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(Without limit of fruits and vegetables) of carbohydrates in the paleo diet is a low glycemic index, i.e. slow and limited cause increase in blood levels of insulin and blood glucose levels. Excessive levels of insulin and blood glucose levels are known to be a group of disorders called the metabolic syndrome (obesity, high blood pressure, adverse blood cholesterol and other blood lipids, diabetes type 2 and drop) to promote. The high content of fiber, protein and Omega-3 fats that paleo diet also helps to prevent unlimited amounts of fruit and vegetables in the paleo diet, metabolic syndrome because the body is slightly alkaline-which means to these diseases and symptoms of acid-base imbalance (osteoporosis, kidney stones, high blood pressure, stroke, asthma, Insonniatransporte evil (Sonneet internal Ôîðò, asthma) improves.The high content of soluble fibre of the paleo diet is the high content of Omega-3 fatty acids to improve and more inflammatory disease or 'on' the most gastro intestinal diseases. When book reviews appeared the paleo diet, in favour of a return to the diet of our ancestors (rich in proteins, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables), receive-brilliant medical and dietary environments. Jennie brand-Miller, co-author of the bestseller of the glucose revolution is called the most nutritious diet on the planet. Doctors […]. An acid NET load to the kidneys in the absence of bases like fruits and vegetables eat as you have it, legumes, cereals, sausage and cheese, salt. The body responds to tapping the reserve of calcium salts in the bone, which can lead to osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases. As described in the paleo diet, cheese, cereals and legumes are problematic in the diet for other reasons. It is okay, fresh meat, unprocessed as balanced with fruits and vegetables. In order to do his body a favor, and removes the salt shaker. A. with modern food available, the paleo diet mimics the kinds of food they ate every single person on the planet before the agricultural revolution (a simple 333 generations). These foods (fruit, vegetables, meat and fish) are rich in positive nutrients (soluble fiber, antioxidant vitamins, phytochemicals, and monounsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and carbohydrates with a low glycemic index), the promotion of health and are low in nutrients and food (cereals, refined sugar, salt, trans fat, high carb processed foods and glycemic index), which can often cause elevation in the heart cycle Pesomalattie, diabetes and many other health problems. Dietician, dairy products and grain recommend the paleo diet with fruit and vegetable food, the more nutritious cereals or dairy products are to be replaced. Dr. Loren Cordain ’ contributed bestseller that hundreds of thousands of people eat paleo diet and the paleo Diet Cookbook, have to for better health and genetically human nutrition the following food: meat, fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods, the diet of our ancestors from the Paleolithic to imitate. In […]. Learn diet food and the food that we have developed genetically, to eat food for good health on the basis of our ancestors from the old stone age. Based on the book by diet in advance, the more than 200,000 copies sold. Paleo new brand for easy and tasty breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and snacks includes 150 easy recipes, and […]. Paleo diet is derived from eating what our ancestors hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic 2.6 million 10,000 years ago we ate similar to above. It consists of 99.6% of our evolutionary history; Therefore our genome to food is similar, what we found during that time. This means food, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. (10,000 years ago), the agricultural revolution led to a radical change in the human diet. Cereals, vegetables, dairy products, vegetable oil, salt, alcohol and refined sugar currently make up 72% of the diet in Western society. These recent additions of human food to nutritional properties to manage that most vegetarians and vegans depends on promoting the knowledge about diseases of the Zivilisation.Die off, whole grains, and legumes (beans, soybeans, lentils, peas, etc.), to meet most of your daily calorie intake. Legumes and whole grains contain some of the highest levels of anti-nutritional factors for all food. Often, these compounds are increased intestinal permeability and cause intestinal permeability, a first necessary step in almost all autoimmune disease. In addition a leaky gut is probably at the root of the low grade of the basis not only of autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, chronic inflammation.Other plans for vegans and vegetarians are almost invariably result in many failures of vitamins, minerals and nutrients like B12, B6, D, iron, iodine, zinc, taurine and Omega-3 fatty acids. So, to answer your question, it is simply impossible to follow a paleo diet without animal foods (meat, fish and eggs), A. conventional wisdom tells us that need to lose weight, you have to burn more calories, that we take and the best way to do this is on a diet dominated by plants, low-carbohydrate Grasaricos. The first part of this equation is a calorie deficit should be the actual network, so to lose the weight. The experience of most people with a diet low in calories, rich in carbohydrates is however unpleasant. I'm hungry all the time and for the most part, everyone gets lost weight quickly or within a few months after the first Verlust.Es is an alternative: a system that emulates our ancestors hunter-gatherers ate a protein-rich food, high fruit and vegetables moderately higher amounts of fat, but with the increase in the volume of fat and Omega-3-fatty healthy. Protein has two or three times the thermal effect of fat or carbohydrates, i.e. higher performance metabolism to speed up weight loss. The protein also has a very high value of saturation, fat or carbohydrates that appetite so brake sets. Finally many recent clinical studies have shown the protein-rich diet, low glycemic load diets more effective than low in carbohydrates, high weight loss support and maintain. R in the United States, calcium intake is one of the highest in the world. Paradoxically, we have one of the highest rates of mineralization of the bones (osteoporosis). Bone mineral content is based not only on the intake of calcium, but also in the equilibrium of calcium (calcium excretion of calcium removal) NET. Focuses on the side of the equation the most nutritionists balance of the calcium calcium intake, but few realize that equation is equally important in addition to the excretion of calcium.Health of bones depends largely on the acid-base balance is. All food during digestion must ultimately inform the kidney as acid or base. When the lining of a sour NET load (z. B. diet low in carbohydrates of fashion, to limit the consumption of fruit and vegetables) offers, hydrogen must be admitted by alkaline base body shops. Calcium salts in bone represent the largest workshop spent alkaline base and eliminated in the urine if the diet produces a sour NET load. Increased production of acidic foods cheese hard cheese, cereal, salty foods, meat and vegetables, while only alkaline food manufacturers are fruits and vegetables. The American diet with grain, cheese, processed foods is overloaded at the expense of fruits and medium produces a net acid load vegetables and salted meat, fats, and promotes bone mineralization. Cheese, with lots of fruits and vegetables to replace grains and processed foods, your body the acid-alkaline balance for us returning again in the balance sheet of the Fußball.Die paleo diet recommends that an adequate balance between acid and basic food (alkaline) (i.e. the grasses produced or lacking in meat, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables) and causes no osteoporosis in healthy people. In fact, the paleo diet promotes health of Knochen.Weitere information below. Paleo diet is the only way that our species is genetically modified. ISS program was not of diet doctors, nutritionists or fanatics, but the wisdom of nature through evolution and natural selection. Paleo, which is his diet on the basis of scientific research examines the nature and they ate our hunter-gatherer ancestors amount of food. The paleo diet is meat, fish and unlimited consumption of fruit and vegetables. ,,.