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Absolutely amazing! His music has inspired me to a better pianist and piano pedagogue. James r. Phoenix (at the age of 55 years), AZJon! ’ tea are the bomb! My students love your music. I guess considering twice in the year and so far is 5 of my students in the fall of agua-… Club.Dave e. (age 53) Agoura Hills, visited CaliforniaHaving your teacher in the workshop of Venezuela, I began to represent ideas with my students that day use. We have all seen good results and my students really enjoy the growth that it deserves. … one of my students took part, regardless of level. Thanks for a great idea and to give students a great value in a short time. Thank you for your wonderful music, also became popular … Orem w. Canfield (29 years old), UtahI to fully appreciate to hear and listen to your music! Some of my piano students saved because the songs are so beautiful and different. Thanks and keep up the good! Spanish Fork Lisa r. (45 years), Jon, UTPlaying ’ is my son ’ music: renewed interest in playing the piano. The double ’ started to get bored with their teaching and now loves going to play because we have Jon ’ music. His teacher was wonderful, encouraging them, what he likes to play. Thanks Jon! Andrea v. (49 years), Sandy UtahI have never inspired as a modern composer felt. This man has an incredible talent, would you like that teaches today should be distributed to each student plan. Orem Mary w. (49 years), assisted by Professor p ’ UtahI workshop last Saturday and was and how they ’ s – I was looking for. I talked to her a little bit about then. Again thank you so much! His music touches my heart and reaches deep into my soul. It could be heard throughout the day. Thanks for the blessing and enrich the world through his music! Laura w. (16 years) Kearns, taught only UTI, or piano lessons a few months ago. His note reads method helped me enormously. There are many ’ is better than what ’ saw another supply of books. Thanks a lot! Heather p. Murray (47 years), UTJon is a wonderful alternative. His music is fun, entertaining, relaxing and the search for the soul. It breaks all the rules in relation to the recent traditional teaching methods. I like your new music method to read and use. I urge all tried Jon ’ teaching method. ’ no remorse and you will love your pupils. Thank you for taking the time to clean your talent and music on the side for fun, with a little humor show Jon. Sandy d. Teresa (47 years), IU has a student who is crazy about music (and are!) He attended their concert at Thanksgiving point, …. Its light when the funny songs version 67 of ‘ waterfall, there he learned and and in a week in the – heart is attributed without. Next week, played the song for me, with eyes closed (and whenever) yet. Shortly after when I tried his version of crossover-… hands. Thanks for all you do to improve our world. (At the age of 29 years old) Kearns, UTI attended one of their piano teaching workshops in the summer of 2003, until I began to teach piano. It was fabulous! My ’ view my students began using his method and everyone is so impressed with the way we do. Carrie s. (15 years) West Jordan, UTI, I should like to say that I'm happy as Jon ’ of music in my life. I took piano for many years and his books taught me to love music. I began to teach piano and use their books to start with my students who teach many pleasures of music. His music has influenced many people and opens many doors. Wonderful touch to make beautiful music and many lives, should come. Riverton Lynne g. (37 years), UTThank to open the eyes of my male students … grew up in giant step, with his books. Especially as your sense of humor! Best wishes. Michelle s. (Professor of piano 15 (42 years) Tremonton, UTThank by his gift of music and their ability and willingness to share with others). His music has inspired my 14 year old daughter and motivated to practice and improve your piano … Michelle s. (Norman, g. (46 years) Fort Collins, IOC I love your music and your concerts!) I went to one of his seminars on the teaching of reading the note and these methods in teaching my students for several years. I'm very impressed with the results. Susie w. (age) Hyde Park, UTMet when your ’ Jorgensen s. clinical methods and fun songs had great success with its new with a student who has experienced another method. Thanks Carole t. … (47 years) St George, UTI ’ vista only discovered Jon ’ is music added this week, while researching a bit, so my 11 year old daughter and help improve our reading of the commentary (separated from what we learn by our piano teacher). We at ’ are two new piano students (from January). 67 please lyrics attracted my attention to our local library of the Church. I checked the Web site of … began his note read the practice of … method and listen. Not only think their music is uplifting, but ’ is also very moving and motivating. Now I have a new favorite pianist age of 47 years. Thanks a lot!!! M. Terri (47 years), Rancho Cordova, CAAs a former piano teacher to fight, I will say a few words on how to write music. Thanks a lot. Fruitland B Harrison (49 years), teenagers IDMy students are very impressed with their music. Many of them are very busy, but his music is practicing on the piano. I love the piano music that reflects the musicality of the instrument. Your fun I also like sidenotes in his books … music Janet a. Sterling, VirginiaMy 16-year-old son is a student of piano, he is a fan of his music. First Disovered Hey all notes of a download site and I. It was beyond his ability to play, but it would not produce. For weeks and weeks, I have been, that we heard around our House. I didn't know that would have been enough. But after two or three months, came into the kitchen after working on it and say, MOM, this is the best song on Earth! When I first heard it once, I've heard that 100 times). Now dominates and working on silly song and waterfall. Has one of your CD's and ’ book 3 for Christmas. The other day I said: MOM, need all your music along the s-formas ’! I never practice the music, which can choose their piano teacher, to work with him his mistake of songs). But ’ m, know when should practice more things all the time music! (44 years)You were a life for my teenage students in … guard outside of this, his music is beautiful and exciting music … ’ is just a simple shot of game! Music is my drill finally classic desserts. The ’ is a pleasure, the artist of his caliber to have teenage students, can interact with enthusiasm … someone with morals and a sense of humor the pianist is not perfect! Thanks for the breath of fresh air! (Piano instructor for the past 30 odd years).Lori a. LaVerkin (47 years), love Stu 67 new book new fun songs. Is an answer to prayer for my 13 year old son, was not to learn the piano and desire now is his mastery of the big concept. Notes on this method also learn how 79-year-old father. Thanks for your effort and creativity bring! Mr Allsop (40 years) of Fort Collins, conflicts of interest have recently begun reading the teaching note with Jon ’ s-method, and I have two of my men teaching brothers. My father-in-law has never read the music in his life, but in his room of the choir. They spend hours always and always plays his role so he learned. A few days ago decided to find their own music, so I took maybe two minutes in which the f button again and starts directly and around its chorus role-playing game have learned without any prior knowledge. There is no other means that could be used to teach, efficient and quick to read music. I was surprised and I recommend Jon ’ note Methode. T read. Nampa, ID Jenkins (21 years) (except for the best results, right-click the link of the file 3.9 MB). weekly music supplements this 10-week program, one week at a time can be purchased if you want (see shop) at $ 2.99/section or the entire book of $15,95 at this stage, features and ideas that apply your new skills to develop your skills on the piano the next reading:. Download free songs in MP3 format. This can be downloaded to a portable device, you can listen to piano, controls soon and help every burning any data perfectly without you song. Any hearing registered as by Jon Schmidt. Note: Unlike professional recordings of acoustic piano, discovered in Jon Schmidt sono “ show ” record of professional quality MIDI keyboard. Actions that abound in books in print and on the Internet. Where are the do-it-yourself-piano lessons? Many piano parents their children were going to be the first in a strong economy. Finally, this book is the answer. Piano instruction from unnecessary musical experience with this book! The information is clear, simple and accessible to everyone. Jon Schmidt, German immigrants and was given the gift of preschool education in music. Classical training has fallen on fertile ground for music talent and hard work of Jon. Schmidt started already at the age of 11 years began to teach piano lessons, when many people get a driver's license and began his career in the early 1920s soloist cared for Jahren Schmidt for a career in music. He feared that his family believes that note with ranch dressing, is delicious, then the school has studied English with the intention of getting an MBA. People kept bothering one and again for his play on the piano, so runs the risk of a big room for rent and also the public. She loved her audience. Once, he made plans on English and business. Observes his wife Michelle and their five children, never had to eat-just for the 20-year career of Beilage. Schmidts includes several albums, performance and price. The boys of piano include Schmidt in his cave of fine pianos. Soon after, ran away together to create spectacular piano and cello from the gods. Its objective is very modest, to inspire the world.Schmidt contributes piano talent on screen. Love it, throw all their ideas and feel free to edit and revise until he perfected one and the quality of the product.Jon has found its focus for the trip, see the joy of people, listen to good music. Would be great, reach a wider audience through his work with the guys at the piano. If you are a piano teacher or a parent of a child, especially to young people, who told you, “ I want piano courses ”, ’ not only re.Although there are many different approaches (e.g. blatant corruption), to achieve this noble aim, Jon Schmidt discovered in his 20 + years teaching piano very well experience the simple solution-it's fun! In particular, find music that is not only how, but to play.  “ my mom forced me to take piano lessons and never liked. But after listening to my older brother, everything I touch, I realized that the piano has something magical in this sense. I started right away, all of me, that it was difficult to play, but after two months I finally have dominated. Now, spread magic to autour hear Douglas Pete p, ” (16 years), piano teachers, students and parents of GAThousands know from first hand experience that children and adolescents play Jon Schmidt ’ is music was the idea of taking piano lessons died in his afternoon ended. Not only with their lectures, but accelerating growth rates. If you like to play music, no matter how difficult it is, continues unabated until they have learned. Look, very have their next recital, leave your friends can wait. The next step in learning master game plan became the song after song-starting with the lighter. Every time when you become a teacher, a song, a pianist. The ’ is so easy. Use the suggestions to the improvement of the songs, the book found. Work with a teacher can be very helpful at this stage. Or, if you prefer, you can see that it can go only through the collaboration with the book and recording. Weaknesses with traditional methods to read the note of education is looked at by Jon and many teachers.With the help of twenty years of teaching, Jon has developed an amazing technology for teaching notes, “ leaves every good guy has very good ” powder and read the note at the level of two years in 10 weeks or less. This means that the note “ by Jon Schmidt, read the ” (beginner children under 8 years if the first time you use the primer's book, see below).  “ his music is fun, entertaining, relaxing and the search for the soul. It breaks all the rules in relation to the recent traditional teaching methods. I like your new music method to read and use. I urge all tried Jon ’ teaching method. ’ No remorse and you'll love their students and for … ” Teresa d. (age 47) Sandy UTRegarding this revolutionary method of note reading, piano-pedagogy-master, Barbara Shelton via the following email: I have taught piano for many years. I learned frustrated for a long time with my students as notes. What he heard its method and decided to try. There was no comparison between this before some students, I tried your method on students until I tried … its meaning or understanding the keyboard is completely different from previous students. ’ t is no need to consider the key. They are free to play together, everyone, and fast-forward. Enjoy it, play the piano. There is no frustration … think this method of frustrated teachers need to know … thank you for the idea of the dominant culture. Greatly helped my education.  Barbara Shelton-master of piano pedagogy. ,,.