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The original plan is rich in proteins and low carbohydrate content. When was Pierre the main source of animals, including animal fats and organs such as the liver and tongue. The original plan of may for meats such as beef, pork, chicken and Turkey apart from the game, such as bison, deer, and Moose meat. Nobody ate meat should be grass fed, organic or raised without hormones. All vegetables are permitted the original plan, while they are fresh and in cans or fried. The only possible exception is the potato starch. According to Mark Sisson, author of the primal blueprint, tinplate potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and the negative impact on the levels of blood sugar. Potatoes are nevertheless a complete food and healthy people may be consumed in limited amounts. For those who want to lose weight Sisson is advisable to avoid white potatoes. Fresh fruit, frozen, dried and cooked are also promoted in limited quantities. The fruits of modern varieties contain more sugar that fruit, at the age of Pierre available. Fruit is allowed, but in large quantities to keep sugar levels in the blood, it is switched on. Sisson lists berries, cherries, pears, apples and plums as the best options of fruit. Fruit juices and canned fruit should be avoided. The power is similar to her paleo diet, nutrition, and food of Neanderthal caveman. The basic idea of nutrition is to eat foods that existed during the time of Pierre. During this time, before the introduction of agriculture, people had no choice but to hunt and eat. All food consumed existed in nature. With the introduction of agriculture and the age, consumption changed human contained in cereals, sugar and processed foods. Some believe that he is responsible for this change in diet for diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and cancer. The belief is that the human body is simply not modified genetically modified foods to eat. Individual experience is scientifically sound. But the stories of individual life can sometimes induce easier acceptance of health recommendations, as well as the results of impeccably designed epidemiological studies. As the majority of people considered adopting a lifestyle paleo had Eaton, a difficult task, as well as family, social, political and professional responsibilities. Its history is not a Metabolic Ward frame. Some of the participants of the Symposium is known to maintain and appreciated, diet and exercise in a traditional manner for more than thirty years. Health profile that results from three decades of life more interested (so far) paleo - in the result. S. Boyd Eaton, M.D. is a paleo-professional since the late 1970s, probably as long or longer than anyone else has modeled a medical care program more precisely the essential elements of life in the persons of the age of Pierre. His article in the New England Journal of medicine, Paleolithic diet called (with co-author Mel Konner) was an initial boost to the movement of health of the ancestors. ,,.