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& Collaboration workflow (4.5 stars) perhaps the most important element of the commitment made by the contents of the workflow is within coach Prosystems fx knows. Coaches know contains instructions for users when they are away from the commitments, audits, compilations and non-traditional commitments. Spreadsheets can be generated automatically and can benefit from additional guidance depending on type and size, which is currently underway. The coaches also know requires that users of possible problems and if certain areas deserve more attention than the trial balance, the folder also has a snapshot. This view shows all sheets of assigned work or other indications or elements, the attention of the currently logged in user. This snapshot, users have access to specific tasks and shows that all documents were complete. Users can draw on individual documents or through piles of documents. Guests can sign in similar form in the documents, but the documents close option to prevent further changes. Change a document after the signature of the reviewer, a warning to the person change displays a visual warning icon appears next to the document on the screen.If a commitment is completed and can be used for final processing, commitment Prosystems fx has a wizard that will guide you through the process. At the conclusion of the contract Prosystems fx looking for errors, such as signed and not warnings or instructions, including untreated. Once completed, the commitment made by the converted files is read-only and no other changes are made. The file can also work for review has published or sent to a client. When this process is done, all links deleted in particular to commitment Prosystems fx and data become the value, as appropriate, the document may occur by e-mail or on a construction site, where appropriate. Prosystems fx commitment, is that strong commitment management offers line of products Prosystems fx. Prosystems fx commitment enjoys a central location for data and spreadsheets are stored and obtained. With a strong dependency of the features of Microsoft Windows and Office Prosystems fx commitment offers a fast learning for the majority of human resources professionals. Prosystems fx commitment includes all the necessary tools to import and customize the customer data, but also to assist in the preparation of the financial statements and the functions of the Steuererklarungen system. BASIC (4.75 stars) if open commitment Prosystems fx, believes that Microsoft Outlook on it. Menu of traditional navigation drop-down menu located at the top of the screen, while several link icons has a vertical menu on the left side of the screen that are crumbling. Navigation in the same enterprise is a folder structure that achieves similar like Windows Explorer. The screen is very Visual and games of colours, styles and icon sets are located in the center of the screen. These signals make it easy to determine the current state of a particular document. For example, a user can quickly determine if a document is not opened when the title of the document is displayed in bold. Other signs include icons for the type of document in the file of the document and several conclusion related to date and time.The interface itself is not much adjustment. User-defined options are reserved for the project. Users can start with predefined templates that means commitment Binder Prosystems fx, or create your own based on the needs and the type of client. When you use or the creation of models, the underlying data are generally associated and, therefore, grouped and much user intervention required. This greatly reduces the time required to create commitment to future projects.A sheet included in Prosystems fx trial balance of commitment and all the data to a database SQL is stored. When log on to the database, that you leave to make reports and queries from Excel data. It is a consolation and create design with users, as the majority of professionals have a reasonable level of comfort with Excel. Many trial balance tasks may be performed by the complement of Excel 2007 sheet / 2010, a drop-down menu for Excel 2003 and earlier versions, as well as the bands for Office 2007 and 2010. Here you will find an overview of the hiring of Prosystems FX trial balance and containing a summary of all the assets, liabilities, capital and net profit and loss account, as well as all user accounts that can not be for financial or tax return. This instant view offers direct links to the registry of all kinds, same possible entries, among other things, the control and customization. Management commitment commitment (4.75 stars) Prosystems fx is controlled by two levels of security. The first is administrative level, which provides access to functions such as the installation of the file checks rooms, personal and solid options, and the second a level of workflow, the framework of control and security helps each individual commitment. Administrative level may be I had installed on a dedicated server and assign user rights to Active Directory in Windows Server products. Therefore, user rights can be controlled very closely to prevent intentional or unintentional changes. Additional protection is that all documents of commitment contained Prosystems fx are fully included. This will prevent that the documents found by search tools on the desktop. as already mentioned sample models of commitment or Binder, in a folder structure. These folders can be added to documents through various ways. Import documents of the majority of the products Microsoft Office, scanned directly in the software, manual added, right click on the menu options or may have simply drag - and - drop. Regardless of the method used to import documents users have the Faculty of each document, Workpaper reference number, name of the document and assign the location of the corresponding file. In addition, commitment Prosystems fx contains 65 empty template file previously configured document, which can be used to create new documents in the software. The main advantage of creating documents of this mechanism is that all fields are already name generated customer thereby automatically aggregate, digital data or date of Dedicacion.compromiso of default fx Prosystems documents anyway, as it rolled forward usually easier to remove a document only to regenerate each year in the document. Each document can have some rollover instructions, a document with or without data or as a placeholder for a K-1 or at the end of the year summary account businesses, for example, be rolled. Before a total commitment to roll forward, users also have the ability to control which documents the return and assemble. All these functions and these implementations include the commitment of FX Zugriffsrechte assigned user. Prosystems completely according to a number of minor checkmark, brands are available in three colors red, green and blue. They can be used to examine the levels of support in such specific user performed by different employees and management of the company. Users also have the ability to create their own graduations in relation to secondary graduations pre-installed. ,,.