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My husband and I had a GroupOn for dinner detective. It took months to get a reservation, but it was worth the wait! The show was fantastic. It's not that hard for a long time, we had rice in recent memory. The actors were funny and stayed in character. It was hard to know who did it and why. We buy ourselves at a table with other people through GroupOn, and everyone had waited a long time for bookings-to use GroupOn, be prepared to wait. The food was good. It is not the worst, but it is not the best. I highly recommend this salon to anyone interested in a murder mystery dinner. My fiance and I celebrated dinner with detective!We have come to the Embassy Suites Hotel at 18:15, our image files (you can buy it later), created alias (might not ' don't think that helped personnel-a country to think.) so if you get in a Toolbox, the ' is the first instrument are you? the Philippine screwdriver! Hilarious! My bf has the American hammer!) and appetizers (spinach Quiche was too good!) Meanwhile began the show in Hall. Staff can provide a list of questions, the questions of other guests, that is a good way to face the world and trying to figure out which person. o people! Attention! Salad, main dish and dessert served during breaks between the two scenes. As long as you ' re ' re, the food at your table to speak, seems more suspect and read the information that must be provided.  I asked the oven baked salmon and mashed potatoes with garlic-both sides were quite large and I could not ' t stop! The salmon was very tasty and cooked perfectly. I found the best chicken Dijon that I tried my BF's plate '. The cheesecake was soft and rich, but couldn't ' t done instead of salmon is complete! The servers were so friendly and I was always smiling. Although some regulars thanks brutal things without a favor or smile!   I bought a romantic package for my bf and I came with a bottle of sparkling wine. Others at our table noticed that we celebrated, so we told them that we are celebrating our anniversary! By chance, I said to one of ' m (the killers) are celebrating our anniversary-so we were suspicious in the eyes of others at our table for a bit I thought it fun! What was the occasion, particularly by detective secretly my bf of romantic package (as well as other packages).? It was so much fun that my bf just confused and surprised. He also received a t-shirt-dinner as part of the package. The show was very entertaining. The actors were very compelling and entertaining detective! This is not a ' program for the reduction of violets, because there was a lot of public participation, if you bought a special package or not. The ' 's an envelope for each table, players to tilt. I like this, why don't ' put t under the pressure. But like us some $ $ launched as well as others in our table. The need to put an end to write, believes the killer is and why. We wanted to write a specific person, but could not ' don't think the reasons to tie them all together. Were few, specific, but you can t win if you ' n ' t reasons! We wrote to someone else, and you know what? The first, what we thought was the killer! I thought it was very hard to understand, if all the pieces together in the past, but I think it ' well t read the instructions. The winner has received several awards, including a ticket for another program. I recommend you do at least one paper! The ' 's unique and fun date night with very good food! It all had a night whispering in the other matter, we think actors/assassins, laugh together and health-ing with the champagne! We want to return (if we changed the plot) and go with our gut instincts, next time! I don't know what is coming to you, because he never had a dinner show, but it was fun! The actors were amazing and made the evening an explosion. The food was delicious. go to your room and create an alias per se in the afternoon. When you get there and you put on the table is brought appetizers which were delicious! The staff were very friendly and helpful. Once the host explains how it works and what starts on the map. Players are and tell them they are funny!  Break for salad and will give you time to deal with other people in the case. In fact, guests and everyone feels comfortable! You have a choice of your voice when you book, fish, chicken or vegetarian. I opted for the chicken and it was surprisingly good. The possibility that the fish was really delicious. Dan sweet, who was also a raspberry cake, vanilla ice cream. Once very well. Overall, I give 5 stars. The food was good, the actors are funny, ideally located in the Embassy Suites in Anaheim. I would do it anyway.P.S. The white detective actor is hot! ). I had feelings about this experience. The show is great fun and interactive ,. hilariously. The actor has made a point to include as many people as possible in the search, but while talking with entertainment and food, ' t have a way of examining the note, then I was not ' t able of truth even in the mood any detective to dive. Peña, # 1 then some indications of time management. Pain was food # 2. Of course, i read the comments until you have to go, so I knew that the food was nothing to rave about, but I found that you eat less hot! The Horderves were terrible! Obviously it had been a while-sitting out, were cold and moist. Spring rolls should not chewed like chewing gum. At the entrance, potatoes were actually quite tasty, but the bread was old and almost obsolete and steak was basically annealed and too dry for my taste. I wish my rare I requested oh would be good. The dessert was alright. cheesecake with sauces, whipped cream and Raspberry. I think that $ 60 + food would have a minimum rate of fresh. I m ' great recipes and the taste is a big problem for me. The food would be better, he would not doubt, there have been 5 stars, but the food was a major negative point this time. No it was def not a experience. make gourmet food no error in this issue! 1 record of experience!My friend had a GroupOn for this program (like many others also) acquired. I'll start with the booking experience. Like GroupOn, offered with the dinner detective allows you to make reservations online, as it related only to the reservation with the GroupOn only a certain amount of people with good as follows in the same night. It is logical, but at the same time, it is also very frustrating. I tried a couple of months online, but I kept back there fills to capacity. Finally called and asked if he could make reservations by phone, has not been mentioned, sorry and keep trying online. I checked compulsively every week until a date finally posting. I booked a reservation on line 8/8, we went to the exhibition from 5 to 10. Of course must be booked in advance Weg. Ich hope that your time-no ' change t, because they liberated to cancel or modify the days. Now, the show and Dinner.Die GroupOn, engraved by ' works, a three-course meal and a bottle of wine. I ' t traffic out-of-' works, so you can ' t comment on them (my friend you liked, though). Snack eat a salad and bread, it was very simple but good. Second dish was the main meal. We ordered the chicken with potatoes and vegetables. The chicken is dry, the potatoes were hard and the vegetables seemed dull and lifeless. I ate almost half of my food. We have the cheesecake for dessert, as a saving (it was so good!). For wine, received a bottle of low-end Merlot, what is good for me, it was just half the bottle at dinner and rest at home, because my friend didn't drink wine t. ' in the show! The show was fantastic! So adorable and funny! The show will last about three hours, but the breaks are given to eat and go to the toilet, if necessary. You must select an alias during the show, so my friend and I were Ricky and Lucy Ricardo. This sparked an interest in most of the cast, while I chose the first one,--who had to stand up and speak to everyone in the show, very spontaneous. In fact, I liked it before each interview. The actor also mix among the guests, after some ' know are actors won towards the end of the show, which is a unique concept. At the end of the show, try to guess the murderer is/was. That is required on a piece of paper to write and shoot. My friend, nor I thought until it was too late (we took in a few minutes thinking once we get to our newspaper). The winner with the best answer, of which so many things and then received an award. Lee away from the two finalists--both in creative responses that came at the top and why (and the name of the killer no ' t have reason). Our reading was (told that Lucy killer with a good reason why it was). :) I have to say, then we honor several times in this show!In general, this show is awesome! I'd recommend at least ' once people come to see and experience. In the notes in the margins, which are very expensive. With GroupOn, taxes and gratuity our total exceeded $ 100 for two people. GroupOn will not be more than $ 200 for two people. But it's a life and an unforgettable experience. But if you really nervous in the task, or perhaps coincidentally, to talk with other people about 40-50 not this show for you on this subject have not perhaps. Only half of the amount of most of these players talk, or at least had him completely at random selected. I m ' generally only one person, but ' t bother me! See! Bravo!. It has been a week here others last for one of my colleagues and our significant. That is, get a reservation for a group of 6 people, GroupOn's ' led to the floor a little more than I thought. After 2 months of testing finally emailed them and told them we had a GroupOn ' 3 's with a total of 6 people and worked with me, all of us. You were very responsive by phone and e-mail and worked with me on the definition of a date. Once there, we had a blast. If we, that we had in town, Select alias names. It's fun to get more. It is also recommended that, to develop the story backwards. I missed this memo, if off my fake names and concrete answers, but I had fun me anymore. Is very interactive and the actors are funny. This type of cheese, but it works. N ' t, but people want much more support to participate in and runs very well. We ' t n I also realized it was for 3 hours. I was totally the killer and knew that (at least I have an idea) was on the show, but were good Enough to draw suspicion. This was the banquet meal. It is what all great but not terrible.? I ate fish and my husband had the chicken. Both decent and ate the entire dish. For the banquet meal, I have to say it was very good. Appetizers were also very good and decent dessert, I liked the mi hombre-n ' t fan, but has great gourmet.All in all, I definitely Recommend. Take at least a couple more fun if you have a GroupOn and will help you find a date. Liked it so much that I think you have a birthday on the topic. Kitsch, fun and more fun, more of a surly if you really want to go, do. Ill start with the property. Everyone was very friendly and the food was great. Beers were only $ 3. The food was pretty good, not as good. The show was fun and sticky. They were def for more of a comedy than a clever and entertaining detective. The play was terrible. There are two detectives who tell all. The Director was simply unbearable. It reminded me of Carlos Mencia. Everything seemed very horrible decaffeinated jokes script back to back. The victims were at the top of the page and unconvincing. I shouted to shout how to kiss a girl and a man at my table. I played with. In very social, so enjoyed the people at my table. To be honest, I must say, it seems that many people enjoy the show. 1 register of love, love, love. I had a good time at night. There was never a dull moment. I'm still ' in conversation with friends and family. Was my post on the edge of night. The actors were so fun and friendly. You can say that les professional ri '. Congratulations for them. This link suspects, impressed. I recommend the dinner detective for a fun filled group! It is certainly one of those things, he should at least once.  We went to a friend's anniversary ' in May 2011.  We had a group of 6 and we were seated at a table with another group of 4.  We arrived in time to participate, some pictures, with our false names and then run Cocktail time. C ' was a very organized system Theater in Essen.  The best part was the funny detective.  Their improvisation was great!The food was pretty standard hotel-banquete food.  I took my husband's filet chicken '.  Both came with cooked rice, steamed vegetables and real a cheesecake for Nachtisch. Die solve the mystery was more advanced, but certainly that is soluble. Actually, not all have to be careful because you could sit the killer next to you!  To do a good time if you want to be social.  Maybe not the best for wilting violets.  There was a wide range of participants: high School and College for some Senioren. Ein inexpensive, but overall it's a good time to go with a small group of friends. * It is possible to organize, a part of the show-big surprise for a friend called ' birthday, just the show after ' View bookings made. * *. Check-in-1 13.07.13 detective bought a GroupOn for dinner. GroupOn, engraved by ' work, a 3-course meal and a bottle of wine. It was a show and a fantastic script, had great actors and it was fun! I was really surprised that I won! ' 's works were 2: mini quiches and fried spring rolls (I think) with plum salsa 1 course, ranch or balsamic vinaigrette salad (both on the page where you) 2° course, main course, I had cooked salmon, I thought it was delicious! I also tried a piece of baked chicken, which was well cooked (very wet). My sister had the Pasta Primavera which was a little too creamy but OK. 3° the course was a cheesecake with raspberries. I ' t cheese, I personally asked the registry, there was something else besides the cheesecake and were very nice, replacing a plate of fresh fruit. I liked the fact that she could take my sister and I in this context.This was my third time to a detective and my first-time winners right now! If I can come back again and again and again as possible and also hyphens are different and strange, every time! If I am interested in about 10 stars, would surely did! Undoubtedly a unique experience and great!  A word of warning, make sure you several days or weeks in advance to buy tickets.  I went to a birthday party and found that some people were waiting to buy tickets for the day, but they were full.  However, going by mixing with each (100 persons) and trying to figure out if the subjects, actors, regular loads can be separated.  Turns on for about an hour and then sit down and begin eating while detective put on a card.  In the end, you can win prizes by choosing good suspect.' t cattle food all excellent, but was not ' t evil.  I had the meat and you also have the option of chicken, fish and pasta.  Strawberry tart dessert was by far the best part of Mahlzeit. Ich ' view was never for a dinner-show, so I can t ', really, does not compare.  But I had a good time.  Players and guests were fun and it seems that most people enjoyed their experience. We went to the dinner detective show Ontario site on that link is the same at least for related here. One of this interactive dinner shows, it was our first time. If you do not apply to foreigners who are not your cup of tea. Seated at a table, with up to eight people, with fake names and false information about themselves (the place where you live, etc.) that are more likely in relation to interactive farce. You have suspected or potential witnesses to your desktop (by accident-we have a ring-actor).?  N t ' both this and try to get into the spirit of things, but she is not a fan of these types of adjustments-even when it was still a bridge with this theme.The sketch was good and the actors involved the two detectives, in particular were very good. Detectives used liquid and improvisation with the audience's ' interactions and answers to questions. The tests were difficult to follow, before especially when this is associated with an object/genre is not-in this case had a cartoon connection. Actually the boys won the award for a resolution with us at the table of murder. But almost trivial genre in its own right and not strong interpersonal skills when he came with us at the table to interact; But it is a good guy of anyway.  As for the food: I had the chicken dinner and his wife dine salmon. We enjoyed our food. Now my wife can cook, which is our taste buds are specific enough (I'm spoiled). My wife asked me what to write, because the salmon was moist and tasty PERFECTŔ attention. Small vehicles are also perfectly with just the right amount of State contraction (probably) steamed. The dessert was decadent. You can buy alcohol banquet in a small makeshift bar in front of the gates of the main hall. He then asked the nonalcoholic beer and tried to put a small bar at the main hotel (Doubletree).If, a long-short: was it worth the experience and someday, but it cannot at any time in the near future. You want to experience this type of output, so it goes on!BTW-we scored some tickets through a ' bird ' line, with a few cups of coffee and a package of images (if necessary Add on stage, $ 35 a). So, for the price we paid, only one would be five stars. It has long been the food in my life. Get ready to lose your night. One feels that everyone is crushed in a conference room and hot food served for banquets. The detective protagonist two are funny, so ' s why there are 2 stars not only 1. The food is terrible, the ' is what really killed it for me. When condensation 2 hours in a show and a Taco Lady, we're in business. But I never go to another of these shows. This is based only on purchase of GroupOn and not the actual exposure. Please note. Who bought through Groupon.asi, I recently purchased a bargain for your dinner and show detective for real eager to see GroupOn and living room. After the purchase, I have decided that it is due to my busy scheduled, is to keep my dinner in Saint-Valentin ' day. I didn't know that my GroupOn for this date was not available. Although the 16.02.13 show more than enough seats were available, but not for us, which purchased through GroupOn. It I was disappointed that you can't book to this day. My disappointments continue today that if I tried, a reserve was available for the following programs and nothing until May. Then I would check the site to determine whether all GroupOn are available. View on its website that there are more than enough places to my booking 45 more seats for all shows available. Because I made a mistake and I bought my tickets through GroupOn limited and reserved for paying customers. I have never felt so lead and mistreated. I had to call my GroupOn cancel all bonuses to repay, because you have spaces in your living room no fellow Groupon would admit. I think what ' n t to sit for us those who have purchased on GroupOn, why would you sell at lower prices. GroupOn today decided to worse case and resolve the problem. It is not enough to write a complaint will ect also on other sites like Yelp. I think that not only had all a favor to buy, buy tickets in advance, was also happy to spend more than $ 69 a sold out in all good. I think that it is not enough for the good of the people of GroupOn? Like I really wanted to like it, ends up as a very trivial and all the time, I sat there and please don't mi Dios ' reply t, please don t I ' its website indicates that it does not participate in its distribution, but please people at random! You can pay someone in your group, part of the crime and should be. My husband and I decided to attend, and did not pay the additional $. Maybe I'm shy, but certainly did not go well, especially since I only want to eat and enjoy the entertainment without commercial/answering questions before 80 foreigners.Besides the inconvenience, the show was nice and some of his jokes were pretty funny. The detective was the best part. Players, who reportedly does not have a great job with the public. It is known that they are.Namely, that he's one of those things and if you ' re pretending like friends, should be at least a few have some chemistry. Indexes, to solve the Riddle, was bored, because I was actually a set of two pages to read and very deep to understand the details of the search. It was too much to do and makes it impossible to not like/understand the secret.The food was very good. He spent the shelf of ' works, while you're waiting. It was really delicious. My husband and I had the salmon and cheese cake for dessert dinner. I hope that food, bad, banquets, kitchen, but it was not. Came the salmon with cream sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables. It was very good.If you re ' in this type of crime problems, things I would say, go and give it a try. The ' is not terrible, but certainly not worth $ 70, if you just want dinner and entertainment. Good night!I participated in this show to my brother ' 's anniversary in a group of 7 people and we had a lot of fun. The show was very entertaining, kept us laughing and guess who is the murderer. The indexes that you were weak attractive to any dinner party and kept us confused about the case. In some cases they were regular customers, in part by actors and I guess to prevent, that are the real player and was invited to the set. The script necessarily involved much improvisation and actors, in particular the two detectives, were great fun and we burst out laughing.The secret is difficult to solve, but my sister-in-law thought and was the winner of Abends. Das food was very good: lettuce, tasty salmon fillet, fresh veggies and garlic mashed potatoes and a huge piece of cake for dessert. Fun also became the Show. Viel excellent service and very well done. Highly recommended!. OK, this report will be updated probably just a problem has been resolved. Read on to see why.My very best wishes. OK, this report will be updated probably just a problem has been resolved. Read on to see why.My best friend's wife ' bought me a gift card for this show for my birthday this year.  I bought to get tickets.  Finally, these types of interactive shows are much more fun if the experience with the most popular and best friends, or?  I d ' not go without.Called tickets purchased more and asked us who participate on Saturday, 13.  In his Office sent me tickets and told me that I had to print email (the meal of choice lists) and take the coupons and I spoke it ' d was given.  This is what I did.We handed over our tickets there and entered.  After an hour later go to mixing room to eat, sit, etc., the hostess came up to me and said that my tickets (gift card) a ticket and had to pay another.Timeout: You ' think ' d d check the ticket at the entrance, right? This is so the receptionist told me, on an interactive map of crime in my table, my boleto-n ' t make a ticket. Mars a little bit for us, as part of the secret polar.  I'm minded man ' it seems to me at this time.  I have to leave the room and try to understand, but the MC for the night, who worked at that time, he told me, Don t be ' ' supported s. So we stayed, dined our mediocre ugly, horrible (tough steak, potatoes, which were probably frozen).  In the end, I approached the hostess and asked if everything was supported or if I should clarify something.  I was surprised when I said (' m paraphrasing) ' going to charge my credit card for a new ticket. They had my card in the two tickets I bought for my friends.  Really?  REALLY?  ' not tell anyone that you put before the ' ri performance in accounting?  If you went to a show that had been paid and subsequently discovered that double ' be recharged, when I said ' 's supported?They should focus, the coupon, I told my friends that they take fingerprints at the entrance to the show there were.  This is the fat at the top of the ticket, that n I t ' a ticket!But for me what is the beginning of more professional, the MC told me you ' s, but supported n ' t forget what they wanted my card to another entry, don't want to pay anything ' have no t sort the hostess as we were.  If I had known, he would come and try to resolve or Showtime.  Ridiculous.So I want a break and some is clear: I'm not ' guilt, the host or MC.   They probably wanted to do the best she can for her performance.  But I think the whole process is completely amateur, it is still possible for this type of problem.Now call the ticket office and try to eliminate this situation as a whole.   I have an email from my friend with the gift card, as well as credit card accounts.  I wonder seriously whether this strength (OC) was who bought a gift.  The whole process is really mediocre for me now, since ' been ve there.Not only that, my friends and I heard that this $ 20 value card at best, not 70 dollars or more per ticket, pay.  I think the actors of a great job, especially detective were excellent in their improvisation, a lot of fun.   But honestly, the scenery was so complicated, born in moans and a few others at a final table at the end of my friends.  If this show inspired a few years had ' 's critics since then certainly disgraced.  He confused the story was at best and I ' get a better steak at Denny's '. Once again, just think that only after this Monday, I and all, I won t calculated further ' admission.  If She n ' t loaded, I ' ll update this review and you know it.  If they do, I ll ', combat load and you know it.Having said that, save your money.  If a blind man Improv Comedy some talented players, a lot of fun and you like ' are OK with lousy food and ' you want to spend more than $ 70, then you.  If this is not the case, save your money.  Although I ' I d support these talented actors (especially the duo/detective), I ' you say d ' re better to laugh or a comedy similar to any discotheque. 1 check-in was a great show.  The two detectives were very funny that Counldn ' not stop laughing. The food was not very good.  The only one who ' t as it is with all the money you pay, I thought that these beverages contain would be.  I also had to alcohol-free beverages in the payment page.  Others that I've had a lot of fun in this fair.  You should come.  Need an explosion. I came here for a company Christmas party yesterday. A blast! N ' t, but the actors are sure what they expect from you, go to dinner. It worked well for us and because my company is very important to don t often see people ' each, so I don't really ' twice to detect t! The players were fantastic! And investigators were hilarious! Loved how they interact with the audience. We had a very sweet bartender named Tiffany, and the food was also very good! In total. A good night. Do ' I know this because I bought a GroupOn for this show and sell more than Groupon, the height of the seats, which have the support of GroupOn. I can ' that return each week to pay reservation after 3 months. When I spoke on the phone with them, said that he could not ' t do something, help me to take reservations because I tried using a GroupOn. I also said, when he yelled or on Facebook loved it first would send a booking link. Needless to say, she's not t, ', etc.