someone. It's too heavy. I stay outside. I probably have millions. I can today not clearly keep. know someone, a phone number, speak with someone? Understood some people don't have it? A friend, listen, what herbs in the life of such on his blog. Stop say it is harmless and crap, because one of my friends in the sessions is, but because he has lost almost everything about smoking marijuana or other drugs! I just read it and you'll see. Hi all I smoke grass, I have 24 years with two children between dat is a bad habit, because I have to keep 2. Called completing of the FIR have a child, and then was when I got married. So I said to him, let me that I love me even fallen Tldis 2 WAT all gives a sense of Entspannung.Doch Amit drugs I abused have 2 smoking soon take off on our work during a game of n before bedtime 2. Not me. I think that bad unil, I read nothing say's contribution figured it was harmless.I Dididt know that it could cause lung cancer I want 2 life. We have even DOE to die SMEs every two days. It should never affect my daily life, how to pay the bills or make a call from my ORC Wadmit Dwant. (B). Hello everyone, I wanted only to a proverb says that I the first day to finish and I have to make it work! My girlfriend hates and I'm risking our relationship and my career if you smoke. Now, I'm 33 and in high school began. I have successfully in life, but not as successful as it could be. I find this news be an incredible source of inspiration. Denial is a powerful force, but it can not be beat!I invite you all to avoid the same wage with grass and trim as a way to the exit. If you have an employee of the Pan may be no moderation. You may not be the time. You leave and never look back.To all who say it is harmless and that she Bong marathons and to run after beats 6 good for you! Not to buy it, but maybe told him the truth. We are all different, in many ways. I suspect that you reach you however. Maybe could more quickly than without it marathon run, or run two follow up, if you were sober. Have you known about this? No error, causes of the lungs to breathe the smoke of any kind of damage. It does not matter whether it grass, wood, $100 bills or BBQ chicken on the grill. That's not what your lungs to the designed. Don't be an idiot. Sometimes smoking I much marijuana. Almost every day. And then I go for several months without smoking. As the power and grip. There was never a problem for me. For nothing.Now everyone every herb apparently deserves has shared their lives through bad things not the tables turn and a bit that he did of people talk about the good,.For both sides of the story listen to knowledge. I have PTSD, my life, my parents were good parents, but had poor and at the time, when a child develops brain, boy was much fought as I, so of course violently, adding, so that the facts going twice in the Iraq since 8 months arrested four times and still in prison, and have a seriously destructive person. I began smoking marijuana for my PTSD combat level 100 and I thought he was helping, but I was always mad, I tried also, better drugs PSYC, so I'm 100% from PTSD is disabled when I am medical practitioners who think bad and I. I marijuana smoke every day as the world and tries to stop him and I have some recognized during the two weeks, I stopped, I was quiet and I act before, but my father smokes and so thought is my best friend and I have pressure. Am I fed up to two months without flipping out and then panic free, if I have problems, but it is the herb that helps my mood swings? Not tonight, I'm going with my father a break. I'm tired, miserable, grass doesn't help but it hurts and that's. Congratulations to everyone in this forum who have decided to quit. I read the whole page and saw that it summarizes the story of my life by base pieces. He started to smoke every 2 or 3 weeks as a junior in high school. 24/7 was. Now at the age of 24 I managed, graduates from College, but it's the only thing I have to show and I was named as one of the so-called promising boys in high school. Suffice it here to say I'm now almost unemployed broken and the only people who socially interact, are the ones who buy marijuana or smoking marijuana.In the early days of a relationship with Mary Jane, it is easy to see the danger on the horizon. There are 5 years it would be one of the posters argue with vehemence the virtues of cannabis have been. I won't lie, it's a good time and physically safer than any other drugs, including alcohol and legal drugs. But what comes out at the end, is that you become the content be stoned to death. The stress in your life? Boredom? To solve personal problems? No, you will not only smoking a bowl. It solved nothing. You know or to grow human being than. Do not attempt to improve their lives.What really worries is that this happens quickly, as with heroin or crack. I have 8 years in the following phases to go through: smoking socially as a way to meet and interact with people every day through the smoke but always motivated to work, learn and interact every day, smoking and execution, but does not society to smoke every day, as my ability, function, Desmoronarseayuda, and Enfindonc has started my life to smoking every day in an emotional crisis. I even dare say, I quick phases make more are gone.Denny and others who think that the problems mentioned are so over the top, I have us some questions. First of all, she smoked regularly over a period of several years. If you not able to make application are. They exist now and I can tell you that it is not difficult for Mary-Jane always seeks. And it is addictive. Not physically, but mentally looking for open may be just as obsessive. If you are a regular smoker, you can honestly say that you life complete and your full potential? You don't answer, be honest with yourself. Keep in mind that denial of a powerful thing can be. Have you also tried to resign? Stop the idea of sending even the slightest frisson of fear in the back? If this is not the case, wait. No one is invulnerable, and while this influence is regularly it is always a crutch that is willing to support me. Once that happens, you can pain that I and others have described in this forum unfortunately.If you can honestly say you're the best life possible and the grass is only a supplement to the recovery than the occasional Martini, then you should. I realized that you are a slim minority of people can successfully come of this and realizes that enough can have time, Mary Jane the last word. It is a warning of the type of that has long been committed, in the Group of people, can always successfully and continually blaze Elito. I was completely wrong.I know that when I was 16 I was someone to contradict me, much less a stranger in a forum. All I can say, the grass is the young and old is no substitute for friends, couples, experience of life, the things to bring the really important and lasting joy in life. It is no answer to their problems. If you think it is, it will bring you more, ten times. Smoking at parties and on the weekends, if necessary, but get the exception that proves the rule to, and click on it, make sure that it does not cross this line. Furthermore, start not only smoking. These two things are always a balancing act, because only a few have the will, something, which feels good. But I would like to give you something, I'm not a big believer in not to say no strategy. But if you want no more energy to say. You never give anything for people, your life and not return.I would like to thank the many people who write and bookmark this page for me psychological above the break is to create with Mary Jane. They're not very good taking it, she is a jealous bitch in distress to a permanent hole in my Pocket stick. But damn it, sex is good. Now, I don't need more, there is no better have. Goodbye, slut!. This article made me laugh. The reason is for glass is only the leaves, we smoke grass for your health (what in this case, you take care to do other human health?). Smoking pot is perfectly fine and is not a drug for the entry. The author is bound just B, because A comes before b anyone of you ever happened, that the reason why eventually became heavier drugs, because the user feeds life in this terrible monster of a drug to see that nothing is as it is shown by the company?Now, if I lied on this maybe it me, also lied. Don't throw this site his feelings per marijuana. Is that all sites of marijuana per supported to continue his intention to study. ? I suspect that, if a small amount of marijuana smoked suffered no side effects. The problem is the story of love, you and the pot. A joint is two, two becomes three joints a day. Damage to the lungs? If smoking three joints a day and smoke in the lungs for long periods of time can it be not healthy. You '? Loss of memory of any kind is bad and loss of ambition and unity can be disabled for an individual in relationships and their performance. Try to be comprehensive, the marijuana in the course of time can be an impairment of the quality of your life. Try for this reason, that many people to stop. Play the drum from the joys of grass to smoking on a Web site, which can hear it. This is not for the love of God. We are not to retreat. Ok?. I give it for 2 days, I caused the probation on long term (point of sale), which never has been a drinker, so went recently, after 8 years of heavy daily use (some Bubba Kush bought saturation and jumped on my last night), was the store n are me a big bottle of Geneva and when ever I can, that serious blaze picked up a throw from Geneva. In the non-fasting, but at least not from prison due to drug test, what you have to say about alcohol? good idea or not, always an alcoholic In the use of the first week or 10 days to help that require thc, so we hope that a sober life In the no longer, at least a few years of my life on the Rails testing me should. I am grateful, see Amasa everything, that I had somking are grass to stop those, but he returned to him to help a friend, if I wanted to, to the lawn to roll, after I did, as I said, that God helps now must stop a breath taking, which was what back, the grass is not bad for me and I hope me, because it makes me all my love one to lose. LOL why you allow to use Weeeeedit is better lol. If it's bad, then what is alcohol?No one has ever had of died, and how many of alcohol died. Strange. Elegant I home 2.5 years every day and none crossed blades. for a long time it was not, if it was a problem for me, until my companion, he said. I don't think that Don cause their approval, they smoke ' t and if no smokers tend to react a little bit. For me it was a problem, if I do not smoke, tried for a day.Now, if after 2 months and I Jet failed. I like the post. Evil tries to make a plan and find also the point in the 6 - th very useful post. You want to give or doesn't want to. He wanted to work with me. This is the case, for example, if you usually for a week, after a month, smoke, so I can some time for leaving yet and then leave. EH well, if the crash and hit that wall, then the only thing you can do is good people understand the difficulty of the task and then understand why the TR is not as simple as just Cessee. Good luck to all who try. OK, there is debris out of my line, so some days, I finished my bag and then scratch my car for a few days found. I have me, so last night my pipe escape the hands and split into pieces, the the message important for me (at the beginning, it was devastated) because now this temptation not to my Autour I. IMMA find next;) and I know I can't stop, then today, it is the first day. JC is Wathching more and help me through my journey, but the result will be great! I'm fine, only when I the free time In the as a man, I need a little weed. But I do this, IMMA tend to work or do something lol. Keep bad touch and I myself, every week to evaluate. I know I can do it. the Lord is with me. Alex B. Why go on a site like stop, to proclaim the benefits of smoking marijuana and about their future predict. He would like to know your answer!. The smoking, it will not come easy. He continues as the Chariots of Pharaoh for slaves in Egypt, when God of Moses of emancipation, that is to simulate the type of dependency. With the army of Pharaoh an insurmountable obstacle met approaches and the rise in their slaves suddenly, after a long and tiring journey: the sea. It was at this time that began to lose heart, and I wanted to be killed back to Pharaoh and slavery, rather than by the ruthless army. But you would have seen their power sacrificed what they did not know apart, because the Pharaoh had already given his army in order. He was angry and humiliated, that he demonstrated modest Moses; a situation where they feared could doubt his seizure of power, as well as the perception that he was a God. His pride and the honour was on the line and not met has, as an example to other prisoners, what happens when the challenge recently has Pharaoh.So the grand children among each other to a stalemate arched. Some wanted to return to slavery, which is similar to the apostasy in the habits of Antigua and the Ensaring. But God had brought much of them, and we to need help.Moses showed the victory is in the Christian God, who lives forever.See the mighty hand of God! Moses Tonna as he lifted his palms of his hands and looked to the sky in a representation of the frightening power. And the sea is separated in their time of need. To the sea of separation of Pharaoh and his army would deter it also this breathtaking view. Still, in his arrogance, he ordered his men. Stop at nothing. The slaves took the narrow path of escape in the supplied MARLES and don't look back. You trust in God, to cross safely. When she reaches the other side, which had bathed Dios via and men and Horses drowned. But unfortunately after emancipation, freed slaves back to their old habits of the false idols and offer worship to sacrifice to the pagan gods. God has destroyed many of them, like the tablets of the ten commandments issued by Mosed on got on top on their minds. In this figure, the nature is the Sin and the tangle of Ernst and difficult. What is 700 years que Dios slaves cruel hand Pharaoh as the reflection released a stubborn from takes a lot of loading time or other jar of the leader of the fishermen continue on their heads and see the light.So, you need to understand the intention of God for you to make a lasting change in your life, and discover the reading of his word and relying on their incomparable. And will make you naked. He changes his life, and they are full of joy. It will not be weakened and sit doing nothing and without hope. You might be interested as to love father for their children. But you have to go out of the way and to serve with the mind and heart. No child of God to beg. In the fire of their false idols (drugs) here and thrown the power of God is. You have a new reason to lose sleep; as is with amazing incredible disbelief is filled, that your life for better changed this unknown and undervalued the Almighty, if you are ready to escape from slavery and not to look back and trust him. He has since marijuana is smoked, approximately 18 years that a big social thing, when I was still a student, but in the last 10-12 years is a severe form of life for me. It affects on my health and my ability to relate to people outside of my small circle of trusted friends.The problem I have is that every emotional crisis that I have seen grass needed care through them. The best time of my life grass is also an important factor that contributes to my happiness. Now I realize in my late thirties now that my story of love with the grass is not advantageous in any case here but love both! Suggestions to remove the Groove? I'm smoking, working each day to work and maybe once a month to socialize. Even the minimum activity are upset that I am separated from my habit of smoking. All the tips for me, I restarted mentally, that something prepared to change this situation and feels ready for the challenge. God can help all those who know me. lie.Figures herb grams better than smoking marijuana have media Alcoholu and Stonedif, they take drugs with cigarettes or 10 X and get your fresh nothing.and. Hi guys, I'm on my last post 5 weeks ago. Stop smoking, but were in fact no longer smoke. I came, until one realizes that interdependence, when I apologize for smoking: 1) help to sleep (but eventually more be awake, because I feel so entertaining throughout me) 2) are more fun to make, a specific transaction (but I lose at the end of or expansion of the business is so slow) 3) increases the appetite (but more sophisticated and ultimately less eat) 4) and the list goes on & because then I can say, that my life has become much worse. I do poorly in school because I am still high, more are being developed anti-social a strong because constantly guard then a lot of time miss the paranoia of smoking, I was late, and I spend in general too much money cock. RIDICULOUS.the is the message I would like to tell everyone, that your search begins when convincing to believe that one must be lol always high. Smoking marijuana has always been that recreational activities do when you have nothing to do. It's just for fun, and I will not die without it. While not, I am here, but surely leaving of the vessel, reduced to only the weekend to rebuild my life and learn to take back responsibility. Feeling is great, but I don't feel. All natural products know that men in our life have a purpose. We are the fabric of the universe. The grass is gorgeous, if you know how it used natural substances than others. Usually everything in life is balance. If you drink too much food, too much, looks, etc, it's not good for everyone. I think that I decided to stop, is to say that you are in control. I have grass several times in my life, it makes, but I find grass.Focus on the truth, there are always questions and not think to read about and why you think.Connection with this universe, every level you are aiming at.We guarantee you that the results will see of listening and perception of the world life customs I decided smoking DRO. The grass is probably the best medicine and the best feeling. I am, as it is. I have no worries in peace with myself and the world. I am thinking of things in different ways and perspectives. My mind is in its simplicity. probably, she had great experiences at the top, which is harder to laugh at the top, has been a great Convo crazy should know everything. But as the 15-year-old daughter, I decided to quit. I want to go far in life with basketball and football (iWreck). I want to go far in life. its so easy Jusst. Grass has never helped me in all situations, in fact, I have many opportunities in life. have as a volleyball team, assess the fact that smoking, either despised Upond, lose so much memory!, QUIANNA have lungs to lose my friends, my family trust, two Dick to waste money! Money to spend a good time and not hard 2 hours to spend Mei then shit! crazy. It is sad. and although I have no regrets, I know that it is not too late. Only one and a half year of smoking was this missed opportunities. I'm trying to imagine my life of 30 years. and to tell you the truth, I want to belong not marijuana. I think that we have a last grass to see. This means the dosent finished it. I think in the future, if In the an adult Succesefull, the patient in my chair close to the fire hot special cigar, who I want to be successful. I stopped smoking three days ago. I'm proud of me. :). Hey Yall, I'm not smoking, so I do not know whether I shall be entitled to a comment on this site.However I am in a relationship with a great guy, successful, responsible and their work is required. There is also a bowl. as a witness, I can confirm that Yes, buddy Cabezas never nothing remain high, do not go, want to socialize, is bad, to meet new and terrible people for help in a domestic work.For those of you who his character are careful, I can confirm that everything was different, before converted occasional use in everyday violence.OK, he was a monster of TOC, cleaning, but kept the House and helped in beloved domestic tasks and meet our friends etc etc, anyway, he returns back to close. Unfortunately it can be. Right often.So all what you all think, how weird and colleagues such as Solitaire or even rejected, your partner can feel, calculate the money you save and tell me honestly: is it really worth? I am a drinker and I like my vodka once or twice a week, but good.I tap all day!Moreover, today is that his first day had an answer. He was only 23 years old and slept.I hope that this last attempt be. of course, all over the world. XXXX stopped. Don't worry, false friends. There will however be no. To do whats right for you and your future. If you do not, why should you? Wasting your time or your love. Danka, thanks for the history lesson, but it justifies anything Tomas Jefferson or a figure which ever your life past, set after you have destroyed. But his claim that smoking marijuana is not American completely absurd and funny. Addicts never build America. Only fed him and destroyed his business as purulent Leech, who have opted to develop. Now, if it seems to be a symptom of repeated marijuana use bad grammar! I've never seen so many spelling errors and run on sentences in my life (Dan, spelling is good sentence structure is not, sorry.) But I don't think that delayed to do a lot of things!). Perhaps the only result of the repeated use of marijuana is taken in spite of the English language, don't know. It is a very long thread, and I have to admit, I read everything, but someone mentioned the use of marijuana in bulk? Can you also? Is my grandmother, who is 90, burner smokes cigarettes and drinks my guess, with one eye that it's hard to define, but is there an equivalent of marijuana?I think this post is a bit outdated, but is. Because the joints of 4 smokers? Seriously, who? Instantaneous power imposed you'd have to get stoned just one or four shots, the. Something that seems the redundant. For me, this post in question brought would be. What is beyond the pot with many show in the sidebar? Pot leaf buckle, shirt marijuana leaf. As the Jameson on a website of the AA is advertising. It is a non-sens.Comme smoking to quit, seems that there are some good advice - from his position, as well as some of the comments. It is difficult, because it is physically addictive. That invites a number of scientific and psychosomatic Symptomen.Ich must admit marijuana in moderation, use and I think that any ruling would show what are my real symptoms. One person (who has worked as a drug counselor) told me fully it takes 3 weeks a withdrawal to implement syndrome. This would only make sense given the fact that marijuana in the bloodstream for about a month.Ah, but here we go, my personal experience would like to invite to a generalized Liste.Ich, about moderation and what it means for you any discussion. If you think you can or to cheat on me. You mean be I, the author of this Web site or any other Plakate.Gut. Haha lol Ive pot smoked since I 12 per day for 5 years and I Marathon course. Marijuana is not bad for your health. and when I say every day, i.e. 3.g 5-7 g per day, if I feel like on a session with two or three friends ibn flare the oz. I flirted Romo Romo smoke output case, simply start breathing difficulties while smoking a cigarette. ? Output 5 months after 14 years smoke daily. You have still desires, but it gets better every day. Most of my friends and my family still smoking and even though I left Claire plundered. I think it's hard to believe that it is understandable if you know me. I recently only a COP, who never smoked, so he contributed so much time with someone spend does not and has very encouraging and support, without being intrusive. If I, comes the feeling, I can call a strong desire and told me how proud me be so strong. Unfortunately increases I have my drink, never a problem for me to accept that, that he prefer to smoke and was hated by the mixture of the two. Just last week to join a gym and my hope is, that drink knowing that I get up early to go out at night in the gym will hold. In the last year, I lost a lot of vices. It was a social smoker of cigarettes, but you haven't since 12/08. I changed my power supply transformation on all foods and non-bio. There are no products from coffee, tea, soft drinks, sugar, wheat or dairy products. I have lost 30 pounds and maintained throughout the year. I know what I'm saying is, to have the will, if I mean to put opinion. I think my concern is alcoholism white that I'm asking is a big problem in my family, and I me, whether my seeking has been replaced by my fondness for smoking marijuana and already I do not smoke, but I no longer want to drink. I guess that no one reads, but helps. In the background, I know that I can solve this problem and my career is gods, but also helps the people who know what is. Good luck to all! my lawn, more than 25 years could pipe or two shit was spanned a smoker every day every day if he break. has always been a bong with me in the car always smoked atwork breaks day etc.one car did I decided to quit, was depressed and grass all found Nene ambition to do more vita.mio my motivation and I myself in my 40s years with a construction works is not constant.Non-constant job.but Union. I think, depression and mood swings, money and do not know what is does not mean my system.so most who left what had hit it, and then to quit.im in 8 days and not as much as I feared, I believe it, you can In the lost and feeling of fear, but the work of the IN the to do and felt those feelings to high. I let you in a MesPero, think about it. It has for me, which is something that clicks and wasn't a great smoker when I quit, know a sick can.but. Hi guys, I am a heavy smoker and he began very young. I have a child and my wife does not smoke, but she is preganant, which bothers me, dosent pressure was felt, that it's time to stop. In a way that seems almost impossible it is for me of course, and I know not how would life be without him, but it's finding time. Thanks to all and I hope that the journey is a good. Jesus is everything, and there's nothing he can't do. God bless you. Someone has a story of his life, give back to the setting, become depressed. Do you know a little motivation for me?I smoke marijuana every day, because if In the sad tired mood and everything I do isn't wishing that he was drugged and then continue smoking and my normal day. Hello, Andrew!Thanks to you for your Besuch.Sein request, the smoking of marijuana is commendable, and we hope that positive enough, completed this impact is. Without having to write an essay about this topic quickly, I will tell you my experience. I began smoking marijuana at the age of 13, I am now 26 years old, which is half my life. I bought a lot of good times and led a normal life in large part and production. But there is much more to life recently, I started to think maybe the whole day can be placed as.In this period more than strange to leave 10 years have days or weeks vacation, work commitments etc., I think that this meant that it was not addictive. This is not the case. By scientific studies (link below), (physical and psychological psychology and human physiology are further related that contain not all scientific is) starting displayed in many cases of the kidnapping until a week after his resignation.Recently I graduated from the University, completing a master's degree in architecture. It was a big change in my life, me once and for all leave to convince. I could not escape my degree, architecture is a subject that requires creativity, but also concentrated study, during my studies, I had great ideas, but they were never close. Have on my wall now a calendar since the count last (7th day) smoked and this budget: how hashish with are on the one hand is located, along with the other: for example there is the power of the imagination and no way of benefit.Charles Baudelaire 1820I encourage someone to quit or stop the linked report would read, a doctor at the non-partisan facts document (and not the text at the top of this page). Good luck to all. I have 1 year Smke all but first grass I think I never Smke Agen will make you, but then more Smke was more feeling that I am my day of Pierdenen memory but now Smke this a week and the good news for me, it's different from the past and decide its my last year with Fuckn em Microsoft grass friend loaded is expected. Well I'm jus 14 years was9yrs was smoking, but it seems In the goin 2 Carter enough my lifestyle changed, so I hope that me good Luk. I every day to smoke 5joints, but I to lose my concentration but sill goin College 2. I'll try my best advice from 4 d thank you, N. Hmm. tasty smoke the spirit, but it is expensive and RLY can my health damage love me. All this helps build motivation and a single-stop playback: d. I have smoked for about 5 years and I have to admit, that if not smoking marijuana for a long time been, which he would not be on the right track with my life: (worry tho remains optimistic and success with this goal: d, grass 1 per (not to mention), me good makes it), that I will never forget) I write a book and ATM grass because it improves my opinion of things: d is just a trick of the mind. Thank you for this info, quiting now this second, takes care of everything, that God bless you). Man burned the last day for the first time, my first year, and with the exception of a rare day not smoking, my current age of 20 smoked every day. It was just after the practice of basketball, to do, fast first at home, completely changed by firing before school, lunch before practice, after up, until it was time to throw in the Cucaracha before falling asleep. Maintain good grades in high school and is always good wind for athletics.but in me, something was trying to tell me that it better, below could be much without the grass deep. College, where I am my best, when I realized that it blazin a kind that it almost impossible, life really is he to life for me, with the presence of weed, which I have followed, Estela-n - cake, blunt-n-Munch, for night flights wanted to say. Finally, I had a little life in the University (paid my way through, but times were hard around the House) stop smoking literally half or with my friends from the morning until the time of work in the night more. Then it came the next day thoughts on the quit a few months ago, if I have a request for a good job, I never filled out, had thought I could tell, was gone after 2 weeks, but I called 2 months later. under no circumstances to pass urine and the hair follicles (I didn't know that hair, urine has already planned) should perhaps the best work in the neck which passed saw in his time, since I started to think of the stop during the time one it called forest, and could be launched far beyond clean Detox immediatement.mais Ah well I thought and was still burning the tree after tree until the day, where I decided to pray theme and I know that God waited can intervene that call, so that they, as respect then requires night I smoked a joint of some true blue dream Kush (my fav. Lol) me and as soon as you start the tool by CoupeJ' a voice so just enter the day of my life. He said this herb, which let me in my personal life, the unequal and me me at the fair as slowly but surely. Then I told him that when I say, it may help to overcome everything. I got it 2 weeks ago, and I feel great. Believe, go a long way in life. This is not a post, the hits of the Tokers, I'm happy, I have my experiences with MJ, I had never problems or memory loss, etc. really showed me the reality of life, I don't think that we see otherwise.but for me to reach, feel period pot smoking-leave my goals and dreams, I think. Rather, it is a systematic activities, I had to leave. I'll here update, if possible, (sorry for the long story), but In the really trust in God, who wants to work for me. Hi, possible Janeyou Mandy Mandy already. Follow the lung capacity to play soccer and smoking of marijuana was found. I am 55 years old and smoked pot, since I was 13 years old, not smoked have, since the beginning of November. I had to stop because now I can do my extremist bronchitis, for my health, it was not easy, but I'm glad that I have got the decision to quit. Make the girl to drink much Wasser.RG. Big tree. Smoking pot is, apparently, just bad for you than cigarettes smoking. If you run the same risks to the health, if you are you no matter what you smoke smoking. A good reason to withdraw from the contract. It is all my Bull, a key to helping me calm and a little bit better to put things into perspective and the ideas of the Schiarirmi if things to my Autour is a stressful, it's time to legalize the gov ' t many to impose and because of the mass this country Damand lived these horible could bring. And especially for the health of all the risks I've never a Gregory on the Rasen.Sie drive Ive herd some have this incredible new invention called a vaporizer and secondary healthy eliminates all chemicals Hamfull for all concerned In the very intelligent 18 yr old wit a b average and when I went to my doctor a month ago 11 lol it said that were my lungs in perfect condition and I've was smoking as it really for young people, a smoking start again, when I say no children shud get a common, but the fact is one of many bright young addicts perfect health and I'm going to bury an Alba in good years wit. ID, I'd like to what you about all these facts to hear presented only on this topic. Peace love and coral reefs. Well, I'm glad that I'm not alone. I was a chronic smoker every day for 16 years. Both my parents smoked, with my mother still smoke. Years long, I told that I would never leave, I liked everything on the lawn, I don't see anything wrong. I am very hyperactive and completely cooled a person bitter and gave me a nice feeling. I could do it all, without first smoking. But now that I married years, in my 30s, want children. I'm starting, who see things differently.But all this what you in the economy created. I got a job from one day to the next day and low weekend country the only one that I, could find at the moment no drug test. I really needs to have a real job. and I did, while I swallow the whole detoxification not my last drug test. Also, can afford to spend $70 a week and we have to pay a mortgage. We have reduced all others, but the grass was so hard for me and my Mann.Ich am day 3 1 day always has been easy for me. Day 2 - suck the stomach would say begins the night last and drank to relax with a bottle of wine. and he had a hangover this morning. and I have mad a few nightmares last night.so sucks as much as the second day far day 3. Today wine to drink is, I'm against this head. Read Internet articles to call friends for support. I have no security and generally feels crappy.I have only one day at a time. I said as my dealer can not sell me. I'm looking for really. I have not many times before, and I hope that this time they are not. Even after the work. I want without him life. I'm so addicted to it for all. There is no way to live.Wish me luck. It is 6 and Sveglissimo.Ich visited this site freely, but some resonance these things really. I started smoking when I was 18 years old and have smoked fairly regularly in recent years. But lately, I just aware being, that this has become a problem. Not in the physical sense, I just want the magic of life. All these stories, all these people, they gave me the inspiration I need. Today I went for a long time. I promise you! Much love X). It seems to me that her nightmares were probably more related to the divorce of their parents or a friend Pendejo respect their dependence on marijuana. My parents have been recently and a divorce. It sucks! Grass is probably the best way to handle it, because certain strains of marijuana can cause anxiety. But to say that marijuana bad rubbish nonsense, it's ridiculous. Grass ruin your life, but will certainly not help cope. So stop blaming all your problems on the lawn. What is a friend, if they talk there let smoking not marijuana with them while they were not friends. This guys is idiots, and I don't think that a faithful portrait of the municipality of smoking marijuana. Mr. Fitz knows best. Now back on the lawn. Mr. Fitz says it is OK. Tactics of propaganda and terror. Hmmmm. Mr. Fitz studied a site like stop and all messages as a bunk bed. Mr. Fitz, maybe we should use our common sense direction, which is our life. ! Person wanted to only directly to leave, then smoking, if you choose, but please people who want to leave alone. Thank you very much. I began smoking marijuana at the age of 12, I was introduced by a member of the family. I smoked marijuana up to the age of 38, which is a long time. It will never be sold, still grew, so that you can imagine, devoted as much to this topic. I mean left. I was helped by a higher power, but most know JC are not. It's hard to do when you've done so much time. But anything is possible with JC. Do you believe? Too bad. After the great and I read other stories enjoyed. I see that you experience irritability and remains for some time. Another has a decisive step towards this topic. Don't go! Living room and show that all other media. For the near future is the car of the circle, not to mention two personal things with his friend for at least a while. Try to an agreement in hand, that the two shake is irritable and increasing its normal course. My wife will tell you that I am a bear of 5 weeks. Not the whole time, but I have problems with the address and resolve a tension build up. You must be patient and if it develops problems. Walk, or do something that temporarily escapes agitation. Try speak this agreement, Federal will be short term and irritability disappears when you learn without the grass of life. The element of time is the key here. I love you partner and understand what's happening here. Good luck. I began smoking marijuana as my Mujerme party, when she was 28 and my two kids and wash 2 h8 me brain clean. I used to smoke when I woke up, until I fell asleep. I would need to function normally. Marijuana was the only true friend of County cud. Now L8r, stepped down 15 years, after, arrested by the police to be. I liked, such as grass, feeling, Gli Amici Smoed with me gave me and smoking is my company Tofay Noy or 2moro, but sometimes in a not-too-distant future smoke deadly, maybe f * ck - up to my life. Why leave. The last time that he 4 9mnths abandoned and a great dream was suicide and I want regular people to fight. I want without feeling back to normal medicines. Miraculously, I again had a new chance to my family. I very happily married in the last ten years to a beautiful girl and I have 2 children 4 & impressive 8, I do not want down, so by Strada now high FREJ. I know that Mary Jane is still there when I reach but a challenge, so quit smoking and to learn to love life without Nadia love called more attractive than anything else. I don't think that I would have done without my Princess. What's going on is on my first wife. God takes care of fools. Screws of the peace [was] (I still think that grass is fantastic: d). alleged marijuana issues to artless. If you want to quit smoking, that's enough. It is not there, the consumption of drugs, crack or something. Arrested on July 5 and have the veces. 11 July ruined two and 23.He drank alcohol a jam band and offered him a few bowls and I felt pretty bad inflation. but provided there are a few potholes. It means a drug test next week and I hope that my system has been wiped out.We always take it is a day to one time, but every day to realize that I'm not my for that crap Geld.Ich save $50 a week, and it will be really worth something in my life.I must say, have prevented it but not crazy dreams. all with the announce support for genuine comments are waiting for soon.to you be there.to those hate ourselves treat, better piss seem simply silly. as Thelonelysoul off.you, may have been smoking for 7 years (not only check their math, lol) if liquid joints. big test for me Saturday if I'm going to a party, where it will inevitably many grass. Thinking here could have won only some goodwill in the last few weeks, I'll let you know how it goes. Wow. This means that it a medication that makes me feel, relaxed, geschlossenere and more sensitive to the physical experience? Quick! I defend! Stop the traffickers. People now feel without consequences. Certain consequences to do better.Seriously, nobody smoked a packet of grass per day, I know, in any case, so the amount of tar that cigarettes is not relevant. This article is absurd. I feel bad for those, to stop that and but it is not wanting, no physical dependence. It is a limitation. I read that as much as I could, the people want to say leave, unfortunately, I love you more, that smoking not because if you smoke, you've got to socialize, with smokers I envy those who say that I have tried several times and I did not, whish has smoking 1 of these people, I have a wife who hates it and I, 2Cuando all went account that I am Defonceil a week ago I had MJ not, I'll be honest, it feels much better, very annoying at the same time would have to I work where you are Tell Urself, Hey Mann, if not Scrwed smoking, but now have work and walking all day sober is not so much fun if you clear high LillAlles? Dome, which add and thank you to all who have shared their stories. Good work, attempting to convince the gullible masses, the grass is as bad as cigarettes. I'm not saying that the grass is good for you, is but certainly not as bad for you as cigarettes. Care of reference of all studies to prove of its claims? Yes. I would have thought. Hi all - marijuana smoked daily for 15 + years and recently abandoned. 1 as) able to do so. (2) the decision and a tenacious desire to own. (3) assistance through the night to sleep. Get up early, exercise and if you still have problems antihistamine Benadryl. Dream Vives, nightmares are normal and degraded. (4) fill the room in Blanco-Este is probably the most difficult and lohnendsten. You don't know what to do with you, then it is necessary things, the gap to fill to invent, to fill the pot. It is reunified and ripe. Therefore should remain. It is time, a stronger and more full of human will. Find your new car, and keep busy. (5) when you smoke how want - you feel if you do. Very good for 10 minutes, for the next 10 minutes stunned and confused for the next 30 to 60 minutes and tired and hungry after 60 minutes paranoid. What's the point? You, and you know how you feel there have been and do it and you're ready for something else. ? This is not a solution for boredom. Some find - discover who you are, without was stunned. And if you have problems, to invent some thing practice work of boredom or anxiety. (6) don't forget the boat, expects there will be one. Find and prove yourself, is not who you are, that is not the master. It will be always there for you. My problem was, that I could use not sparingly. Once you have given and older, maybe someday really you can use master makes the pot / control limits. Otherwise, it's not healthy and eventually have a negative impact on your physical health, life expectancy, quality of life and maturity. If you smoke all the time, you're only Pot Puttanella. Have no bitch. Dominate the world. Grass will do damage to your body, but there are many things that we eat every day, that put much more grass Deffently more his head is and the importance of the Openmided not more than one vision is reality everything, but you want a really brilliant and enlightened spirit to improve something and your own Weakminded to make psychosis Agrue. People like Myounis make me worried about the future of our species. IN the few and far between, seems a slave there. Enter a page. Houari growled another face. I say, it is a drug (no matter how easy the stiffness and other drugs). Always calls to you. It is always a crutch. sober life satisfaction is the key. But the problem is. LIFE is shit! What is occasionally evil in a small leak? I'm still have questions. Idk about crazy never influenced the actions a thoughts on taxes, a different experience and enough grass soon became a central hub, the new world number is damn easy to create. ! soon, the roles of the bed to meet the full pre ready the day before. We assume that drugs are not bad! (and Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Mary Jane is a drug!) I learned basic tests for adults (no matter how much you hated some teachers still had the wisdom of life). If you knew then. Now fighting a mild form of dependency. Only I am glad that I havnt used heavier drugs, I can't imagine this shit. But with the life and what I have found is that if you do something distracting, you will of this (work, school, friends) simple Nieri but shit temptation! a technique of recovery from drugs is to admit that the drug has more control over you and I know better, the remote. Hi my Tim and In a pot with other words, head of the names. But who is this great commitment with something so insecure and unpredictable like a sober life. But as the grass business, which show say that I mean much enough chances it outside sitting on the ass (physically or mentally) my whole life takes. Someday, I hope that it comes out, but until then hit IMA place for those that do not. All purp. Smoke another blunt rolling of another, we know that marijuana can really ease your mind, if I smoke invitations, which makes me fly high endo. Well, I smoked for 2 years now in the course of the day. I used every day 8 to midnight for a smoke. For only once a day, maybe two times. I have no good health and Yes MJ health risks may increase. But the grass is not as bad as that cracked up to be. I decided, a break in the smoke, but I will not stop. I love the grass, but not by love to get stoned, it's just a plus. The fact that I think impeccable House cleaned, I love everything about half an hour due to my usage. Hard work, high, I'm not sure why maybe you enjoy real endorphins messed up. But I want to work in a fast paced environment, while not only stunned. But it seems easier if I am. They are also very intelligent. I have high scores on IQ tests and studies. When I was in high school, I had great grades A and B and only series in 2 to 4 days per week (not because I was lazy, but because of my back because of the terrible scoliosis and 3 bulging pain disc, the doctors refuse to take care of). There is also another reason why I smoke the. But that said, I have had the high notes without much effort at all. My education taught me (because I have never been there so I also need to learn). My favorite subject was mathematics, but even better in school, especially in mathematics, when he was stunned. I've read better faster, he wrote in prison. I love learning and grass just makes it easier. Not so much for what I have to say. But pull the pot heads are stupid lazy people. You are not, a few marijuana addicts are intelligent people; She would never say. I think not only the cause of pot everyone smokes. Because I felt that it was a good idea, I started smoking marijuana (not necessarily was), but I love smoking at night new two hitters. I'm glad (the dissatisfaction is not as bad as I thought) a break. You can leave or take a break, without fear, because I'm doing great is the power of the Holy Spirit. And tobacco, beverages, herbal finish what you want. But what makes you happy. Hi Toastiebear, isn't left trying for the fourth time and aware of the need to stop smoking marijuana laudable and inspiring.Keep and try to find the power of your dreams and your goals for the future. It's like a very nice design and many. These are the reasons why I quit my smoking habit, but my friends, the nor in that of the. They struggled to quit smoking, even though they know the risk. Great theme. Hello men smoked for 11 years, and I realized that everything in my life was slowly going downhill.I stopped 3 days ago, why is adult teeth start to fall.I thought that's enough already.I think I discovered that the easiest path. If I was in the past and he fell, I stopped a dry Ort.Dieses once for 2 weeks was a cone/Bowl sleep at night for me to help.Then you cut it was so easy and that he had problems the usual cold sweats or appetite.It was the best way for me to go. I did two months ago. I'm so bored.Go to the gym, work read full time, writing novels in my spare time, to spend time with my wife. But I have all these things, if he has smoked grass.I missed something, and so far, I have nothing in return.Good. I have one thing that I can imagine. Anger. I was quite relaxed. Even if someone says something really stupid I think, ' well,. You have the right to their opinion; Is it important, if it is different from what I think? Now. now the world burn would like to see. Hi, I smoke marijuana as 15 are now 22 and really my head in this Tag1 Qutting said makes me feel how kill Sumbody year Pepole may not Addctied and it's a mental thing good Eitha way, makes me feel crazy was the best AV is sum in addition to grass not my MejorNo me and I have skin so far also, but I do not know how long the last Helppp around meets 1. Thank you, Ian. You're right, the worse than ever break. Laughing out loud. This is day 11, and want to smoke next to every moment I'm awake, sweating, Nocturnes, dreams live, no appetite. We look forward already not his slave his. I think it should be, not legalized but probably in that State. I quit anyway. Slopes you not on a substance about me cheer. My father takes care of alcoholism and is clean, 3 weeks, and I have so all in a similar boat. Allows, but listen more to the pot. One day at a time. I would like to have more energy. Before everything, before all smoking and make more fun I thought. Time passes very slowly. Is that a heavy smoker can take up to 90 days, so I must have low paid job step prior to testing, because I can't I just do not get a good test. Thank you very much for your reply. How can you? I was smoking every day for the last 10 years or less. I have 27. The sad thing is that I smoke marijuana more appreciate him. I came to a point that shocked me. I hate that it has such a grip on my life. I realized that if I step/smoke superelevation (long trips with the family, work, is with the people that I hide, wants, etc.). I'm an idiot Moody, reckless, aggressive, whimsical. When I'm sober, everything that occurs to me is always high, but on the other hand, when I smoke, I'm feeling a little better, but then suggested me to be stronger (more recently trying to leave).It seems to me that the biggest problem with this medication is that it hindered my ability to manage to emotional stress when he's sober. When I'm stoned, it's no problem, but I would have so easy to resolve the situation, it is likely that it you very irascible, egotistical, spoiled absolutely no respect for the opinions and feelings of others with a form (which usually very difficult coated with my words and any courtesy in sugar or verbal pathways through the window).I have a younger sister who means much to me. I try to be a good example for them, but know that I am a hypocrite, it starts on the inside. My family is everything for me, and be aware, that this custom has contaminated our relationship has made me decide to stop.I decided that my behaviour is not acceptable in the last ten years. I cannot hide from the pressures of life by method of patch by Mary Jane. Time of Männer.Ich would like to thank those to provide this link, I found it very informative and useful. In particular I would like to thank all who participate your wonderful stories. I have many of them, to be a source of inspiration and I can see coming here in the future would need a reminder. God bless you and good luck to anyone who attempts to make a positive change in their lives. the grass is a cunning Fox, that's for sure. You can start, smoking a cigar only every other day, but it will not stay. Their tolerance increases the number of connections that you smoke per day. When you start to realize this, it's too late and you smoke a cigarette every hour for 2 hours. as where I'm a scientist addicted.and, who is now every morning I wake up and cough ball size slime tennis has dark brown spots everywhere and makes me sick thinking dirty as I should be in there. This prevents me from the first day riding but not j. I was paying my hard-earned money to make what I too.my motivation, the level only to be destroyed. IN the always too lethargic, Moody, depressed, full of fear, anger and overall not a good person. I don't know, as I do, someone how could? Hates everything and everyone, and sometimes don't even want to be happy! This stupid mentality is too obvious, in preparation since many idiots. We enjoy misery, because you feel like good people, or makes the martyr in a way. and its ridiculous and so far from the truth. the truth is that we are cowards and losers not capable of life be. face to face. We need a back door out when things not as a storm. Sex bitches.my subcompact is non-existent. If he was not a grass of the daemon, used to like a man! It comes naturally, because I was happy and confident. Girl, that he enjoyed the proximity to me, and I love it, in the vicinity of them. But now I just don't like and their smallness and superficial character. I support everyone not for this reason. in my mind, a chemical imbalance due to the bad grass. Now, only the smoke several joints at night and I masturbate with porn very depraved rather than trying to meet a nice girl and fat go on with my life. In my late twenties IN the flower of life called. If it is, what certainly feeling blew you full of life, as my head from my shoulder with a shotgun when I gave him my life media crisis. But I that this is not, should feel white, like me. IN the wrong a good where I know that when I retire, it will be the same, as before. chemical imbalance in the brain will stabilize. I can not with certainty say that the grass is losers no longer the ambition in life. because in a sense, the negative n saw me, you see all smoking herb. and it can be when, wherever you are, in this induced State miserable. I was an effective repellent. a loser who not always wins. If you not a loser, grass will soon be there. You have me in a loser. and I turn the tables. The only reason why I have to close, to find a job and my partner the law, two very good reasons is not approved. But I Miss Mary Jane. I'm on my 3rd lawn and found this Web site that can be sunk. I'm 33, I had my first TOKE, when he was 26, which was against when I was young, my father was a COP, he was actually responsible for the drug for 8 years section in a big city, I not visited me on what the peer pressure to give.I have almost 4 years ago. Closing the day, where I learned that she was pregnant and not leave until I silent finished I about smoked for nearly 2 years every day. I smoke only when my husband comes home from working, or after she go to bed, but still feel like a bad mother. I hate the person I in was I won, I feel super bad mood if I smoke, I still think me, like to hide / sneak, family celebrations, you do not drink alcohol, often or take other medications, so I found always a way to convince that it was me. Now I feel so bad and I know that if I have a few, I better feel, because this site is great thanks helped me until day 3. He came in two weeks ago and was finally one day. I think it's funny, people were Googling but only post as holiday smoking weed at the end something like bad weeds or hatred of the pump. Of course everybody knows that for this reason we all addicted are hectares. But only selfish with this forum that help me to move forward. You know what I think I am the most? When I read about people who are 40 and want to stop smoking, a life of penance. But for the first time in my life, I am a foresight have and stop before weighing in twenty years. The rules of the pot are not more but according to the rules of the media. So Jungs.Heute is my first day without fat. Ive been smoking was, as I 18, switch on and switch off. I smoked every day for 13 years. I bought this camera from UV alias called UV tube. Whoooooooooooo, is very good. I know it will be difficult, but I know that I have to go. I'm in my last semester at the University and that you have to stop to find a job. Would be low, as it allows for four years at the school and not to get a top job. ? Well, it's difficult, but I know that this grass is not going anywhere. Therefore, I agree that it is one thing to note. My mother has smoked since I can remember. So don't forget, kids do what they do not see what they should say. I'm a singer-songwriter and when I mean the drugs come songs from anywhere in the world. I do not write because I do not want writers to musicians become addicted. I write love and grow materials by other people.I know that you think all musicians of smoke, but you can do it. Write the Gospel! Yes Minister Yes, I know what you say. Not before does not want to justify, but there are a lot of yall out. I hope that my Testamony not only me, but also for other Ministers of music helps. Pray for me. Hello Jerome, don't give up. You should do for your child, keep your buddy the bow. My father, who abused me digital as a child have I raised, sworn, not as a father for my children give and never makes, you will be able to break this vicious circle for his son and his wife. You know not, thats just a weed, in the bathroom, washed, if you have a. If you feel that you need a TOKE, your son and you must continue.Good luck. Although I don't think that marijuana is worse than CIGS, grass, it's depressing. 12, I don't smoke, I would say that I had to expand seeds inside a startup. I started 22 and I am 28 now. Like others, I don't think that grass in nature, such as Coca Cola or same CIGS is addictive; However, I think that's a mental dependence. I tried several times to stop, and so far not succeeded. I have no experience night sweats (or crazy things like some people have experience) but mood swings (being very irritable very quickly) and suffer from insomnia. Today woke up today and said, I need a cigarette and decided, for help and ideas for things to do instead of smoking marijuana. Thank you all (most :)) have read many comments, and I identify with some of his issues.) (Entonces, Hoy mi In the anime cool sobre para una the Hierba use Otro Enfoque y Seguro mi Billetera I :)) In the Ringraziera, I wish you all the luck in the world!.) I Quited almost 3 weeks. Damn, I have much more, because you hate to do nothing. Drug that could do anything just for hours to smoke was Aslepp woke up at work, House comes Friday story about himself, I came home and not leaving until Monday morning to work, it is not surprising that I was about 99% of my friends lost. I was trying to smoke without a doubt a year every day!I am 33 years old and I have smoked from 25. But since I was drawn by the work of the last 2 years of smoke 24/7. I am a Christ, and convinced that God well with my smoking marijuana. I smoked better cigarettes believed even then had never health Probleme.Ich am with my husband, only I smoke, very private, (or hardly). I have three children, I thought it by waiver, until I found, wrote a letter with my 13-year-old girl and directed that only betrayed. I smoke of comfort, tranquility and good sex with my husband. But since my relationship with my kids, I don't respect mentality if you do as I say and not as I. We are also very involved in our Church, but after a call to the Church! So I struggled why I must stop being an effective father, but the smoke between my husband and me: we talk a lot, just to discuss and have a sex life out of this world! IN the was so afraid that he will lose if you smoke. Him talk to and said that I support stops, but if you try to come back after a day or two. My real problem is that I want to go, but I don't really know him. Today I don't smoke again, however, it is just 11.14 and it has crossed my mind over 100 times. I have so many responsibilities to me and God, that I will stop, but I can't. I don't know where I start. His Missya Hi very refreshing, hear the opinions of others on this topic and are more than welcome to here your message a. BJ I'm in your shoes. Therefore I have waiver on the 1st morning Sveglissimo cigarettes and marijuana you know how it feels. I believe that health, authorities, to tell the public, the numerous reports of marijuana users fear problems complaints should begin. Anxiety disorders, the powerful and disability. I don't think that the public know that it affected on both sides of the smoking of marijuana. RoRo is really a sad story from one of my friends, but this site does not work. If you want to leave grass smoking gradually do. Seriously, it's ridiculous, a drug addict, to ask where a log of your joints. Know why you want to leave and you know how to hit. You can still smoke smoke grass of only less. When you wake up, you say that one highlighted some time and can not smoke after some time. While not grass out smoking and something productive to do. Go to the store, work, meet a girl to do something that requires the least amount of effort. The step the days of this time window shorten principle to allow smoking, until finally, you have time to the bowl and then it is used also to want to grab. IVe and also at the age of 16 years, secondary buds smoking. lately Ive been a lot was trouble, because you always think the chitin caught.im, but I don't know whether I shud. It helps me if I smoke wit something.and with my laziness in the focus and seems only, that makes me feel good and be more happy.but not give me sound largely without problems and I know whether its value more. Very good. A little more pearls of wisdom from me, a reformed marijuana user. There are doubts that caused a euphoria which can very accustomed to marijuana and therefore a psychological expects you and your opinion. Most users can work through life, for a long time before a negative number, you can organize and issues ignored can be. Anxiety, loss of self-esteem through hidden hides of the disapproval of friends, colleagues and family and lack of motivation to do, common tasks and everyday tasks are common reasons to ignore his love affair with the pot. Health problems can also please give your precious lungs of the acrid smoke to inhale. A good reason to stop. All the love that arrived all at this point in our lives where smoking is a very wise decision. The Bible or search and medical findings dating is the rationalization just the ramblings of a marijuana user, who want to rationalize their continued use. THEY CAN GO WHEN THEY WANT! I would like to encourage you life pleasant, without pot. You have to stop smoking marijuana withdrawal symptoms. Start in a few days you feel much better. Certain regulations a few weeks ago, but clear sailing takes irritability and sleep afterwards. To adjust, and be proud of you. THE PROMISE! If you have problems, they talk to on this page and see and I promise to respond. At the moment, it is enough. Please feel free not to stop. You can and will you succeed! He was very addicted to weed. It began the weekend as smoke, and then after a few years has become the habit of smoking are fed approximately every half hour to wake up in bed for years go 24/7, bigger shit. Suffered from my memory, attention, concentration, mean the levels of energy and motivation, relationships, the ability to work and productivity. I would often just get a dragon and to jerk off porn for hours. And it is not very productive. First time I count di I have a problem a year I plan and a half smoke successfully. The payouts were pretty ugly for me. absolute insomnia for weeks (sleep only 2-4 hours per night), night sweats, nightmares, anxiety and paranoid ideas, mood swings, extreme, depression, irritability (crying with people) and without appetite. Very ugly and exhausting. Suddenly, he often had a relapse. It helped to result in a diary (writing of feelings and progress monitoring) and a long list of reasons why quit smoking to compile. See this list close to my chest so, when always, smoking to stop me, I had to read before it makes me more, why I always. It is easy to forget this, if you want to get stoned. Withdrawal symptoms gradually worsen with a peak of about 10-14 days. Maybe it took about 4-6 weeks to the cannabis completely withdraw. Unfortunately, after a while, I started to smoke, and I went back to my old way of life completely. Try again to finish.Don't forget, the withdrawal can be especially ugly (often feel for what I'm going crazy) but after a couple of weeks to go! It would also help if someone must give emotional support during the retreat. Good luck people! Case study 2701 GY in a country with your choice081058055ASSESSED ESSAYProduce a Word 1,250 case study in a country develop your choice (except for how we use these case studies conferences of Jamaica or Ghana,) – case studies should critically assess the impact of the development on the ground. We are looking for evidence that their understanding of the theory of evolution can use the student the development efforts in the case study, supported by the evidence of the reading to reflect.I decided to smoke marijuana and smoking in General mean after reading last 2/3 years and my lack of motivation, In the 20 years smoking regularly, about 2 years and my life is strongly Suffured for this reason. He still hoped to Oxford or Cambridge and a great success to go from an early age. School gifted and talented and strong enough part of my program soon passed to my GCSES. When I was at a level (tests, which give to colleges/universities) the grass are a little fog, I lost my motivation, and it was difficult to me in my classes or exams/assignments take care of dropped my rate by 60% and were not only how it should be. I ended up shading, and a person with very average, he had a place in an average of the old University. The FCC went to study home, herb passed my life will get scraped after the first year of college just a passport and the second year when I activated only up to 10% of the classes and gave 40% of the work, often delayed. I don't spend my second year, but was given opportunity to the failed again during the summer. He had work to do 12 pieces, and I went idioticly up to 2 days before the start. I have just 10 units at a time and the other two. ? He had not yet begun. I could be no progress in 3 years and thought it would be. I said after a meeting with the head of my Department, crap, I was depressed and unmotivated, and therefore could not do it, but if you move in her heart three years to would the loss of work (don't know yet why I chose my topic 17 degrees; I have no interest and you want a career in it, I it from my parents). You have allowed me, in 3 years, stand but I got a place as a student residence and next year only it must submit 2 piece of work, so I could not the stage to year 3, the year after. My parents were angry at first, but it was well with him, live on my own in the United Kingdom with no pressure, nothing prohibits two works per year. He began smoking marijuana in several volumes and frequency, often smoking an ounce a week or close; Now, it is the time of the review of January, and I have two appointments for tomorrow at 11 and guess. I has not yet started, I have ~ 20 hours to wish me luck, I have a little grass to distract me now and I hope that somehow I can put my life back in gear, I feel like a disappointment for me and my expectations, the I position. I smoked grass, now In the, quit smoking, it makes me want to start again. This demagogic Ggotry is f u cking Redickulous. WaitingForTheDay thank you for your positive review. I need someone to write something. At the moment nothing. I fought the impulse! Where are his 21:22 and have fought the whole day. I think that today ' hui the hardest was (PAS smokin ' 7 days). I don't know why perhaps causes Sunday and it was a day of pot heads I just excites me. One thing I say to people who have been smoking those 5 years or less. Stop it! Ive smoked 13 years I believe (not very clearly, how many) and the trust that is now much more difficult. As one In the SUPER smoker. His average of non-smoking-give a good friend. My tube ash tray works more like $500 In the so def not the smashing '!  My thing is, I use for my body and sound mind to set a target. To this goal, then only the smoke. I know that sounds as someone a bad idea, but say me what is feasible! I love you so much that I wanted to not always separately, are healthier and happier, that whore knowin' grass all day not to smoke. How much should my lungs, throat, to heal completely? I need to sound in the present. I was 7 days and In the House yet. When I put the lens can I reward with beautiful?  Think 40 days already WaitinForTheday? After 13 years as lacking in my lungs clean itself? Then smoke I from time to time. Please give me some advice. Hello, well, as the Tweed-Rauch.Yip in 33 years and Badami smoke from my late teen Jahre.Ich like smoking and I must let go to find the motivation. After reading this article, I have a Glimer of the Hoffnung.Ich hate not the Green, you just do well and truly under control. greetings to all.Puff NZ. I feel like a fact honor sale I because I used to have so much love and I spent a good time with him, but the truth is resigned, out of the grass, that this plant not from a hobby to a lifestyle allows display. Marijuana smoking was cool, but I was addicted to the drug. People, which is not so bad, because someone beat grass. But let us go so far as possible in life, no matter how fit you are still high. Hazel, your comment was the details of the last year of my life. In my opinion it was, what I had lost in my head, because it has become a zombie, which is always high and do not remember. Now, I'm leaving. I smoked a blunt final. Wish me luck. This article is a bunch of crap! Most of the listed facts are propaganda, which has turned the anti-marijuana organizations. This article was before splashes, well written, while almost everyone knows and loves using a vaporizer marijuana to smoke.Smoking has become a habit and the Vida check it one seeks. But a man addicted to sex, marijuana looks is mainly psychological. Are there side effects when the Beenden.Tun you some fun! Plan to do your good things with the money that would be spent in the pot. My Favorites are always inherited tattoos and in the yoga classes. Volunteering my time to help the animals and the elderly.Marijuana is not the devil. Alcohol and cigarettes are more cause many health problems in this pot. But because marijuana is illegal, there is a stigma of the lifestyle and the people who sell marijuana are also generally less reliable.Find the reason for the feeling that he must be high. accept it and Explorer. You can determine that you think more control over what.Peace, love and blessings. Approve or condemn without cigarettes or marijuana, I think that both are as bad as the other. I think that cigarettes are cigarettes worse because people, in terms of both assume, not so bad. the fastest lap is convinced from the demons of the world that does not exist. because its more socially acceptable, it is possible, without getting the address on the floor of a police officer, whose legal ownership and not smoking be funny, but for all I know, that I know only 2 people that you smoke grass to smoke and not cigarettes; u say that grass is the gate that leads to harder drugs, say that tobacco the door that leads to the grass, the announcement comes entirely from his own experience. Two In the n say I personally had negative effects on the two iv are almost equal. (the most tobacco is likely only and only if the lawn not as a murderer in my wallet!). The marijuana I smoked me since I was 13. I love also the weed, but know the consequences. Why I want to go. I have many goals in my life, and I know that you do not leave, not goals.In my opinion, you had to do not believe in religion or religious, who believe, believe and what really act. You need to believe. Otherwise, what can not Mindwill.Ich believe in God, and I believe that this universe a balance, why these disasters occur such as natural disasters, crime, and other losses. And also to see, make a difference and want to help others.Is the question of what you do?This post was very interesting. I agree with the girl, said smoking marijuana is not bad, that smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes kill people, doctors have never prescribed cigarettes patients. However, grass can help patients wish certain Tumoren.Ich think that excess is dangerous exercise, drugs, sex, food.etc. This is what I think. Much luck with smoking to stop those who try. The facts are smoking marijuana, and I think that somehow their positive effect on your life. Here is everything you need. Smoke smoke smoke. Person is not really important. This page is for people who draw their own conclusions based on their own experiences in the light of day. Now they want to leave. What is so hard to understand. If you like, the genius of the pot cheering, maybe go on a Web site, is which for what purpose? Why do you want people from setting to discourage the smoking of marijuana? Not the same, and for most people that are major study their experiences. It is a concept that you can handle. Let me know. It's pretty simple. ,,.