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Many marijuana users experience the opposite of smoke when they resign themselves to health services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Instead of hunger, a strong effect of smoking marijuana, they experience a loss of appetite during the retreat. Do you have excessive salivation, if marijuana use resigned rather than dry mouth. You get a reduced heart rate and sometimes shake. People with marijuana, as a check of his anger can more aggressively and undergo changes in mood or irritability, to exit. Heavy marijuana users Smoke Marijuana often leave the face of similar medicinal product triggering withdrawal symptoms of other addicts. Because they have built up a tolerance for marijuana, their addiction is to abstain from drugs cause some unpleasant symptoms. The body undergoes a detoxification process, since it allows us to obtain marijuana regularly. Symptoms may not be as strong as with other medicines. Should drug marijuana users during the withdrawal period to overcome the temptation. Although there are direct effects of smoking marijuana, has no long-term effects. A study in 2001 showed signs of cognitive changes after 28 days of abstinence from marijuana, according to the Harvard University Gazette. However, there were signs of deterioration during the period of the first payment. The study examined 63 major consumers of marijuana, 45 former heavy users and 72 years, who had used marijuana no more than 50 times. The subjects received intelligence, attention, learning and memory within 28 days trial. In the first seven days, heavy marijuana users obtained lower scores compared to other memory tests. But with the 28th day, there was no significant difference between the groups. A study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that people smoke marijuana experience irritability, sleep disorders and anger, according to a study reported in the January 2008 issue, the journal of drug and alcohol abuse. 12 themes regularly smoked cigarettes and marijuana. A marijuana smoke and tobacco only had a similar intensity in withdrawal symptoms. Marijuana deserters had stopped smoking more than insomnia, feelings of anger and fear were, however, more pronounced to stop using tobacco. A review of studies on animals and humans determined that marijuana similar to said removing other stricken withdrawal syndromes of substances, in November 2004 the American Journal of Psychiatry. There have been complaints of physical and emotional symptoms effects and behaviors. ,,.