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He said Kendall and James, who could play Gustavo not as a child, his mother forced him to the stay at home and play the piano all day. Even at. Born Kevin Clover in Maine, but piano playing grew up in Texas, where, as a child, he learned. Kevin found musical inspiration in the World game never heard or played with To want see. Kevin appeals only you laugh at his audience in many ways and his sarcasm and spirit. Above all, like the songs, the people to unite and find pleasure to see a variety of different people sing a song in the chorus. She feels to be happy and surprised, where it is today. William Pomerleau aka Bill, born in New Hampshire and lived in Maine for twenty years. East Coast guys who play the piano at the age of 6 years and ear who missed no shock. Had the chance to incorporate his love for the piano at one point full-time. Bill attended the University of Maine and earned a degree in history, but is regarded as a guitarist and blues enthusiasts. The Lord to see because a hidden love of cooking this Stud also has How many other interests in magic and politics, Bill is a rounded, brilliant in addition to our group. Roger born in Washington DC, is a self-taught pianist. His musical education which focused him on Opera and music theatre, what a more musically diverse. Roger finds inspiration music in all genres, including Gospel, folk, jazz and Irish. It is a classic rock lover, but not afraid with expensive tunes mood or Shania Twain go out. If those that want your request your Favorites, Elton John, and make sure to avoid all Billy Joel. In addition to the eclectic taste in music by Roger, he has a passion for cooking. Adam Johnson is a California real South, born and raised in high mountain. Piano is the main instrument and grew up with a classical education. He has a master's degree in composition at the Berklee School of music and a master's degree from the University of San Diego. Musical inspirations of Adam are exceptionally intelligent, as it is and include cartoons, video games and a Chamber by John Williams music. These influences and his love for science fiction help Adam to monumental idiot status achieve. Adam composed the music for the media, the stadium and the pleasure. I'll music to live, listen to this a total genius! Jeff began at the age of 4 years piano. 10 after picking up played the organ at church services, weddings, and participation in regional competitions. At the same time, he appears regularly on the stage of the community. A classically trained pianist and great piano performance at the Michigan State University take efforts, has the experience and interest in labelling, composition, arrangements, and production of the film. While Michigan State Jeff of many performance and arrangement with spartan, MSU Dischord's famous a cappella group. Jeff, I want to thank your mother and father for all of your love and support, and Furthermore, means not off this summer with his friends, to exercise throughout the day, sits before the piano to play. I would like to! Jonathan Coyle came to US through the suburb, long Iceland, NY. He began playing the piano at the age of 5 years by imitating your favorite babysitter. Soon the mother as for piano lessons, inscribed, which strongly protested when I returned to hide after his piano teacher. Struggling to the complaints of adolescence deal with was music and began To write their own songs. Strongly influenced by Billy Joel and sometimes, I was wondering if it can be linked to through, was a friend of the mother with the man's piano in the school of learning. Jonathan feels Very much happy, their love of music and other people have work where you share such A lot of fun to the join, get the song every night. ,,.