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You ' you have a truck, a torch, a drawer full of marijuana, a pipe, an eternal love of all things related to grass. But what distinguishes a true Cannabinerd of a marijuana Aficonado? Here are the top 10 signs that a real-life geek Ganja. Denver pot town this weekend with high times Cannabis Cup, 4/20 rally downtown and dozens of musical and cultural events. A new poll leads Oregon in nail-biter, dirty garage costa dozens of Philadelphia by the Prosecutor in cases of drugs that Colombia never revealed details about the agreements with the FARC and drug drug in a demonstration next week Canada policy and much more. Is the turning point for the legalization of marijuana, stop arrests, Disses the Governor of Colorado, Pennsylvania voter initiatives Dallas small plate, medical marijuana law is dead and much more. Prop California 47 would maintain the State of hundreds of millions of dollars the crimes are the simple possession of drugs in minor crimes. Six weeks it seems the value, but six weeks is missing. The sale of marijuana at the side was three policemen with evident problems with the pill and one of them. A week on the front, which has damaged the police. The average patient is 42 years. There are 39 patients under the age of 18 years, Paige has voted against the use of marijuana. That was before Dravet syndrome entry in their lives.Matt, now uses a military contractor six months a year spent abroad, his free time Scouring the Internet looking for something to help your girlfriend.He had a video of a man from California whose Dravet was successfully treated with cannabis on the Internet. The tribe was low tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive marijuana soil. It was also elevated cannabidiol or CBD, which has medicinal properties but not psychoactive. Scientists believe that the CBD Calla electrical and chemical activity over in the brain causing seizures. He worked in the young; his parents have seen a significant decline in the seizure of the boy.Charlotte had then to talk, you can walk and lost food.He had 300 clonic attacks per Week. Sein heart stopped several times. If it happened at home, Paige did CPR until the arrival of the ambulance. In a hospital that already have arrived, making signed had no resuscitation order, they made their farewell. Doctors had also proposed to Charlotte a chance at her tiny body battered expressing induced into a coma.Had 5 years when he heard that the FIGIS gave no more, he could not in the hospital.It is then when Paige decided to try medical marijuana. But two doctors are to sign a Charter for medical marijuana, because it wasn't easy to Charlotte, a feat. She was the youngest patient in implementing the Staates. 's not understand very early can have long term effects of marijuana to children. Studies on adverse effects, such as decreased lung function or an increased risk of a heart attack, especially in smokers of marijuana for adults. But not things smoking Charlotte. Die childhood is also a delicate moment in the development of the brain. Preliminary investigations show that the early marijuana smokers are slow in spots, IQs, lower later in life, have an increased risk of stroke and increases the incidence of psychosis, leaving some scientists. No, it's called epilepsy, said Paige. We thought it was a random attack. Magnetic resonance imaging, EEG, spinal did follow the market of 1 million dollars-they did all the way, what next and found nothing. And they sent us a Hause. Eine week later, Charlotte was another attack. Was longer and it was just the beginning. In the coming months, Charlotte-affectionately known as Charlie had frequent attacks, two to four hours and was hospitalized several times in the hospital.The doctors were confused. Blood tests were normal. His tests were normal.They said they will probably disappear, reminiscent of Paige. Exceptional is so drastically, but that something is not growing doubt.But he grows out of it. The attacks continued. Hospital stays has more time. Have you thought of Charlotte doctors three Diagnosen Der worst case possible, Dravet syndrome epilepsy also called quiet or Myoclonic SMEI.Dravet syndrome is a rare and serious form refractory epilepsy. Refractory means that attacks are not controlled by medication. The first attacks begin with Dravet syndrome, usually before the age of 1. The second year, take other Myoclonic seizures: muscle spasms, or involuntary status epilepticus and such attacks last longer than 30 minutes or in groups, one after the other.At that time said the FIGIS, Charlotte is still normal, said developing and go on the same day as his twin brother. But the attacks have continued to deteriorate. Drugs were also taken their toll. She had seven drugs – some of them for serious work, addictive as benzodiazepines and barbiturates. For a while it would work, but still with a vengeance. 2 has started really attacks, in cognitive, Paige said it back. Be it drugs or convulsions, it happened, was clear. And she escapes him.When Charlotte was 2.5, decided the FIGIS, her son in a hospital in Colorado. A neurologist, a test for mutations in the SCN1A gene, which is common in 80% of cases of Dravet syndrome. After two months, the test was positive.Keep in mind that today, today was a relief, said Paige. Although it was the worst, I felt relieved to know.Matt, a green beret, has decided to leave the army.Each order, each formation, which should warm at home due to ICU, I was back in the hospital again.Were quickly ran out of options. A medicine of France will be judged. Doctors have suggested that an anti-crisis of the experimental drug is used in dogs.Paige has Dravet, specialist in Chicago to see his daughter, who makes the child a ketogenic diet, commonly used to treat epilepsy, which is rich in lipids and carbohydrates. The special arrangement of body forces, more ketones to produce natural chemicals to inhibit seizures. Particularly recommended for epileptic patients who do not respond to treatment.Diet helped control entered Charlotte, but had many side effects. She suffered from bone loss. The immune system has collapsed. And the new behavior problems began to appear.In a moment that was not pine for eating apples and these things Matt said all sorts of different things. As a parent, to say, let us step back and examine this issue. East-this treatment actually advantageous because these other things?Two years after the diet, cramps return.At the end of the Luegopor in November 2000 voters approved Amendment 20, which the State to implement a Registrar of Colorado marijuana. Is bad, marijuana, or it could be for something good? Dr. Sanjay Gupta physician appropriate CNN boss has spent a year traveling the world to shed light on the debate. Capture its innovative documentary grass at 08:00 ET on CNN the 11. (Dpa)-von many standard, Matt & Paige Fiji has lived the American dream. They met at Colorado State University, where they shared a love of nature. After the wedding the couple bought a House and plans to travel around the world.Travel, but their plans changed when his first son was born, in Max 2, 2004 when he decided to have another child. The couple gave the surprise of his life when an ultrasound is not one, but two children. Chase and Charlotte, born on 18 October, were born in 2006. They 40 weeks. . Charlotte weighed 7 pounds and 12 ounces, said Paige. They were in good health. Everything was normal.Seizures and shelters, to start the twins were 3 months old, when ' the FIGIS has forever changed his life.Charlotte took a bath and Matt on their Windel. Sie lay on his back on the ground, he said, and his eyes began to wobble.The attack lasted about 30 minutes. He brought his parents to the hospital. The time was 3, clonic Charlotte up to 300 per week. He eventually lost the ability to walk, talk and eat. While in the past year, I've been working on a new documentary called grass. The title may seem like a gentleman, but the content is not.,,.