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PC HealthBoost is a software tool that corrects errors in the PC. The free version of this software to repair file associations and source and removes the startup programs. Premium upgrade allows you to the paid version ($29.97) to fix all registry errors and comes with a 60 day warranty. Rest easy knowing that until you make changes to the registry, PC HealthBoost burn automatically supports the restore at any time. PC HealthBoost is maintained with the latest technology top completed so far and add more features, all automatically or with our upgrade option smart button!. There are several ways to increase the performance of the team, especially if it has been used for a long time. A computer purchased State-of-the-art and great work! By the way. Months later, suddenly runs slower. Programs are blocked, the operating system is loaded faster. What is happening with this? Here are some ways to clear your computer and improve performance. Check the hard disk for errors. You can define that perform this check for the next time the computer starts. Free disk space by deleting unnecessary files. The Lord of the Rings trilogy all really need on your computer? Burn to a CD and it RIDS. Space free hard disk increases the performance of a team. An SMS to someone who has a cell phone for Boost Mobile is not that they come from another phone. You can do it yourself. It seems to me, if a company through their efforts for the certification as a recognized provider of Microsoft, not less, silver level, is the company dedicated to, offers to its customers a good product to get. I had only the month 2 HealthBoost PC, but I'm a big fan. Works wonders on my desktop and last month convinced that my husband has his laptop when he saw that my computer has worked more quickly. PCHB has many errors, otherwise I do not know. Test for which it was made. I have seen posts people can call the customer support instructions to staff on how to uninstall PC HealthBoost, but you and go you through it. They have superb customer service. Although no pop ups blocked software really useful, you need your PC works fine, keep. I heard that yah, pop up really Bothet me if I watch Netflix or search. I know that people need advertising to make money, but there are less annoying ways. On the PC, boost health gives you a chance. Helped me to clarify some issues that shock after a bad night of bad Choicces. Helped me to things Vlean. ,,.