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We think of power outages is a thing of the past, can a be irrelevant.The APTransco is the hopes on the generosity of God in the form of rain encrypt with the current of energy crisis. God help us. If we have enough power-Hydel of this season, there is no shortage of energy and Director APTransco shruti Samariya of the electricity distribution company Ltd (CPDCL) of the Central Thursday.the is Deputy energy for the whole day, with the exception of unexpected plates of excretion, even at the level of the ground available to wrote, because he finished the season Rabi and there is too much pressure from the Landwirtschaft.Aber in the neighborhood of three other discoms served, Power outages continue. Soon we sill taking stock of the situation and check the consistency with the introduction of the power outages in the State, Samaria. Samaria, after reviewing the situation of eating with those responsible for CPDCL, said that the gap between supply and demand will be about 70 million units per day on average in July. Now I say he can if we will have blackouts to Imopse said.The difference was 62 million units per day in March, which came to 45 million units in April as season, the Rabi came to a standstill. This has helped to increase the blackouts in areas, where we could, he said, and added: the imbalance between supply and demand should be around 50 percent decrease in Hydel and 43% power reduction when generating the gas stations., as the industry, make available, Samariaya said they were the 60 percent of the employees of utility industries meet of. Also try to help small industries, by you offer them.Schlegel said 800 MW units produce APGenco Krishnapatnam in October of this year start and the second 800 MW units will be operational in January of next year. This apart, central heat Bhoopalpalle in Kakatiya of Warangal District have your 600 MW unit of the loan. In addition, they promised that the amount of power generated Hindujas Andhra Pradesh. The 520 MW units will be ready in October and a further 520 MW unit was added in January of next year. The expulsion is required to provide 250 MW of Tuticorin and 120 MW Vallur Samariya said. Review the reality of cheap surplus power, that the hype energy over at affordable prices for all consumer groups in the Punjab is not true. Enough. Potential bidders for solar energy projects in Andhra Pradesh, sought some clarifications on the uniformity of the price multiple adjustment rules. During a conference here today, potential candidates Andhra Pradesh transmission Corporation of the last order was the central power of the Commission in relation to the legislation, to take into account the cost of creating a solar energy project. The CERC said in a Capex of RS 8 million rupees/MW solar energy project. This attitude is a RS 7-8, during a ride. Offers welcoming AP Transco recently interest solar energy company founded thanks to some specific points in the State with a total capacity of more than 1160 MW. Rajasthan took advantage of early and recent bids invited Tamil Nadu. According to p. v. r. Krishna Rao of EarthCare, participants wanted an average price of pool and this would create consistency in the tender. APGenco was out of the race for the solar energy generation, drawn, after the Government the price of the unit between RS 6.50 and 7.50, sets the lowest in the country. Then it was impossible, solar systems for sale at the rate specified APGenco build on provincial government has decided to withdraw from the race.Friday, when the nodal agency APTransco for new solar systems, a meeting called at the Vidhyut Soudha to template, released no official APGenco, the fourth-largest power generator in the country. “ though we Jurala solar and has the experience of tenders for solar energy projects, we not have determined us take part in the auction. We have several other projects including Paradip and Jurala hydro and the mobilisation of resources in the amount of 8000 RS crores for solar energy would be overloaded projects, K ” Benoit, CEO of APGenco, said. But in the story seems to be different. If the Government approved the price between RS 6.50 and 7.50 per unit, Genco officials emerged from the annual financial statements and came to the conclusion that the prescribed rate was very attractive and damage would only their business interests. APGenco Board of Directors, which met recently expressed the opinion that it would succeed, to jump when prices rise in the race at a later date. ,,.