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CLB photography is our commitment as a wedding photographer, New Jersey, customers with photos that are a little crazy, romantic and really expressions, mood and the feeling of your wedding day. We like to skip the conventional rules of wedding photography. Do not there are formulas or lists. Essentially, we protect freestyle, always looking for beauty, humor and personality in a wedding. We understand that the process of hiring a photographer can be daunting. Thousands of potential photographers offer a simple Google search. We stay ahead of our competition, listen to our couples and give them what they want. solve their problems, even if it means that we are committed to doing. We strive to create images of kick-ass; We show every ounce of happiness of the day of the wedding. As a professional wedding photographer NJ, we take an active part in helping, you plan the wedding, especially the full calendar of the day to be sure to be as pleasant as possible. If all goes well at your wedding, is in the pictures. Capturing moments, more time to relax is the most happy with your images! Find out if you are interested editorial portraits, Candide journalistic approach or how your touch things to throw, let us here. Wedding style DIY and extravagant weddings across the country, there are no two weddings photographed are the same. We offer a worry-free experience to be photographed thoughts filled your laughing and joking, marriage is no longer manufactured, rigid or forced. In essence, we are committed to make your look, sexy wedding, cool, funny, professional, beautiful and extraordinary love. CLB photography customers are ready, grease and other. They are looking for more than just pretty pictures. If you're ready - call Suzanne today to learn 670,1258 732 learn more. We are the sessions outside of New Jersey, the New York area for weddings and commitments to travel. CLB photography calls when you have photographed have fun with your photos and an incredible experience. Inspired by color, art and fashion, CLB photography is a husband and a wife belongs and is operated by Central New Jersey Wedding Photography Studio, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey.propiedad from Chris & Suzanne Lo Bue. Our style is clear and simple UDT as NJ wedding photographer,,.