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The final picture of London Festival had in 2012, since then, the organization that directed that you closed the Festival. But more Fotoura, numerous projects, which started the Festival and hope that we can expect another festival in the future.The Festival has done historically, but throughout the year the Festival activities photograph on board a few weeks in a given year. These and similar activities are now at Fotoura!Fotoura is a Fotoura is a photography, publishing site makes that list involved in all activities related to photography, in one place. This means that, to find anyone interested in a photographic event or activity which are suitable, only a site has particular interests. Photography London Festival was a Festival of photography in months in the heart of London, street photography research and conceptual documentary projects and photojournalism. Each summer takes place, the festival ran exhibitions, events and workshops throughout the year. . In the context of photography allows users add their own activities and events, Fotoura also offers a platform for self-promotion and exchange between photographers, interactive form of personal profiles, portfolios, portfolio, photography guide, themes changing monthly exercises and challenges and competitions. Karjini National Park is an incredibly cool place in the Pilbara to photograph. And given the number of photography workshops, which will be the year that comes, the word is of course out!However, if you want to go with the original and the best, you have to register with Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway. (Christian can do this year--believe that it sailed toward the true North near the town of Kimberley, but it is their loss!)It is a small and large-brochure on the site that has the information. Studio Flash and lighting opens a new world of portrait and in this workshop, David and Peter share his lighting techniques, study or not cheese village Der Ort. factory is closed David Hunter Valley and his workshop. And while it will show techniques with Studio Flash, Flash all techniques with standard accessories and some good accessories markets can play. It will show you how! This workshop is for everyone so that you bring your camera and learn, master portrait with Flash Und by signing for two weekend workshops, to give birth there is a discount of $100 email - Kim for more information in this e-mail address is protected from spambots. You must enable JavaScript to view. .For more information about the program to find the best in photography site in the online shop. Or you can. Classic and winner landscape: Neville Jones. Once again there was a very strong competition in creative photography best magazine of the year and winner of the year 2014 is Neville-Jones. Congratulations!Photos of Neville from a tree in a lake is popular, but so strong, who had been considered a clear winner for the judges. Neville price is $5,000 in cash!Neville is also the winner in the classical category landscape and as such be with him and the other winners of the category of the House a Datacolor Spyder4Express, a package of Canson infinity, a photo album when the value of $150, a SanDisk memory card and a Wacom Intuos Pro will sponsor Pack paper pencil and a Tablet press. Thanks to our sponsors for supporting our competitors.And thanks also to our esteemed judges David Oliver and Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master of photography, was around the year 1100 Beratungen. about this and I believe that the majority has won the prize of bronze or higher. Given a bronze medal, where the judges see certain elements of photographic skill and imagination, and I would like to emphasize that the participant has submitted. And a contest of passionate photographers is complete, it is good to have a high world level.And we hope that useful commentary on Court for their future projects.If you wish, even to demand, the price is to striving for, but a silver medal. In this contest to win a medal in silver and a very good opportunity, money in a professional competition and earnings have reached a level that has. And if you win a gold medal? Congratulations! They have impressed the judges and show that you want to have a photo like this you want in your Portfolio.In the coming days that is updated the page updated with the winners of the contest and there are also in the position, the 50 entries in each category. To obtain it, visit the best photography site and click on the contest Web site via the link on the menu or go directly to I will spend this weekend in Canon AIPP Australian awards for professional photography, part of the digital playground at Luna Park in Sydney. The verdict is open to the public and all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as the weather in a Sunday afternoon, rolling after the ruling, which will complete the category.Visit a trial always is instructive. Sometimes cannot succeed for long periods of time, but if the judges discuss a footprint or make a comment, there are pearls of wisdom and clarity, which will greatly help along your photo. If it does not accept their feelings (and so usually when he scored not their voices I don't agree with them), is very useful to understand how others see the world - and your photos.Also see photo Photography best of the year. Tony and David have their share and I went through the final evaluation and feedback, so I give, which is now short tips on Verf├╝gung. Jedoch what I really like to see elections with photos that I would like to do together what he thinks of a judge of the game. Yes, the competitions were an important part of my career, but there are a lot of photos, which I just love football, but never in a contest. Oh, I think that it would be good, but that is not the point. I feel much more free in the image of my Cintiq 24HD touch optimized working files, knowing that it doesn't impress not obsessive detail judge (and I'm one of those judges also!).The photo above was taken in Lake Grey Chile this year. I'm there to return the month continues in a work, but it is already spring instead of autumn and it's maybe a little more snow and ice Autour. What is photography for me the clouds against the dark blue line and how this resulted in diagonal line mountain sunny against another Wild Sky shaded slopes.? I also love the splash of color and how it is a fine band. But it is my image so maybe I'm suppose to all this? At who cares!I also believe that it is a photograph which must be taken into account. It is not a photo competition for survival, where judges have only a few seconds or a minute to see. It is simply not food for Wettbewerb. Daher, until recently APPA or support from BP or the price of the Epson photographer cloth came onto the international scene this year, forget about now is the time of the competitions for a while and concentrate on what makes happy. It is still working to show the world that he has enough years for competitions more and see if you like it.But for now, enjoy the personal side of photography, just for you. ,,.