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Every year, as a result of health problems of pregnancy, you can learn (sometimes permanently) over 20 million women in the world. In addition, the 8 million women's life is threatened, and it is supposed that from causes related to pregnancy and childbirth by more than 500,000 women died in 1995. tests and generally recognize a pregnancy for 12-15 days after fertilization. A quantitative blood test allows you to determine the date, the embryo has been designed. 48 hours test may provide useful information about pregnancy. A proof of. Calcium replacement is 1 concentrations1 bone during pregnancy and lactation in women with food and calcium absorption and calcium is associated with the distribution of insulin-like growth factor. If there is a medical reason to do so, which not only provided a baby delivery date after 40 weeks of pregnancy. exactly 28 days before pregnancy and had a spontaneous departure from work, the average duration of pregnancy, it is estimated that 283.4 days. Changes that are becoming very important in case of complications. The body must change during pregnancy to make sure that the fetus is physiological homoeostatic mechanisms and. Increase is necessary for the production of sugar, blood respiratory and heart of all. Estrogen and progesterone increase steadily during pregnancy, suppressing the hypothalamic axis, then the Menstruationszyklus. Die. (abbreviated as regards) to the number of times that a woman like a pregnancy gave birth, the twins and other multiple births and usually included. Skin disease, which developed the 32nd week. This spread sheet Rojas (pregnancy and dermatosis of pregnancy pruritic papules plaques), papules, itching around the navel on the whole body except the face and hands inside. Regular aerobic exercise during pregnancy appears to improve (or maintain) physical; However, the quality of the research is scant and insufficient data to conclude significant risks and benefits for the mother or child. Offers to pay sick leave about the last trimester of pregnancy and for a period of time after birth. Extreme cases notable include Norway (8 months on full pay) and United States (not at all, except in some States). On the other hand, many countries have laws against. The postnatal period begins immediately after the birth of a child and then extends over about six weeks. During this time, the mother's body to return to the conditions of the contribution, which contains the changes in hormone levels and the size of the uterus begins. They represent the values of equality, unless the number of pregnant women. Twins, triplets, etc., increase the value and equality of pregnant women, one. Women, who never reach a pregnancy more than 20 weeks of gestation were exercised, are called women. At the same time, there are expectations that could have great psychological pressure produces a son and heir. During pregnancy that many traditional companies must under penalty ban preceded by mother and the final weight gain, is the largest weight gain during pregnancy. The woman's abdomen will turn into shape, while dropping due to the position of the fetus in a loan down, to be born. In the second quarter, the woman was very vertical belly during the third quarter, fell very low and the woman the belly after lift up and down. The fetus begins to move regularly and is felt by the woman. Fetal movement can be very strong and dangerous for women. The woman. ).Sex during pregnancy is a low-risk behaviour, except when the doctor advised to avoid, that sexual intercourse for people for medical reasons. Otherwise, for a pregnant woman in good health is not sick or weak, is impossible, safe, or the right to sex during pregnancy: just apply the rule of common sense, the two partners to avoid pressure on the uterus or become a full partner with a pregnant belly weight. During a second pregnancy a woman can be described as a pregnant woman, 1 and 2 in the provision of living as a pregnant woman 2 paragraph 2. A pregnancy so much. It was developed in the 19th century. This calculates expected due, from the first day of the last normal menstrual (the NMP or LMP) regardless of known factors is inaccurate, as a shorter length or longer than your menstrual cycle. Pregnancy lasts 40 weeks after this method based on the NMP, assuming that the woman has a predictable length 28 days cycle and be aware of the day on the fourteenth day of this cycle.AB measured. These characters are generally, or even nothing, in the first weeks after conception. Although not all of these characters are universal, are diagnostic in itself all taken together they make a presumptive diagnosis of pregnancy. Are these characters. .Das fertilisation event is sometimes used as a brand by introducing a pregnancy is called the age-derived. It is important that structural fatty acid in the brain and retina, and is found naturally in breast milk. It is important for the support of women a sufficient quantity of DHA during pregnancy and breastfeeding, consume their well-being and the health of your baby. Infant development effectively creating a DHA can and should this get the essential nutrients from the woman through the placenta during pregnancy and in breast milk after birth. You can, if it is incorrect, causing adverse effects on maternal and fetal well-being. The harmful effects of thyroid dysfunction can also extend during pregnancy and childbirth, which can influence the development of Neurointellectual in the early years of the child's life. Increases demand for thyroid hormone during pregnancy, as the condition may cause a worse not previously detected. 39 weeks ago served a full term is considered this period of time for the baby to grow. Fence is the most studied of all. work if a fetus is perceived, be defeated. In addition, if LMP and ultrasound of different relevant dates are planned, where he later could mean fetal growth slows down and must be controlled so closer.The stage of pregnancy is defined as the principle. During fetal development continues to develop the first body systems and structures that were established in the embryonic stage. Sexual organs begin to appear during the third month of pregnancy. The fetus develops in weight and length, although the majority of physical growth occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy.Electric. Due to the risk more and more problems, including the need for a caesarean section, between 39-41 weeks induced without a medical indication does not recommend, the cervix is favorable. Pregnancy. Good prenatal care to potential problems at an early stage to identify to avoid this problem (through recommendations on proper nutrition, exercise, vitamin intake etc.) and to deal with problems, perhaps you ladies to appropriate specialists, hospitals, etc., if necessary. While it can vary the wheels of other pregnancy/7 days and in General, it is not fair for a leap year. In many medical professional associations or legal definitions, human pregnancy is somewhat arbitrarily divided to be simplified into three periods of three months as a way to refer to different stages of the district. Early in pregnancy can be determined, that relies on fences or symptoms with medical tests with or without the help of a doctor. About 1 in 20 women 475 weeks and 1 in 2500 women during childbirth, you refuse to acknowledge that they are pregnant, they say, the incidence of unwanted pregnancies among the female population, as well as the age at which takes place vary greatly by country and region, and are often of a variety of factors have influenced the cultural norms, religious and social; Access to contraceptive methods; and the prevalence of (higher education). The overall rate of fertility (TGF) in 2013 should be higher. 13 to 28 weeks of pregnancy will be called in the second quarter. Most women feel more energy during this period begins, weight gain as morning sickness, the symptoms disappear and fade over time. Its normal size up to 20 times extend the uterus, which can the muscular organ that contains fetal development during pregnancy.Though. (Batteries) are swollen veins in the anal area, because compromise venous return, constipation or later pregnancy increases the intra-abdominal pressure filter. and exposure to light at night should be avoided at least during the last trimester of pregnancy to reduce the risk of mental health problems and the behavior of the newborn. Because they are spread over a longer period of time, the duration of pregnancy depends on the date as the starting point chosen necessarily chose.Measured in one. Medical literature prefers the premature earlier terminology and postmature birth. Preterm and term of the post are clearly defined, as described above, while premature and postmature have historical significance and more relate to the size and State of development of the child, rather than the stage of pregnancy. It adopted a law, prosecutors accuse a woman of a criminal assault if he used illegal drugs during her pregnancy and the baby is born or disability then allows newborn. At the end of the second quarter, the uterus has created a visible increase in the child. Even if the breasts are developed from the beginning of pregnancy, appears most obvious changes after this date. It is served by a number of risks and challenges, and where possible should be avoided for birth during pregnancy to term. ((respectively), race of mother, child safety, the length of the menstrual cycle and the regularity of the menstrual cycle), but are rare, health professionals are used. For a standard point of reference, the normal length of pregnancy is generally assumed by 280 gestational days (or 40 weeks).The best method to determine the gestational age is ultrasound during the first trimester of pregnancy. Is usually within seven days. The tax that the midwives each quarter as a 14-week period, for a total of 42 weeks, although the average duration 40 weeks pregnancy actually is. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, reported that in the past to exercise during pregnancy have focused on maternal and fetal potential benefit was outweighed by the potential risk to the fetus. But they say that defines the latest information suggests that pregnancy without complications, fetal injuries are very likely. Please contact several list may, if a woman their doctor before using an exercise program. Contraindications include: vaginal bleeding. . Several studies have shown that light can represent any danger to the fetus at moderate levels of alcohol during pregnancy, though no amount of alcohol can be ensured during pregnancy, to be absolutely sure. Drugs may cause temporary or permanent effects on the fetus during pregnancy. As a result, many doctors prefer not to prescribe the main concern of the pregnant women. Obstetrics clinical practice Committee of Canada recommends that all women without contraindications to participate in aerobics, should be encouraged and equipped with force as part of a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Although there is no safe training intensity, women who were in regular sports before pregnancy and pregnancies without complications, should be in good health can participate in high intensity, such as jogging and aerobic exercise for less than 45 minutes of programs, without side effects if they know how, the energy consumption at the increase and maintenance do not overheat. No hassle midwife or medicine see a collection of 30 minutes per day of movement in most if not all days of the week. Participation in the various activities it seems generally safe avoid those with a high risk of falling like horse riding or skiing, or those involving a risk of abdominal trauma, such as football or hockey. i.e., other illnesses or conditions (not directly caused by pregnancy), which can be a potential risk for the pregnancy or even worse. ,,.