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Even if photographer had you any new opportunity to discover on the site in the past 12 months this year. This seems a little strange, but since that the Breakworking of this page, I had the opportunity to make this incredible Andtravel worldwide, share projects, what I learned, my vision and work your hands on creative in their personal projects to share with students. The aim of this site is embedded in its name; Post active creators of images up to 500 photographers. Photographers can be a discipline in the field of the camera, but it is interesting to observe and have a certain level of quality. When we got to number 500, we have a data base of photographer of great depth. 500 photographers needs your help. A full time job was about 500 photographers, and I am happy to do. However, it does not generate any income and financial situation become a cause for concern. A great help for this project would be the organ donation and support. You can support the project by purchasing my book or simply a donation of your choice. I will be eternally grateful. Please read this explanation. . Make sure that the photographers are responsible for high-quality image Claire. Comme signature has my highest priority throughout the entire process of creating this site, I am still unable to determine the exact date, in the photographers will be posted here. I am looking forward to the Festival of Guatemala and enthusiast, be sure of not to Miss of Photographers.To 500 complete at the moment which can exceed 500 continuous to the RSS feed to subscribe to o. Tomasz Gudzowaty, Poland, 1971, studied law at the University of Warsaw before beginning a career in photography. He started as a photographer, developed the social documentary work and currently focuses on documentary photography sports. It focuses mainly on non-commercial, sport, not in the media or those who in some way different from the general interest of the sport are available. Pole dance, wrestling, Sumo, are examples of these activities and golf in the city of the India, wrestling; a Mexican version of wrestling, racing car to Mexico, freerunning, Mongolian horse racing, the Chinese gymnasts and synchronized swimming. Tomasz tells the stories in the form of photo essays. Black - and -whites consist of strong and powerful with a large format film camera. His work, which consists of a variety of projects, participated in numerous exhibitions and magazines such as Newsweek, time and the guardian and has won numerous awards, including the World Press Photo and as NPPA Best of Photojournalism. The following images come from studies and free Naadam fight career pole dancer families. Ruangkritya myths, 1981, Thailand, studied photojournalism at the University of Westminster. His work is essentially based on documentary and not trying to be limited in some way. He is currently working on a project that consists of a Polaroid, is located on the shore of Nong Khai in Thailand. Dining room table show the Polaroid with no placeholder, invites you to photograph viewers and engage. Add mattresses and swimming rings, want to create work out of a typical Gallery view to appreciate a relaxed for the public. In his series on board, took one look more closely in Siem Reap, a city he had visited in 1991 had only a hotel and a bar. Today, the city is literally explode massive size is composed of 5-star hotels, restaurants and bars. Myths of the city from the point of view of someone seen himself (or perhaps briefly escape) is close to the city, his work was exhibited in London, Paris, and Thailand and its showcase of portfolio in may 2012 Edition of the British Journal of photography. The following images come from the series, the story of the flood, the northern route and at the edge. Create a projection showing in new Galeria-gracias. In the film, four giant screens projecting the work of this site and three others at the same time develop well-known and respected sites. I currently have a business and must do something to make you produce some amazing projection. Throughout the city there are exhibitions, including the work of photographers such as Roger Ballen, Maleonn and Erwin Olaf.At at the same time, I am interested in a complete list, the remaining 45 photographers, which are presented on this page, but also of doing things, both to create the finished site. If you hurt or want to think someone included: the time has come. Check it out. Is this your chance to own the second 500 photographers limited edition of t-shirts and Fotografen.Was 500 support project you have?If you decide to buy. Laurence Demaison, 1965 in France, studied at the school of architecture in Strasbourg, before the 1993 began making self-portraits. His considerable body of work consists almost exclusively of photographs of them. Not digitally manipulate images or that manipulated photographs since they were recorded with the exception of chemical reversal for some series. All the techniques I use are homemade and analog. A wide range of emotions have different series. It can be poetic, fragile and classic, but sometimes strange, intriguing and even strange. He is a photographer, looking for the limits of what can be done with grace in the uterus of analogue photography and through them successfully. Laurence has on many occasions, especially in Western Europe and New York. The photographs have appeared in numerous monographs. The following images come from the series, the dark room, La Poseuse and bubbles. . Jonathan is a photographer independent (i.e. independent), without money, does not have protection insurance and limited access to health, disability, and happy not to leave. However, should costs on the day. This is our opportunity to really help a colleague.Jonathan Kagi, his family and his friends all good and Starke.weitere information about the updates and a contribution to make: would like a projection of 500 photographers custom made creative events, or are interested in creating an exhibition? Do we need an editor or an administrator for a magazine, book, or other publications? Feel free. I wonder when the last 45photographers this site is understood. My sincere apologies for the big wait. Somewhere, the list is complete in 2014. Please look a little more, will reward you why. Thank you for your continued support! According to the, well, hard work but quite complete was the work of 200 photographers. I'd like to congratulate all those who are in the top 50. My favorite is not everything, but it will appear as a special feature about 500 photographers. During the last photographer 50 500 photographers, have a special offer. Not €, but only € 18.50 29.95. order your signed copy of the photo book believe 88 by Pieter Wisse. After a confrontation with a group of neo-Nazis at the age of 14 years, decided where he was stabbed in the stomach, knowing look at the lives of the people called the neo-Nazis in the East of East Germany, a group of people on the margins of our society. Select your choice of shipping below and make sure your PayPal address is even true. I thought that dear readers and followers, after a period of silence, it was time, so you know, what about 500 photographers, so you know what is in the next few months they expect and certainly know when the remaining 45 photographers be Affiches.? 500 photographers have requested. 450-500 photographers were presented on this Web site. 9 / 10, 1:10 and not yet.To celebrate this event, I'd like to make an offer, that cannot be denied. In the period of the next 50 photographers to this site I offer you my personal address book of photographs and records for the creed in ' 88, with a discount of 38%; It is an opportunity to support this site. updated 27: project Pack contains cold adhesive 500 photographers short explanation: after a confrontation with a group of neo-Nazis at the age of 14 years, Pieter Wisse, where he was beaten in the stomach, decided to look at lives, neo-Nazis in Germany Orientaleun call is group of people on the margins of our society. I was asked a pantheon of the closing night event projection to create. On the roof of a building, including Andmusic I showed him my baby sublime and divine projection. It consisted of photographers, this Web site, but also the image which decides, that they are not. Julio Bittencourt, 1980, Brazil, began his photographic career in 2000 as Assistant photo editor and photographer for the newspaper economic value in Sao Paulo. Since 2006, he works as a freelance photographer. It has residents of squatting in his series in a window of Prestes Maia 911 building perhaps the best documented in the world. The building was vacant for more than one decade. In 2003, the Movimentosenza homeless moved hundreds of families homeless. They created a new community, which has established the pest and hunted Labs, a library and drug trafficker. In 2006, new residents have said that it would be thrown out. The project was launched in March 2008 in book form. For the citizens of your project X, again focused on the shortage of housing in Brazil. Show the abandoned spaces, that represent a test of the magnitude of the events as a source of possible hope for change. It focused on an artificial lake, surrounded by his personal project 15 Ramos favelas by drug traffickers by saltwater controlled. Although violence in the favelas has expanded, the Park was especially happy. It is a place full of people and contaminated, where people on the beach, enjoy the Sun and the Brazilian rum. His work has been published many times around the world and in prestigious magazines such as time, Star and GEO. The following images come from the series Ramos, citizen X and a window of the building of Prestes Maia's 911th Rania Matar, Lebanon and the United States, born in 1964 and grew up in the photographer of the Lebanon and moved to the United States in 1984. His career as an architect, studied photography at the school of photography in New England. Focused primarily on women and issues of identity and religion in the United States in the Middle East. in 2009, he published the book of ordinary life, and they will appear on this spring, his second monograph, a daughter and her roommate. This series, inspired by the eldest daughter, focuses on adolescent girls in their private rooms. The next book and her youngest daughter, were the inspiration for his latest work entitled child-woman (girl). Sample adolescent and pre-adolescent face serious external orientation. Girls have to be addressed because of the freedom in its own way; A variety of emotions and notes, pointing to his true identity. Fear, trust or body language shows their sense of identity and meaning in the development of femininity. As always, they vary between a child and young woman, Rania asks if they are that they are considered as girls, adolescents and young women. 2002 was also the pictures of their four children, they show the different stages of their lives. The following images come from the series of the child-woman, Christian Arabs and family moments. If this site photographer has come to an end # 500 made and. Then will come a repository for amazing photographers of the 21st century with the function of being. This is a compilation of everything that happened to me with the incredible harvest in November 2012 so far. Thewriting makes for magazines and a judge for several competitions before the turn of the Millennium. . Once over the course of a day, it is very special and great was the high level of the photographers, the Fotoacademie issued in the Netherlands and around the world to see. . Incredible occurs 48 photographers work officially, but according to my Officialhours I could not ’ ' to review the portfolio help t of ’ who has not had Beenassigned for me. I think in total I had the pleasure, creator of images of several garden 70 of talent. At least one photographer will take it as one of the last 45 photographers. . It was very good and the experience of being in China for the first time. They have brought me to meet a large number of photographers talk about their work, consider his exhibitions or nose through their portfolios. Some of them listed as one of the last 45. I also have some of them as a feature of the banknotes and coins. Manabu Yamanaka, Japan, 1959, is a photographer who focuses on social exclusion. In 2009, he published a monograph entitled Gyahtei, which shows the six most important series, all derived from the construction for a period of 25 years, with titles of Buddhism. This series includes Jyoudo; People show a collection of people deformed photographs, including some of the worst kind of conceivable deformation physically. Manabu noted that also in this condition very clear, I've seen how each one was really her life. among his other subjects were photographed nude people, children of the street and home. His images are strong, powerful, calming to be (UN), sometimes difficult to digest that. Ultimate body that is working on a series of images show the unborn and deformed embryos. His works have been issued anywhere in the world and it has appeared in numerous publications. The following images come from the series Jyoudo, Gyahtei and Fujohkan. ,,.