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three of our senior spirit integrated stimulant food: salmon, spinach and extra virgin olive oil. If mature, is a new dance or a foreign language, it is more difficult to learn new things. The reason of this? Information needed to process the new cells of our brain, to talk to each other. But dude, these cells turns makes it more difficult for them communicate with each other. In addition, the conversation can flow to return. They provide powerful antioxidants, polyphenols, inflammation of zap and promoting communication between neurons, enhance our ability to new information, according to a study conducted by the University of Tufts 2009 called. Coffee, when you try to start their Java habit, you should reconsider. A recent survey of 1,400 long coffee drinkers Finland shows that who took those coffee per day in the years 40 and 50 between three to five cups your chances of developing Alzheimer's disease reduction compared to what crashed the 65 per cent, less than two cups per day. The researchers believe that antioxidants and caffeine coffee are the key to their protective effect. One reason more Apple here, eating an Apple a day: apples are the main sources of quercetin, a chemical system of antioxidants that keeps his mind flows to protect the brain cells. According to Cornell University researchers defended quercetin can damage neurons from attacks by free radicals, which cause the outer skin of neurons sensitive to cognitive loss. The most bang of quercetin for your money, don't forget the potatoes with skin on eating, because it is where we find most of these quercetin. Chocolate, chocolate that can lower your blood pressure, you've heard the good news. Now, researchers have discovered that it can also keep your wit. A study from the journal of nutrition 2009 has found, that they eat only a third of an ounce of dark chocolate per day (two size Hersey kisses) helps protect against age-related memory loss. Thanks to this cocoa polyphenols with an increase of blood flow to the brain. A brain-healthy diet reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, promote the good blood circulation of the brain. Only packages of one-third of five times the amount of vitamin K and folic acid, you need half a cup cooked spinach in one day. It may be the reason why goes out of a study of Neurology in 2006 shows that consume three servings of green, yellow and cruciferous vegetables can by cognitive impairment day delay by 40 percent. I found between these three more plant protectors of green leaves. His attempt to spinach, sprinkled with a little olive oil. Your healthy fat intake of fat-soluble vitamins and k. extra virgin olive oil, which previously but ADDLs (or amyloid derived diffusible B ligand) have not listened to the proteins, is causing Alzheimer's disease, it is toxic to the brain. In the early stages of the disease, which eventually leads to the loss of brain cells, not attributed them able, to communicate, to make the memory. Virgin olive oil extra can be a powerful enemy, against ADDLs, according to a study carried out in the Centre of chemical senses Monell in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, last year. It is full of OLEOCANTHAL, connect this deactivates hazardous ADDLs. Turmeric Curry, a cousin of ginger, is one of the most important spice in curry powder. Turmeric is particularly rich in Curcumin, believes a different substance according to experts at the research center the University of California Los Angeles Alzheimer Alzheimer inhibit. It not only blocks the formation of beta-amyloid plaques, combats inflammation and reduces cholesterol which clog the arteries, blood flow to the brain can be reduced. The Alzheimer researchers say the Concord grape juice, which is good, because your heart is good for the brain. You are now the heart is healthy polyphenols in grape juice and wine red Concord can give your brain a boost. When researchers at the University of Cincinnati College of medicine gave 12 older adults suffer from the decline of the juice of grapes from memory or a placebo for three months, drink you will find a daily glass of Concord grape juice clearly drank volunteers to improve their skills in verbal learning and spatial memory. The researchers believe that - as the grape juice over, polyphenols improve communication between brain cells. )-Exactly how proper nutrition heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer preventable, health experts, know that some foods can stimulate your mind. While there is no current proven treatment, to cure of Alzheimer's disease or dementia, is a positive general role of health, foods. The Alzheimer's Association refers to healthy, such as brain, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes, promotes the flow of blood to the brain and is low in fat and cholesterol. to stay in your mind with these 10 foods of ball game. ,,.