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It seems to me, if a company through the efforts as providers authorized by Microsoft and silver level, unless your company offer a good product for their customers to certification. I had only the PC HealthBoost 2 months, but I'm a big fan. It worked wonders on my desk and last month my husband convinced on his laptop to do when he saw how much my computer runs faster, they say me pop up Bothet, Yes, if I'm watching Netflix or search for photos. I know that people need advertising to make money, but there are less restrictive ways. Try it on the PC health boost. It has helped to clarify who had a bad night of poor Choicces after downloading some questions. It helped me Vlean things upwards. I saw that people posted reach your customer support staff instructions on how to uninstall PC HealthBoost, but you and we go through them. You have excellent services. Although blocked no pop-ups you really useful software for, only you need to keep your PC working well, all client service outside the United States is based and help during the uninstall process will require further assistance. You can visit on his blog for tips and tricks or knowledge base. PC HealthBoost is a software tool that automatically repair PC registry errors. The free version of this software to repair to delete file associations and character entries, and startup programs. Last updated premium ($29.97) allows you to fix all registry errors and comes with a 60-day guarantee. ,,.